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“GOTHAM” 12/11/14

“THE ENCOUNTER III” > The story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day.


After enjoying his latte, Don left the Starbucks and walked over to the War Monument he had been staring at through the Starbucks window. Walking up the steps he found another nice spot and spent some time in prayer. The life-blood of a priest of Christ is prayer. Many Christian endeavors have been things other than what God wanted because of a lack of prayer. Prayer opens supernatural portals, and unless a priest is faithful to such a prayer life, these portals never open.

His spiritual walk-about was not over. He still had the canal area, IUPUI campus, and the hospital areas to walk through. It had been dark for a while when he finally left the Circle to head in those directions. He walked and walked, pausing here and there to listen. Listen to what? He could not say. His soul was listening, and many times the soul does not share what it hears, and what it knows, till later.

When he finally stopped walking he was at a bus stop near to the VA Hospital. There was a half tall cement wall to sit on while he waited. He was even closer to the Eskenazi Hospital, and he watched a helicopter with blades turning while it sat upon the hospital roof. When it took off it flew right over him.

His study of the IndyGo bus route had shown this route to run until at least 11:00 p. as he recalled. He hoped he remembered that right. The Internet information also said the bus would come through approximately every 20 minutes, but after 30 minutes of setting there watching car headlights fly by, and no sign of a bus, he began to worry.

He had reached this spot at 10 pm. and now it was 10:30. “I wonder if I looked at that schedule wrong?” he began questioning. He could not be sure, and the longer he sat there, the more he doubted. His emergency plan was to have his wife rescue him when she got off work from her Cracker Barrel waitressing job, and it was time, so reluctantly reaching for his phone, he hit the speed dial.

“Hello? How’s your adventure going? You still alive?” His wife asked.

“Ha! Yes, I am, but I may need you to pick me up.”

“Are you lost?” she asked while laughing.

“No. I’m at a bus stop, but it’s been forty minutes now and they are supposed to come through every twenty. I think I looked at the schedule wrong. Some of the routes end at ten. I may be stranded. Anyway, if you head for the VA Hospital I can meet you there.”

“Okay, dear, I guess I can come to your rescue. Your first trip on the IndyGo and you miss the bus and end up stranded. Sounds like another story I can tell the kids. They won’t be surprised though.”

“Ha ha, very funny. I’m gonna start walking. See you soon. Bye dear. Love you.”

Rising from his cement perch Don begins walking towards the VA he can see just up the road. He is about three minutes into his hike when he hears something behind him. The bus!

“Well if that don’t beat all. I sit there for 45 minutes with no sign of a bus, but I no more than walk 3 minutes away and look what shows up, but no way to catch it now.” Don could not catch it for two reasons. One, if the bus does not see anyone at the stop, it just keeps rolling, and this driver was already passing the stop even as he turned and saw it. The other reason was, after his back surgery, it was all he could do to muster a slow trot! His lower spine was still so stiff it did not allow for running, which was very depressing to a guy that had run a marathon at the age of forty-eight! Depressing as it was, this was the new reality and all he could do was stand there frustrated as the bus he waited forty-five minutes for made the left hand turn to do the horse-shoe up through the hospitals.

“Wait a minute! The horse-shoe! That’s right! The bus will come out up ahead of me! Maybe I can run and find a bus stop before it comes through!” The race was on! Feeling like an old warhorse, Don started “trying” to run. All he could manage was a trot, but he was pushing it hard as he could. He was giving it his very best trot, but would it be enough, and where was a bus stop?

In no time at all he was breathing as hard as a locomotive and his lungs were screaming to stop. He could see it now, “Man Dies of Heart attack while Running for Bus!” Then he saw something up ahead. Was it a bus stop, or simply a structure built by the hospital to protect against bad weather? He did not know, but he was determined he would run at least to that spot, even if he collapsed upon arrival! If it was not a bus stop, then he was done. That spot up ahead was as much effort as he could give, more than he should actually, but try he would!

