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“A Strange Spiritual Diet”

It’s time to take a short break from our developing story, “The Encounter”. At the top of my side bar you might notice a title of Comic Books, God, and Nature. Some might find fault that I put comic books before God in the title, but that is intentional, and for a reason. I have plenty of articles in which God is the main subject, and Christians the target, but I’m targeting a different audience with this one, and comics are the leading subject.

This is a conversation I wouldn’t mind having with other people who love comics and superheroes. I’m not talking about Archie, here. I grew up on a strange spiritual diet of comic books, my Bible, and isolation in nature, which meant these things just about had my undivided attention. Now as a Christian, I wonder how that affected me?

To this day I am adventurous, even at the age of 59, and I am adventurous for God. I still buy certain comics just to cut pictures out of them. Why? I tape them in my journal next to my accounts of the things I am doing. Why would anyone do a crazy thing like that?

Well, I happen to love things that inspire me to be disciplined in my goals for God. Batman may be fictional, but what he stands for is a hero very disciplined to saving his city. (He’s not perfect, and neither am I, but he tries hard.) Such a lifestyle inspires me, and I love the artwork. This is only one example. Most will probably write this practice of mine off as a very crazy thing, hopefully harmless, and definitely ridiculous, but I disagree. (About the ridiculous part, that is. LOL.)

If any one would like to have a conversation around this topic, the floor is open. If you want to know more of my story, I have written it on my “About Page”. Just hit the “About this site” button in the header bar. I’m just throwing this out there to see what might pop up. Curiosity getting the better of me.

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Divergent / Common Point



I think another good point to make is that in being divergent, in the act of choosing to be different, choosing a different direction than other pressures may be pressing you to go, it is not an act of being without any “COMMON POINT” with other people.

Actually, it is the leaving of one common point to join the people who belong to another common point. One group may be smaller than another, but there will always be those who see things in a similar way as you. Most of the time we choose a new path based on someone who is already doing it, or has done it before. They might even mentor you, or train you, as in the movie, Divergent. We see what someone else is recommending, or doing, and we think, “Yes, I want to do that too!”

It is actually the choosing of a new common point. As a Christian, I have a common point with all true followers of Christ. Someone who chooses a military life, separates themselves from the common point of civilian life, to enter into a common point of soldiers, a brotherhood of warriors. We all have at least a few common points in our life.

In the last post when we posed the question of our own personal choice, concerning diverging, it is not that we are choosing to live on an island and become a hermit.






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For some reason when this movie came out I did not feel led to go see it, but to read the book! It is my hope to put out short blurps pertaining to this most fascinating story. It fascinates me for many reasons. ONE: It is about choosing who you are meant to be. Choosing what you feel is most IMPORTANT in life, and having the courage to BECOME that.

This blogsite is about being Samurai for Christ, and we are about to begin teaching what it means that Christ said: “I GO AWAY.” The material God is giving me is very RICH on this subject. My plan is to intermix short blogs about this book, Divergent, as I slowly read it. As long as the book continues to hold my unique attention, it will be a part of this blogsite while I’m reading it.


Divergent: To move or extend in different directions from a common point. To differ in character, form, or opinion.

Can anyone truly follow their heart without being divergent? In the world we live in, can anyone truly follow Christ without being divergent? We live in a world that wants to shape us to their mode. This is the definition of success! This is how you should dress! You’re not cool, or down, or bad, if you don’t fit this! Be like us or we won’t like you! If you want to be “popular”, you better wear these clothes, use these curse words, do these things, and on and on the peer pressure goes. Even parents trying to shape their children to be like them. But do we have the courage to seek out what our CREATOR put in us to be, and become that? That is to diverge from the common point! This is what everyone says is cool, but that is not what I value or choose for me!

My dad was very mechanical and worked in a factory all his life. He never read books. Did not like to read. Never tried to write anything. Could not stand in front of a crowd and speak if his life depended on it, and yet he wanted me to be like him.

I had to diverge. I hated factory work. (Became a truck driver and minister.) I love to read and write. But because of my upbringing, I had a great fear of speaking in front of people, so when God called me, it was one of my greatest challenges. Because of my upbringing I lost a lot of years finding the real me, but it was so worth the journey! My dad was only trying to help me, he meant well, but you know what I’m talking about. This is part of growing up.

In this story a young lady named Beatrice was born into a very conservative lifestyle. We will talk about the 5 factions on next blog, but it is in her heart for ADVENTURE! To run! To breathe hard, sweat, and be adventurous! She watches those who are called Dauntless, and something in her heart longs to be there! But she will have to leave her family, everything she has grown up with, and even face great danger and hardship, if she wants to be Dauntless. Will she do it? Can she do it? Can she become Dauntless? And of course, there is even a greater challenge she is going to discover that she does not currently know. She is already faced with being “divergent” to her family, but what of the challenge of being “divergent” to her whole society? An act of divergence that makes you an outlaw, a threat to society. Wow, this could get good!

