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“The Encounter” Chapter Five 9/29/14

“Listen here Dan, you stand on that pipe and tell me that’s the same pipe I used to get from you!” John almost yelled. He had a right to be upset. John was a private contractor and an entire line had collapsed beneath a parking lot. A large section was going to need to be dug up and repaved. Farm Co. would share in the loss if it was proven to be faulty pipe, if not, then John was going to be taking a large loss.

“I can’t do that, John. I haven’t been able to stand on our pipe for at least a year now. Our company will have a man out to inspect everything, and we’ll go from there.”

“Dan,” John continued, “It hurts me to have to say this. I like you a lot, and I hope you still come by from time to time, but Farm Co. is not what it used to be. They still expect top dollar from products offering less quality. I’m afraid I won’t be doing business with you guys anymore. And your company better make good on this mess!”

“I hear ya, John. I understand.”

When Dan climbed back in his truck and drove away, the first thing he did was call the company. “Look boss, you got a serious situation here. You’re going to have to send an inspector out. And by the way, it’s Friday and I’m canceling my other meetings. I just took a good butt chewing, and right now I couldn’t sell fire in Alaska. I’m going to need the weekend to get my head together.” The boss knew when not to argue, and Dan was headed home.

Once again he found himself rolling down a black top road…trapped on the road…feeling like he was flapping, flapping, flapping…and no one running to his rescue. He considered John a friend, he had sold him the pipe, and now John was hurt because of him.

“I wish I were an eagle,” he said to himself, thoughts flowing as he drove. He turned the reins loose on his mind to let his thoughts go wherever they would. “I wish I were an eagle, they do less flapping, and more soaring. I could just fly away from all of this. Yeah, soaring…that sounds so good.” He had not been able to get the vision of the flapping black bird out of his head. For days now, every time he looked in his driver’s side mirror, he saw Blackie helplessly flapping on the road.

Dan remembered he had a book at home that was given him by Cathy’s dad. He never read it, but it was some preacher teaching about a supernatural lifestyle. Supposedly, the eagle was a biblical metaphor for what this preacher taught. Cathy’s dad, Don, liked the book so much that he bought a copy for him. That was two years ago, and it still sat on a shelf untouched. Dan liked being a Christian, but he didn’t want to be spooky about it. He had seen Christians like that. He didn’t want to be considered weird. Of course, Jesus certainly was in a category all his own. But that was Jesus.

“I’ve got two days to get my head together,” he considers, “but what shall be the shape of things to come? You can’t keep doing the same old things and expect different results. I’ve got to try something new, and I have no idea what that should be. What does Don mean by, supernatural? Cathy’s dad has always been religious, but he comes across as very sensible. Nothing spooky about him. Could there be another way of living? I thought that super stuff all ended with the Apostles? Or maybe the supernatural does not always mean raising the dead?” Dan knew right then he was finally ready to read the book. Could he find answers there?

He would give it a try, but he wasn’t going to get his hopes up, after all, he wasn’t a bird.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Four 9/28/14

“Honey, I don’t know what came over me?”

Dan was in the process of trying to explain to his wife, Cathy, about the encounter he had with the black bird. The  only problem was, he didn’t understand it either, and that was what he wanted her to understand, that he was confused about how this meaningless incident had affected him.

“It was like a spiritual encounter, or something,” he struggled on, searching for words to explain.

Cathy could tell something was bothering him, so she wanted to get to the bottom of this, but how could a bird hitting your windshield be a spiritual encounter? Men are not good at sharing their feelings, so that was only making matters worse as Dan kept trying to explain.

“So there I was,” he said. “I’m just driving down the road on the way to my first meeting and I hit a black bird. So what? Why didn’t I just keep on driving? The next thing I know, I’m running up the road to save this bird!”

“That’s good, honey,” Cathy ventured, “you had compassion on the poor suffering creature. That’s a good thing.”

“That’s not normal, dear. Not for me. I missed a sales call over a black bird!”

“Well, you can make it up, right?”

“Of course I can, but I want to know what really happened?”

“What do you mean?” she questioned, beginning to get more interested. Was her husband having an early midlife crises?

“Well? Even if I did feel sorry for the bird, and I rescued it from the road, but then a bird doctor just happens to be nearby? And some of the things she said about Blackie.”

“Blackie?” she asked, “Who’s Blackie?”

