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“The Will to Fight”


Where does one get it? Some have it and it seems that others don’t. Can you buy it in a store? How much does it cost? Can I be a “winner” without the will to fight? Probably not!

The only real “losers” in life are those who “give up”, cease to fight, surrender their dreams, and resign themselves to whatever state they may be. For whatever reason, they have raised the white flag of surrender, become willing to settle for less, and in some cases they settle into complete poverty, and a wasted life!

As was mentioned in my last article, I recently tried to help some homeless people in our area. This is not the first time I have tried to help the poor and every time I do, I cannot help but be angered at the “evil spirit”, or should I say “lack of spirit” that goes with complete poverty! Lack of spirit is an evil spirit!

Yes, I think anger is the right word. I hate the devil and his works. Frustrated would be another word, but also compassion and sadness, for I know that what has happened to them could possibly happen to anyone of us, and there is a part of me that wants to fix their pain, to reach out and help, but without the will to fight, without the will to help themselves,  you cannot fix their problem because it has become a personal failure within themselves. Now it is no longer just an attack of the devil, but it has become a part of them, they have embraced it, surrendered to it, no longer willing to fight, it becomes a part of who they have become, and how do you help someone defeat a foe they are no longer willing to fight?

There are different fighting styles, but life demands us to become a “fighter” if we expect to accomplish “anything” worth while. We have all had to be willing to fight if we have gotten anywhere in life. Like the difference between Aikido and Judo, and any of the various fighting styles, even boxing, there are different fighting styles. Jesus offered a spiritual fighting style. It is the one I have chosen, and the only one that can defeat certain kinds of foes!

For some, the complete breaking of their spirit came when a strong addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, laziness, ignorance, or whatever other addicting evil spirit you want to put in there, possessed them. Addiction is a horrible thing. You become the “slave” of your addiction and these evil spirits are not kind taskmasters. They will suck your life force like a psychic vampire, slowly draining you over a period of years, until you become so wasted that you are no longer any earthly good at all, and finally you die. It can be a long, slow, and painful death.

Then there are those who have been broken by circumstances, perhaps even circumstances not of their own making. How many children are born into poverty and it is the only way of living they have ever known? How many people have been abused, or devastated by some great event in their life that they have never been able to recover from? Children, of course, are especially vulnerable while they try to survive long enough to grow up. Some are born into circumstances that are nothing but a jungle of death and curses. These people grow up as damaged souls, and they see no light at the end of the tunnel, even though there is light, there is a way out, but now they will not make the effort to take the “steps” that could change their whole way of living.


It’s not as easy as just saying to someone: “Here…here is some “will to fight”. Take it as your own. Use it.” However, sometimes it can be “inspired” into another person, and with mentoring, love, and help, it is possible for people to climb out of whatever spiritual hole they may be swallowed in!

When I study the Bible concerning poverty, there is a scripture that I find to be very interesting, and revealing. When John the Baptist was cast into prison, he sent two of his disciples to Jesus, asking if he was the Messiah or should they be looking for another? Jesus answered the question of John this way…

“Go and shew John again those things which ye do hear and see: the blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” (Matthew 11:4-6)

Do you see anything odd in that answer? I sure do. I say “odd” only because one part does not follow the same logical progression as the rest. And if you think about it, I find that part of Jesus’s answer very revealing!

What is the opposite of blind? To be able to see! What is the opposite of deaf? To be able to hear! What is the opposite of dead? To be alive! The lame, the leper, all granted an immediate miracle gift fixing their problem! But to the poor? What is the opposite of poor? You do not find Jesus saying they have been made a millionaire!

The gospel has been preached to them!

So, in the mind of Christ, the gospel was the “fix” for their poverty. (Interesting.) And he followed it by saying “blessed” are those…and the word “blessed” means happy and favored. It was obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing. Of course we all know if you were to give someone with a spirit of poverty a lot of money, it would only be a short time and the money would be wasted and gone. Somehow the mindset and the lifestyle of living must be changed. The poverty mentality and spirit must be broken! The will to fight for that which is good and wise must be inspired! Until those things happen, no amount of giving of money is going to really help that person.

