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“Two Fears of God”

If this subject interest you, I would recommend also reading two earlier articles: “The 76%, or Less”, and “Small “a” america”.  It’s almost time for me to head for Church and I am writing this in a rush, because for some reason I feel the need. Here is the question:

“Why is it that we need to be “AFRAID” in order to live in the righteous fear of God?”

I will get into this more…soon, but here is the point. There are two fears of God. The one fear is a spiritually healthy fear that all those who understand who and what God really is, should walk in. Did you get that? Read it several times until you do. Many do not believe there is a God any more, but if you are one who does, then do you really understand “who and what he is”? What does it mean to be able to say…”I AM GOD.” He is not like us!

That understanding “alone”, derived from a study of his Word, should be enough to motivate us to walk in the righteous fear of God. However, if we do not, then it is likely we slowly sink back into sinful and spiritually lazy lifestyles that will eventually, after many “warnings” from God, will eventually put you on a course for JUDGEMENT, and when the judgement begins to fall, believe me, FEAR will come, and it will be the “Judgement Fear of God”, which will lead some back into a “Righteous Fear of God”.

But why does it have to be that way?

Why is it that we need to be “AFRAID” in order to live in the Righteous fear of God?

Perfect love cast out all fear, but Jesus said that in the last days, because iniquity would abound, the love of many will wax cold.

It is our own fault.

This is the future I now see for america.

When Freedom Tower fell, the Churches overflowed for two weeks, and then we slowly went back to our backsliding ways. We did not heed the warning of Katrina, and we did not heed the warning of 9/11. There have been many other warnings and red flags as well. Finally,  we move to the “Judgement Fear of God”.

A study of God’s Word seems to reveal this as a weakness of human nature. It is a cycle mankind has repeated over and over again throughout history. With great blessings from God, also come great temptation. We grow materialistic, selfish, immoral, lazy, pleasure seekers, and we backslide on God. We fail to remember the “Giver” of the blessings, and we go crazy indulging in the blessings. We get all tied up in all the stuff.

I have more to say, but no more time. Remember what Jesus said…

“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will wax cold.” (Study the Church of Laodicea and you will see a picture of “waxing cold in america”.)

Also remember… LOT’S WIFE!

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As I lay in bed this morning with no forced time to rise, I lay there for just a few minutes thinking about all the “passions” in my life that give me the “juice” to rise from my bed with anticipation and purpose each day.

First, I reached over and ran my hand up and down the smooth leg of my wife, who has shared my life with me for all these years now, and I thought about what a great “friend” she is to me, and how much I enjoy living with her and sharing life with her. It is such a joy to be so close and intimate with someone you enjoy being with so much.

Then I thought about our family, the kids and grandkids who might stop by today, and thought about how there is no “broken” families in our family. Again, I thought of the woman lying next to me and realized that in our “unity” we had set a course for our entire family of four sons and one daughter. There are no broken families in our family. What a miracle in this day we live. No juggling of X’s. No missing grandchildren today, because they are with the “other” family. No pain and division that are the after-effects of the broken family. No collateral damage.

Then I thought about our “way of life”. I thought about how the woman sharing my bed was in “unity” with me about building our family on “The Word of God”. I thought about God in our life. I thought about the “Bible”, God’s Word, in our life…and I was “thankful”, I was very thankful.

I lay there a little longer thinking about my study of Islam, my vision of “future events”, the prayer time I was looking forward to, my “Man Cave” in which I search God’s Word like a Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries, but mine are mysteries of life.

I thought about my Dodge Ram I shined up just yesterday, setting in the drive and looking good. I considered the dog I still have not found, but he is out there somewhere and our paths shall cross. I also remembered my promise to change the oil in my daughter’s Dodge Ram today, also.

I thought about all these things and more, and just had to get out of bed! As my stiff joints and muscles were barely beginning to loosen up, the room was cold and so were my clothes, I shivered as my body strained against the cold facts of life on planet earth, but I looked at the computer on my desk and realized, that even as the rush of many things were already pressing into this day…that there was something called an Internet…and a blogosphere…and I can speak to the world this day and let everyone know that as for me and my house…we have chosen to serve the Lord….and because of that…I look back on a life that is mostly lived now…and with  a great deal of satisfaction and pride…I can say I am very…”THANKFUL”!

