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“The Encounter” Chapter Nineteen 10/26/14

Dan had one last section in the book to read before his weekend ended, so after supper he locked himself away again. Tomorrow he would rise early to begin another workweek, and he wanted to be ready. Flipping open the book to where his marker was, he began reading the verse of scripture for the last teaching.

“He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!” (Psalms 103:5 NLT)

From here the teacher began to explain how this was a Psalms that David wrote, a man after God’s own heart. David is praising and expounding about all the goodness of God, and then in verse five he suddenly makes a comparison to the eagle, and he says: “My youth is renewed like the eagle!”

“What did David know that perhaps we do not?” the author asked. “What does it mean for our youth to be renewed like the eagle? How is the eagle’s youth renewed? What does it mean, and how does that compare to us?” Dan paused to ponder the power of one’s youth being renewed. Again, powerful and supernatural stuff.

The story went like this. There was a young man and a ship’s Captain standing at the rail of a ship, watching the land go by. The Captain spotted an eagle perched high on a sunbathed cliff and pointed it out to the young man. Taking the binoculars, the man studied the bird. He could see his feathers looked old and some were falling out. There were bloody spots where the eagle’s talons should be, and its beak was bloody and beaten. The young man concluded that the eagle was old and on his way to dying.  So he told the Captain of his conclusion, but the Captain said, “Not so,” and began to explain why.

“You see the eagle is a very different bird. When he begins to age, and his talons are growing dull, and his beak is no longer sharp, he has a choice. When his feathers have lost their youthfulness and no longer catch the wind as they did, he has a choice. He can choose to find a rock in the high places, one in which the sun will bathe down upon him, and he begins to molt. One by one all his feathers begin falling out. Then he takes his beak and pulls out those dull talons, leaving the bloody holes. Then he beats his old beak off on the rock, and there he is, helpless, defenseless, unable to eat, fasting, but his youth is being renewed. It has to be a very unpleasant experience, but the reward is amazing.”

The Captain continued, “If he makes the choice to go through this process, he can possibly gain another forty years of life. Brand new youthful feathers grow back. A strong razor sharp beak grows back, long sharp talons grow out again, and then one day the eagle’s youth has been renewed and he spreads those wings and launches out from the cliff ready to soar and hunt again. He is strong and vital, ready to live another forty years.”

The young man was amazed at this ability of the eagle. The author continued teaching, making comparisons as to what it means to be born-again in Christ. He also taught more about the first step of surrender, spending time with God, soaking in his Son, so our youth can be renewed in supernatural things. The taking up of our cross to follow Jesus, the denying of self, but Jesus said if we lay down our life for his sake, then we will find abundance of life. Those who seek to save their own life, will lose it. It’s a process, for those wise enough to chose it.

Dan closed the book and looked at his priority list he had written, the one entitled: “This is not my Home”. Then he bowed his head and thanked the Lord for this awesome life God had given. He had been living it all wrong, unaware of this other way of living. Starting tomorrow, things would be different.

The next day the alarm went off and Dan got up, but he did not rush off into his day…

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“The Encounter” Chapter Eighteen 10/25/14

It was now Sunday afternoon and Dan was locked away in his den again. The family meal after church had been good, but his weekend was almost over and he still had some things to organize in his mind. He wanted to make some kind of a list. What did this thing look like on paper, to him, in his own words? If it could be put in a priority list, what would it look like?

The blank sheet of paper on the computer screen stared him in the face. He wanted to get this right, but he wasn’t sure how to start? Finally, he decided to take a step of faith and follow his heart. He was surprised at the first words coming to his mind.

“This is not my Home”

1.) Why do I live like this is my home?

2.) I am called to high places with God, to a priesthood, to be an eagle and not a sparrow.

3.) No more will I major on the minors, “a flapper”, but I will recognize what is truly important to my home with God.

4.) My priority list is: “Seek ye “FIRST” the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness…” My priesthood is Priority One!

5.) How will I do this?

6.) A tender heart. My tender heart will keep me in His path. The first step is LOVE. A heart broken for Him.

7.) His presence will be my guiding light. I will love His presence in my life, this is His priesthood.

8.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to diminish, is my enemy.

9.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to increase, will be my delight.

10.) In this way will my tender heart draw me to the high places, closer to Him, and we will soar.

11.) In this way will the lives of others be touched by God, through me.

