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“Enter Shadow”




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“Enter Shadow” > A dog story.


What is this supernatural life we live? We talk about God leading us. We talk about resting in God. Unbelievers think we are crazy, and that we hear voices, or something. What does it really mean to “let go”, and really trust God? What does it mean to embrace sheephood, and let God be God in our life? This “is” the key to supernatural, and this is why so many fail to experience it, because they fail the “test” of “waiting” on God. This waiting takes on many shapes and forms, but it is a major “key” to living in the supernatural. And now for my first dog story, with Shadow.


You might remember an earlier set of articles, back in October, (I believe), where I was visiting the Humaine Society and I thought I found my dog. She was a beautiful Siberian Husky named, “Lady”. However, the story ended in disappointment, as I let them talk me out of the dog, which had such a history of escaping and running away.

My dog story really starts with a Boston Terrier I had, years ago, named B. D.; short for Bible Dog, or Bad dog, which ever the case may be at the time! (LOL!) At any rate, when she passed away, I just did not want another dog for a long time, so when I finally was ready, it had to be special! I like to bond with my dog and take her everywhere. We become “partners”! It’s a cowboy thing.

So my dog journey has gone through quite an “evolution” from where it started. How did that happen? I trusted God! I could have taken the Siberian Husky, in spite of all advice, but I had to admit, something did not feel right in my gut as the counselors talked to me. My hopes were high, but wisdom dictated otherwise. I was getting a big red light that I believed was from God! Sometimes the world will give us a “red light”, but God gives us a “green light” and says to RAM your way through! But if the red light is from God? BETTER STOP! Stay in His shadow!

The best of both worlds is when you get a green light both from God, and the world. Now you got what I call easy sailing! But the unbelievers would say that we all get such signals, and it is just part of being human. To that, I say, it is also evidence of being made in the image of God! And whether you call it intuition, common sense, 6th sense, or whatever, you best learn how to live by it. This is the supernatural life which jumps to a whole new level, once we are born-again in Christ, and submit to our Shepherd!

Okay, let me get to the dog story, which I actually am, but you will see. I just need you to understand that I came to a place of realizing the dog was gonna find me! I even looked for stray dogs! As I run the city all day long delivering stores, I figured I’d come across a stray dog that could use a home. I only came across one! I had meat (ham), in my hand as I tried to approach her, and she still ran away as if I was the boogy-man!

Shadow, is a Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix. The daddy was the Lab. She is going on 8 weeks old, and the moment my daughter sent me her picture, I called her “Shadow”, because she is almost all black, and I love Psalms 91, and everything it stands for, such as staying in the guidance of God! But how did she find me? That is the best part of the story.

My wife and I had five children, and the first four were all boys. The last child we decided to have, finally came out a girl, my only daughter, who we named, Destiny. Well, my daughter was searching Craig’s List, which is something I don’t do, and she found this family with the NINE pups! Then she decided to buy one and come over to our house with her. She named her pup, Hope.

Hope is reddish brownish with blue eyes. Now I played with the pup and really liked it, but I thought it would grow bigger than I had planned on. Red Light? So I did not say anything, and I decided to wait. My wife, also, had been very cold to the idea of me getting a dog. Another red light?

The next Sunday came and we were having a family get together at the house, and Destiny brought her pup. I was playing with her again. In my gut it felt right, but seven days had gone by. What kind of lights would I get if I tried this? Were there any pups left? Would there be a female, which my wife insisted would be the only dog she allowed in the house! Also, I could not leave the house, as my aged parents were coming, and I needed to be there for them, so how would I get the pup? Oh, and we just happened to have the extra $100 to purchase the dog. Earlier, our money had been very tight, but thanks to tax returns, we actually had extra. First green light!

So I posed the question to my daughter, “Do you think they still have any pups left? And if so, would you be willing to drive down there, check her out, and get her, if everything is good?”

Now, how is this Shadow finding me? She sent her sister through my daughter! Her sister, Hope, showed up at my house and said, “See what a wonderful pup I am? I have a sister you ought to meet!” Yes, that is what she said.

Now, when I asked my daughter if she could do the job for me, my wife actually offered to go with her! (Big green light!) And as you would know, they had just one male, and one female left! I had so many green lights going off, it was ridiculous! They did not even have to choose between more than one female! God specifically pinpointed her!