But what about you? What about me? I’m 58 years old and am currently recovering from back surgery. I’ve made a decision to not return to truck driving, but to blaze a whole new trail. Perhaps I will interweave some of that story with these Divergent blurps, but for now, I think we have a good start here.



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Movie: “Winter Soldier” / S.H.I.E.L.D.


Since this is a Christian blogsite dealing in spiritual things, I would like to draw a certain analogy from the “Winter Soldier” movie that fits what I have been teaching in my last three messages. (Samurai Vision Parts I, II, III)

I taught in those messages how todays Church may be headed for a great division which eventually leads to a great falling away. We also compared it to the division and civil war that took place in Israel which led to Ten Tribes of Israel being lost forever!

Now in this movie we have an agency known as SHIELD. It is supposed to be the “good guys”, a force against evil, even our superheroes team up with them, almost like mighty prophets of God to do warfare against evil. So in my eyes SHIELD is in the position of the Church, symbolically speaking. (Please understand this is only an analogy that might help us see a spiritual condition already developing. I’m not trying to say this is scripture, it’s only an analogy. Sometimes it is easier to visualize things in this way.)

The point is that we all know the Church has a certain number of people in it who are not really Christians. Maybe they claim to be, or maybe they do not. However, we are talking about something greater than that. An evil greater than that. The Bible speaks of a great falling away! SHIELD is discovered to be so completely compromised by Hydra that it needs to be blown up! SHIELD, in its old form, is no more!

Not only that, but I have spoken of the attack of the enemy on the Church to “feminize” it, and that we need to get back our MANHOOD, like Duck Dynasty! (As weird as that may sound, it is true!) Those who have ears to hear, let him hear!

If my childhood knowledge of comics is correct, the old leader of Hydra, the Red Skull, is passed. (Although he is not really dead.) The current leader of Hydra is a woman whose name is VIPER, but she is also called Lady Hydra. So the group that so infiltrated SHIELD that it had to be blown up, is led by a powerful and evil woman.

There you go. File this away for whatever it is worth to you. Trash if it means nothing. Keep it if the analogy helps you. Thanks for stopping in. Comments welcomed.

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Movie – “Winter Soldier” / Captain America


My wife and I actually went to a Thursday night midnight showing to see it. We were surrounded by energized young people! (I was a youth minister for many years. It was like old times!)

But as to the movie, I like the Winter Soldier Character for many reasons. One, he is like a Captain America in very rough form. Why would I like that? Because C.A. is just too perfect. He is the guy that has everything. He’s got all the good looks, super powers, does everything right, and everybody loves him. But Winter Soldier is very rough around all the edges, and how did he get that way?

Steve Rogers was his friend who turned into the great C. A.. In the first movie Steve asks Bucky, “So, are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” His answer was, “No. But I’ll follow the little guy from Brooklyn that did not know when to run from a fight.” He was more impressed with the old Steve, than the new C.A. He wanted to make it clear that he was not overwhelmed with the C. A. persona.

Now I’m sorry, but this is just my perspective, possibly because I like this Winter Soldier character, but C.A. led Bucky into sliding down a cable and dropping onto a speeding train! A ten second window to make the drop! Only three of them even made it. C.A. and two guys with no super powers! C.A. led his best friend into a situation difficult for even him to survive with all his super powers, and here’s Bucky determined to hang with Cap. Sorry, but Cap is partly responsible for Bucky ending up in enemy hands, brain washed and believing he is a force for good, when actually, he is being used by Hydra.

Well, now Bucky appears to be Cap’s equal, even the famous shield is useless against him. He throws it back at Cap like it is his own. He used to be best friends with Cap, but now he is a very rough form of that, and I like it. Now that he is discovering he has been “used”, Hydra better look out, because once he gets his head together, I think they just made a very formidable enemy!

Now don’t get me wrong, as a Christian I’m all about living a clean life, but spiritual warfare involves a lot of hardship. Most warriors I have seen have a rough and serious look about them. Warfare beats you up and makes you tough the hard way. The warrior does not live a normal life, but is separated to his life of disciplines. C.A. is just a little too good looking for my taste. I like the potential I see in Winter Soldier to be a great warrior for good. Rough around the edges. Rough like a wolf. Rough like a spiritual Bounty Hunter. Rough like a cowboy, and I like it.

I do have a spiritual analogy to make about this. I hope to post it in next couple days.

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“God’s Not Dead”


I have three movies I will be commenting on over the next couple of days. As we see Christian movies suddenly invading the Hollywood market place, we also see a struggle between good and bad quality and messages.

Now the movie : “God’s Not Dead” more than makes up for not being an “action flick”, like so many people seem to desire, by the power of its message. The quality is excellent, and the message is very moving and powerful! I greatly recommend it over the movie “Noah”, of which I will speak of soon. After that I will also comment on the Captain America – “Winter Soldier”. I expect to see it tonight, as I have used the “Winter Soldier” analogy in my messages, I want to also see Hollywood’s version of it. (This should be fun!)

