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“What does my Soul need?”

Dedicated to all those who don’t believe they have a soul.

I’ve had this poem tucked away for a while now, hesitant to make it public, but something someone said recently prompted me to put it out there, so here it is.

My greatest treasure, my soul.

          What powers this body?

My soul.

          What enters heaven?

My soul.

Because of my soul,

          I choose to live in Spirit.

What would anything profit me if I

          were to lose my soul?

My greatest treasure, my soul.

          My greatest priority, my soul.

God’s Word is food to my soul.

God’s Spirit is water to my soul.

God’s Presence is air my soul breathes.

Jesus completes my soul,

          I am Bride of the Lamb.

          I am a Samurai Bride.

Every day I should ask myself,

          “What does my soul need?”

To eat, to drink, to breathe?

          Yes, all of these and more.

To love in God’s love. Amen.

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