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“My Favorite Chapter of the Bible”


So I can’t explain what happened to me the other day when I was having my morning cup of Bible and I read this chapter and it was like, “Wow, I think this is my favorite chapter.”

I have memorized Psalms chapters 1, 23, 91, and 112 so I can quote and pray them on a regular basis, but my favorite chapter is none of them. I also love the chapters containing the Sermon on the Mount! (Matthew 5-7) But it’s none of them either. So imagine a drum roll if you will, as I reveal my favorite chapter to be: St. John 3. (And it is not because of 3:16, even though that is such an important verse, but it is the whole chapter! Even from the way it starts to the way it ends.)

Imagine this, a Pharisee, a sage, a religious leader, a mystic, a seeker of God and truth sneaking around in the dark of night to have a secret meeting with the nomadic rebel teacher, Jesus! In dark of night! This man is desperate for a private counsel with this mysterious man of God known as Jesus, but he doesn’t want his fellow religious leaders to know. He is risking his reputation, his status , everything, to ask this Prophet a few questions. He wants to see for himself! One on one! So he comes like a ninja in the night, hiding in shadows, looking over his shoulder as he hurries along to his secret meeting, and what does Jesus tell him?

“You must be born again.” (Whaaat?)

Can you imagine? Nicodemus is not your average Bible student, and he is not a fool. Most likely he is above average in intellect and very serious about this secret mission. He has seen some of the miracles and he knows this Jesus must be sent from God, but his answers seem to come from another world! He confuses everyone with riddles and parables. Whaaat?

Jesus begins going deeper with the riddle. But can Nicodemus follow him deeper? You must be born of water and the Holy Spirit. Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.

I can imagine that Nico’s head is spinning as Jesus then say, “The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.” (WOW!)


“You are a respected Jewish teacher, and yet you don’t understand these things?” (WOE!)

This chapter starts out like a book that grabs you from the very first page and just when you think the plot can’t get anymore exciting or intense, it does!

“I assure you, we tell you what we know and have seen…if you don’t believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things? No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven.”


After this is when he explains how greatly God loves mankind, that he has sent me to save them, and whosoever believes on him shall be saved. There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him! However, for those who do not believe, they are judged already. Jesus has not come to judge, but to save us from the judgment already on us!

Now another climatic moment comes when Jesus says, “And the judgment is based on this fact:”… Now stop the movie right here for a moment. This is where a stupid commercial break cuts in and leaves you hanging! The judgment is based on this fact! (What is he going to say? What is it all based on? I can hardly wait to know!) Commercial finally over!

“God’s light came into the world…but people loved the darkness more than the light…for their actions were evil.  All who do evil hate the light…and refuse to go near it…for fear their sins will be exposed.

But those who do what is right…come to the light…so others can see they are doing what God wants.”

What a thunderous revelation! It all comes down to whether we are drawn to light, or not? Whether we love the darkness or the light? God’s light came into the world, but man loved darkness more! This is a strong word of revelation Nicodemus is receiving in the dark of the night!

But the chapter goes on: Nicodemus exits, and John the Baptist enters in! John reveals that Jesus must become greater and greater, while he will decrease, fade into the background. Then he confirms that Jesus has “Come form above, and is greater than anyone else!” We are earthly, he explains, but Jesus comes from heaven and testifies of what he has seen and heard with his own eyes and ears!


This is a major point, John 3 makes it not once, but twice! Once by Jesus himself, and then by John the Baptist! Jesus is first hand witness to the realities and glories of heaven, God’s Kingdom, and he came here to show and tell!


When I read this chapter I am hit with so many waves of feelings and revelation that I stand amazed. Questions roll through my mind like, why am I “attracted” to the light, and others are not? And also, how can anyone not be attracted to his light?

In verse 44 John reveals that Jesus has been given the Holy Spirit without limit! So…am I limited? What measure do I have? Can I increase that measure? WOW. Now I am challenged as to what I shall do?

Finally, a thunderous conclusion. This chapter keeps hitting to the very end.

“Any who believes in God’s  Son has eternal life.” (The AMAZING grace of God. What a great treasure to be rejected by so many.)

“Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.”

I see the lightning flash, I hear the thunder roll, and the chapter ends.


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Lord help me know the value of a soul…even my own.

These things we take for granted.

The sun rises. / Just another day?

Is there really any such thing?

A stone drops in water. Is that all I am?

Just the plunk of a stone?

Is that all I am?


But no…there are ripples.

About those ripples. Do I care?

We all cause them.

Every action…every deed….every word.

Even if I don’t care, I still cause ripples…

bad ones.

I am a stone dropped in water.


But I’m not “just” a stone. I am ripples,

and the ripples are very important.


Ripples speak louder than words.

God will judge.

How to fix so many little waves?

Only God.

Do not take for granted.

Jesus said, “I am the way.”

The only way.

This day is important…

I am important…


by: D.A.

wilderness tabernacle 01

I believe in the Ripple Effect. The ripple effect of discipleship. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”. The personal story of “Gotham” will continue soon. I am more than a month behind on it now. Much is happening. This poem was written as I worked my new job. (I do not end up at STARBUCKS. Details will come in the story.)

The fact that so much is happening is part of the reason my story is farther behind. If you go to the first chapter of “Gotham” and read of its humble beginnings, one might surmise there was little hope for one such as I. But now I find myself in a new job, going to a new church, and having made many new contacts outside that church. God is doing a thing and it is blooming and blossoming one day at a time. Not on my timetable, for surely I would have rushed into things more quickly if I could have.

The first “House of H.O.P.E.” is about to launch! More can be learned about that by going to

Since I’m so far behind, I will try to squeeze a little more into the next chapter of “Gotham”. But may the reader understand that those things happening now, would not have happened without being faithful to God’s leading in chapters 1,2,3,4, and so on. Every chapter has been important, even when it may have felt like I was getting nowhere and did not understand what was going on. Should you decide to become a Caped Crusader for God, you can find inspiration and understanding in every chapter. It’s hard to get people to actually read and study, these days. But for those who do, God has his rewards. Let it be a Holy Spirit Ripple Effect.

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“Do you have your Gotham?” 12/15/14

“THE ENCOUNTER III” > This story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day. Do you know your specific assignment from God? Have you heard a call in your heart saying, “Gotham needs me?” This is one man’s attempt to take up the mantle of being a Caped Crusader for God. I am caped in God’s covering and Indianapolis is my city.


Two days later Don felt led to do a daytime trip downtown. It would be another scouting mission as he still had no idea how to enter his Gotham and begin to battle the darkness so deeply rooted in today’s culture. Is Christianity really about just being a “good person”? Is that a Christian? No! It was actually closer to becoming a Batman, than just another good person, and yet how many of God’s children had such a vision? How many really understood this powerful Priesthood they were born-again into?

Don was not expecting what was to come. The bus ride went smoother now that he was an old pro, and being daylight he could see exactly where he was going. He even went farther back into the bus like he had wanted, and sat in the elevated seats. It was actually a relief knowing it was the bus driver flying down these narrow streets and his 1990 Dodge Ram was safely parked.

Once downtown he began to haunt the same familiar areas. His answer was here somewhere. More time was spent setting in the Garden Center, sipping on coffee and snacking on a hot pretzel. Unknown people continued passing in the street below, but everyone of them was known by God.

Walking through the mall he eventually reached the theater on the third floor, and found himself attracted to a movie playing. “Hhmm, this is interesting. I wonder?” It had been a long time since he had been in that theater, and what was this attraction to this one show? It was called “Maze Runner”. Before he knew it, he bought his ticket and headed in.

A week prior to this, at Wednesday night Church, a woman had stood and shared a very vivid dream she had and believed was a word from the Lord. In this dream the lady saw a pool of water, and a friend was with her. In the pool they saw snakes swimming all about and it frightened her friend, but she had advised, “It is not the snakes we can see that are so dangerous, it is the ones we cannot see. She said as they stood before this pool they realized they were boxed in by four tall cement walls representing the Church. And then she found herself saying to her friend, “We need to call for the men, the snake-killers!” And the dream ended. Don had written every detail of the dream down in his journal.