12.) In this way will I live in the supernatural, even now. No more “ordinary” living.

Dan looked at his list and was very surprised. A tender heart towards God was the key to it all. Jesus told one church that they had left their first love. He thought about all the blessings God had blessed him with, and how he let those blessings become the very thing causing him to be too busy for God. “Now that is cold,” Dan thought. “Cold hearted.”

Yes, his list surprised him, but he liked it. His tender heart had led him to a list of greater wisdom than he had known. With this list his eagle wings would grow, and he would never be the same. He was an eagle looking down from the high places. Everything looked so different from here. Already, he could see how much his perspective of truly living had changed, and he felt excitement in his soul. He felt a fire. A warm fire glowing, and a hot fire growing, to change the world. That was what his soul had missed, a holy fire within. Now he had it, and he smiled.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Seventeen 10/23/14

Dan’s three-day weekend was rapidly passing. He had spent all Friday afternoon, evening, and most of that night locked away in his den with his Bible, and the book: “Flap Less / Soar More”. He slept a good part of Saturday, but took Cathy out that night for a steak meal and shared with her all he had learned, so she would be caught up on where they were going spiritually.

Now it was Sunday morning already, and he wondered what the Pastor’s message would be? If God was speaking through him, then surely his message would relate in some way to everything he was going through. But what if it did not? Now that he had a new perspective on everything, how would his Pastor’s messages sound to him?

It was a large Church that could seat a couple thousand people in the morning service. It had always met his needs before, but he had to admit his spiritual appetite had been pretty weak, and part of his motivation for going there was to make “contacts” for business. The more the people, the more the possible contacts. It was also a successful Church. Most of these people had money. But still, just because these things were true, did not mean the messages were weak and shallow. He needed to listen with new ears today, and see what might happen?

As they entered the Church they were properly greeted as usual, and proceeded from there to the snack bar where a lot of socializing occurred. Dan usually got a coffee, and he did the same today. He spoke to the usual people, the subjects mostly ranged from how was your week, how’s business, what about the game today, and do you plan to watch it? He started to talk to one friend about this new book he was reading.

“What did you say the name of the book is?” the brother asked.

“Flap less / Soar More”, he answered.

“Is that a book on leadership?”

“No, not really,” Dan answered. “It’s more about drawing closer to God and walking more in His Spirit.”

“Oh, sounds very interesting, Dan. Say, I got a good book on spiritual leadership I should pass off to you.”

And so the conversation went. Dan got to say a couple of things about his book, but felt like the brother was not really listening. He moved on. He glanced around at everyone smiling, talking about the goodness of God, the vacation they were planning, the latest terrorist report and how bad it was, and he knew he already had his answer. He knew what he would hear from the pulpit. He had known for a long time. He also knew he could come to this big Church and never really have much required of him. Only a few even noticed when they skipped for a week or two. Probably just on vacation, people assumed. These people seemed to love Church, but did they love Jesus, or just the things he could give them? Then he thought about the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. There was a message for you. How did that message fit these people?

Everyone said they loved the Beatitudes, but how many really read them? How many wanted to practice them? Blessed are the poor in spirit? Blessed are the meek? Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness? Blessed are those who are persecuted for my name’s sake?

The Pastor’s message was about God being so rich that in His city you walk on gold! And you did not want to miss it! That was his way of preaching about hell. The word hell was rarely mentioned. There was no fear of God, but he was all love, ready to constantly forgive your sins and make you your best person. Dan realized all this was true, but this Pastor did not preach the “whole Word of God”. The Church he had been satisfied to go to, did not preach the whole Word of God. There was little preaching on holiness, or naming sin as sin. There was a huge spiritual gray area, and very little black and white. Dan did not know where they would go, but as they walked out of the service, he knew he would not be back. Hopefully, Cathy would be willing to follow his lead.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Sixteen 10/20/14

Dan and Cathy needed more time to talk, so Cathy decided to take home the rest of her steak, and they ordered one chocolate cola cake to split, and cups of coffee to drink while slowly enjoying desert. Then she asked, “What is this scripture about spiritual sacrifices and holy priesthood?”

Dan had brought a small New Testament with him, “It comes out of First Peter,” he said, “First Peter two and verse five,” he began reading, “And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more, you are his holy priest. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual sacrifices that please God.”