“Oh, that’s what I named the bird.”

“You named the bird? In such a short time, you named the bird? Do you really feel like you both knew each other that well in so little time?” Cathy couldn’t help it, she was about to crack up, she just had to take advantage of such a golden opportunity.

“I know. You can make fun all you want, but that is exactly what I mean. I can’t believe I named the bird, either! And when Mrs. Parker the bird doctor spoke to…”

Cathy totally lost it right there. “I’m sorry…ha ha ha…I can’t take it…ha ha… Parker the bird doctor! HA ha ha ha…you’re killing me! This just keeps getting better! Is this for real, or or are you making all this up? Haaaa ha heheheee…I’m gonna cry!  Oh my belly hurts.”

For the next five minutes they both sat there in the living room laughing over and over. When one of the kids happened to pass through they just looked at them like what is wrong with mom and dad, and that caused them to laugh even more. And then mom would ask them if they have heard about Blackie the bird and Mrs. Parker the bird doctor, and they laughed even more as the children slowly walked away shaking their heads.

Ten minutes later, normal conversation had finally resumed. “Cathy, I’m telling you, when ‘the vet’ told me what was going on with the bird, I felt like she was diagnosing me!”

“What?’ she responded, very intrigued.

“Yes. When she said the bird had damage to its wings, and all his flapping was going to keep him from healing, and so he would be restricted from flapping for a couple of months, and then he had a fifty-fifty chance of flying again. For a bird, freedom and survival depends on their ability to fly. I still see Blackie in my mirror, after he was hit. He didn’t know what else to do, so he just kept flapping, even though it was only doing more damage. There he was, still on the road…flapping. And I felt like that was me. I jumped out of the truck, and I ran to his rescue.” Dan paused for a moment before saying, “I think I see it now, but I don’t know what to do?”

Cathy moved over closer to her husband and said, “I don’t know either, but whatever it is, we will get through this together. We will figure this out.”

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“The Encounter” Chapter Three / 9/27/14

“Why am I saving a black bird?” According to the GPS it should be just up here on the right, and I don’t want to miss it. I can still hear the bird flopping around in the box. I should have just moved him out of the road, sat him in the nearby cornfield and said, “Good luck, little fellow.” But something wouldn’t let me. I felt bad for hitting the bird and I didn’t know why? I mean, it’s not like this was the first one I ever hit. And yet something compelled me to grab the box out of the truck, carefully place him inside, close the flaps and interlock them, and then do an internet search for a bird doctor?

Much to my surprise there was one close by, and that sealed the deal for me. I mean, what were the odds? It was a sign. That’s how I took it anyway, and now I was about two miles away, almost there. I just had to find this last road, and there it was. I make the right hand turn, go one half mile and pull into the small parking lot with the sign saying, “Parker the Bird Doctor”. “Cute, hear that, Blackie? Hang in there, you’re about to see Parker the Bird Doctor. Nothing but the best for you, pal.”

I had called ahead just to verify this was for real, and sure enough, an older sounding lady with a sweet voice said to bring the bird right in. It was even free! She worked on a donation basis, and many people supported her. She loved birds and this is what she did for them. So my plan was to just drop Blackie off and be on my way. Nice and simple. But I found myself hanging around, worried about the bird and its chances of recovery. “Why am I doing this?” I ask for like the fourth time.

I’m about to walk out the door and be on my way when, “Dan?” I hear Mrs. Parker, the bird lady, call my name.

“Yes, mam,” I answer, “Is he going to make it?”

“Well, he’s had quite a hit. He was in shock when you got him here. So I gave him some medicine to relax him. He is not feeling much of anything at the moment. I was able to examine him for internal injuries, broken bones, that kind of thing. I’m pretty sure he has wing damage. I’ve seen this many times before. He has about a fifty-fifty chance of ever flying again. Right now all that flapping around is just doing more damage. He needs time to heal. We will set any broken bones, and then wrap him in a way that prevents any moving of his wings. No flapping allowed for the next couple months. Once he has had time to heal, we will remove the wrapping and give him a chance to fly. If all goes well he will be a free bird again.”

“After a couple of months of no flapping, right doctor?” I said in jest, trying to add a little humor.

“That’s right,” she agreed, “Just a couple of months of no flapping. If only we could learn to do that,” she added.