So in the park that day, free food was given, a gospel message was taught, and we talked with them individually trying to inspire some desire to change, offering help and compassion. Now here is a point. One individual I spoke with, I offered him a Bible to have as his own, and to study, in order that he might change his life. We had a plastic sealable bag to put it in to protect it from the rain and dirt, but he would not take it. Even though he had all kinds of time on his hands, memorizing scripture in the hopes of renewing his mind seemed like “too much work to him”. What can you do for a lazy spirit? One answer is to not feed them, and of course, that is what we had done in order to gain the opportunity to speak with them, but I think our government is doing way to much for the “LAZY”. When they get hungry they will either steal and end up in jail, or they will begin to work, even if it is just enough to eat, but it is a step in the right direction and offers some sense of self-respect. And if they are in prison, they should be made to work.

Jesus gave each person what they needed. To the blind he gave sight. Now catch this! To those in a deep hole, he gave a LADDER!

The Bible is a “spiritual ladder” that can enable any person to climb out of any hole, but like with any ladder, there are “steps” that must be “climbed”!

If a person is in a hole and they have a ladder before them, and all they have to do is be willing to use the steps and make an effort to climb, but they are unwilling, even with the offer of free help, they are unwilling to climb, then so be it. The hole will become their grave. It is sad to see any life WASTED, instead of INVESTED. We have one precious life to give. One precious opportunity to pass “it” forward, but what is “it” that we choose to pass forward?

Many of these people have children, and they pass “it” forward. They will be held accountable by the Judge of all judges. Each of us will be held accountable for what we pass forward.

This blog site I write. I do not know how many people are actually reading anything I have written. Why do I keep writing? One, God has put it in my soul to write. And two, even if there is one or two people who are inspired by these words, and they go out and create two more people inspired to invest their life, that multiplying of individuals will turn into a multitude one day. Perhaps I’m writing for only two or three people? Only God knows. I just hear him saying, “Write!”

I know the things that have worked in a supernatural way in my life. I am working hard to try to put those teachings into these writings, that whosoever will be inspired and learn, can take God’s word and overcome the enemy in their life! Joseph was cast into a pit, but the word of God in his life, the promises of God in his dreams, did not fail! Joseph rose from the pit to the throne, and saved many people! Was it an easy climb? No, not an easy climb at all, but a very rewarding one. None of this is about being easy! It is about what is right, and what is rewarding! It is about the will to fight! because Love has a spiritual enemy!

So this is the word through me this week. God has a spiritual ladder that can enable you to climb out of whatever pit you may be in. The ladder is supernatural. Christianity is supernatural of it is nothing at all! Any Christian worth his salt can teach you how God designed all things to work. It is a spiritual design, and it is spiritually discerned. Once you understand the ladder you have, not only can you climb out of your pit, but you can climb into the mountains, into the high places. I will leave you with a favorite scripture of mine. A very supernatural scripture because it speaks of “making you”, almost as if, if you do the right things, then God will see to it that it happens, and that has been my experience in climbing God’s supernatural ladder. Enjoy.

“The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.” (Habakkuk 3:19) KJV

(NIV Translation) “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.”

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Love’s Warrior”

Love has an enemy.

Why would “love” need defending? Why would love need a warrior?

Because love has an enemy!

It is a spiritual enemy, and it is a spiritual battle as much as it is a physical one. Love has an enemy and his name is Satan. Therefore, love needs its warriors who are willing to take up the Cross and follow after Love.

In I Corinthians chapter 13 you find a description of the attributes of love, and Satan is the exact opposite of all those things. Satan is love’s enemy. Satan would replace love with lust, humility with pride, charity with selfishness, and on and on the list would go. Satan is all about “I”, and the pride of “I”. “I” will exalt my throne above…”I” will…”I” will…and it is all about his desire for power and greed. Love is a path of power through sacrifice, whereas Satan only knows the power of taking by force! (And there are many who follow his path.

If you understand love, then you can understand the cross.

If you understand the cross, then you can understand love.

If you don’t understand the one, then you don’t understand the other, either.

“Hereby perceive we the love of God, ‘BECAUSE HE’ laid down his life for us: ‘WE OUGHT’ to lay down our lives for the brethren.” (I John 3:16)


Yes, we ought. But do we?

Love has an enemy and that enemy loves to put people in “bondage”. Therefore, love’s warriors go into the unpleasant places to seek and to save that which is lost. BECAUSE HE…WE OUGHT!