Dan handed the small Bible over to Cathy and said, “This spiritual temple, and spiritual sacrifices are more powerful than we know, and we have been called to live such a lifestyle, in the high places with God. We are called to live in Praise, Prayer, and Promises. It is a higher way of living. People fail to realize what God is offering. So they live lives of flapping in this carnal world and fail to be “fulfilled” in their new creation. We are eagles that are living like sparrows, and we wonder why our heart keeps telling us something is wrong? We are living way below our potential and are unfulfilled. Our fulfillment is waiting for us in the high places.”

Cathy read over the words two or three times before closing the book and asking, “So what does this mean for us? Where do we go from here?”

Dan answered without hesitation, “It means a powerful adventure with God! It means the unlocking of the secrets of the universe, for God knows all these things. He designed it, and he knows how it works. I’ve spent some time thinking about this, and let me describe it this way. You know how we were concerned about letting our kids watch those Harry Potter movies?”

“Yes,” she acknowledged, “and we were even more concerned when we saw how much they loved them. But they seemed harmless enough, so we went to each one as they came out, even though I’m still not sure that was such a good idea, but I just didn’t have the heart to say no.”

“Yes, exactly, I remember how we wrestled with that decision, too. But Cathy, this is what I am seeing. Hollywood comes out with a lot of perverted forms of what God has created. We all are spirit beings who were originally created in the image of God. Hollywood does not even realize a lot of times that they are presenting a deep spiritual truth, only in a perverted form. God offered such a life first! He offered for us to be Harry Potters in reverse! Actually, Harry Potter is a reverse form of us! If our kids catch a glimpse of what it means to search the deep and ancient holy scriptures, and they realize there are spiritual practices that offer a higher life, a spiritual journey leading to very powerful things, including an eternity in a place called heaven, can you imagine how excited they will be? Your dad is actually having the time of his life! He has been on a great adventure with God ever since he read the book! And God has met his needs, carried him on eagle’s wings.”

Cathy could see the life beaming in Dan’s eyes, a fire she had not seen there in a couple of years. “I get it now,” she said. “I actually see what you’re saying, and what God is offering, but I still don’t understand how to do it.”

“That is what I am learning,” Dan said, “Like a Harry Potter in reverse. And what I understand right now is, the eagle is a physical picture of it. Also, Praise, Prayer, and Promises is where we should be living. We should walk in these things. They must become our spiritual disciplines as we develop these wings of the eagle that will carry us unto Him. But there is one more thing.”

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

“The reason so many people fail, is because God’s ways do not make sense to our own ways of thinking. It will be required of us to step out in a powerful force called faith. The true student of God’s word must enter this spiritual force called faith. Scripture says in II Chronicles 7:4, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face…”

Dan stopped there before explaining, “God’s people make a very common mistake of reading that verse and thinking they need to ‘pray more’, which is probably true, but they end up missing the very first step, which is… if my people will ‘humble’ themselves. Surrender and obedience are very powerful forces in the spiritual realms. The way up with God, looks like a way down to us. A way of failure and misery. To walk in spiritual things you have to trust God completely. He lifts us up supernaturally. That is why the teacher in this book emphasizes over and over again, that it is the broken wings that soar. God carries us on eagle’s wings, for sure, but our will must be broken to unite with his will, for the greater good of all, and for this very powerful lifestyle. These are the only people he will entrust with such great power.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Fifteen 10/16/14

Returning to our story, “The Encounter”…

Dan was anxious to share with Cathy what he had learned from “the book”. Her favorite food was steak, so as they pulled into the parking lot of her favorite steakhouse, Cathy’s mind was on food, but Dan’s mind was on food Cathy knew not of, much like when the disciples came to Christ and he told them he had meat to eat they knew not of. (John 4:32) Dan was going to order light, so he could talk while Cathy ate. He was looking more forward to this than a steak meal!

It didn’t take long to be seated, order drinks, salad, and meal. Some pleasant conversation about family and the things on Cathy’s mind preceded the arrival of her steaming hot juicy steak. She had had a chance to clear her mind in general conversation, but now Dan was ready to share his.

Cathy knew what this meal was actually about, and when her steak arrived, she said, “So, you were up most the whole night with ‘dad’s book’. What did you think of it, and, did it give you any ideas?”

“Honey, you have no idea. I feel like a new man.”

“Really?” she responded in interest.