My daughter sent me the picture as they were driving back, and I named her Shadow. (This is just the beginning of many Cowboy and Shadow stories to come. Hope you enjoy.) 0329131311

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“Who is this One?”

“Who is this One?”


Who is this One that shows up in history,

walking on waters,

that I cannot follow?


Who is this One shinning divine,

calling me outward,

but I know not how?


Who is this One offering to shepherd,

revealing me sheep,

ready for slaughter?


I am the one needing a shelter,

needing a refuge from the storm.


I am the one in danger of slaughter,

but too proud to say out loud.


I am the one fallen and broken,

stumbling around in the dark.


I am the one for which he has come,

he is the One for who I am made.


I am the one hoping for more,

he is the One leaving the shore.


I am the one hugging the sand,

he is the One giving command,

to love this land, no more.


We are together, in a mystical place of the soul.

A place not possible, I was told.


And yet, I watch waves roll,

not from the safety of a beach,

they roll beneath my feet.


Who is this One who makes all things possible,

calling that which is not,

in place of what is?


I call him Savior.


He calls me righteous.


I call him Lord.


He calls me …home.

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Oswald Chambers

“We have to get rid of the idea that we understand ourselves, it is the last conceit to go. The only One Who understands us is God. The greatest curse in spiritual life is conceit.”

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“Samurai Sheep” > Blip!

I am very anxious to get back to the message of the “Samurai Sheep > A path of weakness”. However, I have yet another poem to shoot out first, but not yet for the poem either. (Am I confusing anyone?) So until the poem, here is a quick Samurai Sheep teaching that I have been pondering this morning as I prepare for Church.

It is amazing to me the courage and boldness our Master entered this earth with. I am one who happens to believe there was a lot that happened between Genesis verse one, and Genesis verse two. I believe that Lucifer may have been given authority over this planet at one time, possibly even the whole creation, until he was found taking some of the praise and worship “for himself”, as he was the most exalted of the angels, and he began to think he should be as God. This caused a great destruction, and then the earth is eventually restored, man and woman created in God’s image, but a fallen Lucifer (Satan) reenters the scene, reclaiming his position of authority on this planet. (Through our fall into sin.)

Scripture declares that Satan is the prince of the air, and the god of this world. He even tempted Christ by offering him the kingdoms of man, if only he would bow and worship him. Evidently, they were his to give.

Now I have said all this to emphasize that when our Lord showed up on this planet, he was completely in enemy territory! Picture if you were to go into Iran today, or North Korea, and start proclaiming the Gospel of Christ loudly in the streets? Also perform a miracle, or two, and what do you think is going to happen? Now you say, but he was the Lord! Yes, in a weak flesh and blood body, limiting himself to perform in a way possible for even us! How did he do this? Do we realize the courage, boldness, and power of faith his mission required? I’m still trying to mentally grasp it.

There was not one saved person on the face of this planet when he showed up. This was completely enemy turf! Now you have to know Satan could not allow such a thing to be going on in his turf! All mankind in a fallen condition and our Master shows up raising the dead! One fragile vessel of God walking around in a valley of death declaring restoration! God went throughout the enemy territory boldly proclaiming he was here to take it back? And how did he do this?

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord! HE DID IT IN WEAKNESS. He fasted, prayed, and obeyed. He fasted, prayed, and obeyed. These things allowed the “Father” to flow through him like a “Lion”! But Jesus, himself, walked in meekness and lowliness of heart.

“Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matt. 11:29 NLT)

The path of weakness is a path of “submission”, to the greater cause of God.

King David was a “sheep” who lived like a “lion”, because he saw himself as a “sheep”, God was able to flow through him like a “LION”.

“The Lord is my shepherd, ” David wrote. This is the desired mentality of the samurai sheep.

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Beautiful Blogger Award


I would like to thank, Michelle, Daily Dose of Scripture, for the encouragement it means when someone likes your site. As all bloggers know, if you feel like no one is interested enough to read your writings, then perhaps we are barking up a wrong tree? So when something like this comes along, it means a lot! Thank-you.

