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“Make the Devil wish he never Touched you!”

I guess “Job” would be one of my ghost! Here is my take on the story of Job. First, he was an example of a supernatural Christian as he built such a powerful hedge of protection the devil could not even penetrate it! God “himself” had to lower it for the devil to even get in! You ask if Job built the wall, or God? Well, both! God empowered Job’s hedge of protection based on things that Job did. Job understood the supernatural! God is supernatural and therefore Job understood God, and God responded to his prayers! He knew how to pray a supernatural prayer! He knew how to talk God’s language, as Pastor Trent would say! He understood how to use supernatural tools better than Harry Potter! (Job makes Harry Potter look like an antichrist! Ooops, did I say something I shouldn’t?) Harry Potter couldn’t hold a stick to Job!

“There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God, and turned away from evil.” (Job 1:1 RSV)

So the question might be asked: Why would God do such a thing? I see two answers here. One: God knew the devil was no match for Job and he likes to see the devil get a good thumpin! You have the power! Make the devil wish he never touched you! Make him regret it! He’ll think twice before he touches you again! Make him pay! Turn the thing to your good and do good with it! I call it spiritual vengence! The Apostle Paul knew all about it and practiced regularly! Let it drive you to call on God more! Let it cause you to rise to another level! Let it make you so mad at the devil that you actually go looking for him to pay him back double! You become the hunter, not the prey! But like Job, you need to hone your supernatural skills before going on a mission of vengence. If the devil’s attack makes you so mad that you get serious with God, become strong in “his” ways, and become a spiritual avenger, now the devil is beginning to think twice. Just like he wishes he never crucified Christ! (Get the picture?) As a royal priest of God we should be able to bring down the thunder! If you have not looked at your priesthood in this manner before, then shift your paradigm, open your mind, and get a supernatural perspective! Let that be the new template in your head and chase that ghost till you get it! (Praise the Lord I think I’m preaching!)

The second reason is like I said, Job was ready to go to an even higher level and God knew he needed a good fight to get him there. Remember, Job’s family was not following in his ways, and the judgement that befell them was because they themselves had left themselves wide open. You cannot get to heaven on someone else’s anointing! Parent’s prayers may save you for a while, but eventually God is going to expect you to stand or fall on your own. There is a spiritual warfare going on this planet that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it is very real. Ignore it at your own risk! Stay blind to it at your own peril!

“They are of those that rebel against the light; they know not the ways thereof, nor abide in the paths thereof.  (Job: 24:13)

The devil wished he never touched Job. If we know how…all things work together to the good to them that love God and are the called according to his purposes! That is a supernatural Hammer from God that we can beat the devil over the head with until he crumbles beneath our feet! (Over the years I have grown to hate the devil, and I have found that good ground to stand on. I hunt him and arrest him every where I can.)

I can see the subject of Job needs a lot more exploration than I have time for now. Get a strong vision of the person God is calling you to be. Identify the ghost in your head and pursue him until you are him! And make the devil pay! Praise God forever!

From this you should have learned:

1.) Job was walking in some kind of power that is available to us, too!

2.) Job understood “supernatural” Christianity, even though Christ had not come yet.

3.) Job did not look like he was winning, and like any battle, there was pain and loss involved, but in the supernatural he was keeping the pressure on! He fought with “spiritual” skills in “harmony” with God’s “design”, and in the end it all worked to his good! Not only that, but because he gave the devil a thump’n, the devil will think long and hard before attacking Job again. Job became an even greater testimony for God! And the devil can’t afford that!

4.) Don’t judge how the battle is going based on what things “look” like! Stay in faith! Keep the pressure on! Fight as only a warrior “Priest” can fight and you will win!

5.) Job could not protect his family forever. They needed to learn what he knew, instead of disregarding the ways of “the old man”.

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