“Yes,” he began. “We do not realize the power of actually putting God first. I never realized the ‘supernatural’ side of things. I’m a practical guy and supernatural always just sounded weird, to me. I don’t do ‘weird’ very well, but I’m telling you Cathy, we don’t know what we’ve been missing. I failed to understand the power of my priesthood in Christ.”

Cathy was quiet for a moment as she finished swallowing a delicious bite of the steak, but then asked, “What do you mean by that? I mean, we’re not actually pastors, or anything.”

“No, but every child of God has entered into a priesthood and it is powerful! ‘If’… ‘if’, they practice what God has provided. These spiritual sacrifices, as scripture calls them, actually open portals, dimensional portals, allowing God to move in your behalf. In other words, he goes before you and creates your way.”

“Hhmm, that sounds interesting, but what’s the catch?”

“Well, that is the big question, isn’t it. Here it is. You got to live with him. I mean, really live with him.”

Now Cathy was confused and Dan could see it in her eyes. “Alright, help me out here,” she began, “I know we will live with him after we die, but I don’t see how committing suicide would help our cause down here,” she ended with a chuckle, and a remark about how good her steak was.

Not deterred in the least, Dan responded, “Not suicide, but selficide.”

Cathy almost choked on her steak as she hurried to say, “What?”

“Yes, we’re like people looking for love in all the wrong places. We don’t understand how ‘surrender’ is not a breaking of our strength, but it is a ‘unity’ of purpose, like more strands of a rope being wound together, we actually become stronger, more powerful. And as our will unites with His, we begin to actually practice our priesthood, which opens powerful doors for God to flow. But there is a sacrifice to be made in order to live in the high places with God. These sacrifices will pay-off in the long run, but may be hard to see in the present, which requires a lot of faith. However, once you develop your eagle wings, you soon realize there is no greater way to live than in your priesthood with him. It is the difference between a life of a bunch of flapping… and soaring!”

Dan paused to read Cathy’s eyes again, he could see her curiosity and desire to understand, so he continued, “Take your dad, for instance. We were both confused by the direction he took with his life, and yet we had to admit he was happy and affecting people in a powerful way, even though we did not understand. I actually understand him now. I know what he means when he talks about being the hunter, and not the prey. I know what he means when he says he is on a mission for God, and downtown is his target. I understand where the joy is coming from in his life. Material things no longer mean much to him, he is having too much fun on his adventure with God, and the power of living in the high places. His spirit man has grown so strong that he is no longer dependent upon external things for happiness, his strength comes from within. The Kingdom of God is within him, and he is already living there, and then it flows out, affecting the physical world around him.”

Now it was time to let Cathy respond. He had already given her a lot to think about in a very short time. Cathy’s eating slowed, and she had questions. He explained to her what it meant to “wait upon the Lord”, and how the 3 P’s of Praise, Prayer, and Promises were powerful priesthood tools that can actually shape the fabric of their personal creation. In many ways they had “tied the hands of God”, and because of free-will, man was the only creation God allowed to do that, even as Christ allowed Roman soldiers to bind his hands on the day he was betrayed.

“Our sins, our lack of faith, our lack of discipline ties God’s hands and we begin to reap what we have sown, which is when we usually begin to look for God again. That is what has been happening to me, honey. And when I hit that black bird and saw him flapping in the road, dazed and unable to fly away? That is why I saw ‘me’, and I did not even realize it.”

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“Do you have your Gotham?”

Gotham City! A place where crime is high, evil lurks in every corner, and even the police department and government officials are not to be trusted! In the midst of all this, what rises up out of nowhere but one Capped Crusader, to stand against the darkness in the night, and save his city!

Okay, perhaps that is being just a little melodramatic, but have you asked God for your very own personal Gotham City?

Whatever evil happens in Gotham, the Batman takes it very personal. This is his town, and he is here to save it! To protect the innocent, as his parents were when murdered that fateful night. Must we have such an extreme thing happen to us before we see the great need of our times? Because, believe me folks, extreme things are coming if we don’t start making a real difference now!