If you’re not willing to sacrifice, if you do not embrace the cross, then you are not one of love’s warriors, because the path of love is paved with sacrifice. The cross has become the greatest symbol for love. When a preacher preaches the message of the cross he is preaching about God’s love and Satan’s hate. As I told you, love has an enemy. The cross was used of the enemy to inflict much torment and pain, but now, because of Christ, the cross stands as a symbol of love! Christ, the ultimate warrior for love! We are called to follow in his steps and “champion” love!

I have seen some of whom this seems to come natural, for they are constantly putting others before themselves, and yet, if they do not have answers, if their life does not shine a light pointing people towards God’s love and God’s cross, then they still are not one of love’s warriors, for love demands real answers! It is not enough for love to “want” to help someone. Love is not satisfied unless it knows it has offered real solutions, real help, and real love. Love must have answers, and love is the answer in itself.

Of course we are talking God’s love. “Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” (Rom. 12:8) “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Rom.12:10)

What were all those commandments about? They were and are principles and precepts of love. So why is it so many people have a problem with the commandments? Evidently, love has enemies, therefore, love needs its defenders.

I was with a hand full of Christians today who feed the homeless in a local park. No, these Christians were not causing a war, or spreading hate, abusing children, or judging people, as Christians are so often accused of doing by the secular. There was seven of us. Probably thirty or so homeless and poor showed up to eat, and a few children were among them.

We served a pasta salad that was homemade and really good, along with grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. One Christian brother shared a short message as they ate, and then we all began to just mingle and talk to them. I connected with two different ones in a very strong way and I got to share with them God’s love and also his answers. Many of them will never make the effort to climb out of the situation they may live in, but that does not mean they don’t know God, and may talk to him more than we do. You know how it is when you have nothing, and do not even know where your next meal is coming from? But somehow they have lost the will to fight! And climb out of that hole. It could happen to any of us. Beware of judging, lest some worse fate befall on you.

This park ministry is one of the things I have been able to get involved with now that I am back to a normal schedule with everyone else. It felt so good to be back out there just sharing the love of Christ. One lady showed me the minivan she lives in. This was her home. She was fortunate to have it, although she missed the house she use to have. The house she had raised her children in. Now the minivan was her home. Doug, one of the others I spoke with, lives under a bridge or wherever he can find.

I spoke to Doug about “God’s ladder”, the Bible. I told him that this book was a spiritual ladder that could enable a person to climb out of any hole they may have fallen into. Doug and I talked a long time and I know God was reaching out to him. Doug was one of my assignments from God this day. A homeless guy living under bridges. God wanted me to talk with him and invite him to higher places. God said he would help him, but Doug is not yet ready to make that extra effort, join hands with God and “invest” his life.

I challenged Doug. I said, “Doug, don’t waste your life.” I know God was speaking to him, trying to make him realize that our life is too precious, and it should be INVESTED, but so many are wasting such a precious thing as life.

You do not have to be homeless or poor to WASTE your life. Many a rich and successful person is WASTING their life on riotous and selfish living.

Love’s warrior goes into the hurting places and gives God’s love. Love’s warriors also offer real answers. I once worked in a men’s prison. In a private conversation with the local psychiatrist, he told me the Church had a much higher success ratio of men with changed lives than he did. He said this with some frustration. I know this to be so. I have heard countless testimonies of such, and yet all the secular want to talk about is religion causing wars and hate. Well perhaps “religion” does, but the love of God is not religion. Religion is the enemy of love also. Jesus was very hard on the religious leaders of his day and yet treated the woman (Samaritan) at the well with kindness and respect, also the woman caught in the act of adultery he did not judge, but forgave.

I am totally indebted to love. I owe a love debt I can never repay. Today I shared the love of God and did my best to pass it forward. I was one of love’s warriors this day. Maybe Doug, while he drinks a little too much tonight will decide he should not waste this precious thing called life? Maybe he will hear God again, because God sent someone to him that did not judge him, but offered help and real answers. Maybe he will become inspired like Samson, and once again be willing to “fight” his situation, and break loose from the bondage “love’s enemy” has him in. I fought against that enemy today with light and love. God’s word will not return to me void!