Fortune smiled and when he arrived with lungs heaving and heart slamming, he discovered a bus stop. The bus arrived and he jumped on. When he looked up he found “standing room only!” He was shocked! He grabbed the bar and held on for dear life as he fumbled for his phone to call his wife. The bus roared away hitting him with G-forces one more time, but he was on a bus!

“Never mind, dear. I caught a bus. I’ll see you when I get home.”

Due to some confusion about the routing, his challenge still was not over and he ended up walking a quarter-mile to get to his truck. It was after midnight when he finally got home to tell his wife the war story. His first IndyGo adventure was over.

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“The Encounter III” > GOTHAM 12/9/14

THE ENCOUNTER III > The story is written as if fiction, but it is not, I am living this every day. Signed: Don.


The bus stop was just outside a Wendy’s hamburger place and after about twenty minutes of waiting, Don saw the lights of a bus dancing in the distance, working its way up 10th street, coming his way. Standing there alone in the dark he wondered about this unknown world he was about to enter, and his heart began to beat just a little faster. No longer a young man, pushing 59, he was about to enter a realm mostly experienced by those considered to be “less fortunate”. Would he be welcome there? He had his $1.75 clutched tightly in his hand. He did not want to slow the bus down anymore than possible, but just exactly where did the money go?

His moment was upon him, the bus quickly hissing to a stop and doors flying opening. He thought he saw the floor drop a few inches in the dark. Did he really see that? No time to figure it out, the driver is waiting. Stepping on, he sees a metal box waiting to take his money, but exactly where does it go in? The bus driver is looking at him.

“This is my first time,” he quickly informs while trying to spot the right slots in the dim light. The driver points and then says, “Just pull the cord when you’re ready to get off.”

Inserting the bill and change, he then walks away wondering what the driver meant by pulling a cord? Pulling a cord? But again his thoughts are interrupted as the bus quickly accelerates before he has found a seat! He grabs the bar overhead and hangs on, regaining his balance and fighting off the G-forces! “Woe! So that’s what that bar is there for.”

There are plenty of empty seats. Before he knows it he is on the bus and sailing down the little narrow street. This bus driver flew! He felt like a spy rushing into the unknown. Would anyone see through his cover? Was someone watching him even now, speculating if the old white guy had a wallet full of money? Did he dress right for riding the bus, to blend in and become one with them? He had already shown he didn’t know what he was doing, and as he looked out the side window into the dark, he saw the poor areas of Haughville beginning to pass. He wondered at how fast the huge bus could move on this narrow street. As an ex-truck driver he had knowledge of such things, and it was exhilarating! As he sat there undercover, headed to downtown Indy, he was on his way, no turning back now, it was happening!

It was not the busy time, only a few were on the bus and they were mostly quiet, everyone in their own little world, but he did take note he was the only white spot in the small group. Looking around he saw the yellow cord running just above the windows. “Oh, pull that cord?”

Someone pulled the cord, “Stop requested…10th and Tibbs…hold on while bus is moving.” It was a female voice, a recording, and it announced upcoming streets and anytime a stop was requested. “This is pretty cool,” Don thought to himself as the bus hissed to a stop. He noticed the back half of the bus sat higher, an elevated floor, and wish he had gone farther back. Next time he would. There was also a middle door, not just one up at the front, but in the middle, and it opened when the front one did. He would be able to jump out the side from the middle, but exactly what might he jump into?

It was hard to see clearly out the windows. It was dark outside but the bus was well lit on the inside. Did he know downtown well enough to jump off at a good place, or might he end up walking a mile, or worse yet, land in a bad area? He would soon find out as the adventure continued.

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“The Encounter II” > FLAPLESS

Our story continues. Dan is still writing his children’s story “for adults”. This story too, will eventually be a button you can push and get in its entirety, but until then we will continue to slowly feed it out. Thanks for reading, and I know this story will bless you. (Chapter One was posted Nov. 13, 2014)


The next day a box turtle was passing the tall tree just as Flapless was waking from his sleep. He had hardly slept all night thinking about the last thing the voice, the wind, had said. He did not want to leave this place until he heard more, but what did this great mystery mean? The wind is All-Knowing? What if the wind were All-Knowing? What would that mean?