Have you asked God for your “target”. The eagle sets in the high places and spots his prey from afar. It is true we should be ready to seek and to save wherever we go, but do you also have a specific and very personal target? It should be something very important to you. Is it your family, something connected to a skill or talent you have, or the place where you work? Do you have a specific mission from God, for you to rise up like a Capped Crusader and crusade! Fight evil! Pray! Shine light! Give love! Speak the name of Jesus and come against every Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, and demon that sticks up its ugly head because this is your territory and you’re here to save the city! No one else is doing it, the times are desperate and bless God you’re going to become that person! In time, others will join you, and then your team will fight evil together, seeking to save that which is lost!

My life is in a reset right now, and God has given me some very specific targets. This has been a practice in my life for a long time, but since I am about to do it again, maybe I should share the action as it happens. After my back surgery, I discovered I would no longer be a truck driver. I knew everything was changing, so I went to God for new assignments.

First he had me remodel a room of our house and create “Prayer School”, which we have now changed the name to “Eagle Mountain”. At any rate, it is up and running, and there are some pictures of all that in this blog site, somewhere around April, May, June area. But here are the targets now.

1.) I’m about to go to my very first Writers Conference! Anderson University in Anderson Indiana. The money for the conference was not easy to come by, considering I’m not working, but God provided a wolf dog for me to babysit, (can you believe it?), for $100/week, and we made it! It happens at end of this month.

2.) I’m targeting downtown Indianapolis for my Gotham City! I’ve already done some nighttime runs on the IndyGo bus system, to learn how all that works. (And that was an adventure in itself. I think the “Time Master” tried to do me in, but a short run saved the day!)

I plan to get a job downtown after the writers conference is over, and I am targeting downtown as my main area to seek and to save that which is lost! Holy Cow Batman! I will try to write an article once and a while to let everyone know how this goes. I’m starting from scratch. I have no downtown connections or advantages of any sort to expect any thing special to happen, but that is exactly what I am expecting.

Now listen, if you think I’m making fun, I’m not! I plan to go into this city, highly trained, armed and dangerous against the devil! Light is a weapon against his darkness. Truth is a weapon against his lies. Love is a weapon against his hate. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal! But they are very real! And Satan knows it. Do you target a mission field with your God given talents, anointing, and weapons? If not you, then who?

There may be those who laugh at what I’m suggesting here, but at least I will be one doing something. So if you do laugh, I hope you are at least someone who lives like you’re on a mission for God, otherwise, maybe you should not be laughing?

Selah. (Pause and think about that.)

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“Where is God’s Presence?”

We are about to continue with the story of “The Encounter”, but before we do, lets pause and make a point. This is really the heart of the whole matter. In our story, Dan has just spent time with the scripture in Exodus 19:4 >

“Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.”


If you have never experienced what it is like to feel God’s presence in a strong way, in a way that you sense him walking with you every step of your day, then you might not know what I am talking about.


Now try to get that picture in your head and understand that we come to the rich Presence of God on Eagles’ Wings, or we do not come at all. He lives in the high-places, and he that dwelleth in the secret place of the MOST HIGH, will walk in his rich Presence.

WE’VE GOT TO HAVE A TENDER HEART! We must be in love. Jesus said that they had left their first love.

Low-land living is not for the tender-hearted.

It is in the low-lands that your conscience becomes seared and your heart hardened. It is in the low-lands that we flap, flap, flap, flap, flap. We ignore the fact that we have grieved the Holy Spirit, and we no longer feel God’s Presence in that anointed way we are supposed to. So do not fool yourself, you’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re harming others too. You are not a burning bush that someone can come to and find their true destiny in God. You’re not an eagle that can take people into the high places. Your lifestyle is man-made, just like the world, you are not a peculiar person, you do not ride the wind, and you are one of the five virgins who miss it when God makes his moves, not only the rapture, but the moves he is making every day upon this dying planet.


If you have lost that tender heart, you need to repent before God, find a burning bush, and stay there till you get it back.

I don’t know about you, but when I have grieved the Holy Spirit I am miserable until I make things right. We all need this in order to be where God wants us to be. Cultivate a tender heart, and broken wings that soar.

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“Is not my Word like a Hammer?” / Thor

Staying with our comic book subject for one more article, I’ll never forget when I saw the first “Thor” movie. I went to it not really expecting to like it very much because I was never a Thor fan as a young man. I didn’t care for superheroes who were too “super”. I never read Superman. I wanted heroes who were really risking something. Ironman had a bad heart and his suit had limited power. He came close to death many times. I liked guys like Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Hawkeye, and so forth. But Thor was just a little too super for me.

