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“Do you have your Gotham?” > Chapter Nine.

THE ENCOUNTER III > This story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day. Have you heard a call in your heart saying, “Gotham needs me?” This is one man’s attempt to take up the mantle of being a caped crusader, caped in God’s Covering, for his city. Indianapolis is my Gotham.


“The downtown Central Library? Well, no, I have not been there since they remodeled. Isn’t that a ways for you to drive? Okay. Works for me. 10:00 a.m. on Thursday. Got it. See you then.” Don clicked off the cell phone and sat back in his chair rather amazed. Facebook had been successful. It took a couple weeks to get back into it, and then send a “friend request” to the young man named Chris. It had only taken a few days and a meeting was now set, but Don had to wonder what God was doing?

In his younger days Don had been heavily involved with youth ministry. During those many years Chris had been one of the young guys he had worked with, but he was thirty years old and had a family of his own now. Over the years their paths had crossed from time to time, but the last crossing had been at least two years ago, and why had God brought him back to mind? How many other people he could have thought of, but no, it had been Chris, and now it was set.

Even more puzzling was the meeting place. Since Don was not working he had offered to meet any time and any place, and Chris lived north east of downtown by quite a ways. Why not meet at Castleton? Or Pendleton? “Hhmm, this is very curious, Lord. I haven’t said anything to Chris about my interest in downtown, and yet he wants to meet at the Central Library? Says he wants to show me what is available there. Okay, Lord. I know you’re doing something and I shouldn’t be surprised, right? After all, we have a lot of prayers going, and you are ordering my steps. I can hardly wait till Thursday!”

“Speaking of prayers, Lord. You know this Prayer Life Group that no one has been coming to? The one that has been at my house for months now. The one I remodeled the room for. What am I supposed to do with this? I’ve invited and invited. Everyone is too busy to pray! Well…okay, not everyone. I have enjoyed those early morning prayer meetings at Charity Church. Don, Rick, Pastor Paul, and a few others. It has been so precious. I’m not sure what I would have done without their prayer support on this downtown mission. It’s just not happening at the other Church, Lord. I’ve been there over three years and it’s just not happening for me at least. Maybe there is a change in the wind? I need to talk to Pastor. A lot of things are changing right now, as I am searching this new mission. Maybe that is going to change too? Guess I need to set another meeting.”

Flipping his phone open and searching the number, the call quickly goes forth. “Hey Pastor, how you doing today? Good. Hey, when can we get together and talk?”

Another meeting was set. So many pieces on the chessboard of life. This move, that move; this knight, and that castle. Strongholds over a city. Evil in the streets. A Dark Knight is invading in the cover of the unknown. This move, that move. This prayer, that prayer. Words spoken, prophetic visions, obedience and faith. What shall be the shape of this thing when all is said and done? It takes a seeker to find out. It takes a person willing to lay it all on the line and follow that voice no matter where it leads. But first it takes a person who can HEAR. Let him who hath ears, HEAR.

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“Do you have your Gotham?” 12/17/14

THE ENCOUNTER III > This story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day. Do you know your specific assignment from God? Have you heard a call in your heart saying: “Gotham needs me?” This is one man’s attempt to take up the mantle of being a Caped Crusader for God. I am caped in God’s Covering and Indianapolis is my city.


As Don lay in his bed that morning, fighting the early morning fog in his head, the voice had been clear. Two trips downtown walking around, loading his soul with images, thoughts, prayers, and questions to God, finally something had come through, and it was the preparing of his Batcave!

In the next room was his computer with Internet access around the world. For two years he had faithfully maintained a blogsite with a cowboy theme, because the old Don had been a truck driver, but now everything had changed! Twelve month of spiritual sabbatical and he was no longer a truck driver, never to return! At the moment he had no job at all, other than a Priest of the Most High God seeking entrance into a city, to become a guardian, a light invading darkness, and now he knew his first line of attack.

In his soul he suddenly knew, the blogsite was a tremendous tool, a Sword of Light ready to penetrate a city, but it had to change. He thought about the downtown college campus. These young people would not be attracted to a cowboy, but what had he become? How had these twelve months changed him? What was to be the new message and theme? All this had to change. And then he would create a blogsite business card that was easily handed out. Anytime he had a God encounter with someone, he could hand them a card and all they had to do was go to the site for a mountain of teaching and the opportunity to stay in contact! It was so obvious! But what would be the new theme?