And though things may not be easy…my alarm goes off at four a.m. tomorrow with another day of hard work, even as my body now hits the 57 year mark, and I feel the aches and pains of another day…still…it is great to have the faith…and to know I serve the God…that in spite of all the things attempting to rush in on me…I can say…”Peace be still, my soul”…and I can slow down and smell roses…I can walk beside the still waters…I can take time to pray…read God’s Word…study…envision…dream…be at peace…rest…enjoy…drink a cup of hot chocolate. I can be the eye in the center of this world’s hurricane spinning around me, because I know “HIM”, and have learned to “walk in HIS WAYS”. HIs ways are ways of peace, joy, love, faith, power, righteousness, and …thankfulness.

Praise God, have a happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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When did everything get to be so expensive?

In case you all think I have forgotten about getting a dog, believe it or not, this is my update on my dog search project.

I usually always take my own coffee to work. One day I did not, and when I ran into a quick-stop to get a fast cup of plain old caffeinated coffee, I was charged a $1.75.  A DOLLAR SEVENTY-FIVE!!! (For cheap coffee?)

Yesterday my wife and I stopped in a CVS to get a simple “Tennis Elbow Arm Band” and a cheap pair of sunglasses. Our total came to almost 40 bucks! (And that was with her little CVS discount tag!)

Every time I eat at McDonalds for lunch I shoot down 6 dollars? McDonalds?

Now, getting more to the point, my mother took her Boston Terrier to the vet for heart worm pills. The vet gave her a combo pill that was supposed to be for heart worm and something else at the same time, all in the one pill. The dog got sick that night and had to go back to the vet. They are sure the pill caused it. My dad said it ended up costing them $300 before they got out of there! 300! ( And I’ve heard other vet horror stories much greater than that. )

Now before I get a bunch of comments about the “responsibilities” of dog ownership, please hear me out. Are only rich people allowed to have a dog in the progressive day we live? I have a friend who is not rich, but he just spent 1,000 dollars saving his old hound dog from heart worm! And I’m sure he did not have a 1,000 dollars cash. The dog could die of old age before this is paid off! (Somehow, that just don’t seem right, but what can you do?)

Yes, I understand “responsibility”, and that is why the breed of dog I have decided upon is the “Lost Dog breed”.

I’m serious. I have decided to keep my eyes open for a “stray”. Not only will I have the satisfaction of saving a lost and hungry dog, but the money I save can go towards getting him checked for heart worm, and if he is okay, I’ll get him his shots and pills. If he already has heart worm, then I will give him a good home for however long he has. I’m sorry, but I’m not likely to ever have a thousand dollars to spend on a dog. Therefore, I agree, I should not buy a dog to begin with.

However, how could a dog lost on the streets possibly do any worse?  And this is where my Dog Story continues.

I was in my semi making a delivery today and low and behold a dog of around 50-60 pound size, I estimate, came through as if he had nowhere in particular he was going. He seemed to be an older dog, because when he stopped moving and then would start again, he appeared to be in some pain. You know what I mean? It was as if he had to loosen something up a bit, before his gate became smooth again. He looked older, too, and I thought this dog and I might have a few things in common.

The dog kept stopping to sniff something, or stare at a passer-by, but then moved on and disappeared. I thought about how he had no collar, and that he appeared to be just wandering about. I thought about how I am looking for a dog, even thought I had one until the Humane Society Counselors talked me out of it, because the Siberian Husky jumped fences and ran off! They made me feel so bad for even wanting to give it a try that I gave up on the idea! (Not to mention the almost 200 dollars it was going to cost me to purchase the dog. Yes, this dog pound is one of the nicer ones. I understand the higher cost.)

This is when I began to consider what might be the “adventure” and the possible many stories that could come from “Lost Dogs Found”. I thought about what might have happened had I tried to make friends with the old dog, and took him home for a visit? And then I realized how much fun this could be without much money required!