Now fast-forward a few decades and the child has matured in his Christianity. He goes to see a movie about “Thor”, because it just looks like a fun show, but not expecting anything significant. Boy, was I surprised! I was very aware of a scripture in Jeremiah 23, verse 29, where God’s Word says: “Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord: and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?”

When Odin, Thor’s father, stripped him of his hammer and flung it out into space, because Thor was a self-centered ego-driven idiot, no longer worthy; that whole scene went all through me. And everything that followed, because he was now weak like an ordinary man. I pictured what God’s Word means to me, and how without it, I am stripped to stand against Satan as an ordinary man. I watched Thor as he wrestled with this breaking process his father had put him in. I felt like I was living that movie, and when he could not lift Mjornl (I’m probably spelling that wrong, sorry.), but when he discovered he could no longer handle the precious hammer that had been his life? His heart broke within. It was so powerful! I was there imagining that same pain!

I thought about if I had to live without the powerful promises of God, as found in my Bible? I would be utterly lost. I would see no meaning to life, no reason to fight hard against evil, after all, everything dies and turns to dust! What is pleasure, happiness, good deeds, love, joy, or anything, if it all ends in broken defeat, and I don’t even remember I ever lived? What meaning or purpose would anything have? In a few years I’m dead and don’t exist anymore? In the end nothing matters? All is death and decay? All is darkness and nothingness!

I now have a poster hanging in my den that shows Thor holding his hammer up. For me, the picture is not about Thor, but it is about that precious hammer he is able to hold in his hands and fight evil with. The hammer that makes him not an ordinary man living an ordinary life. That picture inspires me. It is a picture of my Bible, God’s precious Word to me.

When the giant robot sent Thor’s broken body flying through the air, and as he lie there dying, but a much different man, and that hammer that no one could move, finally began to move? I was in tears. When it went streaking through the sky racing to Thor’s aid? I was in tears. When Thor then stood up, a humble warrior worthy of the hammer, and he took Mjornl and defeated the enemy? I was in tears. And when his girl asked him if this is what he normally looked like? I was not only in tears, but I was so happy that there is a future, and life does not end in death and decay.

I now have a few special pictures of Thor and his Hammer taped in some of my journals. For me, it’s all about that hammer, God’s Word to me. I’m very picky about the artwork in the pictures I choose. 75% of comics do not meet my standard, and I don’t buy them.

I’ll share one more comic book character. He is not as easy to find. He does not have his own comic, and when you subtract 75% due to art, I am very limited, but I have a few. When I see him I think of the spiritual armor, and God’s Word, the Sword of the Spirit, all listed in Ephesians. This character is the “Silver Samurai”. When I tape a picture into a journal, it does not matter what the character may have been doing in the comic. All that matters is what that picture means to me when I look at it combined with whatever is going on in my journal. Even “silver” itself, has meaning in scripture.

Okay, that is two examples of how a very few comic book heroes affect me. I was never so surprised when I found myself deeply touched, and in tears at a Thor movie. I walked out of that theater feeling like I had gotten a lot for my money that day. So far I’ve only had one other Christian share that superheroes affected him when growing up also, and I know that man to be above average in his faith. Maybe a Batman, or Captain America had something to do with that? I don’t know, but I know I want to be one of God’s warriors, not just a ‘citizen’ of heaven, enjoying the benefits while others do the heavy lifting. As God’s children we all should desire the heroic, to be eagles, not sparrows. I see that in certain comics. I grew up with that and it has never left me.

Scripture says there is nothing evil in and of itself. It all depends on what we do with it. Some people use a gun to save and protect, or provide food. Others use it to steal, or commit murder. God looks at our heart, and that is one more reason why He alone can be judge. Amen.

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“A Strange Spiritual Diet”

It’s time to take a short break from our developing story, “The Encounter”. At the top of my side bar you might notice a title of Comic Books, God, and Nature. Some might find fault that I put comic books before God in the title, but that is intentional, and for a reason. I have plenty of articles in which God is the main subject, and Christians the target, but I’m targeting a different audience with this one, and comics are the leading subject.

This is a conversation I wouldn’t mind having with other people who love comics and superheroes. I’m not talking about Archie, here. I grew up on a strange spiritual diet of comic books, my Bible, and isolation in nature, which meant these things just about had my undivided attention. Now as a Christian, I wonder how that affected me?