Christine, the lady in the minivan, said she was ready if the Lord returned tonight. I believe her. Doug was silent. He knows. I did not need to judge him. I challenged him not to waste his life. I spoke to him about using God’s ladder to climb out of his hole. I offered him real help. I simply loved on these people today, and offered them God’s word for their problems. It was real, and it was good.

Tomorrow I will go to Church and celebrate God and his goodness along with my other brothers and sisters. We will drink of the Lord together, and feed on his pure word of truth. Some of them are starting Life Groups along with me. We are some of Love’s Warriors. There is no fat paycheck attached to what we do, but there is a cross. For most of us it will cost us money out of our own pocket, but God repays in so many wonderful ways.


This is not the person I would be if it were not for the love of God and his holy word. I am one of those testimonies. I never thought I could get such joy out of serving others, but God showed me different. Now, one of my favorite things to do is love on people, and destroy the works of the devil. God’s word says…

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  (Romans 12:21)

“Good”…is an attack on the devil. Attacking the devil is one of my favorite things to do, because I hate what he does to people.

Love has an enemy. It is a spiritual enemy and a spiritual battle. Love needs its warriors who delight in doing good. Those who are willing to take up their cross and follow after love. There is no greater life than one that is filled with love.

Love is its own reward. If we drink of Christ we are changed. I am not a normal person, but I am someone who has been changed by the Spirit of God, and don’t ask me to explain how this supernatural thing works. I just know that I drink of Christ and he changes me, empowers me, and love becomes its own reward.

Love is its own reward. Pass it forward.  Amen.

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“Totally Indebted to Love”

Have you ever heard the old saying: “Robbing Peter to pay Paul?” Is there anyone who at some time of their life has not had to do that very thing to get by? And some even spend their whole life stuck in this very situation.

When I’m driving down the road I have a lot of time to think about things and sometimes I get to pondering the strangest thoughts, such as, why would I rob Peter to pay Paul? Well, I came up with two very good possibilities. One, maybe Paul wants his money now and I can put Peter off for a while. And two, maybe Peter is a nicer person to owe than Paul is? Both very valid reasons why a person might rob Peter to pay Paul. So where am I going with this, anyway?

As I see it, God had a serious dilemma on his hands. According to Romans 6:16, his special creation that he “so loved”, had fallen into “OWNERSHIP” of SIN! As the saying goes, I OWED a debt I could not pay!

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants (slaves) to obey, his servants (slaves) ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?” (Rom. 6:16)

King James was nice in translating the word slaves as servants. It sounds nicer, doesn’t it? But it really has to do with “OWNERSHIP”. As much as you may not like it, YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN! I don’t care if you reject God, thinking you are being “YOUR OWN PERSON”, it just is not true. And no matter how much you may want it to be true, no matter how many times you may say it, all of your saying it is not going to make it true! The word “slaves” denotes “ownership”.

We are the created, the creation, and we have a Creator, and he owns it all! (By right of creation.) I don’t have to like it, it just is what it is.

But here is the really cool thing! I was reading a scripture the other day and something I had not noticed before really jumped out at me! God has commanded us to love, right? Jesus said the two great commandments is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and to love your neighbor as yourself! (That is three loves, by the way.) Scripture even goes as far as to say that in the living of those two commandments, we fulfill all the law! But here is what jumped out at me…

God has not only commanded us to love, but he took us out of a condition of being “totally indebted to sin”, a debt I could never pay off, and he put us “totally indebted to love”!!!!! He took us from one debt to another debt! Another debt I can never pay off! I am supposed to spend the rest of eternity loving! I am OWNED by love! God is love and he redeemed me, purchased me from my debt of sin, and now I OWE love! I would much rather owe love, than to owe sin, any day!

Romans 13:9! “OWE no man any thing, BUT TO LOVE one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

This is an important point! It is one thing to be commanded to love, but quite another to be “owned” by love, and “totally indebted” to love.

Most people want to pay their debts. Life may sometimes prevent us from being able to do so, but even at that, most of us will try to pay whatever we can on what we owe. It is the right thing to do. It is part of our sense of honor and integrity. When it comes to God’s love, I owe, I owe, I owe! I wrote out a great big I.O.U. when I got saved! And boy do I owe God! It is one of the reasons I love him so much, not only because of who he is, everything that he is, everything he stands for and defends, but also, everything he has done for me! I owe! I owe! I owe! And what do I owe? According to the Bible, I owe LOVE. And what is so bad about that?