Climbing from his bed he was filled with inspiration. Walking into the dark room, flipping on the light, there it was before him, a portal to his city, and the world, but it needed to change, and much time would be spent here. This would be his Batcave! His place of focus and research. His launching pad for this invasion of God’s Spirit into the city. The place he would sit meditating, listening for a word from God, waiting for the ordering of his steps, a place of complete dedication, a place of donning his cape from God, his mantle, God’s Covering, everyday before making a move, operating in the power of his Priesthood.

Hours were spent that day making changes, and he had no idea how great the potential would be, for he did not know that in just a few weeks he would reconnect with someone showing him a building full of people, downtown, sitting at computers, maybe 500 of them, going on line every day, and could just as easily go to a site called “BROKEN WINGS THAT SOAR”, as anything else. Step One was now in place. The next time he went downtown his pocket would be loaded with a simple little card reading, “Broken Wings that Soar”, and an address of “The Encounter”.

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“GOTHAM” 12/11/14

“THE ENCOUNTER III” > The story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day.


After enjoying his latte, Don left the Starbucks and walked over to the War Monument he had been staring at through the Starbucks window. Walking up the steps he found another nice spot and spent some time in prayer. The life-blood of a priest of Christ is prayer. Many Christian endeavors have been things other than what God wanted because of a lack of prayer. Prayer opens supernatural portals, and unless a priest is faithful to such a prayer life, these portals never open.

His spiritual walk-about was not over. He still had the canal area, IUPUI campus, and the hospital areas to walk through. It had been dark for a while when he finally left the Circle to head in those directions. He walked and walked, pausing here and there to listen. Listen to what? He could not say. His soul was listening, and many times the soul does not share what it hears, and what it knows, till later.

When he finally stopped walking he was at a bus stop near to the VA Hospital. There was a half tall cement wall to sit on while he waited. He was even closer to the Eskenazi Hospital, and he watched a helicopter with blades turning while it sat upon the hospital roof. When it took off it flew right over him.

His study of the IndyGo bus route had shown this route to run until at least 11:00 p. as he recalled. He hoped he remembered that right. The Internet information also said the bus would come through approximately every 20 minutes, but after 30 minutes of setting there watching car headlights fly by, and no sign of a bus, he began to worry.

He had reached this spot at 10 pm. and now it was 10:30. “I wonder if I looked at that schedule wrong?” he began questioning. He could not be sure, and the longer he sat there, the more he doubted. His emergency plan was to have his wife rescue him when she got off work from her Cracker Barrel waitressing job, and it was time, so reluctantly reaching for his phone, he hit the speed dial.

“Hello? How’s your adventure going? You still alive?” His wife asked.

“Ha! Yes, I am, but I may need you to pick me up.”

“Are you lost?” she asked while laughing.

“No. I’m at a bus stop, but it’s been forty minutes now and they are supposed to come through every twenty. I think I looked at the schedule wrong. Some of the routes end at ten. I may be stranded. Anyway, if you head for the VA Hospital I can meet you there.”

“Okay, dear, I guess I can come to your rescue. Your first trip on the IndyGo and you miss the bus and end up stranded. Sounds like another story I can tell the kids. They won’t be surprised though.”

“Ha ha, very funny. I’m gonna start walking. See you soon. Bye dear. Love you.”

Rising from his cement perch Don begins walking towards the VA he can see just up the road. He is about three minutes into his hike when he hears something behind him. The bus!

“Well if that don’t beat all. I sit there for 45 minutes with no sign of a bus, but I no more than walk 3 minutes away and look what shows up, but no way to catch it now.” Don could not catch it for two reasons. One, if the bus does not see anyone at the stop, it just keeps rolling, and this driver was already passing the stop even as he turned and saw it. The other reason was, after his back surgery, it was all he could do to muster a slow trot! His lower spine was still so stiff it did not allow for running, which was very depressing to a guy that had run a marathon at the age of forty-eight! Depressing as it was, this was the new reality and all he could do was stand there frustrated as the bus he waited forty-five minutes for made the left hand turn to do the horse-shoe up through the hospitals.

“Wait a minute! The horse-shoe! That’s right! The bus will come out up ahead of me! Maybe I can run and find a bus stop before it comes through!” The race was on! Feeling like an old warhorse, Don started “trying” to run. All he could manage was a trot, but he was pushing it hard as he could. He was giving it his very best trot, but would it be enough, and where was a bus stop?