So as Mr. Turtle was slowly making his way past the tree, Flapless could not help but want to talk to someone. An hour had slowly passed and the turtle was still close by, as turtles move very slow, and this one was old and very very slow. As a matter of fact, he was very very very very slow, because not only was he old, he only had three legs! He felt sorry for the turtle, but decided not to mention the missing leg. Some tragic thing had happened, but Mr. Turtle had survived and was living his life, just like he had been forced to live with wings that did not flap.

“Hey, Mr. Turtle,” Flapless began, “what if I told you the wind spoke to me here at this spot, just yesterday?”

Mr. Turtle stopped in his voyage and blinked one time… twice… then three times before asking, “Did the tree talk to you, too?”

“Of course not,” Flapless answered. “Everyone knows that trees do not talk.”

“Good!” Mr. Turtle answered, “For a moment I thought you might be crazy.”

“Nope, I’m as sane as anybody who hears voices in the wind.”

So Mr. Turtle paused for a moment thinking and blinking, before he finally asked, “Well what did the wind say to you?”

“He said I should get to know him, for he is All-Knowing. What do you think of that?”

“What do I think of which?” the turtle asked, “That you should get to know him? Or that the wind is All-Knowing?”

“Well, both, I guess.”

“Hmmm,” Mr. Turtle said.

“I’ve heard that before,” Flapless thought.

“Well…if the wind is truly ‘All-Knowing’, I think I would want to get to know someone like that.”

“Thank you, Mr. Turtle. That is what I think, too. So I am going to sit right here until I hear him again, so I can get to know him. Have a good day, Mr. Turtle!”

“So long, young fellow, and good luck!” the turtle answered as he began to move again.

Two hours go by before Flapless hears the voice in the leaves again. “Hey, Mr. Turtle! Did you hear that?”

“No, I don’t believe I did. What did you hear?” the turtle asked, for he was still close by and wanted to know.

“I heard the wind say, good morning!” Now Flapless was all excited and jumping around. “Good morning, wind! I have waited for you! I want to know you more and hear what you have to say. I have thought all night, and were you telling me to take the road to the right? The one leading into those big mountains?”

“That depends,” the Wind said. “Are you willing to trust me completely?”

“I think I would like to do that,” Flapless answered. “What have I to lose? I am a bird that is grounded. I cannot fly. And if you are All-Knowing, like you say, do you think you can help me?”

Mr. Turtle could only hear one side of the conversation, but he had paused again so he would not miss a thing. He was afraid he would get too far away and not be able to hear, especially if the conversation went on for a day or two.

“I know I can help you,” the Wind answered.

“Hey Mr. Turtle! Did you hear that?” Flapless shouted.

“No, I did not. What did the wind say?”

“He said he can help me! I have been on a great journey, looking for answers, and he says he can help me if I trust him! But he wants me to take the path to the right, going up into those high mountains. It looks hard there. I’m not sure I’m brave enough. What would you do?”

“Hmmm,” came the thoughtful answer again, as Flapless continued waiting.

“The mountains can be a lonely place,” Mr. Turtle began, “but a life of unfulfillment is not worth living, and a fulfilling life is worth every risk. You are a bird that cannot fly. So sad. If your answers lie in the mountains, then I would go there. And I could probably reach the top in just a year or two, because I would be so anxious, I would put a rush on it. I mean; I would really put the pedal to the metal! If you know what I mean.”

“Then that is my answer!” Flapless shouted. “I will take the path to the right and head towards the mountains! But how will I hear you when I leave this tree, Mr. Wind?”

“While you are here in the low-lands, it will be difficult. Not every tree will be able to carry my voice for you, but as you climb higher into the mountains, your ears will become sharper, and my voice clearer. You shall see. But you must trust me completely, and do as I say. You must remember, and be faithful to whatever the last thing is you hear me say. Silence does not mean I have changed my mind.”