First, I had two sandwiches in my bucket. I could have offered him one. If he accepted and seemed to enjoy my company, then would come the challenge of putting him in the semi and see if he would be okay with that? (Hope I don’t get dog bit!) Of course he would have to be on a leash restricting him to the passenger side. This, in itself, would have been a wild time.

Once I got him home I would introduce him to the family and show him what would be the advantages of living with us. If he liked the offer we would go from there, just one-day-at-a-time. If he didn’t like our place and jumped the fence, ran off in just a day or two, no real harm done. We took a chance on companionship, but it didn’t work out.

I only plan on having one dog at a time, but if they are a stray, and if they have heart worm, or perhaps they are an older dog, then our time together might not be real long. In that sad event, I could see myself on the lookout again, for another dog of the “Lost Dog Breed”. I could see how this might turn into many very interesting stories. Every dog will be a drama as to what they are like? Will they stay? What crazy thing did they do while we were getting to know each other? Does the dog have some kind of a condition? And can they be helped? There is a very long list of possibilities.

Now had I gotten the old dog to come home with me and it just didn’t work out? Such as, perhaps he hated riding in vehicles? That would be a deal breaker for me, because my dog is going to go with me places in my Dodge Ram truck. That truck will be his second home. In that case, I would have merely loaded back up and taken him back to where I found him. I would make sure he was well fed before sending him on his way. We both would have taken a chance on friendship, but it just didn’t work out. So as one cowboy to another, we would have parted paths. At least he got a full belly out of the deal.

One might ask, why not take him to the pound? Would that not be better? Perhaps. I’m not sure how difficult it is to get a dog into one of the “better” pounds, where they take good care of them, and do not kill them. I got a feeling this old wanderer might not have qualified.

So there you go. From time to time I hope to have a “Lost Dog” story for you. I hope it turns into a “Lost Dog Found” story. There might even be times when we find the real owners, and that would be a drama, too. I think this could be a lot of fun! I’m also allowing myself to go bigger with the dog than I originally planned. I’ve had time to figure out how I would work it.

So this is my “Dog Search” update. Soon I will do another “Learning about Islam” article, because my research has continued and I have found a most interesting possibility! Yes, I am still studying Islam. The articles will come, but I want to mix things up a bit. I like the variety of topics I now have to offer. I’m the kind of person who can only write effectively about what I am “into”. Hope you enjoy it, too.

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“Lining Up with God’s Word”

I asked our congregation one Sunday morning, that If they had just made a grand entrance onto a scene and a multitude of people were waiting to hear what would be the first words you said, words of importance, words revealing your nature, first impression words that people would be sure to judge you by, would you be very deliberate in what those first words were?

Of course the answer is, YES.

So what did God choose as his first words?

The Bible being His grand book to mankind. God is writing the first five books through Moses and we are just getting started at Genesis 1:1-2. Those first two verses are a description of the condition creation has fallen into, and what is currently going on, but God has not yet spoken.

All the universe is waiting, and even the chaos before Him is waiting to hear what those first words will be. Even as Moses finishes the first two verses and begins penning the third…”And God said…”

Did Moses pause there? Did God leave him hanging for a minute, wondering what God was about to say? And did he pause afterwards to consider what God chose for his very first words in His book to man? Did “we” pause the first time we read them, and consider what these words reveal about God besides the fact He is all-powerful? And what were those words?

“Let there be light:”

I spoke with a homeless person not long ago and I was trying to explain to him how God can help them climb out of any spiritual or physical hole, as long as you are willing to apply God’s principles to your situation. In other words, I was talking about lining up with God’s word and I used a pocket flashlight to illustrate the point.

There are several parts to a flashlight. When you consider the bulb, springs, switch, casing, batteries, lens, and etc. All these parts if they are lined up properly and in good condition, when you say “let there be light” and hit the switch, light is produced! I demonstrated the point. I hit the switch and light emanated from the instrument in my hand. I did this three or four times, just to make sure he got the picture.

However, then I opened the end of the flashlight and slowly slid out one battery. Turning it backwards I then deliberately slid it back in and closed the end. Then I said, let there be light, hit the switch and nothing happened. One very important part of that flashlight was out of alignment! All it takes is for one very important part to be out of proper alignment. Our lives are no different!