In no time at all he was breathing as hard as a locomotive and his lungs were screaming to stop. He could see it now, “Man Dies of Heart attack while Running for Bus!” Then he saw something up ahead. Was it a bus stop, or simply a structure built by the hospital to protect against bad weather? He did not know, but he was determined he would run at least to that spot, even if he collapsed upon arrival! If it was not a bus stop, then he was done. That spot up ahead was as much effort as he could give, more than he should actually, but try he would!

Fortune smiled and when he arrived with lungs heaving and heart slamming, he discovered a bus stop. The bus arrived and he jumped on. When he looked up he found “standing room only!” He was shocked! He grabbed the bar and held on for dear life as he fumbled for his phone to call his wife. The bus roared away hitting him with G-forces one more time, but he was on a bus!

“Never mind, dear. I caught a bus. I’ll see you when I get home.”

Due to some confusion about the routing, his challenge still was not over and he ended up walking a quarter-mile to get to his truck. It was after midnight when he finally got home to tell his wife the war story. His first IndyGo adventure was over.

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“Do you have your Gotham?”

Part Three of “The Encounter” just starting! Not fiction but REALITY. Some times reality really can be stranger than fiction. Details below.

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“Do You have your Gotham?” #1 > 12/6/14

“The Encounter III”

Here is where our story becomes a REAL LIFE REALITY SHOW.

If you have read The Encounter I & II, then you know that Dan has a father-in-law named, Don. In the story, Cathy’s dad, Don, used to be a truck driver until a back injury ended his career at the age of 58. After surgery he spent time with two books while he was recovering, his Bible, and a book called: “Soar More / Flap Less”. His twelve month sabbatical with God, and the help of these two books changed his life, and like a caterpillar changing to a butterfly, in his cocoon a sparrow became an eagle! Don gained a supernatural perspective and his life would never be the same!

He was so impressed with the book that he bought a copy for Dan, but it sat for two years on a shelf unread, and Dan and Cathy did not know what to think about her dad’s new outlook on life. He was happier than ever but also said strange things, and took his life an unexpected direction. No longer a truck driver, he was destined to lower paying jobs, but why go downtown and work in a mall for minimum wages when he could have done security work making ten to twelve dollars an hour? Shouldn’t he go where the money is? Why stand at bus stops waiting on a Metrobus full of unknown, possibly dangerous people, when he had a vehicle of his own?

If you have read The Encounter I & II, then you know Dan finally ends up reading the book and it changes his life too. He found answers, and then God led him to write a story called, “The Little Bird that Couldn’t > Flapless”, which is what The Encounter II consist of, but now our story turns to DON. YOU SEE, DON IS NOT A FICTIONAL CHARACTER, DON IS ME! SURPRISE!!!




So how is this going to work? I have been on a twelve month sabbatical with God. Much has been revealed to me during this time. I am about to invade downtown Indianapolis on a mission for God. I have a vision from God of being a “Caped Crusader”, to save the once holy lands from the enemy. My cape is the “covering” of God. He shall cover me with his feathers, and under his wings shall I trust.

It is my goal to keep these articles somewhere around 750 words, or less, but I may sometimes do more than one article in a day. I have already made scouting trips downtown, in the night, seeking God and the way he would have me enter in. The IndyGo- Metrobus adventure was a story in itself. I had never ridden one before, and I must say I was the only “white spot” on that bus that night, and during a time when racial tensions are, shall we say, rising?

My word count is at 570 and I must begin going. I will write my story as the fictional character “Don”, but know it is REALLY HAPPENING. I AM LIVING THIS. I’m on a mission from God to invade a city with God’s light, a Sword, a Light Saber if you will. I have a target from God. We’re making this personal!

After much walking around and prayer, I have a leading on the job I plan to target for employment and have begun to prepare. My employment will be kept “SECRET” until I am well established, so my employer can trust me that I won’t be “preaching” while he is “paying” me to do something else. Once I am established and have proven myself, I will reveal the “SECRET”.

I hope to have fun with this but at the same time it is a very serious endeavor. I will be a Caped Crusader for God, but what does it require to live that spiritual heroic lifestyle? Where does our “SUPER” come from that we might do exploits for HIM?

Let the adventure begin!!! When I next return, the style will be fictional, but the story will be REAL. Hope you enjoy, but more than that, I hope we all grow. Let us be inspired!

To be continued…

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