“Got it!” Flapless shouted, and then repeated. “Silence does not mean the wind has changed his mind! Thank you, wind! I will be faithful! You’ll see! I’m on my way now! Bye!”

So Flapless took a few steps passing the turtle on his way. He did say bye, and thanked him for his advice.

Mr. Turtle sighed as he watched the little bird disappearing down the road, and said, “Boy, he is really flying! He’ll be there in less than a week at that pace!” And then he turned left to continue on his way. There were only several hours of daylight left, so he planned on camping for the night at a rock he could see just up ahead.

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“Wind Vessel”

His Wind in my sails, that is my goal.

…..The oceans before me, God’s breath in my soul.

Filled with His Spirit, He leads me on.

…..My life is a journey, His Wind is my song.

New worlds a’seeking, new places explore!

…..As God leads me onward, upward I soar.

A Wind vessel am I, with places to go.

…..Destiny awaits…as in Him I flow.

Drawing me upward with delight and dismay.

…..To always discover…His love each day.

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“The Encounter I”


The story of Dan and his spiritual evolution continues, however, Part Two of our story is now Dan writing his book: “The Little Bird that Couldn’t”. An Adult Story in Children Form. He hopes to capture this vision of living like an eagle soaring, rather than a sparrow flapping, in a metaphoric allegory that is a delight to read.

I highly recommend a person read “The Encounter I” before progressing to “The Encounter II” consisting of this story of a bird named “Flapless”. Nevertheless, “The Little Bird that Couldn’t” will stand on its’ own if a reader so desires.

I hope you enjoy this delightful story containing powerful spiritual truth. I do have plans for “The Encounter III” also, in which things will take another leap you won’t be expecting. CLUE > “Can we say holy cow, Batman?” ENJOY!!!

(P.S. Feel free to print and copy for ease of reading and sharing with others. All copyrights belonging to Don Allen.)

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“The Encounter” Chapter Twenty-Two 11/10/14

Later that day when Dan was at home and locked away in his study, he sought God’s leading in prayer. “What is this, Lord? An adult message written in children’s form? Hmmm, interesting idea. You want me to write about a bird that can’t flap?”

Dan used to love writing, but it was a pleasure that had slipped away in the past couple of years. Everyone said he had a gift, but it was never a serious pursuit, only something done for fun, and now God had just blown on those old embers and rekindled a small flame. Would it grow? Could he still do it? He was seriously intrigued by the idea, and the challenge of creating a children’s story with an adult message.

In his new way of doing things, he knew it was time to pray, and now, as he poured out his heart to God, he was feeling a confirmation in his soul. Ideas were popping in his head, and curiosity was compelling him. This bird he saw in his head would go on a great spiritual journey, and he just had to know how this story would play out. Even as the writer, he did not know! He had to get into the head of this bird, and put himself in its’ situation, and then see where God, his gift, the bird, and the situation would take him. He simply had to write it, even if it was only for himself, he had to know what would happen with a bird named, “Flapless”.

As Dan rose from prayer, cleared his desk and turned on the monitor, his heart was anxious to see that glowing blank screen of white paper pop up before him. There were words screaming to be written! A story wanting to be told! A blank canvas waiting for a word artist! He was pregnant, and must be delivered! And so he began…

“The Little Bird that Couldn’t”

A children’s story “for Adults”.


He couldn’t remember why or how. All he knew was that he couldn’t… he could not flap his wings.

To be continued.

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The Encounter” Chapter Twenty-One 11/4/14

Blackie’s story could not end with him being ‘damaged goods trapped in a cage’.

Those words echoed in Dan’s mind as he knelt with his two boys and they anxiously awaited Blackie to appear. A full two months had passed since that day and God had restored Dan’s wings. Not much had changed in his external world, but a life of the supernatural now manifested inside him, he practiced his priesthood, lived in the high places, and knew a supernatural harvest was coming. He did not know what the shape of it would be, but God would have an assignment for him, and it would be more than selling pipe.