As for 7 things about me…

1.) First of all, I can’t believe I’m getting older, but partly because of that, I have felt the need to speak out. There is a wisdom that does come from having had a chance to sit at the feet of Jesus for such a long time. There are things I see now, that has taken me all this time to see it, and are therefore worthy of speaking.

2.) I have always been a student of God’s Word, but not so much by way of college. There are many places I have camped out with God, praying and fasting. This is the way I have always been drawn.

3.) Getting married at age 21 and having 5 children made it tough to even think about college. My wife and I are still very much in love, for almost 36 years now. (And we have a growing list of grandchildren.) We are proof that good mariages can still happen.

4.) Teaching and ministry has been a way of life for me, although I have been always the assistant, never the pastor. I did Youth Ministry (Teens) for several years, and had a blast!

5.) I have always loved to write, especially fictional stories with an inspiring message. This last year we published our first book, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”. My publisher was so pleased we have a 2nd book coming out soon, in ebook form.

6.) I make my living as a truck driver, hence the Cowboy for Christ. I also like wearing my black Ariat western boots, I grew up in the country, and I drive a black 1990 Dodge Ram, in case no one has noticed. LOL! (Sorry.)

7.) One more to go? Hhmmm…. At least for me, God’s ways have kept me healthy. I’m on no meds, no high-blood pressure, diabetes, or problems of any kind. I still work a young-mans job, but just a little slower, just a “wee” bit slower. LOL! I mention this because some of you may want to know if God will really do this? Well, if you really listen, at least in my experience, he really will!

7 Blogs I enjoy>

1. Shootin’ the Breeze >

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NOTE: If you have any problems with these links, click on the “Blogs I Enjoy” button in header bar, and those should work. (My computer has been doing weird things lately.)

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“The Eternal Debate”

Just last week I was nominated for the Beautiful Bloggers Award, and I have not responded to it yet, but I have something to do first. It seems my Poems were the main reason for the award. I only have put a few up, and they have mostly gone unnoticed for a long time now, hidden away under that “The Poet” button in header bar. However, since they have triggered this award, I decided I should do a little more with the poetry, and see what happens? So…

I just wrote a new poem and the reason for this poem is another debate I found myself involved in, which a lot of it can be read in the comments section of the article: “Spending Problem?” I knew from the beginning where the debate would end up, but we are still called to speak our Lord’s message whether received or not, and so I did. But like the Apostle Paul instructed, do not become “entangled” in endless debates. I almost left the discussion several times, but then would feel led to respond again. But now, with this poem, I do end.

“The Eternal Debate”

Round and round we go, where we stop I already know; we will stop at Words and Faith.

Your faith, my faith, whose is true?

That is left for us to choose.

“Evidence” demanding verdict! For that is all we really have.

Your proof, my proof; round and round we go.

Sad thing is, neither is “proof”, you know.

A book of witnesses, for which they died; that speaks a lot to me.

First-hand accounts, worthy of any court, but you’re not satisfied.

You choose to believe they all lied.

You come back with evolution! Science has proven, so you say!

You start your case with a lie? Now I’m not satisfied.

Your theory, my theory; we go round and round.

Do not entangle endless debates, the Apostle Paul advised.

Preach the Gospel, some will come, others will deny.

It’s not up to you or I.

For when all is said and done, we come back to Words and Faith.

We are the same, creatures of what we “believe”.

Created in His image, more evidence that I see!

Science not proven is just a religion, belief, a chosen faith.

Your preachers, my preachers; round and round we go.

Where we stop, I already know.

God created ALL with Words and Faith, or so we’re told.

One more exhibit added to the case!

Try as you might, all I hear from you is more Words and Faith!

We are the same, you and I, creatures drawn to faith.

As the One who created, so the creation, it would seem.

Of course, of this, you vehemently deny!

What makes you sure of what you cannot prove? Again, we are the same, I say.

As the One who created, so the creation, unable to escape.

We always stop at Words and Faith.

Round and round we go…

Where we stop I already know…

We are “stuck” in a creation of Words and Faith.

How cool is that!!!

“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.” (Hebrews 11:3 NLT)

“Then God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3 NLT)

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Oswald Chambers

“To open their eyes…that they may receive…(Acts 26:18)”

                  “I do not think it is too sweeping to say that the majority of nominal Christians are of this order; their eyes are opened, but they have received nothing. Conversion is not regeneration. This is one of the neglected factors in our preaching today.”

