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So what makes a good story? Is it where everything goes easy and there is no challenge or failure? Usually those are not the best stories, so even though I do not have the dog I thought I would now have, I guess I still have a story. Now we can add heartbreak to the drama, and it did not happen at all the way I expected, they literally talked me out of the dog.

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. Please understand that even though I really did fall for the dog, still, it is not like we ever had the chance to bond, I barely knew the dog, and by the time the counselors put me through an interrogation, I realized just how much I did not know the dog.

I understand that Huskies are a special breed, but I did not know I would not be able to take the dog off a leash without her running away! We own our own home and have a basic yard chain-link fence. It stands 4-5 foot tall, I suppose. According to the history on “Lady”, the way she ended up in the dog shelter was that she jumped a fence and ran. According to the counselors, that is what she would do again. They advised that a Husky would not have learned her lesson, but would have learned she could clear a 5 foot fence and run free! (And would likely do so again.)

So I asked, you mean if I have the dog in the yard and I’m outside washing my car, so that I was not constantly watching her, that I would turn around and find her over the fence and gone? That is exactly what they meant and said I would not be able to let her off the leash. Well, I’m afraid as nice as this dog seemed to be, I do not want a dog I have to constantly watch. She seemed so easy-going! But according to the counselors, she is not! And with that, my hopes of coming home with an absolutely beautiful dog went up in smoke. Heartbreak Hotel.

Good things come to those who wait, they say. I went back through and looked at all the dogs again, but nothing seemed to catch my eye. So I’m sorry if I just disappointed a million people who read this blog, ( yeah right), but it would seem my search for my truck mascot continues, and therefore so does the drama. I did not want to keep people hanging as to whether we got the dog, or not. I did leave Church early and was the first one through the door when they opened. This cowboy wants a “faithful” companion he can enjoy without having to send out a search party every time he turns around. Also, the thought of keeping a dog on a leash all the time, in my mind just is not what I want. So my four-legged partner remains out there somewhere, and eventually we will find each other.

So now, even more, this story has become one cowboy’s search for a faithful mutt he can call his own. Stay tuned if you want to find out what ends up happening. We now have pictures of the first attempt that failed. It might be interesting to see what the dog looks like that eventually succeeds. I do know my original plan was a dog not more than 30 pounds. So I go back to that plan, unless I fall for another dog that is bigger that I just cannot resist, like Lady.  She won my heart one day, and broke it the next, but at least I’m one dog closer to finding the right one. I wish Lady good luck, and I hope she don’t end up lost again. Perhaps some farmer with a big barnyard will find her, or maybe a mountain man who lives with the wolves. Right now she is in a small cement pin not running anywhere. Hope she finds the right home.

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“Lady” and the Ram

In order to take a break from the subject of Islam and what in the world is going on with our country, it is my “hope” that I have some good news concerning my dog search! As you may recall I wrote in my article, “Unexpected Turns”, that I had decided it was time for this cowboy to have a dog again. However, it is my utmost desire for this dog to be very “mobile”, able to go where I go. I want the dog to think of my Ram Truck as her second dog house! I’m looking for a dog that enjoys riding in a vehicle and will think of it as her personal property. I intend for this dog and I to spend a lot of time together.

Now this has required some planning on my part. We own our own home, and we have a fenced in yard, so the dog will have plenty of area to enjoy when we are at home, but if she is to go with me, then she must also be comfortable in the truck, and I think I have found just the right dog. I have been haunting our Humane Society waiting on the right dog to come along. In the meantime I built an insulated dog box in the back of my Dodge Ram.

The idea is that the dog will also be able to go through the camper shell window and into the cab of the truck. She will have full roam of the vehicle, which actually is a pretty big dog house! And considering if she is used to being in the small pins of a Dog Shelter, she will already be used to a confined area. At least she will have privacy here.

Now as I considered what size and type of dog would be right for this, of course I knew it would need to be one that could withstand colder temperatures, even though she will be indoors at night. Also, I figured no more than a 30 pound dog, maybe a Corgy? A dog no more than medium in size. I don’t want one that tends to yap, yap, yap, and… if at all possible, must have a very easy-going nature. I also decided not to get a puppy, but look for a grown dog, still young, but with an already developed character that I could easily see exactly what the dog is like. (As well as less hassle with all the potty training.)