“Yeah, good point.” I agreed, even though I wasn’t sure what she meant? So I thanked her and dropped a twenty in the box on my way out the door. I had missed my first appointment, but could still make the second one if I hurried. I looked back in my mirror just in time to see Mrs. Parker standing at her door giving me a dirty look as I flew out of the parking lot, engine roaring. I glanced down at my speedometer and was embarrassed. “Oops, that was not very nice of me.” I let my foot off the gas and told myself to get a grip. The world is not going to end if I fail to sell pipe today.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Two / 9/26/14

When Dan left his home that morning, he had a secret, but he did not want to worry his wife. This had been an inner conflict, and concern, for many months now. He was still on his way to work as he pondered, thinking back ten years, when Jim recruited him that day. He only agreed for one reason, and he still remembered the conversation as he replayed it in his head. Jim had asked him to go out for a private talk, a little coffee shop just up the road. It was close to his lunch break, so they went.

Setting there with coffee and a grilled cheese before him, Jim began sharing about the opportunity at Farm Co, and that he was perfect for the job. Dan let him talk for a while before deciding to explain the reason he could never be a salesman.

“Jim,” Dan said, “there is one main thing that has kept me from ever going into a full-blown sales career.” Dan left this statement hanging in the air, pausing, and staring into Jims eyes. He wanted to make sure he understood where he was coming from.

“Well, what is it?” Jim finally asked.

“I’m a Christian, and I simply cannot lie to people about a product. If it is not the very best, then I can’t tell them so. And I can’t be one-of-the-boys. I’m not ‘one-of-the-boys’. I don’t like dirty jokes, and I don’t go to bars. I can’t wine and dine the way companies like to do to win their customers. I know I have the gift, but I just can’t live that lifestyle. How could I compete against salesmen willing to do those things? I’ve always appreciated you, Jim, because you’re an honest guy and Farm Co has a really good product, but you wouldn’t believe the offers my boss gets from other companies. They come in bragging about their service and product, they take him out to Hooters or wherever he wants to go. We end up buying some of their stuff and it’s second rate at best! But the boss keeps it around because he likes the benefits. I couldn’t be one of those guys, Jim. I won’t be one of those guys.”

Dan noticed Jim take a real long drink of his coffee before he sat it down. He had a big smile on his face when he finally responded, “Dan, that is exactly why you are perfect for this job. As you know, we do have the best product going at a fair price. Quality and fairness are priorities one and two with us, because we have Christian men at the head of this company. If there is any wine and dining that needs to be done, we have people that can do that. Dan, you won’t have to lie for our company, and this would be the place you could finally spread your wings and soar.

The rest was history. Jim talked him into it that day and he absolutely loved it! And he did excel, rising to be one of the top salesmen in a very short time. His regular pay plus commissions proved to be more money than he ever thought he would make, and Cathy was elated. They bought a new house the second year. Then he bought her a luxury minivan just like she always wanted. He had a company truck and didn’t need a vehicle. Life was good! He sold the heck out of those drainage products, because they were the best, and he could sell it with all his heart, and still sleep good at night. Unfortunately, that was no longer true, and therein lie his secret, his conflict, and his problem.

It was a beautiful fall day as he drove down the road. He couldn’t believe he felt so heavy on such a gorgeous day, but he did. It was hard to even appreciate, when you have such dark clouds hanging in your head. He did not understand why the factories had lowered the quality of their product, but they had and there was nothing he could do about it. He used to be able to stand on a corrugated drainage pipe and it would not crush, but this was no longer true, and it wasn’t the weight he had gained, either. He knew the truth, but the conflict was that he liked his level of lifestyle. He simply did not see how they could ever go back to anything less? How would they pay for college for the kids? How could they possibly survive on anything less? Cathy and he  were now accustom to the finer things of life. He just couldn’t see any way out, so he told himself to be the good soldier and just keep pressing on. Run harder, do more, make more money until you’re able to leave one day.

As Dan approached the company office he found himself driving right on by. His first sales-call was a contractor in Wheaton, Illinois, about an hour’s drive away. He had everything he needed in the truck, and driving felt good. He kept the wheels of the black four-wheel drive rolling down the road, right along with the thoughts rolling in his head. “What am I going to do?” he asked himself. His sales had already been dropping because he simply would not pitch it as the best pipe out there, anymore. The contractors were discovering the truth, too, and he now dreaded every sales-call.