Dan had learned what it was to live in the high places and walk in the Spirit. His old perspective of life was long gone, and he viewed everything from the high places now. His life of excessive ‘flapping’ had been replaced with peaceful ‘soaring’. It was a supernatural thing only God could do, and there would be more, as he proved faithful, an assignment would come, God’s voice would lead him, and until then, he practiced the broken wings of a tender heart, so he would always soar.

This time with his family today was precious. He looked over at his little girl, Tammy, in the arms of his wife, Cathy. He looked at his two boys right by his side, his arms around them as they waited for Blackie. He was rich beyond compare at that very moment. From the high places, in his new perspective, he could see the true riches of life, and it had very little to do with money and material things.

“There he is mommy!” Tammy almost shouted, but caught herself as she remembered what Mrs. Parker the bird doctor had said.

Both of the boys tensed in Dan’s arms as Blackie appeared on the window ledge. “Look, dad, his bandages are off. Do you think he can fly?”

“I don’t know, son, but I bet he is going to try.”

Another little shove from Mrs. Parker and Blackie the black bird hopped out into full view. As he did, a flurry of black wings fanned the air! He flapped just enough to keep from crashing into the ground, providing a controlled fall, rather than an all out crash.

Mrs. Parker came out the side door and joined Dan’s family. She saw the look of concern on all their faces. “This is not unusual, folks. Remember, he had a traumatic experience when he collided with your dad’s truck, he was badly injured, and has not been allowed to flap his wings for two months now. Have faith and give him a little time.”

Again, Dan felt like Mrs. Parker was talking about him. Perhaps God was still using this bird to show him things. He was anxious for an assignment, perhaps even to quit his job and find something new, but God was taking his time, he still needed a little time. Dan needed to have faith, and take his time.

Blackie tilted his head this way and that as if trying to understand his audience. Tammy giggled at the funny bird. “Look, mommy, he is watching us while we are watching him.” Everybody laughed.

Suddenly a flurry of black wings flashed again! “Caw! Caw!”, he sounded off. This time his wings carried him to a large limb inside the pin. He landed upon it, fluttered a little more while catching his balance, and settled in, once again staring at the crowd outside. You could hear the children gasp when Blackie first left the ground. One of the boys yelled, “Go Blackie!” And Tammy clapped her little hands while grinning from ear to ear, face all aglow with joy. But Blackie still had not flown for the open door. Did he even see it?

Mrs. Parker reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of corn. Walking over to the pin she let Blackie see what was in her hand and then reached up and placed it on the small platform connected to the open door. Blackie tilted his head again, eyeballing the platform. “Caw! Caw!” The children watched intently.

It didn’t take long after that. When Blackie saw the open door, he did not hesitate. Just like Dan, when he had found answers in a book called, “Flap Less / Soar More”, he dug in and immediately changed his life. Those black wings started flapping again, and when he reached the door he did not even stop for the corn but just kept right on flying into freedom! Everyone began applauding, as they listened to his cawing disappear into the sky. Blackie the black bird was free to soar again, and probably a wiser bird, because he now had personal experience with moving vehicles.

Dan ordered in pizza for everyone and they all celebrated a restored bird with Mrs. Parker the bird doctor. On one of the pizzas he ordered black olives, and extra black olives; this was for Blackie. It was a grand celebration in the bird place that day.

Before leaving, Mrs. Parker explained how things don’t always go so well, and she showed the family a bird who had failed to fly. He had been with her for two years, and would never fly again. At first Dan thought it was another black bird, but turns out it was a raven.

Just before leaving, he walked over to the donation box and dropped in a fifty, and then it hit him, he knew what he was going to do. Out of the blue God had dropped it in his soul as simply as he dropped a fifty in a box. Dan was going to write a story, a children’s story, only for adults!

