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I just can’t seem to get the MockingJay out of my mind.


She did not want to be a part of the games. She dreaded it, feared it, as any normal person would, but love for her little sister drove her to leap into those games like a protective mother bear!

She was not aware of the gift she had to “move people”. And a movement is inspired, they find their fire, while she is simply trying to survive and save her sister.

But as I said before, saving her sister is costing her a terrible price in her body, mind, emotions, and soul. True sacrificial love will cost us. It might even cause you to live in a $120,000 house, (or less), rather than a 10 million dollar house, simply because people are in great need all around you.

She did not see herself a hero, and maybe you do not see yourself that way either, but what gifts might God have placed in you, that will only shine when great pressure has been applied? Katnis wants to save her sister, could we save a town, a city?

We talk about eagles a lot on this site, and maybe you don’t see yourself ever being an eagle living in the high places of God, but what about the raven? I love the raven. I even chose to use that particular bird in my story of “Flapless – The Little Bird that Couldn’t”. You might notice that the MockingJay warrior outfit also looks very ravenish. (Is that a word?)

I consider the raven to be “a bird for hard times”. The raven stands out 3 times in the Bible. Noah chose the raven when conditions were to chaotic for the dove. The raven chose to endure what the dove chose not to. (The Holy Spirit does seek proper conditions in its temples. Hint.) Also, the raven was called upon by God to feed the prophet Elijah during very hard times. Jesus spoke of the raven when talking about not being attached to material things, but seek first the kingdom of God.

Could you be a MockingJay? Could you be so driven to save someone that you enter the heroic? Could you be a bird for hard times?

I think Hollywood is so ignorant of spiritual things that it sometimes produces the prophetic and does not even realize. I think the MockingJay is one of those shows. In December of 2015 we have a new Star Wars coming, but right now we still have the MockingJay. Let us not ignore the handwriting on the wall!

What might happen if you dared to target a mission for God and seek to save that target? Could you be ravenish, a bird for hard times? In America many of God’s children are too busy working hard to “avoid hard times”. There is a certain honor in that. We are to meet the needs of our family and one of those great needs is to show them true love. True love will raise a healthy child, and enable them to endure many things.

If you choose the path of the MockingJay, perhaps you will suffer greatly, perhaps you will be scarred for life, but those wounds and scars will glow like gold in the eyes of the people you have helped. Think about it.

Added Note: Speaking of Momma Grizzlies…could Sarah Palin rise to be a MockingJay if she chooses to? Katnis does not become President, but she sure does cause a lot of changes from her warrior ministry. I see a potential parallel here, but it would cost her greatly, endanger her family, require a great price. Pray about it Sarah.

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