Here is the principal: The more we line up with God’s word, not only does our life begin to radiate light, but the more we line up the brighter and more powerful the light becomes!

If we rebel against God, if we choose to be out of alignment, having an important part of our life backwards, then God of course will allow us to do that, but when we say, let there be light, all we produce is darkness!

I told the man it is a real good feeling when the “light” is on “inside”.

May I encourage every person to experience the power of God, and the presence of God that comes when we “line up” with His word. He is a “light producing” God! His word produces light! He revealed Himself that day when he said, Let there be light! He is the light that lightens every man that comes into the world! In Him was life, and the life was the light of men!

As we study His word and drink of the Spirit of Christ we become more like Him. We become the Kingdom of God in the earth. We like to think about Heaven some day, and when we are in Heaven we will be living the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of God! That is Heaven, but right now we are still the Kingdom of God IN THE EARTH, and as such there will be battles, and it will be force against force!

What I am saying is, don’t look for an easy path, we are not in Heaven yet.

This country was founded upon Christian principles, there is no denying it. Historical records prove it beyond any doubt for anyone who is truly willing to check it out. This country was established in a certain “alignment” with God’s word! And as a result, this country has been a light to other nations. However, even as it is plain we started in a proper alignment many years ago, it is also plain that we can no longer make that claim, and our light is fast becoming black light!

As someone who lives in america, I continue to deplore the direction of our country, and it is very sad that we are still choosing darkness rather than light. Within this country there is still a Church that is true and walking with Christ, but there is also the carnal worldly Church, which is lacking in power and misleading a lot of people. Of course things have been going in this direction for quite some time, the part that saddens me so is that there is no turning this ship around at this point.

You can talk revival all you want, but I believe it will not come without great judgement from God, and no one should be looking forward to that. I’m not saying that with enough pain people won’t finally wake up and turn around, but why has it had to come to that? Wasn’t 9/11 enough? Churches overflowed for two weeks! Congressmen sang hymns together on courthouse steps!

So what is it going to take for it to last more than two weeks?

The ship is not turning around because america has made her choice. The choice is “very” obvious! She has made it plain and she is no longer shy about it. She has become emboldened in her sin, and there is no turning back until something should so rock her senses as to send her reeling in travail!

Will she repent and change course, even then? Time will tell.

We are not in Heaven yet, Church. Do not look for the easy path. Line up with God’s love, purpose, and power. Produce Light! Let there be Light! It won’t be easy because everything around us is choosing darkness, and our light is an imposition to their dark agenda! As america continues to reap what she has sown, there will be enough grief and sadness to go around for one and all, but do not be discouraged. We are still on planet earth and this planet is going to rock and reel, but the Kingdom of God is rock solid!

Remember the flashlight! Study God’s word and hold it close to your heart. Know what it means to be in the Position of Power and Peace because you are in proper alignment with His revealed word. As we watch our country tempt God more and more, study Psalms 91. Line up with those powerful scriptures so that you will be surrounded in light no matter what may come. Praise God!

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” (Psalms 127:1)

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“Little “a” america!”

NO, the small “a” america in the last paragraph of my last article is not a mistake. I bet you thought I just forgot to hit the shift. NO, it was very intentional. It is also my intention to at all times spell america with a small “a” because that is her future. The small “a” is a word of prophecy. Did you catch it? No? Probably nobody did, therefore, I find it necessary to write again, and so soon.

YES, I am one of those who still spell God with a big “G”, and now,  america, with a small “a”. Those who spell God with a small “g” will not like it when america becomes the small “a”.

The words I hear carried in the Wind is that america is now flying “upside down”, and therefore can no longer come to a safe landing, or any landing other than a crash landing. She cannot land at all! She, america, has declared she would rather fly upside down rather than let a righteous God put her right side up. The people have “chosen”. I believe we are now past the point of landing. Amelia Earhart can tell ya something about that. I’m telling you that once the fuel runs out, it is a sudden drop!