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“The Encounter” Chapter Twenty 11/2/14

Once again Dan found himself in his truck driving down the road on way to his first sales call. His three day weekend was a blur of activity in his mind, as he had absorbed so much material in such a short time. Nevertheless, he now had the knowledge he needed for his new life, but as yet, nothing had changed. The start of his day was different, in that he was sure to have his devotion time, Praise, Prayer, and Promises, before he left. He had offered up his priestly sacrifices and walked out of the house spiritually prepared rather than spiritually deaf as he used to, but other than that, what had changed?

He was still selling pipe. He was still selling pipe he could no longer brag about the way he used to. He was still dreading his first sales call for fear he would have another dissatisfied customer, or possibly questions about rumors flying around the business concerning product malfunctions. So even though he was different now, walking in the spirit, the “physical” still seemed the same. Their had been no leading from God to quit his job, so here he was, going forward in faith and hoping for the best.

Driving down the road Dan discovered his old habit of talking to God had returned, “So what happens now, Lord? Will I hear a voice from heaven when I’m supposed to quit?” Then another idea came to mind and he simply began praying for God’s blessing, and he prayed until he had peace in his soul.

In this way several weeks passed by, and although there had been some ups and downs, somehow it all worked out and much of his dreading had faded away. He was no longer worried about quitting his job. It would all happen naturally as each day unfolded, and God would order his steps.

Then one day he remembered Mrs. Parker the bird doctor, and reached for his cell phone. Hitting the speed dial he waited for her answer so he could check on Blackie and ask about his trial release date?

Mrs. Parker heard the phone ringing, sat down the bird feed she was mixing and reached for the phone, “Hello, this is Mrs. Parker.”

“Hello Mrs. Parker, so good to hear your voice again. This is Dan, calling about our bird, Blackie. How’s he doing?”

“Oh, Dan, good to hear you, too. Well, our bird will be ready for his big test this Saturday. Are you still planning on bringing your family?”

“Yes, we would really like to be there. I’ve told our kids all about Blackie, how he was injured and might not fly again. They asked me what would happen if he could not fly? When I said he would spend the rest of his life in a pin, they were very sad to hear that, and we have been praying for Blackie ever since. It would really mean a lot to see if he takes to the air that day.”

Mrs. Parker smiled, thinking about this family praying for an injured black bird. “Your family would be most welcome, Dan. Say around noonish?”

“That would be perfect. Count on us to be there.”

“Okay, see you then. Bye-bye.”

“Goodbye Mrs. Parker.” The conversation had been short and to the point, the rest was in Blackie’s hands now, or rather his wings.

When Saturday came, the family was very excited as they pulled into the parking lot with a sign reading, Mrs. Parker the Bird Doctor. Everyone piled out of the car in great enthusiasm. The children were all a chatter with whether Blackie would fly or not. The little girl wanted to know if she could hold Blackie? Her mother, kneeling down and looking into her eyes, “He’s not that kind of bird, dear. He is a wild bird, and he belongs back in the sky.”

“But what if he doesn’t fly, mommy?”

“Then God will take care of that, honey. We’ve been praying, right?”

Cathy gave her daughter a warm hug and then watched her skip away like all was well with the world. Mrs. Parker was already holding the door open, warmly welcoming everyone to the big event.

Dan made all the introductions and the family finally had a face to put with the name of Mrs. Parker the bird doctor. It was an exciting time. There were a few other birds for the children to see, and Mrs. Parker took great delight in showing the children each one, and answering all their questions, but finally it came down to the star of the show, Blackie the black bird. The children oo’d and ahh’d over the shiny black feathers of the bird, but were not allowed to get too close, so they would not scare him. This was Blackie’s big day, and Mrs. Parker wanted him in a proper mood.

She had a specially prepared pin outside. It stood at least ten feet tall and was covered with a wire mesh. There was a small square door in the far upper corner that could be opened. Blackie would be released into the pin and if he flew out that door, then he would be free, but he had to fly at least that good.