I do find it interesting that we have a great influx of better quality Christian movies happening at this time. I know Hollywood does it to make MONEY, but it also adds to what I am calling the “Joseph Time”, seven years of spiritual plenty. Even the tremendous impact of “Duck Dynasty”, which I love. He and his wife also makes an appearance in “God’s Not Dead”, and they are excellent! (They make me proud!)

God is on the move, folks! And he certainly is not dead, as so many self-declared smart people say he is! Amen!


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“Samurai Vision” > Page 3


“Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another; and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of host, in that day when I make up my jewels; AND I WILL SPARE THEM, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” (Malachi 3:16-17)

There is a great divide growing between the Churches of our day, and that divide revolves around the proper fear of the Lord. The ten tribes that have lost it will fall and be no more, having itching ears, when the fires come they will fall away! Please read parts 1 & 2 for more details of which I speak.

Malachi was the last of the O.T. prophets before Christ came the first time. I suspect his prophecies have a great deal of bearing before Christ comes the second time, as well. We have spoken about our highly educated, money loving, lustful clergy of our day, and pointed out how perfectly poised we are for this civil war within God’s Church, and the parallels between how it played out for the nation Israel, and our possible course today.

After the Northern 10 tribes of Israel divided from southern Judah, Israel fell into a pattern of many bad kings, leading them further and further down a wicked path to their total destruction and assimilation into worldliness. They are now the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. However, Judah had a series of good kings that pulled them out of destruction for a long time. As a result, they continued to be the place of “true worship”, and when their judgment finally came, God was actually with those carried off into Babylon, and they prospered there. They also remained faithful to God.

Now I have put forth the possibility of 7 years of spiritual outpouring from God, prior to a 7 year spiritual famine, known as the 7 Year Tribulation Period. I have called this a “Joseph Time”. Now if this be so, then we need to have the wisdom of Joseph and prepare in the years of plenty for the years of famine. The question now becomes, “How do you prepare for such a thing as a spiritual famine? Can we store up God’s anointing?”

As Malachi preached before, many of our people have lost a respect for God’s “Laws”, and no longer fear God. We constantly preach love and grace and ignore all God’s boundary lines. God said that even in the last days he would spare those who fear him. But what does it mean to fear him? Does he want us dreading him? Shaking in our boots? Hiding from him? Of course not! But we should fall in love with his laws, and we should fall in love with PRAYER. Prayer is the key to the Holy Spirit, and every good work God desires to do in us.

I have learned so much of late about the true nature of the Holy Spirit, who is the head of God’s Prayer Ministry. The Holy Spirit is the greatest of Prayer Warriors, and he lives in the prayers of his people. The Father seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. When those last 7 years begin and things start getting ugly, like the Ten Virgins waking up, those without oil will come running to the “Joseph People” asking for oil!

If their oil lines have not already been established, it is unlikely there will be time to do so then. It will be the “Time of Winter Soldiers”, those people of God able to bear fruit in cold and hard seasons of life! The cedar trees stay green because they are a tree full of sap! Enjoy these next 7 years of plenty! Work hard to develop your oil lines with God! It is not a time to be lazy, but a time to fortify yourself in Christ, to withstand the strongest of storms! Dig deeper! Pray harder! Love God more!

Eventually the Harlot riding the back of the New Roman Empire, the Beast, will fall in a day. It is a very sudden fall. When this Harlot is suddenly destroyed, then there will be such destruction that even the Judah Church will be beat down. But take heart brothers and sisters, because just like Judah eventually returned to her home land, and she was still the nation Israel, so will God’s Church come out of this victorious. Zion will be ours again! And we will have our King David on the throne forever!

So the message is: Do not be fooled by the 7 years of plenty. Dig your oil lines deep and strong! Draw nigh unto the Lover of your Soul! Enter into a proper honoring of His name, this name we marry into! He has trusted us with his name, and a proper fear of what we do to his name should be a part of our wisdom! Don’t find yourself one of the 5 Virgins waking with no oil, and no place to find it because a spiritual famine has set in! Now is the day to be wise! Now is the time to hear the words of Joseph, and prepare for the winter that is surely to come!

From here I intend to turn the topic to prayer and the Holy Spirit, because if you want strong pipelines, and you want to be the Winter Soldier we speak of, you are going to need to develop your prayer “skills” and “habits” like never been developed before. Now is the time to dig deep for the Winter Storm. So if anyone is listening out there to this one lone voice crying a spiritual samurai message, now you know the direction we are going, and why.

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“Samurai Dog says:”


I am a Samurai dog because I am devoted and loyal to my master. Spell doG backwards and what do you get? God’s

people must also live lives of loyalty and devotion. The spiritual Samurai messages that follow are a very important

word for our day. Do not be left in the dark as to what God is doing. 7 years of plenty, and 7 years of famine. Do we have

the wisdom of Joseph to do in a spiritual way, what he did in a physical way? How do we make sure we store enough

oil for our lamps to make it through the 7 year famine? My master says this is what this blog site will be devoted to

from now on. I hope we all learn to be Winter Soldiers. Please read Parts 1 & 2 of “Why a Samurai Vision”.


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