This list sounded like a lot of things to expect out of a dog in a Humane Society. I knew I was looking for something rather specific, and I would need God’s help in finding the right one. I knew I wanted to “save” a dog if possible.

As it has turned out, I am convinced I have found my dog, and I got everything on my list but one! However, we add a little drama to this story. My wife and daughter went with me to the shelter, and by the time we got there we only had one hour. Well, to my surprise this dog found me! She is a little more than I expected, but I can’t help it, I love this dog! As I said, she is more than I expected in every way, which means she is also a little bigger than I planned. She is 40 pounds fully grown, one year and six months old. So I will need to expand her dog box, but she has a lot of Husky in her, and will handle the cold very well!

Now back to the drama. Our time was short and so when I went to the desk to apply for the dog with 15 minutes left, I was told I would have to wait for tomorrow! I could not even put the dog on hold! So now, if someone shows up before me, I could lose her! Drama, drama, drama!

Why is this dog so perfect?

1. First of all, she has so much Husky in her that she looks really cool, but she is small for a Husky! Only 40 pounds! I never thought I could get such a cool macho dog, but in such a smaller version. I don’t know what she is mixed with, but it must have been a smaller breed of some sort. And as a Husky, she is not a yapper! As a matter of fact, she let out with a low howl once, that sounded so cool! I was looking for a pack of wolves to come running at any time!

2. The cold will be no problem for her.

3. This may be the most important of all, she is so “laid-back” and easy-going! She is very lovable. She does not jump around and go crazy. She barely pulled on the leash. She is the most settled dog I think I’ve ever seen. Even the paper work on her described her as a very mild-mannered dog, not even interested in playing games with dog toys. I can see her asleep on the floor by my side as I type away at my blogs. Just being together will be enough.

So the only question remaining is if I don’t somehow get “beat-out” trying to get the dog. I’m leaving Church early tomorrow just so I can be there when the doors open at 11:00 am. I am convinced this dog is perfect for what I have in mind, but if I do get beat-out, then we will simply continue our search until we succeed. I am determined that I need a dog to go along with my truck! In my mind the two are connected.  I am a blessed man with a wonderful wife and family, add to that a special dog and truck and you got a very happy picture for this cowboy!

If you have read this far I would also like to make the connection concerning the publishing of my first book, and the acquiring of a new dog. More will be said about this soon, but the Boston Terrier in my story, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”, is almost identical in nature to the dog I had in real life. When she passed away I did not want another dog for a long time. As I wrote my story I was able to relive that dog in my mind and imagination. There will be a whole page devoted to the new book very soon, and a website it can be ordered at. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the dog I hope to “save” from the Humane Society tomorrow, if all goes well. I intend to name her “Lady”, and in my mind it will be “Lady and the Truck”! Or, “Lady and the Ram!” (Tramp?) Expect new pictures to come soon of my Dodge Ram along with “Lady”, our official Husky truck mascott!

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The smell in the air, the stench, if you want to call it that, whatever it was, it burned the inside of your nostrils as you breathed it. I had been to New York City once before, and I saw the twin towers standing. I saw Freedom Tower standing, and now it had been just ten days since they fell. My oldest son and I made a trip to that area to have a chance to get quiet before God and ask…”What is going on?” And perhaps, “What is coming?” We did a 3 day water only fast leading up to it. We broke the fast when we entered NYC. We came in the middle of the night, found a parking spot, slept in our cargo minivan, and the next day we hopped on 2 bicycles and started peddling towards the rubble to get as close as we could. (I must say riding a bicycle in NYC is a real adventure! I believe they made a movie about it.)

You could only get so close. We saw cars covered in ash and dust. We saw the smoke rising from the pile of devastation that lay a little ways from us. Others were straining to see, too. Every so often the wind would change a little affording a shift in the rising smoke and you could catch a better glimpse of the wreckage.

Just a little ways off was a very small park with a few benches to sit on. My son and I separated to different benches, to get alone, to get quiet, to pray, and hear God. My son had a dream on the way to NYC. The dream has proven to be very meaningful, and if there is enough interest I will tell the dream in the next article.