According to the Bible, I owe LOVE. What is so bad about that?

This is pure spiritual logic. Now back in Romans 6 we read starting in verse 17>

“But God be thanked, that ye were the servants (slaves) of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made FREE from sin, ye became the servants (slaves, owned ) of righteousness.”

The Old Testament is a very clear picture of what it means to try to “earn your own way to heaven”. An eye for an eye, as it says. The Old Testament is the Covenant of LAW. Over and over again, in the Old Covenant we see God showing us a better Covenant to come, and why we want to enter it! The Bible leads us from a Covenant of LAW, in which we try to be “good enough” on our own and earn the right to heaven; it leads us over and over again to the Covenant of LOVE. (The New Testament.) The Promised Land!

We have two Covenants to choose from. We are choosing which Covenant we will be “JUDGED” by, on that great day of judgement. The Bible says “Mercy” rejoices against judgement! Choose you this day whom ye will serve! Choose LIFE! Choose the Covenant of LOVE, and spend eternity paying your debt of LOVE. Pass it forward!!!

“OWE no man any thing, BUT TO LOVE one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

I don’t know how much plainer this could be said. God has given us a better way to fulfill the Law. A life of loving. What better life could there be? When someone wrongs me, I OWE LOVE, and I forgive. God has passed it forward! I already owe! He has put me in a position that if I am an honorable person, then I will also pass it forward! It is what I owe! Can I do any less? And why would I even want to? What greater life is there, than a life of love? Praise God!

“Hereby perceive we the love of God, BECAUSE HE …laid down his life for us: WE OUGHT… to lay down our lives for the brethern.”  (I John 3:16) Notice the similarity between I John 3:16 and St. John 3:16?

BECAUSE HE…WE OUGHT…? (I recommend taking time to ponder that. Selah.)

Each of us will choose what we do with the message of the Bible. On the day the foundations of the deep began breaking up, and rain poured out of the heavens, people clawed at the doors to get in. They wished they had listened to Noah. To make an analogy, I don’t know any one who does not wish they had invested in “Apple” back when it first started. If we say “no” to so great a love, the day will come when we will regret choosing to not invest in the Bible. Personally, I am fully invested. I now owe a great debt of LOVE. I once was in completely over my head in a debt of sin, with only a fearful judgement to look forward to. God says he will do the same for you, if you will only truly believe, repent of your sins, and call on the name of the Lord. God says your heart will change, and he will be your God, and you will be his people. Now that is LOVE.

I have one more thing to say, and as God’s cowboy, I must say this. There is a vengeance trail against the devil. In the same chapter of I John 3 and verse 8, we find the Bible speaking of destroying the works of the devil! There is also a warrior side to this path of love. It is part of love to “arrest” the devil every chance we get. To seek it out, and arrest him. I say, lets save as many people as we can before this world erupts in judgement. I say lets save as many people as we can, and let the devil go to hell, not our neighbor! We have a tremendous LOVE DEBT to pay, and we need to be about our Father’s business! (Selah.)

Lets saddle up our horses and ride, cowboys! It is time to champion the God of love in a way that the world cannot deny! Just like Jesus did, and just like his Apostles did! We have a bright future! The darker things get, the brighter light shines! Amen!

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“Psalms 91 Rough Riders”

Interesting Quote: > “A realm of too few heroes, and a legion of evil men.”

(Believe it or not, that came from a comic book.)

I have seen a thing.

A thing in which men of God use the Word of God like a mighty hammer against the devil.

I have seen a thing.  A thing in which men of God use the Word of God to hunt the devil, like a Texas Ranger after an outlaw.

I have seen a thing where God’s people see the devil for who he is, and it is he that they pursue, not the individual he may be using.

I have seen a thing where God’s people wear the name of Jesus like a marshal’s badge upon their chest and they have power to arrest the strong man.

I have seen spiritual Rough Riders!

Psalms 91 Rough Riders.

These people dwell in the secret place of the most High…God is their fortress…the snare and pestilence brings no fear to them…the wings of God protects them.

The enemy’s terror, arrows, pestilence, darkness, and destruction will not halt them. None of these things will deter, but they fight on “regardless”! Standing in faith.

A thousand may fall at their side and ten thousand at their right hand, but it has no power over them, they rise again, and because they have made the Lord their “habitation”, the evil and the plague melt away.

