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“I’m not Superman” – Part II

It wasn’t all that long ago when I decided I could be more successful at being a sheep, rather than being Superman. As hard a pill as that was to swallow, I must say that I am learning new ways to do things, and I am enjoying it. Some might say they would rather fail at being Superman, rather than succeed at being a sheep. I understand where you’re coming from, but believe me, you will fail. Sheep simply are not designed to be “super”. I have learned that they need the most care of all livestock, and they can be easily “flipped” onto their backs, from which point they cannot upright themself, and will literally starve to death in that position if no help arrives. I just love thinking of myself in these terms. Truth hurts sometimes. However, just because we are not “super”, does not mean we cannot tap into the “supernatural”, and the question becomes, just how do we do that? Let me see if I can approach this question by way of sheepology? If this is my new paradigm, then these are the glasses I look through.

First of all, sheep are not very bright, as a matter of fact, most resources called them down right stupid. I’m trying to be nice. (Since I am one.) The main duty of sheep is to eat, drink, and multiply. Spiritually speaking, I translate that as eat God’s word, drink of his Spirit, and be a witness. These are the main duties of a sheep. No where do you find sheep being called upon to fight a wolf, lion, bear, and etc. Sheep are not called upon to exert power. If a sheep fights, it dies. Plain and simple.

It is the Shepherd who does the fighting. We take too much on ourselves! It is the Shepherd who is the provider and protector of the flock. He exerts force and power. Therefore, the sheep taps into the supernatural by way of the Shepherd, and must stay close to Him if he expects to succeed. We need a Shepherd mentality! Let me put it this way, sheep are stupid but the Holy Spirit is not! Therefore, by way of the Holy Spirit in us, we have access to the Shepherd’s leading, by which we should by-pass our own intelligence if it disagrees with His, and trust Him completely. By this, there is no glory for us, because it is not our intelligence, but all glory be to the Shepherd, to whom it rightfully belongs, and not us stealing some of the glory because we now think we have become supersheep. We live on a “fault line”! (And I will explain that soon. Very important!)

Now if we could measure how full of the Holy Spirit we are, then we could develop a method of reference as to how close, or how far we are from the Shepherd. For example, if we could measure the Holy Spirit in me, and I measured as being half full, then I am half way too far from the Shepherd than I should be, and walking closer to danger. We should all want to be full of the Holy Spirit, and thereby as close to the Shepherd as we can get! Sheep love the Shepherd, if he is a Good Shepherd. This is what I call developing a “Shepherd mentality”.

If we are to succeed, our minds must be trained to see things as it is. This can be a hard thing to do! Because to our way of thinking, in the Kingdom of God, the way up is down and the way down is up! And we want to see up as up, but it is really down. And we want to see down as down, but it is really up. God says he will resist the proud, and give grace to the humble. He will put down whom he will put down, and raise up whom he will raise up. The path of humility is hard for us, and it requires a trained brain, and you might say a “Samurai Sheep”! (More on that another time.) Sound confusing? Not when you embrace your sheephood and realize that as part of God’s flock, if someone attacks you, the Super Shepherd comes to your defense, and you have just caused God to move in the earth, because you no longer claim to be Superman, but you agree with God and say, “Okay, Lord, I’m just a sheep, now be my Shepherd.” (And believe me, He will!)

Please allow me to illustrate this one more way that might clear any confusion you may still be having. If you don’t like thinking of yourself as a sheep, then perhaps this will be better? According to scripture, our Lord is the bridegroom, (male figure), and we are the bride! Okay, men, here we go again, if you want to really realize how this works you have to line up with scripture and stop taking so much on yourself! We have a big strong husband! Check this out!

My wife was shot in the eye with a B. B. gun when she was little. (She is mostly blind in that eye.) To this day she is afraid of guns! I keep a loaded gun in the house, but I seriously doubt she could use the thing if she had to! (Even though I have tried to show her.) However, if someone is breaking into our house to do harm, and I happen to be home? I grew up in the country shooting guns, and both my mom and dad were excellent shots. My dad was a Marine, and I did four years in the Army with the M-16. Then I did two years as a Correctional Officer in a men’s prison, and had to qualify on M-16 and pump shotgun both years. If someone is threatening my family and I am home? You better believe they are going to hear the thunder! And as the Bride of the Lamb? You better believe that if you embrace that, your Groom is gonna bring down some thunder no man can deliver! And here is where the Churches of Sardis, Laodicea, and Philadelphia come into play! (Also, the point about living on a fault line.)