However, this article is about what I heard and what God has shown me. I am a faithful journaler. I have been for about twenty years. So, of course, I happened to write what I felt in my gut that day, as I sat on a park bench with sunshine all around me, a stench in the air, and I started to pray, seek, and question.

I will try to take a photo of the journal entry for the next article. That is the best I can do as a way to offer some proof of what I am about to say. I have shown it to others and it is absolute proof of what I am sharing. I have the date down as 9/21/01 (Friday), 4:15 pm. Now remember, at this time our country had no financial crises that I am aware of. Due to a certain balance of powers, whoever gets credit for it politically, we came out of the Clinton years in pretty good financial condition. At this time, also, President Bush had not declared war on Iraq and charged it on a credit card! (That did not start till March 16, 2003). The housing bubble was still a long ways from bursting, too, and there was no President Obama who would take the debt football and continue to run with it! I say all this just to clarify that what I heard came from God and not some news event. After praying and listening, I penned these words in my journal…

“I think the Twin Towers was just the bait, and we are taking the bait. I think the devil wants to break America’s money. Get us over extended. Cause the world to hate us even more, then destroy us.”

As impossible as any of that may sound, fast forward eleven years and we are 16 Trillion dollars in debt and still climbing! Also, I believe there is evidence that the drone attacks have killed many innocents. This very impersonal way of killing by robot is not earning us any friends in the middle east, and likely causing what will be a huge wave of revenge someday.

I see radical Islam as a real threat not only to the Jew, but to Christians, and also to what America used to be as a Christian nation. Notice I am being politically correct here, by saying “radical Islam”, but the question is as to what percent of Islam is radical? Since it is honorable to lie for the cause of Allah, whose to say who is really peaceful, and who is not? Even their greatest Prophet, Muhammad, set an example when he entered into a 10 year peace treaty with (I forget who), but was building up the entire time he was with them, and then 2 years into the 10 year treaty he broke it and easily conquered them!

I don’t have time to do a teaching on the two son’s of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, but this holy war goes all the way back to then! Consider these two scriptures!

“And the child grew, and was weaned: and Abraham made a great feast the same day that Isaac was weaned. And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, which she had born unto Abraham, mocking.”   (Genesis 21:8-9)

In this scripture we are given the details that Ishmael was seen “mocking” Isaac, but…we have another detail given to us in Galatians 4: 28-29.

“Now we, brethern, as Isaac was, are the children of promise. But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.”

Notice it says “persecuted”! And I checked the Greek word and that is exactly what it means! The persecution started between Ishmael and Isaac and continues even unto this day! As a born again child of God we have entered into Abraham’s family and have become children after the promise also! And let me tell you plainly, Ishmael is still pursuing Isaac! Of which we are!  This is personal! And those who do not take it personal will have a very rude awakening someday.

So a mosque at Ground Zero? I guess our leaders really are that godless to have so little understanding to know what is happening. Obviously I’m not as smart as they are, or I wouldn’t be blaming this on Ishmael, but had they known of what I heard from God on that day, and wrote it down, perhaps we could have avoided a 16 Trillion dollar debt! I can hear Ishmael mocking even now.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to go for a bike ride. It just happened to be on the same bicycle I rode that day in NYC. I came to a road crossing and I got stopped by a vehicle approaching pulling a trailer and some flags flying. I had noticed a military helicopter circling overhead and was beginning to wonder what was going on?

I believe that when we walk in the Spirit, God orders our steps. I just happened to be at just the right spot at just the right time, on the same bicycle, to see a trailer passing by with a huge American flag drapped over it. To me it reminded me of a military funeral. The object underneath was shaped kind of like a large casket. It was then I remembered there was supposed to be a piece of the I-beam from the fallen towers in Indianapolis that week! Evidently it was being transported under that huge flag! And that is when I said to myself, “Freedom Tower is dead, and what is rising up from its ashes, in its place, is a monument to a One World order.”