First the radical Islamist flew planes into our Trade Centers, and whether they knew what they were doing, or not, we took the bait. Now we are a plane flying upside down. Now all of america is a plane burning precious fuel, trying to stay airborne, because she knows she cannot land, and when the fuel runs out, it is a quick and sudden plummet to devastation, i.e., the judgement of God.

The five pillars are breaking! Most are already broken! Men’s hearts will stop for fear when it all comes crashing down! (Samson knew what happens when too many strategic pillars break.)

I hear all the pundits trying to figure out what went wrong? What does the Republican Party need to do to connect with the people again? The answer is not a political one, it is a “spiritual” one. In many ways the Republican Party has the same problem the Church has, it needs people to have a certain amount of biblically based morality. However, since the people have decided to fly upside down, then the only thing a political party could do would be to cast aside its principles and join the people in flying INVERTED! Never mind that it leads to a small “a” america.

We need jobs, but we are flying upside down, and we just voted to keep it that way! For a time those who are paying will continue to pay for those who are not, but as more and more slide on the slippery slope of lousy jobs, into the abyss of poverty, and become those who pay nothing? As the number of poor increase and the number of rich decrease? As the middle-class grows smaller and smaller and the debt grows bigger and bigger?

God says, america is flying upside down. She cannot right herself, and she cannot land. The crazy thing is that she does not even want to right herself! (I hear the Lord asking, “Do you want to be healed?” The answer comes back a resounding, NO!) Welcome to the spiritual point of no return, PNR, the point of no return. How long can you prop this thing up? How long before the fuel runs out, the engines sputter to a stop, and there is nothing left to do but crash? Looks like were gonna find out.

I strongly advise all people to leave america and move to…where? NO, not Canada. Move to the Kingdom of God.

Unlike america, the Kingdom of God does not have open borders. God knows how foolish that is. There is one entry into God’s Kingdom, a narrow gate named, Jesus. It is not narrow because God doesn’t want anyone to come in, but it is narrow because only one path leads to it. Many paths would require a wider gate, but one path only requires a narrow gate. If you come in the name of Jesus, you will find the gate plenty wide for you. Praise God!

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“The 76%, or Less”

I’m going to be to the point, and keep this short. In 2008 the Christian population in America was estimated to be 76% and dropping. The secular Church is failing while the true Church watches, knowing what is coming, but not large enough in population to determine an election.

The true Church knows there is only “one pillar” left to fall before we qualify for the judgement of God in every way. To my way of thinking I see 5 major pillars with God concerning our present time. 4 have already fallen, and the 5th is already cracking. Here are the 4 things that have already fallen 4 of the pillars.

1.) Serving of false gods and false religions.

2.) Sexual immorality.

3.) Sacrifice of innocent babies.

4.) Promotion of homosexuality.

5.) ?

The current administration that the Church just helped reelect, (for surely 76% had to be a factor), has already proven that they will not only continue to promote the destruction of the 4 pillars already fallen, but will surely also destroy the 5th.

The only thing left for us to do is turn our back on the tiny nation of Israel. Our alliance with Israel is the 5th pillar, and Obama has already greatly weakened that relationship. A close examination of Christian voting records would reveal either a massive ignorance of the God they claim to know, or simply the greedy motivations of the love of money and free hand-outs. Either way, a very strong indictment against the so-called 76% who claim to be Christian. Obama himself said that America is not a Christian nation. The election would appear to prove him right. Voting to support the lazy lifestyle of the addicted and foolish is not the love Christ spoke of. And the Bible has strong warnings against both the love of money, and laziness! We need jobs! And people need to work, so they can excel and help others as God provides. We sacrifice babies for the sake of laziness and greed? That is not a Christian. I am ashamed of the worldly Church that cannot see past their own greed.

I believe this election was the final fork in the road, and we went the wrong way, “Left”. Congratulations, Democrats, you finally have what you have always wanted, a majority of people who no longer fear God, or believe his Word.

There is always a calm before a storm. We will enjoy this time of seeming pleasure while it last, but when the hammer of God finally begins to fall, it will not relent. The die is cast…America has made her choice…do I see Hillary in 2016? Why not. It doesn’t matter anymore. If the Church continues in its own worldliness, it just doesn’t matter. I am not upset with Obama or a political party, they both will do what they will do. But my Kingdom involves the Church, and they should know better! Just remember that when it comes, you voted for it.