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Here is the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about when it comes to America’s SPENDING PROBLEM.

Yes, we have a spending problem, BUT IT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE  A “SIN” PROBLEM!

As the “powers-that-be” DISCARD concepts like God, sin, righteousness, hell, salvation, and so on, deciding they no longer apply to us, but should be relegated to an older unenlightened generation, then the standard for right and wrong becomes very blurred, and every man begins to do what is right in their own sight, which leads to what the Bible calls an abundance of “SIN”. Now I intend to illustrate why this is so DEADLY for us, but first, let’s make sure we know what the word “SIN” means, for I fear that many people do not even understand the word anymore.

Dictionary definition > “The act of breaking a religious or moral law, especially when done deliberately.”  (American Heritage Student’s Dictionary)

For Christians it is basically anything that “falls short of the glory of God”. It is us missing the mark of God’s perfection, which we all do. This is why someone who “did not miss God’s mark of perfection”, (Jesus), had to pay the price for all of us who do. That was the mission Jesus came to the earth with, and that is what he succeeded in doing. Let us now get back to the point of our SPENDING PROBLEM, with this one added very important understanding: SIN IS VERY EXPENSIVE! $$$$$$$$$

Everyone is debating if we have a spending problem, or not? Should we raise taxes even more? Why is our government so big? Should it be smaller? On and on the questions go as our leaders seem to be locked in total confusion, and self-absorption. It is very difficult to solve what is a “spiritual” problem with man-made rules, regulations, and bandaids! As a mater-of-fact, it is impossible!



I gotta tell ya, folks, I do not want to write this article. What you are about to read, if you can gut-it-out, will be the most negative thing I have ever had to write. There is no “Happy” in this! Personally, my walk with Jesus is a very peaceful, contented, and happy world. I take no pleasure in writing such a SAD commentary, because it is simply not my nature. This is my 2nd time trying to write this. The 1st one got blanked out. But God has brought me back to it.


We are a Dr, Jeckal and Mr. Hyde, tearing ourself apart as we delight in sinning, and then feel convicted to try to save those affected by our sin! Not only is SIN expensive in and of itself, but it is even more expensive to try to fix! $$$$$$$$$$$

The issue becomes even more complicated by the fact that we MUST attempt to help those most affected! We have no choice! If society does not make an effort to stop the bleeding, we will die even sooner! If we allow children to be abused, go hungry, lack education, give them no hope, offer no protection, then that generation will grow up angry at the world, seeing no other way, and they will MULTIPLY as SIN runs rampant, and our CANCER will consume us so quickly, IT WILL BE ROME FALLING FROM WITHIN ALL OVER AGAIN! (And that, indeed, is what is happening. Make no mistake about it.) $$$$$$$$$$

Is our President going to come out and begin to preach the Word of God to one and all, explaining that we can no longer afford the PRICE TAG connected to our SINNING? (Do elephants fly? Neither do donkeys, by the way.) SIN has its’ own judgement built within it, and Rome will fall from within again. As a matter of fact, our great leaders are doing everything they can to get God out of our government and schools! That is like going deep-sea diving and throwing away your oxygen tank! What spiritual idiots! (Why did we choose these guys? Because we have a SIN problem!) Lets look at some “nuts and bolts” of this dilemma. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lets start with the children, because that illustrates the problem better than any other. SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE IS A VIOLATION OF GOD’S LAWS! PERVERTED SEX, HOMOSEXUALITY, SEX WITH CHILDREN, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, PORNOGRAPHY, AFFAIRS, UNFAITHFULNESS, DIVORCE, the list goes on and on! Just what is the PRICE TAG connected to these favorite SINS? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