Now I am just an average person who is trying to understand this religion that claims to want peace with us, and to have a place of so-called interfaith. (Even though the child of the bondservant will have no part with the child of promise.) The polls show that at least 70% of Americans were against that facility being so close to Ground Zero. As just an average person I have a hard time trying to understand this olive branch of peace being offered by a religion that has so little respect for the feelings of those they are trying to reach. I’m not interested in interfaith with Islam, but if you want me to treat you with respect, back off my holy ground!

Ahh, but wiser ones than I are calling the shots. I hear Ishmael mocking!

Here are a few pictures of my bike ride and the bike I rode in NYC.

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“Unexpected Turns”

There is about to be a couple of new additions of interest added to this blog site. I will soon begin to write about both of these but the purpose of this article is to simply wet the appetites and alert the antennas of any one who might be interested.

1. I’m in search of a puppy for whom my truck will become his/her doghouse!

2. I have decided to learn more about the Islam religion, and I hope to share my questions and concerns here. That’s right, there is a lot I don’t understand about Islam, so I bought a Quran and another book to help me. I suspect I am not the only one who has questions concerning current events, and it would help if I better understood their Prophet, and their book. (I’ll say more a little farther down.)

First of all I have decided it is about time this cowboy had a dog!

Yes, that is what I said, a dog. There is a story that goes with me “not” having a dog at this time. I had a very special mutt not long ago. She was mostly a Boston Terrier with not a perfect, but still a very awesome black and white suit. She was the “Little Butler”. Of all my dogs she was my favorite. I don’t want to get to far into details because those things will be part of future writings, but I was away for a few days and when I got back I found her very sick and she passed away very quickly. It is still a mystery to me as to what so suddenly took her? My wife said it had all been very sudden. Anyway, I just didn’t want another dog after that. I’m not sure what we could have done for her had we had time to get her to a vet? Everything is so expensive, and with raising five children there was not a lot of spare cash to go around.

Recently, I had the joy of reliving my memory of B.D., which were the initials of her name. As a matter of fact, I recreated her in a book I have written and is now being published. No, you won’t find me in big bookstores, but there will be a website, and perhaps this is part of my reason for once again wanting a dog. I wrote the book a few years ago but only recently finally connected with a publisher, and as I have sat here proof reading the first copy, in some ways I have relived my favorite dog.

The book is not a dog story, even though she plays a big part. It is actually about America at a cross-roads, and an old man named, Jonah Joe, who has a dog named B.D., and how they confront the new world order agenda with the truth of God’s word. Christmas outside the four walls of your house has been made illegal! The book is called : “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”, and I had a great time writing it. More details of the story will come soon!

However, I am not planning on doing a repeat of B.D. I will be showing pictures of this soon, but I have fixed up the back of my Dodge Ram to be the doghouse for my new pup, when I find her. He/she will go with me about everywhere I go. She will be able to go from camper shell into the cab directly through the window. She will need to be a small dog and able to take outdoor weather. Even though she will come in our house when I’m home, and also have a fenced in yard to play in, still, I intend for the truck to be her main home. The name of the dog will be revealed soon. I have no idea how he/she will come to me? I’m checking with the animal shelter, but pups go quickly and so far I have had no luck. I have plenty of time and when the right one comes along, I’ll be ready.

So…upcoming articles will include my new book and also my search for a pup (breed/mutt) to be a mascot for my truck. I’m sure there will be plenty of stories for me to tell as this dog and I figure out together just how our friendship will be, and what kind of adventures we shall have.

Now as far the other subject: Religion/ Islam.

I have a lot of questions. These are things I am aware of but do not understand. For instance, I have already confirmed what I had heard that Islamic faith believes Jesus to have been born in a miraculous fashion with no involvement of a man. Mary is with child from God. Sura 19 explains at least some of it. I find this very interesting, but what I don’t understand is how, if they actually believe this about Jesus, then why would they place any other man in a higher level of importance than this one born from God? They take  Muhammad’s revelations over the Jewish accounts of the men who walked with him. This just does not make sense to me. I can see their version of all the details are very different, but yet the apostles actually walked with this one born of God, whereas Muhammad was born as a man like the rest of us. Is this confusing to anyone besides me? I am interested in comments concerning this.