I believe it is now too late for America and the secular Church, but never too late for the true Church. God knows who they are, for they belong to “His” kingdom, and not this one. The course of this world has been prophesied and it is amazing how eager we are to fulfill it. Once again the Bible proves itself by its own supernatural ability to predict future events on a level no man has ever been capable of.

What happened here today does not change a thing for me. My love is serving His kingdom, whether here, or there. Nothing America or a political party can do will affect that. My life’s passion remains the same. But America no longer believes in the 5 pillars I speak of, nor a God that will judge. The current mayhem our society has become is the “new norm”. To quote Loki in the Avengers, it was something about...I come with glad tidings, to set a world free from freedom. Freedom is life’s great lie. Once you accept that in your heart, you will have peace.

There will be those who will profit greatly from a one world unity, but for most of us there will only be the “down-sizing” of our lives in order to level the playing field of america. Perhaps you think you will be happy with a “small” life, because freedom is way too much work. Most people I know stuck on disability or welfare, eventually discover they are not happy. The walls of their small life is too restrictive and tight. There is a lack of freedom, and lack of peace.

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“Lives that make no sense”

Lately I have been doing a lot more writing again. For a season my life took a major change and I dove into many ministry opportunities like a diver off a high cliff! (The fields truly are white unto harvest. There are a lot of hurting people in need of God’s answers.) I was quickly over-my-head in opportunities and in need of bringing some focus and order to the chaos. Out of the chaos is beginning to come some wonderful things, but I must apologize that I do not get to visit all the people who visit this site. For a time I was someone writing about such things based on past experiences and knowledge, but today I am back to being someone not only writing about it, but very much involved in “doing” it. The stories are coming quicker again, there is a quickening in my soul. I hope everyone reads the last article about the two dreams, but I am already writing another article based on “today”. As I am back seeking to help very poverty-stricken lives, which are poverty-stricken for many reasons, most of which the devil has his signature on, I find myself very reminded that many of these people are lives that make no logical sense. God and his Word bring a certain “logic”, “purpose”, and “order” to our living. In most cases, I would have to say, not so the very poverty-stricken.

Lives that make no sense. Sad, but true.

Here is an example for you that just happened today. I climb into my Dodge truck and head to this very familiar area stricken by poverty, drugs, violence, and alcohol. It is an area that my truck and I are beginning to know well. It has a large park in the middle of it, and quite a nice park, if it were not for all the poverty that surrounds it. Best not go in there at night.

A group and myself were in there two weeks ago feeding people in the park and giving out clothes for winter. We had hamburgers cooking on a grill and the smell was being carried in the wind. Quite a few homeless were gathered at the outdoor open shelter house, when I happen to see a tall, slim, black man coming across the open grass with four small black girls in tow with him. I connected with him immediately. He said the girls had smelled the food. He said he was trying to straighten his life out for the sake of the girls. We prayed together, and I asked him if he would be willing to allow me to visit his apartment, which was very close by, and perhaps disciple him in things of Christ? He said he would.

So two weeks later, today, I show up in the area and give him a call at 11:00 am. He answered the phone. I think he was surprised I was keeping my word. I asked if his kids and wife were home, and if they were hungry? I offered to bring in  hot pizza. He said yes to all of that and told me the girls liked pepperoni and cheese. It only took me about 15 minutes to be back in his area with two large hot pizzas and a 2-liter. I call again to find his exact location. “NO ANSWER.”

I wait a few minutes. Their vehicle is parked in the lot just in front of me. I call again.


A young man walking through the parking lot narrows my search down to one of two doors. I knock on both. There is no sound of children. No light. No light or sound coming from any of the apartments. No answer at either door.

I wait longer. I call again. I leave messages on recorder. I have 2 pizzas getting cold. He is supposed to have 4 hungry little girls that are as cute as can be. This goes on for 45 minutes when I finally give up and move on.

I come home with the pizza and I tell my daughter-in-law what happened.