“What am I supposed to do, Lord? Am I suppose to just quit, and not support my family?” He couldn’t believe he was actually arguing with God. “No one will understand. It will be a horrible testimony, but do I make a living lying? If I don’t get my sales back up, I may not have to quit. Where are you when I need you, Lord?”

Dan used to talk with God a lot while in the truck, but over the years the conversations had become less and less. Prayer had become less too, and he felt a little guilty about asking God where he was when needed. “What’s happened to us, Lord? I just don’t get it anymore.”

Living like a man on a mission kept you busy, and depending on what your mission was…well…? Okay, it was hard to pray and find time to do all the things a Christian is supposed to do. He didn’t want to admit it, but his priorities had been upside down for the past three years, and he had just gotten busier and busier, being successful. He loved being a testimony of the “goodness” of God. Occasionally he was able to help people, when they got in a financial fix, and just needed a hand up. This was his way of witnessing, showing the goodness and prosperity of God, after all, wasn’t that what a Christian was supposed to be? Wasn’t Abraham very wealthy and successful?

Isn’t that what a Christian is supposed to be? The question lingered in his mind. “But what about all the other stuff?” he asked himself. “What about the spiritual side, the invisible things, not the material things we see and touch. When was the last time I actually felt led by an unseen voice to walk in something that was just spiritual, self-sacrificing, based on a kingdom in heaven, and not down here? What about all those things? When do I have time for all those things? When was the last time I spent a day seeking God to find out if I’m even doing what he wants me doing?”


“What the heck?” Dan yelled as he ducked and swerved the wheel! Fortunately, he quickly regained control, pulled off the side and sat there catching his breath. It was so sudden! Something big and black hit the windshield right in front of him. He had reacted as if he were about to be hit, which almost caused him to wreck before he realized what was actually happening. Some big and black bird had smacked his windshield, and now he could see it in his side mirror. It was flopping around still on the road. It could be simply dazed and needing a chance to recover.

Something about that bird called to him, and before he knew it, he popped open his door and began running up the road.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> (End Chapter two. Hope you enjoyed.)

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“The Encounter” Chapter One / 9-25-14

Dan slowly rose from his bed and rushed into his day like anyone would. Getting out of bed was hard, but once up, his pace rapidly accelerated. He loved living, and the challenge of it. Depression had never been one of his weaknesses. He could think of maybe two times in his thirty-eight years when he had a real battle with depression, and even those were nothing compared to what some people seem to wrestle with.

He was a warrior at heart. He lived like a man on a mission, and that was how he liked it. His wife, Cathy, appreciated how hard he worked to provide for their family, and it was her part to ensure a smooth morning routine, so he could get dressed, eat a hearty breakfast, and be out the door right on time ready to tackle the world. They worked as a team. His successful career as a sales rep for a large company had provided them a very good life. They both realized how good they had it, and liked it that way.

Sales had always come natural for Dan. He was what they called “a people person”. He was the life of any party, loved to tell jokes, a born extravert, had the gift of gab and knew how to make people feel good. However, choosing that path had not come easy for him. As a younger man when he was just setting out to make his way in the world, he did not think he could be a salesman and a Christian at the same time. Even though he loved sales, it bothered him that he might have to “stretch truth”, wine and dine, laugh at dirty jokes, “be-one-of-the-boys”, in order to be successful.

Eventually his natural talents and convictions led him to working for a large company that sold pipe and plumbing to contractors. They sold everything from huge ductile pipe, sewer pipe, fire hydrants, very large gate valves, and all the way down to the tiniest pvc threaded fittings, but he was not a sales rep. He sat at a desk and merely worked with the customers when they called in. He took their orders, sold what he could, but they had come to him, he had not gone hunting them, and that was an important difference in Dan’s mind.

Maybe they did not have the very best product out there, but that was not his problem because they had come to him of their own accord. He had not hunted them down, invaded their day, convinced them that he had the very best product and deal, and sold it. He was pretty happy with his status, except it was a bit boring, and they still struggled to pay the bills of a growing family, but at least his conscience was clean, and he slept good at nights.

Then one day something special happened, a golden opportunity that seemed too good to be true! His company carried a certain drainage tile from another company called, Farm Co. Farm Co had a regular sales rep who visited them every month making sure they were happy with the product, and also to take more orders. Dan could still remember it like yesterday. Of course he had made friends with Jim, the sales rep, that was just Dan’s nature. They had hit it off and he always looked forward to the visits. There was no warning signal that special day, to alert him things were different when he saw Jim pull up in front, climb out of his truck and walk in, but it was. Jim was there to get Dan!