The report card Jesus delivers on the seven Churches in Asia, at the beginning of the book of Revelation, is nothing short of amazing, and a little frightening, to consider that God knows our works and will not be shy about grading us! I’m going to make this short as possible, give you the bare facts, and let your mind fill in the gaps. Two of the Churches receiving the worst reports were Sardis, and Laodicea, and yet a close examination of what is said, would seem to indicate that neither of these two Churches had any external enemies attacking, or internal controversies perplexing, like the other Churches did.

It would seem that these two Churches should have been in the best shape of all! However, just the opposite! Jesus said to Sardis: “I know all the things you do, and that you have a reputation for being alive – but you are dead.” (NLT Version)

To the Church of Laodicea, he called them lukewarm, and that he would spue them out of his mouth! He said they were wretched, miserable, poor, and blind! But their own report of themselves was: “I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!” (NLT) (They seemed to have it great!) Why must we be “afraid”, in order to have a proper fear of the Lord?

Now learn a lesson from the Church of Philadelphia, who got one of the best reports from our Lord. There is a reference to them having struggles with those who belong to Satan’s synagogue, those liars who say they are Jews but are not. However, I want to add some special information I stumbled on that really help me see this whole Superman Syndrome thing! The city of Philadelphia lived on a major earthquake fault line! The Anatolian fault line! In 17 a.d. they had an earthquake so bad that Roman Emperor Tiberius relieved them of paying taxes so they could rebuild! Earthquakes and after shocks were a continual thing in this area! As a matter of fact, many of the people moved out of the town, afraid to live in the city anymore! I believe these people had a constant reminder of how small they really were, and therefore, had a better picture of how big God is, and now take note of what Jesus says here:

“I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no man can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me.” (Rev. 3:8 NLT)

Jesus said they had “little” strength, not that they had “a” little strength, but they had “little” strength, like a man opening a door for a woman! If the lady wants to open her own door, (Superwoman), most men will let them, but if she stands there all beautiful and batting those luscious eyes, what man will refuse to open the door for her? We take too much on ourselves and fail to realize how good we could have it, if we just understood what David understood, when he said, the Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want!

And this is key! Scripture speaks of the sin that so easily besets us! We all have our weaknesses! We all live on a fault line! Except for a constant flow of the Holy Ghost, none of us would stand! The next time you are trying to be Superman, remind yourself of the fault line you live on. Neglect your prayer life? Fail to drink of our Lord? Stray from his strong presence? The earth could open up and swallow you at any time! Pride goes before a fall! You’re not Superman! Stop getting so busy that you are too tired to spend the time in the presence of your Shepherd, and get back to the Anointing that will tap into God’s supernatural power and grace! (Oh. I would like to say so much more, but we are too long already.) The Good Shepherd “anoints” His sheep! Philadelphia had a constant reminder of how small they were, they had plenty of hardship against them, they knew how the earth could shake them, open and swallow them, and they had the best report from God! They understood weakness, their own weakness, and God’s great power, and they kept his word and did not deny him! In the midst of their weakness, God opened a door for them!

Okay, I hope I have given you enough to get the big picture here. Believe me, I’m trying to cut this short. In Part III I want to talk more about the negative effects of the Superman Syndrome, and offer some balance to this equation. I have a friend who has inspired Part III, but I will not use his name, other than it starts with the letter “T”, and Part III will have the subtitle of “Mr. T”!

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“Update on Jonah Joe”

Christmas is in the rearview mirror already, and my first book, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”, had a very good run! I actually ran out of books at one point, because people who had bought a copy and read it, loved it so much that they came back and bought two or three more books to give as gifts! I don’t know how many people said it should be a movie, but I leave that in God’s hands because I’m not superman, I’m just a sheep. I actually had one man come to our Church to meet me and he gave me a “Jonah Joe stick”! (Joe has a walking stick on the front cover of book. This man makes sticks just as a hobby, and loved the book so much he wanted to give a stick he thought looked like the picture on the book! He really blessed me!) I had two book signings at “The Book Loft”, (a week apart), and also had return customers there!