Angels keep them.

Angels lift them.

These “ones” are called to tread upon lion and adder. Young lions and dragons are trampled under feet!

I have seen a thing, and because they have set their love upon Him, God says: I will…I will…I will…I will…I will…I will!

Six times I will!

I have seen a thing: Psalms 91 Holy Ghost Filled Rough Riders.

<<<<<<< <<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>

How to explain what I have seen?

I saw a movie once about a western town located “outside” the borders of law and order. The town started out with the best of intentions. Some nice pioneer families began to settle and develop farms. Small local stores eventually started springing up and a town began developing. The people came together and built a Church building for Sunday meetings. Children were born, and a one-room school was established. The future looked bright for this little town, but then, a gang of outlaws of the worse kind decided they like the town, too.

The leader of the gang bought some land, nice and cheap, under threat of murder if anyone opposed. The stores began to be robbed. The town tavern became a place of loose women, brawling, murder, gambling, and evil of every kind. Children were no longer safe on the streets, and businesses could not thrive because the outlaws simply took whatever they wanted.

Several Sheriffs were elected, only to be quickly gunned down the first time they stood up to the evil. There was no peace anymore. Peace is a product of law and order. Fear ruled! Husbands were killed, women raped, money stolen, and sheriffs gunned down in the streets. These men defied the laws and killed anyone who tried to enforce them. They had the power, the men, the guns, and the ruthless hearts to enjoy it. They had no fear of God, nor love for righteousness. They lived like animals, and fed off the good people who simply wanted an honest life, a peaceful place to raise their family, and to enjoy the fruit of their labor. None of this was possible because the law had been destroyed, and with no law there was no order. Chaos, fear, and death reigned. The good people had become sheep for the slaughter, because of these animals who had no respect for life, or anything higher than their own selfish desires.

Would the world be a better place if there were no rules? After all, is not the Bible a book of a bunch of rules that people say they should not have to follow? Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Is any man better than another, to be the one who decides what shall be allowed and what shall not? Is any “man” worthy to tell another “man” thou shalt not, or thou shalt?

We all know that proper and just laws are a good thing, without which life becomes survival of the fittest and rulership of the strongest. So what man should decide what is just and proper? What if men decided that women were created for their pleasure, with no sense of responsibility involved? After all, men are stronger, and we desire beautiful women. It must be the way nature intended! Why should this woman belong only to you? I want a night with her, too! And I will take it! There is no law saying it is wrong, and no punishment decreed! I will have as many women as I am strong enough to have! I will use whatever means are at my disposal! And no law will judge me, for we have decided it is right! And if she gets pregnant, that’s her problem! I have my own desires to fulfill! ( I use this example only because it is so easy to make the point with.)

That is what is happening to our little pioneer town. The Law has not reached them yet. They are a part of the wild wild west and on their own to survive. I wonder how many of them would have loved to see laws enacted and enforced? Only the animal outlaws would have resisted. Man is not an animal. We did not evolve from animals. Most the whole Bible is about man not being an animal, and not living as animals.

Then one day two mysterious men ride into town. It seems the town board, out of desperation, had sent forth the word for some Law Enforcers to come, and be hired by the town to bring “peace” back to the city. The men were “Officers of the Peace”. It was quickly agreed upon and these two men, with badges pinned upon their chest, went out into the town and began to nail papers to the walls! These papers declared the laws that would be strictly enforced! The outlaws laughed at the sight of it, bragging to every one of the “dead men” who would soon be lying in the streets.

However, as law began to rise up against disorder and lawlessness, it was soon discovered that these two men were different! They were professional law enforcers, they were good at what they did, and they did not die easily! The battle ensued as hot lead began erupting at a moments notice! The town was a powder keg ready to blow! For a time it looked as if the two law men might not make it. They were shot and wounded, and their life constantly on the line as the age-old struggle between good and evil once more played out on planet earth. But in the end, finally, the law men prevailed, and peace and prosperity returned to the city. Children could play again, women were safe, laws were respected, and business could thrive.

These things all became possible because Law and Order were once again enforced. As we see the day approaching, we see the devil running loose all over the land, and running rough shod over whoever he can. Who will be the ones who rise up to take spiritual authority over the “lawless one”, arrest him, and maintain the peace?