She says, “That makes no sense.”


Why would a man with hungry children and free hot pizza on a Saturday being delivered to his door, suddenly go silent. Stealth mode. Nobody home? I know your there somewhere. 15 minutes ago you wanted to do it. I go buy the pizza and now you shut me out, not even a word of explanation?
Darkness has its own logic.

I guarantee you, that if I were to get an explanation from him at this time, my mind filled with the light of God’s Word would identify the dark logic as ridiculous and sad. Also, more than likely, the man is tormented in his dilemma, and the little girls are being robbed of blessings that could come their way. They will grow up to think God never cared about them, but there he was knocking at their door the whole time.

So, obviously, there was something in that apartment they did not want seen, or the dad was “on something”, which he fell back into, and no one was conscious enough to answer the phone.

I still can’t get over all that silence.

Four little girls, and there is also a baby (boy), but no sound. No sound or “light” coming from the dark windows of all those apartments. Creepy, but that is the world I sometimes invade. These are a few of the things I do, leaving me little time to cruise blog sites, even though that is something I would enjoy doing.

Lives that make no sense to the normal mind. Severe poverty and addictions will certainly create such families. I’m sure he had his reasons. Reasons that probably made sense to him. In the meantime, some one with real answers, and a desire to help was turned away from their door so they could continue in the darkness they now know. To a healthy mind, that makes no sense.

Jesus said, “The poor have the Gospel preached to them.”

Why give them money, or invest too much effort, until the mind begins to see light? At the park I had told the tall slim man covered with tattoos, that it is a real good feeling when the “light comes on inside”. I was there offering light, but the doors remained dark and closed. I will call again, and I will knock again. Maybe next time…there will be light?

The first words in God’s holy book the he actually speaks, in Genesis 1:2, the first “spoken” words God chose to open his supernatural book of love to man with are…

“Let there be Light!”

If you were choosing what your first spoken words were going to be for millions of people to read, wouldn’t you be very specific in what you chose? Very important words, full of light and great revelation. God is light, and there is no darkness in Him. Amen!


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“The Dream”

Three articles back, in the article entitled “Freedom Tower?”, I mentioned that my son had a strange dream as we were driving out to NYC to visit Ground Zero, pray, and hear God. We were in the midst of a 3-day, water only fast, of which was one of the few times my son has done such a thing. In the earlier article I said I would share his dream if there was enough interest. So I will and I will let you decide if there is any meaning to it. I will point out some things that seem very “obvious” to me, but as far as any deeper meanings, I will let you be the judge.

To add to this, I just had a dream last night! (Weird!) I think I should also share it. Now I have not done this sort of thing in all my previous articles, so if you are new to this site, do not think I run around telling dreams all the time. Please check for yourself. I do not recall doing any of that before in this site. Please let me know if you find something.

So here is the dream my son had the night we slept in our cargo minivan on the way out to NYC:

In the dream, my son wakes up and needs to use the restroom. In the dream we are asleep in the cargo van, just like we actually are, but he wakes up and decides to go into the Meijers store, of which we are parked in. He goes inside and there is a bar type set-up to his left as he enters the store area. At the bar he sees a young lady he grew up with, a friend of our family, and there is another young lady with her that he does not know. He walks over to join them and they give him 2 bottles of water. He opens the one and it turns out to be the best water he has ever tasted! It is so good! He loves this water! And the girls seem to love their water, too, even though they all seem to have different brands.

So he drinks one of the bottles but decides not to drink the other one until he has found more bottles of this great water. He goes off into the huge store looking for more of the water. He wants exactly the same thing. The girls also go off looking for more of  the water they have been drinking.

He looks and looks but cannot seem to find any bottles of the same brand.  At this point I have evidently been waiting outside the store. I am wondering what is taking him so long? I appear to not want to go in, but I finally decide to find out what is going on? I find my son and he tells me about the water. I tell him that I do not think we should be staying in here so long. I seem to be worried about something. I am worried about being in the store, like it is unsafe, but my son is determined to find the water, so I go back outside to wait on him.