However, my greatest joy this Christmas is not how many books were sold, because, to be sure, not being on turned out to be a major bad decision! A decision that will be corrected next year. But this was my first published book, and thereby the test of whether I was a real writer, or not? This is a very scary line to cross for anyone who loves to write, because this is where the rubber meets the road and the truth shall be known!

Most of us amature writers, love to write about the things we have a personal passion for, and special knowledge of. When we write these things it sounds good to us, or else we would not put it out there. Our personal opinion is that we have written something that others will enjoy reading, or it is something they should read for some benefit to their life. This is what we hope, and this is what we believe, but I knew if I actually published one of my four books and put it out there for sale, and people bought it, then, depending on their reactions, I was going to find out if it was any good or not? I would have to face reality! And that was a scary thought for me, because I wanted to continue to believe I was at least an “okay” writer, and what if I found out I was not?

You can tell when people are just trying to be nice because they do not want to hurt your feelings. For one thing, they are usually trying to drop you a hint without coming right out and saying it. They want to help you, but they don’t want to hurt you, so they say the book was “interesting” or “different” or something that they hope you will catch on to the truth of. And for another thing, they do not come back buying more copies of the book. I had one man have to buy a second book so he could find out how it ended! A friend started reading his first copy and got so interested that he asked if he could buy the book off him! What a hoot!

Anyway, I apologize for making such a mess of advertizing my book on the blog site and then having no way for anyone to order it. My publisher completely carried me in creating the book because I had no upfront money. I owe him a great thanks for giving me the opportunity to find out if Jonah Joe could even succeed or not? I now have some money to work with. I will reinvest the money into the book, and because of the reactions of people, I have even started a sequel to Jonah Joe! I have 25 pages written at this time, and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of looking into my writer’s crystal ball and finding out where the next story goes? It has been full of surprises so far!

Also, I make the commitment to learn from my mistakes, and to take the money I now have, reinvest it to grow “Jonah Joe”, and hopefully be prepared to go really big this next year! I can hardly wait! Thank you, to all of you who showed an interest in the book, and if I get a website set up, or possibly an “ebook” version, I will be sure to make it known here on this site. Jonah’s story is really more than just about Christmas, it is actually about America at a crossroads. (But I must admit that Christmas is a wonderful time to read it.) It is better to have a dream and live it small, than to have no dream at all. I have done that this year. Thanks, everyone.


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Rebloged from “The Critical Eye” by John David

Drones, Sandy Hook Shootings and the fair price of Terrorism

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Before you read this, I advise you that some images are graphic in nature.

I first learnt of the Newtown school shootings on the internet. As I read the details, I could not help but feel terribly sad and sorry. I am not an american,and yet I cried because what had transpired was horrible and incomprehensible on all accounts. Those little children deserved the best. I have a few little ones in our family so I know if that tragedy had befallen them what I would feel like and what I would likely do.

Image from Reuters

Image from Reuters

Families were devastated, crying people everywhere.  I read article after article. I read hundreds of comments scattered across the blogosphere about who was to blame and what should we do. Anger, frustration, shock, sadness, outcry, moderation, everyone had something to say, everyone felt connected. Little angels was the word used almost everywhere, Facebook feeds were filled with 20 stars and a message ”20 little angels went to heaven”.

To read more click here: “The Critical Eye”

I would just like to say that if our Drones are killing the number of innocent this article claims to be true, then this is a good time to reflect on our methods, while our hearts have been wounded by similar pain. The evil we fight do not hesitate to hide amongst the innocent, even children, in order to cause great tragedy and controversy. However, could our Drones be just as great an evil? Is there no way to be more precise in our targeting? Does our military have some kind of a scale as far as just how much collateral damage is justified in the fight against evil? These are hard questions to answer, because if these men are allowed to live, how many innocent will they kill? If only these countries would root these people out and not allow them a safe haven! Ah, but that is not going to happen, is it?