“A realm of too few spiritual heroes, and a legion of evil men?”

” Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.”  (Psalms 91:13)


Who are these people? They are a people who have submitted to “Authority”, so they can walk in “Authority”.


A lot of people do not like the thought of a God who tells them what to do. Frankly, I have fallen in love with God’s laws because they are a reward in themselves, and they usher in such a peace and power to one’s life, as to bring order, purpose, and meaning to our existence.

The original Rough Riders knew what it meant to be a soldier, follow orders, and be willing to die for a higher purpose. They were willing to suffer hardship to set Cubans free from Spanish rule. They were willing to submit to intense training so they could meet the challenge of the adversary and set a people free! Does the Church still have that?

In a day when people do not want to be told what to do, or what is right, or wrong; these Psalms 91 Rough Riders are choosing to submit to a higher call, and because they have set their love upon God, God is saying…”I will…I will…I will…I will…I will…I will!”

These “ones” understand the power of the Law to arrest the devil! They drink of Christ like the sun kisses a chilly morning. They drink of Christ and the frost melts away, fire fills the bones, and in that “anointing” they tread upon the lion and adder! When these “ones” speak, the devil sees a sword coming out of their mouth, because they have submitted to authority, and they walk in authority, because they know how to PRAY.

The Prayer Life of a Psalms 91 Rough Rider is the secret of their power. “IF my people…which are called by my name…will humble (subject) themselves…and PRAY…and…” ?

It is my sincere opinion that if we faithfully do those first two steps the way a Psalms 91 Rough Rider will do them, the way any born again child of God should do them, the way any mature Christian should do them…then the rest will be on auto-pilot.

 IF we submit and pray the powerful prayer, if it becomes our life’s blood, it will cause a supernatural chain-reaction within us, that leads to all the rest around us.

But what is the “Prayer Life” of what I am calling a Psalms 91 Rough Rider?

Jesus asked the question: “Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind (arrest) the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.”

Has your church really taught you how to do that? How to bind the strong man? I have learned that I was praying and asking for excellent things, but the strong man was stopping them as quickly as I prayed for them, because I had so little knowledge of how to arrest him. I thought simply praying was enough. I thought quoting a simple scripture here and there was enough. It was like asking for water, but my cup had holes, and the water was disappearing as quickly as it poured in.

Jesus asked the question, “How can?”, as if it was an obvious point! And indeed it should be. How have we missed it?

 I have learned that powerful prayer operates around powerful laws, and those laws must be in my belly!

I heard God say: “I need some spiritual Rough Riders.” I did not know what all of that was going to mean to me at that time. I believe God is raising up a people who will know their God, be strong, and do exploits. The path to that strength is being revealed. Those who desire to submit to authority will press in, they will hear his voice, and soon, the devil is going to have a lot more to run from than he currently has. There is a dark horse of spiritual war, and a vengeance trail waiting for all those who hear this particular call.

When we speak we arrest the devil, because it is a fire that burns within us, a fire born out of a supernatural prayer life.

These “ones” do not have a peace treaty with the devil, where he stays on his side of the fence and they stay on theirs. No. These “ones” have become the “hunters”; they are not the prey. The spiritual “Cold War” is over for them! They are hot like Elijha! A fire burns within born out of a supernatural prayer life!

 The devil hears a thunder of hooves and knows that it is he who is the “lawless” one!

 It is he who has reason to run and be in fear! There are some Psalms 91 Rough Riders rising up to arrest him at every turn! Because the words they speak have power, and a sword proceeds out of their mouth when they pray! Not only do they know how to pray for “Kingdom” things, but they know how to use the laws of God, to arrest the “lawless one”. They are Officers of the Peace. Not only in their “own” life, but also in the lives of others.

When a little town on the prairie cries out for help, they ride the dark horses of spiritual warfare, and a pair of strangers ride calmly into town, but there is something different about them.

 Soon…the lawless ones will know…that the law has arrived. Soon…hot lead will fly and the devil will test their mettle! Soon…light will shine where darkness has scattered, when a Psalms 91 Rough Rider has come to town.

“IF” my people. There is a type of prayer life that is the “key” to everything.

The disciples said to Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” And then Christ spoke to them about “Authority”. 

The Christian life is meant to be supernatural, or it is nothing at all.

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