Mrs. Parker moved everyone outside, explaining she would unwrap the bandages keeping him from moving his wings, and then she would release him into the pin through a window in the wall. They were instructed not to make any loud noises when Blackie came out, but to simply watch and see what happens.

The family waited in silence. Cathy was knelt down with her little girl, Tammy, and Dan had the two boys.

Tammy kept watching the window for Blackie. You could see the look of concern on her face. “I don’t see Blackie, mommy. Where is he?”

Mother picking Tammy up in her arms, “Mrs. Parker is getting him ready, dear. You’ll see. He’ll be here any moment now.”

Dan was strangely silent during this time. He had a connection with this bird. He had been the bird flapping around on the pavement, wanting to fly but unable, wanting to soar but not knowing how. Since that time God had healed his wings, given him wisdom from the eagle, and now his life was changed completely for the better, and he wanted to see Blackie fly. This bird had represented him when it was damaged and flapping about, and now he wanted to see Blackie fly up to that opening in the cage and take wing! The thought of him being damaged goods trapped in a cage simply would not be a proper ending to this drama. He needed to see the black bird fly.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Sixteen 10/20/14

Dan and Cathy needed more time to talk, so Cathy decided to take home the rest of her steak, and they ordered one chocolate cola cake to split, and cups of coffee to drink while slowly enjoying desert. Then she asked, “What is this scripture about spiritual sacrifices and holy priesthood?”

Dan had brought a small New Testament with him, “It comes out of First Peter,” he said, “First Peter two and verse five,” he began reading, “And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more, you are his holy priest. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual sacrifices that please God.”

Dan handed the small Bible over to Cathy and said, “This spiritual temple, and spiritual sacrifices are more powerful than we know, and we have been called to live such a lifestyle, in the high places with God. We are called to live in Praise, Prayer, and Promises. It is a higher way of living. People fail to realize what God is offering. So they live lives of flapping in this carnal world and fail to be “fulfilled” in their new creation. We are eagles that are living like sparrows, and we wonder why our heart keeps telling us something is wrong? We are living way below our potential and are unfulfilled. Our fulfillment is waiting for us in the high places.”

Cathy read over the words two or three times before closing the book and asking, “So what does this mean for us? Where do we go from here?”

Dan answered without hesitation, “It means a powerful adventure with God! It means the unlocking of the secrets of the universe, for God knows all these things. He designed it, and he knows how it works. I’ve spent some time thinking about this, and let me describe it this way. You know how we were concerned about letting our kids watch those Harry Potter movies?”

“Yes,” she acknowledged, “and we were even more concerned when we saw how much they loved them. But they seemed harmless enough, so we went to each one as they came out, even though I’m still not sure that was such a good idea, but I just didn’t have the heart to say no.”

“Yes, exactly, I remember how we wrestled with that decision, too. But Cathy, this is what I am seeing. Hollywood comes out with a lot of perverted forms of what God has created. We all are spirit beings who were originally created in the image of God. Hollywood does not even realize a lot of times that they are presenting a deep spiritual truth, only in a perverted form. God offered such a life first! He offered for us to be Harry Potters in reverse! Actually, Harry Potter is a reverse form of us! If our kids catch a glimpse of what it means to search the deep and ancient holy scriptures, and they realize there are spiritual practices that offer a higher life, a spiritual journey leading to very powerful things, including an eternity in a place called heaven, can you imagine how excited they will be? Your dad is actually having the time of his life! He has been on a great adventure with God ever since he read the book! And God has met his needs, carried him on eagle’s wings.”

Cathy could see the life beaming in Dan’s eyes, a fire she had not seen there in a couple of years. “I get it now,” she said. “I actually see what you’re saying, and what God is offering, but I still don’t understand how to do it.”

“That is what I am learning,” Dan said, “Like a Harry Potter in reverse. And what I understand right now is, the eagle is a physical picture of it. Also, Praise, Prayer, and Promises is where we should be living. We should walk in these things. They must become our spiritual disciplines as we develop these wings of the eagle that will carry us unto Him. But there is one more thing.”