Never-the-less, this article deserves great consideration. I wanted to support such consideration, and so I have bebloged it here. I highly recomend reading the article in its entirety, while our hearts are tender from our own tragedy. Signed, J.C.C.

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“I’m not Superman”

I still remember the day this “revelation” came to me. It was a hard pill to swallow, indeed, and even now I hesitate, can I write this right?

Who first convinced me I could be Superman? Was it Copeland Ministries? Osteen? I’m really not sure. It seems like it is what I grew up in, and could not help but catch it, become it, see everything through it…so much so that when I finally broke…the new revelation blew me away! This cannot be! How long have I preached it the other way? Have I been wrong all these years?

We men have a problem with this because we have this “macho” thing going on. It’s just part of being a man. We have to be strong, tough, don’t whine, work harder. We are made of muscle and guts. A woman’s power is in her beauty; she is not challenged to be physically strong. That is the man’s role, we are the stronger vessel. (Most of the time.)

However, women have a problem with this too, because they are expected to be beautiful and also be everything to everybody! A woman’s work is never done, as they say. So she pushes and pushes herself, trying to be Superwoman, because all things are possible through Christ Jesus who strengthens me! Bless God, I am a Christian, so I can rise above! Be the head and not the tail! Be the lender and not the borrower! If I have enough faith I can do anything! In Christ Jesus I am the hunter, not the prey!

That was a favorite line of mine. “I am the hunter, not the prey.” As far as I know, I may have been the one who came up with it, as far as using it as a spiritual analogy.

Lord knows I fought hard. Wore myself out fighting hard. Fighting the good fight of faith! Pray more! Work harder! You can do it! Yes, that was the whole problem. “I” can do it. Here is exactly how it happens; pay close attention to this…

As we take on more and more, because everyone thinks you are supersaint, we begin to work harder and harder. And because we are working harder and harder, we begin to pray less and less. Our prayers become short and tired because we are exhausted, but we will still do it! And without even realizing it we have slipped into “us” doing it, not God, because our prayers are weak and we are not taking time to drink of our Lord and rest in him. We are doing it and we don’t even realize it, until we collapse! We did not mean to do it! But God says I can be Superman, right?

What did you say, Lord? I’m a sheep?

Oh, yes. I know what you mean. If I’m a sheep, then I”M SUPERSHEEP!!!!! Da-da-da-daaaa!!!!

What was that, Lord?

No? I’m just a sheep???

YUKK!!! I don’t want to be a sheep! I’m an eagle! Child of the Lion of Judah! One of David’s mighty men! Anything but a SHEEP!

Doesn’t your word say, they that do know their Lord shall be strong and do exploits? Yeah, that is what I want to be for you, Lord!

What’s that? When am I strong? Paul wrote in II Cor. 12:10: “for when I am weak, then am I strong.” ??

Okay, Lord. You got my attention, but you got to convince me. I mean, I know I just came to you an overwhelmed broken mess, but how will “me” embracing my “sheepness” help any of that?

What’s that? Real prayer will become my number one priority? I will quit trying to prove myself and I will rest in you? I will develop a “Shepherd mentality” instead of a “warrior mentality”?

But Lord, wasn’t David a mighty warrior? Did he not face Goliath and take his head off with Goliath’s own sword? Did he not go on to do many mighty exploits as a warrior?

David did not see himself as a warrior? He became the greatest of warriors because he was not a warrior? He had a shepherd mentality, and he understood what it meant to be a sheep? He did not mind being a sheep because he knew he had you as his Super shepherd?

Did he not write: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” As a matter-of-fact, all of Psalms 23 is written from the mentality of embracing our sheepness, and loving our super shepherd.

I DO NOT FIND THIS EASY TO DO! But it is only absolute truth that sets us free. I know you’re only trying to take me to a greater revelation, Lord, a higher way of living. Lead on, Shepherd, I will try to follow.