Now somehow my second born son shows up in the dream and in the store. He finds my first-born and asked what he was doing? He is told about the water and the search. This son offers to help find the water and they go looking. Sure enough he spots some bottles of it and pulls one down. “Here is your water, he says.” The first son looks at the water and it is labeled correctly. It appears to be the water. However, this water is blood-red in color!

The first son says, “No, this cannot be the water because it is red.” The second son says, “It is the same water, just look at yours.” He pulls his bottle water out of his back pocket and discovers it has turned blood-red like the rest! So now he starts heading towards the front of the store and he sees the two young ladies at the bar again, and they are playing games with the water! They have it in shot glasses sliding it towards the edge to see who can come the closest!

Now there is one more major detail to the dream. My son spots a lady at a register and she is writing out checks, but she cannot seem to get the numbers to add up right, so she keeps writing more checks in an effort to somehow make the numbers add up right, but, of course, they never do. (End of dream!)

I will give one more detail. A few years later, the second son joined the Army and is making a career of it. He is now a Sergent with men under him. He was not a military man at the time of the dream, but now he is, and perhaps represents the military in this dream.

This is the dream my son had on the way to Ground Zero, nine days after the attack. We would reach NYC on day ten. My son has never told me he actually heard anything from God on the day we prayed in the park. It may be that he simply spent time praying, but he did have this very interesting dream on the way there. So what do you think?

The things that stand out to me:   1.) The water he was first drinking of, that was so good, suddenly turns red and cannot be found again afterwards. (Does this represent something we had before the attacks, that we drank of deeply, but we will never have again?)   2.) He greatly desires more of the water and goes seeking it.   3.) I come in worried about some kind of feeling of danger. I advise him to hurry up and get out of here. I go back outside to anxiously wait. (What is this danger I sense?) (And remember, he dreamed me doing this, not I.)   4.) A military brother finds the water but now it has turned blood-red! (The water will never be the same because of blood that has been shed?)   5.) The young ladies carelessly playing games with the precious water.   6.) The woman writing more and more checks because she can’t get the numbers to come out right. (Is there a better picture of our current day dilemma? And would seem to tie in with what I wrote down that I heard from God as we prayed at Ground Zero!)

So now you have the details, and I will add the dream I just had last night. It is much shorter, and I definitely don’t have it figured out yet, if it means anything, but it has stuck in my head. In real life I drive a semi for a company delivering product to stores. The dream starts there.

For some reason everything is chaotic at the warehouse. All of us drivers are rushing around to get out and make the deliveries so we can get back and do another load. (This is not normal! We run a set route. We do one trailer per day. Things may get rushed at times, but in this dream it was like pure chaos!)

I finally get out with my first load and it is night time. We are doing night deliveries. I am also on a strange route, not my own! I’m in some big city trying to spot the store in the dark. When I suddenly see it to my right, it is too late for me to stop and I miss the store. So now I continue to hurry as I go down a block and turn right, intending to go around the block and circle back to the store.

For being in a big city I am building a lot of speed. I make the right turn, hit the fuel pedal, building speed when suddenly the road drops off right into a big ditch!!! Like the road had caved in, but it did not go on, on the other side of the ditch! It was like it dead-ended right into the ditch! And when the cab crashed, it was like an explosion! I was hurled out of the cab by the force of the sudden stop and the explosion.  Amazingly enough, I was not hurt!

I get up, it is still dark, the truck is nose down in the ditch and smoking, I walk to a house where I know my wife is, and it just happens to be close by. I go inside and I find her with a girl friend and I tell her what has happened. That I have just wrecked the truck and probably lost my job. Of course she and her friend are very concerned, but there is one other person, ( I suddenly notice), in the room, too. President Barak Obama! He seems to be lost in his own thoughts and could care less about what is happening at my job, or what just happened to me!

I tell my wife that I am going to go back to the truck and try to get my things. As I am getting up to leave I hear President Obama saying, “I still think I beat Romney in that first debate!” At that point I look at him confused, unable to believe what my ears are hearing and start to go on my way. (Dream Ends.)

So there you have it. This is not a joke! I really did dream that. Strange, I know. Feel free to offer opinions on either dream. I’m staying silent on the second one for now.

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