As many men and women find themself in the position of a single parent, trying to work a job, go to school, pay for daycare, provide, protect, love, and train-up a child, it becomes almost an impossible job without government financial help. Are we to simply let these children and families suffer? As explained before, that is not an option, so we must pay, pay, pay, as lots of government PROGRAMS are required to mount this awesome task! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lets get an itemized bill of the cost of SEXUAL SIN > Child protection, welfare, food stamps, government supported daycares, health care, government aided ABORTION CLINICS, sexual diseases, doctors, doctors, doctors, hospitals, AIDS (at a cost of $100,000/ person), Lawyers, Judges, Courts, Police, (he said, she said, she said he said), DNA testing (who’s your daddy?), insurance rates, more PRISONS ( at a cost of aprox. $50,000/year/person), more police, more courts, more lawyers, more DISEASE, more MENTAL & EMOTIONAL disorders, Psychiatric care, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, unemployment, tax exemptions,$$$$$$$$$$$$, YOU GET THE PICTURE? $$$$$$$$$$$$ Not yet? More disease, disease, disease! Complications from the abortions, both physical, emotional, and legal! Doctors, doctors, doctors! Also, the slow death of Aids victims, resulting in huge hospital bills! Do we let these people suffer? Of course not, we are compassionate! Is there a way out of this? Only a true spiritual revival! Otherwise, just keep pulling out your wallet! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And people complain about preachers taking up offerings? I guess they don’t understand the value of preventative measures, and I’m not talking free condoms!!!! (Our stupidity has gone to seed. This article makes me sick!)

ALCOHOL? More police, police cars wrecked from chasing drunks, people killed by drunks hitting them, LAW SUITS, more jails, people on disability because they are hopelessly addicted, $$$$$$$$$$$, people on disability because they were hit by a drunk and not killed, $$$$$$$, programs to educate, programs to detox and break addictions, programs for abused wives and children, government housing, $$$$$$$, robberies, more insurance, fix the building the drunk ran into, $$$$$$$, etc, and etc.

DRUGS? Same as above but increase murder, theft, unemployment, GANGS, disease, courts, death, PROGRAMS, counseling, and etc. $$$$$$$$$.

MATERIALISM? The self-absorbed “ME GENERATION” who want to be rich and famous more than anything else in the world! They never have enough money, or debt, or credit! They could have thousands socked away, or millions even, and still not notice the critical needs of their fellow-man! Or they max out credit cards trying to live a high life they cannot afford, then fault on all their loans! $$$$$$$$$$$$ They work themself into a stress-center, and insurance rates go up again! Each SIN has far-reaching consequences that we do not even connect the dots to! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

Look, you can do the math. I have only listed a very few of the major pet SINS of our current society, and we are getting worse.




AMERICA HAS MADE A CHOICE. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Money has become her god!

In the midst of what is to come, God’s people will continue to prosper spiritually, and focus more on the Kingdom they belong to. There is no lack in that Kingdom. The president of heaven cannot be bribed! Is not self-centered! He is fully capable of righteous leadership resulting in a powerful and healthy Kingdom! Pertaining to that, let me list one more item.

POLITICS? Is there any doubt that BIG MONEY, BRIBERY, and LOVE OF MONEY, POWER, and FAME, has ruined our government system? How do you put a PRICE TAG on that one? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! Washington D.C. has become a snake pit of loop-holes, spin, lies, pay-offs, lust, greed, and every evil thing you can imagine! There is a PRICE TAG that goes with SIN! Our politicians do not even understand this very basic principle!

REALITY CHECK! If you are part of the MIDDLE CLASS, or hope to some day be? You are the TARGET for all these programs. The Middle Class combined, is the only group with that kind of wealth to be “legally stolen”. In another ten years you will be amazed how much the Wealthy class, and the Poor class have increased! The Middle Class is the lamb of sacrifice they are putting on the altar of their GREED, to pay for their NEEDS. It is your wallet in the cross-hairs of their sites, make no mistake about it! Every time another “FEE” or “REQUIREMENT” has been added to something, just know, you have been hit again! Even the cost of gas at the pumps brings increase to Washington every time it goes UP! You pay more tax on $60.00, than you do $40.00, even though it is the same amount of gas! (It’s that simple.)

I look forward to getting back into the messages of the Samurai Sheep. If ever there was such a time for God’s people to look to their Shepherd, and be faithful to His flock, it is now. Todays message depresses me greatly! I consider it a stain upon the normal optimistic outlook of this blog site. I know God’s people will rise above all these things and that is what I love to teach! However, sometimes we have to take a good look at what we are called to rise above. For me, and this blogsite, this is one of those times.


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“Oswald Chambers”

“We must bring our commonplace life up to the standard revealed in the high hour.

                               Never allow a feeling which was stirred in you in the high hour to evaporate.”

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