God’s word says that he will resist the PROUD, and give grace to the humble! It is humiliating to embrace your sheepness. It is the way of humility. The flesh does not want to do it. We still want to see ourselves as strong! But we are not. Jesus prayed and he said: “Thine is the power, thine is the Kingdom, and thine is the glory.” All of it belongs to Him! We had nothing to offer! When we fell in sin we were DEAD in our trespasses. We had to be totally separated from a holy God, for we had become contamination! Everything we would touch would be defiled! God wanted to share his blessings with us, but he had to “SAVE” us before he could even “SHARE” with us! It’s all his! We have “NOTHING” to brag about! Without him, we are the bottom of the food chain!

Here is what God did to me. He took my favorite saying: “I am the hunter, not the prey.” And he turned it around and said, “You are not the hunter, and you are the prey, therefore, you must always PRAY!”

Yes, guys. Sheep are at like the bottom of the food chain. That thing in Psalms 23 where David wrote, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” ??? That is because without our shepherd just about everything desires to eat us, and is fully capable of eating us! But we walk around with no fear of the Lord anymore, playing with things we ought not be touching, and offering up weak little prayers if we pray at all!!! (And we think we can be Superman?) This is very foolish living.

Oh, I can see this will not be done in just one article. This could be a three parter again.

Okay, let me try to tie up a couple loose ends and then we will hit it again in part two.

First, I Samuel 17:14 > “But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep.” David knew what it meant to be a shepherd. As a matter-of-fact, he was still doing the work of a shepherd, and he had never been a warrior before in his life!

You know this story, so I will point out just certain points. In verse 28, Eliab, his eldest brother, got mad at David and asked him > “Why camest thou down hither? And with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness?”

David goes to Saul and here are the “qualifications” he offers up as his reasoning that he can defeat Goliath! >

“And David said unto Saul, thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock, and I went out after him, and delivered it out of his mouth, and when he arose against me, I caught him by the beard, and smote him, and slew him.” (That, my friend, is not a typical warrior combat strategy. That is the power of God coming on a young lad!)

In verse 38, Saul tries to arm David in warrior’s armour! David tried them on before saying, “I cannot go in these; for I have not proved them.” (He was lost in them!)

Here is what he fought Goliath with: (vrs 40) ““And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had, even in a scrip; and his sling was in his hand: and he drew near to the Philistine.” (David even had to use Goliath’s own sword to kill him with! For he did not even have a sword of his own!)

David became a great warrior because he was a great lover of God, it’s that simple. He loved God like any sheep should love their shepherd, because without a shepherd, sheep are nothing but sheep for the slaughter! But with a Super Shepherd they can graze in green pastures, in the presence of all their enemies, and grow fat and happy! Now that is a power! But it comes as we get a vision of, begin to see everything through this new paradigm, and embrace our sheepness! (There, I just had to say it again. I wrestle with this, too,everybody. But I must say, since I have changed my perspective, I have seen new, and wonderful, and powerful results. Along with a lot less stress, and a lot more joy and peace. At last I can freely say, “I’m not Superman, even if I do still wrestle with saying, I am a sheep. lol!)

What this article is about is learning how to be a sheep, so we can have not so much a sheep mentality, but a shepherd mentality, because the sheep must understand the value of their shepherd!

I believe much of the Church’s problems today stem from the stress and burn-out of a bunch of people who are still trying to be Superman! We think there is something wrong with us if were not Superman. So we do not speak of our failures, we hide them. We stress and we strain to run faster and do more! And of course we must keep up with the Joneses, because how can the Joneses be more “super” than we are? And surely we must prove how good our God is by having the biggest house and the newest car, right? (Or at least close to it.) Whew, how exhausting the pressure can be on a bunch of “sheep”.

And here is the kicker, God says, if you think you’re Superman, then I’ll just let you do it, because the best thing that can happen is for you to find out that you are not! The way up is down in the Kingdom of God! He who shall be the greatest shall be the servant of all!

We do not see how big God is, until we see how really small we are. As long as we do not see ourselves small, as in very small, then we do not see God big, as in very big! (And we will fail to pray and drink of him the way we know we should.)