Another question: When I worked as a Correctional Officer, I got to see first hand how African-Americans seem to be particularly drawn to the Muslim religion. I just can’t quite make the connection as to why this attraction for them is there? I know Farrakhan has a lot of influence, but is this the only reason? What is the attraction? (I admit my ignorance here. Perhaps my studies will eventually help me understand, or perhaps a reader can clue me in.)

On June 2, 2012, I posted “Christian Trail of Tears – Part 2”. In it I talked about the One World Trade Center being built in Manhattan, NYC. I talked about my concerns for what it stands for, and how the name of “Freedom Tower” was rejected. This is not a new subject with me. I have had my eye on this since the Towers were attacked in 2001. However, I don’t know how I missed it, but somehow the Muslim (Interfaith) Facility (Mosque), which was being strongly protested, somehow got approved and is already underway only two blocks from Ground Zero! What happened? The polls say at least 70% of people are against it and yet, once again, something else is being shoved down our throats whether we want it or not! Our opinion doesn’t count! Why does it seem there is a secret “agenda” being played out that the rest of us are not allowed to know? Or do we know? We just can’t get the participants to make a confession!

The Cordoba House Muslim facility is to be 13 stories tall. So now we have two buildings rising in that area I am so concerned about. If I were going to put this to a movie, I would say the Avengers” pretty well nailed it as the portal was open over Stark Tower and aliens were pouring in!

Okay, I’ve said plenty to begin to set the stage for future articles coming to this site. If you are a dog lover, I believe I will have some good pictures and fun stories coming soon about a dog who lives in a Dodge Ram truck.

If you, too, have questions concerning the 2nd largest religion in the world, Islam, then perhaps you might like to grow and understand with me, and hopefully there will be some who can actually help us understand together, the things we really need to know about the Muslim religion which is filling more and more of our country, and our world, even as I speak. How long will it remain #2? Is it possible it could become #1? Has Christianity become too complacent? All very good questions.

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“There is a lot of Physical in the Spiritual”

Avoidance of perceived pain.

I think a lot of  people fail to arrive spiritually because of avoidance of perceived pain, and what do I mean by that? I can tell you from first hand experience that there is a lot of physical in the spiritual, and if you are lazy, or self-centered, or undisciplined; you will likely walk away from the path of spiritual development simply because you perceive it to be too “hard”, or too “painful”. Let me emphasis it is your “perception” of the pain.

I will give you some very simple examples. First of all, true spirituality requires a foundation of basics” which many people think they can by-pass. When I say “basics”, I mean things like paying your bills on time, helping your neighbor, not making a habit of missing work, loving your spouse, being a good parent, and just doing the right things in general.

There are those who will pray an hour every day and then go to work and goof off on company time, cheating their employer of what they are being paid to do! This person may believe themself to be very “spiritual”, but have no idea they are losing it in the “basic” things. There is a lot of physical work to the spiritual path. God says six days shall a man work, and on the seventh shall he rest. God believes in work. It is good for us. It is also a path to prosperity.

I have a friend who use to get angry over things and lose his cool at work. He went through so many jobs it was unbelievable! This went on for years, until he found himself at his rope’s end and moving back in with his mom and dad because he had a financial mess on his hands and no good jobs in sight!

The good thing is he finally reached a point where he began to consider maybe he needed to do something differently than he had been doing until now. He made a decision to attend Truck Driving School, got his CDL, had two bad experiences before landing into a great job on the 3rd try! He is now happy and prospering like he never has before, but ask him if it is “easy” to get up every day and “do the right thing”? It is not easy, and it is very physical! It may be all hours of the night, or cold and raining outside, but guess what? The pay-off in the end proves to be worth it! He has tried the other path! Gotten mad and quit because it seemed to hard or painful! But true spiritual development requires a lot of physical discipline! My friend has even prospered spiritually since making these physical changes. Being faithful to his job has blessed him spiritually.

Now if we flip the situation. I come home tired from working all day, but I know I need to take time to pray. Here again, it will require a sacrifice in the physical to take this tired body and say…”we are going to pray”. This actually is what I call basic Christianity 101. Many people never get past the basics because they do not see the spiritual side of the physical. God says if we do not love our spouse, that it will greatly hinder our prayers! Can you believe it? How about if we are living off government hand-outs when we know we could be working? What level of spirituality would any honest person say that is?