Jim had recognized Dan’s natural sales ability, and his company had an opening for a good man. Dan already had lots of contacts and knew the product. Jim was sure he would excel as a Farm Co rep, and he was here to close the deal. Jim was hunting Dan!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (This ends the first chapter of a short story called, “The Encounter”. Hope you enjoy.)

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My life has changed so much in the last couple of years that I just had to write a new “About this Site”, and invite people to read. I am revamping the blog theme, and we are headed to higher places. Please click on the “About this Site” button in the header bar, and see if you want to go with us. We are headed to Eagle Mountain! We are called to soar and not flap! We are not called to the ordinary, but supernatural lives in Christ Jesus.

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Too much flapping going on!

Too many Churches are becoming all flap and no Spirit.

A bold statement, I know. Who am I to say such a thing? For one, an inside observer for 58 years now. And two, statistics verify my observations.

1.) Why is America continuing in a more and more ungodly atheistic direction? (A weak and worldly Church.)

2.) Statistics show 80% of pastors pray 15 minutes or less per day.

3.) Divorce rate in Church just as high as in the world.

4.) Pornography rampant amongst Church members, including some pastors.

This list could go on and on, but you get the picture.


I think I’ll spend this next year just teaching from this one thought: What does it mean to be the eagle that scripture describes? What does it mean to live a “Flap less and Soar more” lifestyle? Why is everyone so busy flapping that they are too tired or too busy to SOAR? God invites us to the high places, shows us how to live like an eagle, and we’re too busy? Not interested? Got a better idea?

Let me show you how that better idea stacks up compared to God.

Many of you will know this story, but probably not a certain little detail that is very important. David was one of the most successful men of God to ever live, and he wanted to build a glorious temple for God, but he was told that he could not! Because he had blood on his hands. The blood God was referring to was most likely Uriah’s, the husband of Bathsheba. (But that is another story.)

Anyway, David was allowed to make all the preparations, but his son, Solomon, would be the one to actually bring it all into manifestation. Israel thrived under David’s reign, and also under Solomon, for a time, but it does not take long for man to grow careless about the things of God. By the time Solomon passed on the throne, the kingdom was already spiritually falling apart.

The throne passed to Rehoboam and the decline continued. The kingdom split in two, and Rehoboam ruled over the Southern kingdom of Judah. In this spiritual decline, Satan is not slow to steal, kill, and destroy. Egypt attacks and plunders the sacred temple of all of its golden articles. God was very specific that every article of furniture was to be overlaid with gold, or entirely pure gold. Gold is a symbol of divinity and glory. Gold is not man made. If man could make it, then it would not be worth much because he would soon over produce it.

Now Rehoboam had a serious problem, because the Priest could not perform their duties with a temple void of the necessary items! And to make matters worse, they were no longer the rich country that could easily replace it all with gold as the very specific instructions of God had detailed. So he decided to replace everything with brass. A man made alloy! If you shine it enough, if you polish it enough, if you decorate it enough and oooh and ahhh over it enough, it can almost pass for gold, but it’s not gold! And God is not there, because it is not according to God’s divine will. It has become something operating in the man-made ways of flesh! Flapping, flapping, flapping like a flock of sparrows and no eagles to be seen! This is 80% of our Churches, and by the same token, our Christians, too!

We don’t pray the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man that avails much, because were to busy! AND WE DON’T WAIT ON THE LORD!

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with the wings of eagles…” Isa. 40:31

God’s people are living like brass instead of gold. We are living like sparrows instead of eagles. We live a life of flapping in the low-lands because we refuse to live like an eagle. It’s not that the knowledge is not there. We choose to have a pathetic prayer life. We choose to not study or memorize God’s Word. We choose to break God’s laws as if they mean nothing. We choose to exploit God’s grace! We offer God our brass and insist he bless it!

I got news for you. Most of the blessings you think is coming from your brass, is not coming from God! That is another being who likes to replace God in our life. He is the one who blesses brass, and like everything else he does, it is a lie and illusion. Smoke and mirrors.