Wow, I have barely scratched the surface of this. In Part 2 I need to get into the difference between Laodicea and the Philadelphia Church. Philadelphia saw themselves”WEAK”, and Laodicea did not. I think there was a good reason why Philadelphia saw themselves weak, and it is one that applies to you and I! You don’t want to miss part 2! This is what actually opened my eyes to a lot of this.

So until the next time, baaaa!

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“The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”- Update.

1208121235aIn spite of a few challenges, we just had a major breakthrough for my first book, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”. The book is now proudly displayed in the window of a very fine bookstore in Nashville Indiana, an area known as Brown County. The name of the bookstore is, “The Book Loft”, and I will be doing a book signing there this coming Sunday, December 16! This also is a first for me.

1208121234aI’m sorry we have been unable to resolve our problem of having no way to order the book by Internet. I now realize I should have  asked for an spot, but not realizing there was going to be a problem with the other site, it just did not seem necessary. We are currently facing a problem of getting more books in quickly enough. So, perhaps, we would not have been ready for anyway? I tend to learn everything the hard way, it seems, and learning the world of being a published author is no exception.

However, I have made two decisions. One is that I will have till next Christmas to be fully prepared, and I plan to hunt bear! A lot of things happened very quickly this year, and frankly, I’ve just had a lot to learn in a very short time. Had everything proceeded perfectly everything would have been fine, but that is not planet earth.

The second decision surprised me. I had not thought about a sequel to Jonah Joe, but due to very positive feedback we have received thus far, I began to ponder where the story would go if I took on that challenge?

Now let me say, if you love to write and you dream of being a writer someday, then you probably know that challenging your imagination to take a story farther, is simply a writer’s delight! I have had such a good time peering into my writer’s crystal ball, looking into the foggy globe of imagination and beginning to pick up a trail of where the story literally leaps to next, for there is a leap! Just getting to see where the story goes next has been a great reward for me.

You must understand that it must make sense. The story can’t just leap anywhere it wants to go, or do anything it wants to do. A certain trajectory has been set. A future book would have to make logical sense with that trajectory. Some writers do enjoy creating totally illogical stories, but I am not one of them. When it comes to fiction, you can literally decide anything you want! Even Mr. Spock can be brought back to life because he somehow got recreated as a planet was birthing! What are the real odds of that?

Don’t get me wrong. I am a Spock fan and was willing to accept the idea just so we could get him back, but really. I mean really!  How illogical, Mr. Spock! My story does not have such an impossible development. Actually, the leap it makes is so that it does make sense. The sequel is not actually about Jonah Joe who would be too old, nor even any of his sons who would also be too old, but we leap to a grandson, and there is a great story to be told. A story of the “last days”.

Okay, I’ve said enough. Just wanted to let people know what was going on, and if you happen to be local to Nashville Indiana, it would be great to meet you at the book signing, or if you are local to Indianapolis, please check out our “Real Men Read” ministry! We have a meeting coming up next week, and the book we are discussing is, “The Harbinger”! An excellent book that will give you the creeps!!!1208121235

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“My New Life”

The time has come for a little update! If you go to the header bar and press on “My New Life”, you will read of the incredible change that occurred for me a few months ago, and how I entered a Church ministry and took up the challenge of starting a “Life Group Ministry”.

To make a long story short, my first attempt was an utter failure! We opened our home and no one came! We were successful in starting two other groups that are more centrally located, but my personal group did nothing! I finally had to go back to the drawing board with God and ask, “What now?” (And He answered!)

I now have a different type of “Life Group” that is doing well! I have a blog site dedicated to it, but I did not want to hook my Cowboy site up until I had something worth going to, if you know what I mean?

So if you would like to know more about how my new life has been progressing, I have put this ministry outreach in my blog roll. It is the one entitled: “RMR > Real Men Read”. You can either click on it there, or at the end of this article.

This is an “Outreach” to men of the Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you like Christian Literature there is reading that will be of interest to you even if you cannot attend a local group. So I now invite one and all who visit this cowboy site, to hop on over to my other site and check out what God hath done! I am greatly enjoying it, and I hope that perhaps someone in the Indianapolis area, who might visit this site, will end up also connecting with “Real Men Read”, and perhaps we will meet in person! Wouldn’t that be great?

So without further ado…here is the link to my other site:

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