To this day I am adventurous, even at the age of 59, and I am adventurous for God. I still buy certain comics just to cut pictures out of them. Why? I tape them in my journal next to my accounts of the things I am doing. Why would anyone do a crazy thing like that?

Well, I happen to love things that inspire me to be disciplined in my goals for God. Batman may be fictional, but what he stands for is a hero very disciplined to saving his city. (He’s not perfect, and neither am I, but he tries hard.) Such a lifestyle inspires me, and I love the artwork. This is only one example. Most will probably write this practice of mine off as a very crazy thing, hopefully harmless, and definitely ridiculous, but I disagree. (About the ridiculous part, that is. LOL.)

If any one would like to have a conversation around this topic, the floor is open. If you want to know more of my story, I have written it on my “About Page”. Just hit the “About this site” button in the header bar. I’m just throwing this out there to see what might pop up. Curiosity getting the better of me.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Fourteen 10/13/14

The clock read 3:00 a.m. as he reentered his den. The walk had been peaceful and refreshing. He wanted to hit the book for a little longer and then retire to bed. His mind already had a lot to sleep on. Dan realized the value of feeding things into your mind and then sleeping on it. He learned this a long time ago, there was something about the stage between sleeping and waking that was a womb of inspiration and genius. The twilight zone, as you lay there floating, not asleep, nor fully awake. He was very anxious what his mind might present during this time, after feeding on so much information, but he wanted to add just a little more. What was the next point this book was about to make?

Turns out it was a reference to Exodus 19:4. Dan flipped his Bible to the location and began reading:

Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians… and how I bare you on eagle’s wings… and brought you unto myself.

The Pastor explained that this was a picture of salvation, and note that God points out three very specific things! #1> “Ye have seen what I did to the Egyptians”.The Children of Israel had become the “slaves” of the Egyptians. They were in hard bondage, building an empire for a heathen people, not even their own. They had no hope. They were powerless to stand up against so great an army. The Egyptians even murdered their male children when born, to keep their numbers within a certain range, and keep them weak. There was no escape, and no hope, until God defeated Egypt for them.

Egypt was symbolic of the devil and being sold into slavery by your sins, with no hope of ever being free unless God intervened, and so he did. The picture continued very vivid as God parted the “Red” Sea, allowing the Children of Israel to escape, but then drowned Pharaoh and his army in those very same waters. God entered in, fought for them, defeated Egypt, symbolic of Satan and the world, and saved Israel. This was salvation through Christ.

Point #2> “and how I bare you on eagles’ wings”. Once again the eagle came into reference as a description of what God had done in salvation! Psalms 91, I shall cover you with my feathers, and under my wings shalt thou trust! Again, God did the heavy lifting, birthed on eagles’ wings and escorted into a lifestyle the eagle is a picture of, but sadly, time and time again, Israel failed to be anything but little flapping sparrows.

Here is what the Teacher particularly wanted the student to see, Point #3, “and brought you unto myself”. Once again, they that wait upon the Lord, shall mount up with wings as the eagle and be brought unto Himself! A gathering of eagles! Reconfirming over and over again how his creation of the eagle was a picture for all those desiring to come unto God! To become one, draw close, live in the high places, and know the powerful life God offers! To which, a bunch of worthless flapping is detrimental, for it is not God’s way and we have not so learned Christ! God wants to draw close to us, and the eagle represents that powerful life in Him.

Dan understood that God fought the devil and defeated him, so he could bare Dan on eagles’ wings, and bring him to Himself. What a beautiful picture, but Dan had failed to value the power of his priesthood, able to offer up spiritual sacrifices that opened portals for God to move. Flapping had been his way as he lived his man-made life, but now things were different, because his eyes had been opened to a much larger world, offering a different way to live. Dan was ready to soar, and wanted nothing less!

The book was not done, but he was too tired to go any further. He glanced at where the Preacher was going and saw something about “youth being renewed”. “Wow, that sounds interesting,” he thought, but weariness was upon him, so he wrote a note to Cathy saying: “Please make arrangements with the baby sitter for tonight. I should be up around noon. I have lots to share, but I want to do it over a nice meal. I love you, and looking forward to tonight.” He left the note where she would see it, and then gently crawled into bed where he swiftly drifted off to dream the dreams of a child of God. No, Dan was not a bird as he had so plainly stated to Cathy before… but he was a child of God.

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