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

“The reason so many people fail, is because God’s ways do not make sense to our own ways of thinking. It will be required of us to step out in a powerful force called faith. The true student of God’s word must enter this spiritual force called faith. Scripture says in II Chronicles 7:4, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face…”

Dan stopped there before explaining, “God’s people make a very common mistake of reading that verse and thinking they need to ‘pray more’, which is probably true, but they end up missing the very first step, which is… if my people will ‘humble’ themselves. Surrender and obedience are very powerful forces in the spiritual realms. The way up with God, looks like a way down to us. A way of failure and misery. To walk in spiritual things you have to trust God completely. He lifts us up supernaturally. That is why the teacher in this book emphasizes over and over again, that it is the broken wings that soar. God carries us on eagle’s wings, for sure, but our will must be broken to unite with his will, for the greater good of all, and for this very powerful lifestyle. These are the only people he will entrust with such great power.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Five 9/29/14

“Listen here Dan, you stand on that pipe and tell me that’s the same pipe I used to get from you!” John almost yelled. He had a right to be upset. John was a private contractor and an entire line had collapsed beneath a parking lot. A large section was going to need to be dug up and repaved. Farm Co. would share in the loss if it was proven to be faulty pipe, if not, then John was going to be taking a large loss.

“I can’t do that, John. I haven’t been able to stand on our pipe for at least a year now. Our company will have a man out to inspect everything, and we’ll go from there.”

“Dan,” John continued, “It hurts me to have to say this. I like you a lot, and I hope you still come by from time to time, but Farm Co. is not what it used to be. They still expect top dollar from products offering less quality. I’m afraid I won’t be doing business with you guys anymore. And your company better make good on this mess!”

“I hear ya, John. I understand.”

When Dan climbed back in his truck and drove away, the first thing he did was call the company. “Look boss, you got a serious situation here. You’re going to have to send an inspector out. And by the way, it’s Friday and I’m canceling my other meetings. I just took a good butt chewing, and right now I couldn’t sell fire in Alaska. I’m going to need the weekend to get my head together.” The boss knew when not to argue, and Dan was headed home.

Once again he found himself rolling down a black top road…trapped on the road…feeling like he was flapping, flapping, flapping…and no one running to his rescue. He considered John a friend, he had sold him the pipe, and now John was hurt because of him.

“I wish I were an eagle,” he said to himself, thoughts flowing as he drove. He turned the reins loose on his mind to let his thoughts go wherever they would. “I wish I were an eagle, they do less flapping, and more soaring. I could just fly away from all of this. Yeah, soaring…that sounds so good.” He had not been able to get the vision of the flapping black bird out of his head. For days now, every time he looked in his driver’s side mirror, he saw Blackie helplessly flapping on the road.

Dan remembered he had a book at home that was given him by Cathy’s dad. He never read it, but it was some preacher teaching about a supernatural lifestyle. Supposedly, the eagle was a biblical metaphor for what this preacher taught. Cathy’s dad, Don, liked the book so much that he bought a copy for him. That was two years ago, and it still sat on a shelf untouched. Dan liked being a Christian, but he didn’t want to be spooky about it. He had seen Christians like that. He didn’t want to be considered weird. Of course, Jesus certainly was in a category all his own. But that was Jesus.

“I’ve got two days to get my head together,” he considers, “but what shall be the shape of things to come? You can’t keep doing the same old things and expect different results. I’ve got to try something new, and I have no idea what that should be. What does Don mean by, supernatural? Cathy’s dad has always been religious, but he comes across as very sensible. Nothing spooky about him. Could there be another way of living? I thought that super stuff all ended with the Apostles? Or maybe the supernatural does not always mean raising the dead?” Dan knew right then he was finally ready to read the book. Could he find answers there?

He would give it a try, but he wasn’t going to get his hopes up, after all, he wasn’t a bird.

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