So…, until I decide otherwise, the topic of this site will be eagles and living in the high places, because that will also allow me to teach about prayer that is gold, and not brass. The spiritual metaphor of the eagle will allow me to teach everything God has laid on my heart to teach.

The eagle is also a warrior, a samurai bird, as all “birds of prey” would be considered, but the eagle is highest of all, king of all the birds. I often see myself not as an eagle, but as a raven who is learning to live as an eagle. That will take some explaining at another time.

Today’s point is, if we don’t desire to live an eagle lifestyle, then we’re in disobedience. If we’re not living in the spiritual high-places, we’re in disobedience. If our Christian walk shines like brass, we’re in danger of judgment. God’s word says to desire those things which are above, and seek first the kingdom of God, and we think we do, but our prayer life is brass? God gave a specific design for his temple, and he does not have a plan “B”. God will only bless what he has approved of. The metaphor of the eagle is a strong teaching in God’s Word. The treasures it has to offer are pure gold. I’m gonna camp here for a while.

Are we proud of our sparrow lifestyle? Are we proud that we allowed Satan to steal all the gold from our temple and now we offer God our man-made brass? I picture God shaking his head in wonder as he sees his people choosing to be little sparrows over the powerful life of an eagle. I picture him asking himself, who would choose to be a sparrow over the chance to live like an eagle?

I cannot help but think there are those who simply need the chance to learn more about this flap less and soar more lifestyle. God is calling us to the high places. Set your affections on things above. Now if you are too attached to the things of the world, this low-land living, then remember Lot’s wife. Do not trade God’s gold for man’s brass! Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife!” I’m going to end with an invitation for whoever likes to explain how that statement of our Lord’s relates to what I’ve just said. (Just in case there might be those who do not know. I’d like to hear from you. In relating to this message of the eagle, why should we remember Lot’s wife? Give me some comments, folks.) Thank you.

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Where have I been?

Where have I been? Good question. I’ve been practicing “SOARING”.

I did not expect to write an article today. I was not sure I would ever write another one here. I even thought about starting a new blog site, and start from scratch. There is plenty here for people to read if they have an interest, why add more to something so few people really read? I mean, so many “likes” and no comments? Really?

However, I stumbled onto a blogsite that kind of got my juices flowing, and you know how it is when you feel like you need to write. I was actually checking out a Writer’s Conference I hope to go to, when I found this Pastor/blogger. He had an article on prayer, and you may have noticed my blogging diminished as I created what I have been calling “Prayer School”. I have learned there is such a great way to live! A lifestyle that is more like the chess player that can win in three moves rather than the ten moves a novice would take.

I left a comment on his site, but I wanted to say more. I had to refrain myself, because I have written a story on this very subject, and I don’t want to let too much of the cat out of the bag, until I have it ready. Know what I mean? I call it a children’s story ” for Adults”. I think the title will be “The Little Bird that Couldn’t”. That title sounds so familiar. I’m not done checking it out yet. But…it’s about a raven named “Flapless”, a wren named “Goliath”, and a three-legged turtle named “Tripod”, but he gets a name change I cannot mention yet.

So yes, here is an unexpected article about prayer. Yes, Prayer School is up and running. I am now remodeling our bathroom so it can match how nice our prayer room (Eagle Mountain) is. It’s a big job.

So far the dedication to Prayer School has been met with the typical enthusiasm that modern-day Christians have for the subject of prayer. We meet after our Church service on the first and third Sundays. We push our dinner plate back for two hours. It’s just for men. Our church is small, and I have two dedicated supporters. One for each of the two Sundays. It is somewhat of a “thankless” ministry, but that does not matter, I know what God has shown me, and I believe great things will come of it. I believe a great move of God is coming to the Church, it will be a quick-work, and so when it happens it will be those who are ready that gets to ride the curl of this massive wave!

In Isaiah 40:31 > God gave us a supernatural formula showing us a lifestyle of “Less flapping and more Soaring” That is what my children’s story for adults is about. Paul said he still had to speak to them as children. God has given me such a story.

The odds are greatly stacked against an unknown author in today’s environment. Things don’t look good for the raven called, Flapless, but I’ve decided he is where I want to be, whether it is popular, or not. Praise, Prayer, and Promises. You don’t need a lot of flapping when you understand and practice the 3-P’s. It’s all in the story. Hope people get to read it some day. Say a prayer my way. I welcome it.

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

This is a supernatural lifestyle of more soaring, and less flapping.

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