There is a spiritual side to the physical. We can grow very weary in well-doing, and when you are tired, everything seems so much harder, but it is still the right thing to do. The lazy person, or the pleasure seeker, or the undisciplined will say it is too painful! I don’t like to work that hard! I just can’t do it! And they will go their way because they want to be all spiritual, but are unwilling to obey in the physical.

Since I have gotten older I seem to have picked up some allergies. A couple of weeks ago I had congestion, raspy throat, scratchy eyes, the whole works, and wouldn’t you know that would be one of those Sundays that Pastor called on me to exhort for a few minutes, and then help out in prayer. I found myself asking God, “Why this Sunday?” “Why not next week when I might feel better?”

I don’t know why God did it the way he did, but the need was there and I rose to the occasion. God blessed my effort and once I was on the other side of it all, I was glad I had answered the call. I also woke the next morning completely healed. Did the pollen change that fast? I don’t know, but I do know the spiritual does not always “feel” good. As they say, it is not about feelings, it is about faith and answering the call.

I believe it was President Ronald Reagan that made a remark once, that he did it because “it was the right thing to do.” I don’t remember what he was referring to, but that is basic spirituality, doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. It may require a sacrifice in our flesh to do it, but part of spiritual growth is realizing there is a lot of physical, in the spiritual. Amen!

So do not give in to the crying of the flesh when it does not like where the soul is leading.

The physical is just a platform for which the spiritual to perform.

Tell your body from now on we will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. If you need extra sleep then get to bed earlier and quit your whining, because we have a spiritual path to pursue!!! Amen!

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“Sacred Mountains, Sacred Valleys”

I read a story about a man who is going on a forty day “water only” fast, in order to amend for some great sin he did. Such an undertaking is huge. Did God tell him he needed to do this? Who am I to say? We each have that ghost in our head of what it is going to take for “us” to become that person we truly want to be. God told Moses to lead the Children of Israel across a wilderness in order to reach their Promise Land. During that crossing they faced many test and experienced both success and failures. Jesus once ordered the disciples to get in a boat and cross to the other side. Normally that is no big deal, but why did a terrible storm have to develop? The storm was so bad that these sea-hardened men actually thought they were going to die! Did God do that intentionally? Was this a set-up?  Did they fail because they were so afraid they woke Jesus up to save them? He rebuked the storm and then asked them, “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:25) I bet they learned a lot in that experience. It may be a sad fact, but many times we do learn more and develop more when we are in the storms, or a good fight.

The man doing the forty day fast. I compare his great challenge to be that of climbing a mountain, and not a small one, something on the order of Mount Everest! I commend his courage and fortitude, but what if he fails? For me to do such a thing I would have to continue my full-time job. Is he doing the same? What a mountain to climb! And yet, if God has called him to this, then this is “his” mountain and he can climb it. But again I ask, what if he fails? What if he loses his grip and goes tumbling head-over-heels down the side of this steep cliff and right into a deep valley? I pose this question, if that should happen, would not the valley be sacred also? Would not the valley become part of his sacred journey? My point is that not only can mountains be sacred, but so can the valleys. We need to always stay in “faith” no matter what happens! That is how we tap into supernatural and maintain the “Position of Power and Peace”. There is great power in faith, and great faith in peace.

Would not the valley be sacred also?

The path to catching “our” ghost is sacred to us, whatever that path may be. Your Promise Land lies on the other side of something, whether it be desert, ocean, mountain, valley, river, sickness, loss, hurt, poverty, great wealth, broken marriage, “whatever it may be”! And it is sacred to God, too.  However, the sooner we learn these places are crossed “supernaturally”, the sooner we truly enter our Promise Land. God is the great teacher constantly trying to help us become what he knows we can be.  So I hope this man knows that if he should fail, do not let the devil try to drown you in shame, guilt, fear, and defeat. Valleys are known for filling with water, even flash floods. Do not fall for that lie of the devil. Stay in faith and never judge the journey, only judge the destination!

There is great power in faith, and great faith in peace.

Stay in faith and never judge the journey, only the destination.

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