Don knew this movie had something to do with people trapped inside huge cement walls and the only way out was a maze full of danger. As the movie played he felt God speaking to him. He was having a God Encounter right there in that theater! These young men were trapped inside cement walls and there were no snakes, but the maze was full of spider/scorpion type monsters! The woman had said call for the men, the snake killers, but in this movie no hero had yet arrived. Everyone lived in fear, confusion, and no one dared to break the rules! They were trapped by a bunch of rules and a belief they could not kill the spider/scorpion creatures! To be trapped overnight in the maze was certain death! But then one man shows up who is willing to question everything, break rules, and even dare to fight.

It was discovered that the spider/scorpion monster could be defeated and people could survive a night in the maze. However, the monsters may not be their greatest threat, because these young men are being lied to in ways they cannot yet even imagine. The deception of smoke and mirrors are deeper than the ocean, and even when they think they have finally found truth and freedom, they are still in a web of falsehood, lies, and illusion, and they do not even know it yet.

IS THIS WHAT OUR SOCIETY HAS BECOME? The answer was yes. How can anyone find their way through such a maze of deceit? How many layers of smoke and mirrors are we trapped in? No wonder our youth are turning from God’s word in droves! And where are the snake-killers? Where are the David’s that slay Goliath? Where are the Yodas ready to train a young Skywalker? Why is the Church afraid to break culture’s politically correct laws? Are we afraid to run the maze and fight the monsters? Is Gotham not crying out? Lost in a maze of lust and corruption?

After the movie Don made his way straight back to the Garden Center, found his bench and wrote many notes in his journal. His soul was still listening, but had yet to share what it knew. The next day he woke up with the first piece of his puzzle dancing in his head! Immediately he discovered his Batcave, and got to work!

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“More than a Christian” #3

I Peter 2:5a > “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a SPIRITUAL HOUSE…”

God never called Israel a ‘spiritual house’. What does this mean? Is it possible God endured 4,000 years of humanity while steadily working his way towards a house he could call SPIRITUAL?

All those slaughtered cows, goats, and sheep were not spiritual? Can a cow’s blood pay the price for your sin? Can the blood of a sheep or goat? Are these not purely natural creations, not spiritual? Did not God have to give Israel every detail of a program for them to serve, and there was no free spiritual moving of the Holy Spirit? They did not have one original spiritual thought? Was not Jesus more than natural, but born of a virgin, lived above sin, and then shed his supernatural blood to save our souls? Do we see there was no spiritual house in Israel until the day God poured forth his Spirit and man began to be born again! A new creation never before existing upon the face of this earth!

God worked a plan for 4,000 years to achieve something he calls a spiritual house? Do we understand the magnitude of this achievement? Do you understand all the Prophets of old and the Priesthood of Levi was looking forward to this big event, even though they did not understand it? Looking forward to the day they would actually be a spiritual house? And actually offer up a true spiritual sacrifice? Every time another cow was slaughtered it was a picture of that which was to come, but had not yet!




The House of Jacob sprang from the loins of Abraham, but Hebrews 11:10 tells us Abraham was looking for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God! Is this city only found in heaven? No, it is not, for there is a house growing, a spiritual house whose builder is Christ himself, and we are it!


It is more than being a “good person”.  We are a spiritual house, able to offer up SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES. Not the blood of cows, goats, sheep, doves! After 4,000 years, was God on the edge of his throne, anxious for a people who could send up something other than a dead cow or goat? YOU BET HE WAS! AND STILL IS!


To be continued…

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“Samurai Dog says:”


I am a Samurai dog because I am devoted and loyal to my master. Spell doG backwards and what do you get? God’s

people must also live lives of loyalty and devotion. The spiritual Samurai messages that follow are a very important

word for our day. Do not be left in the dark as to what God is doing. 7 years of plenty, and 7 years of famine. Do we have

the wisdom of Joseph to do in a spiritual way, what he did in a physical way? How do we make sure we store enough

oil for our lamps to make it through the 7 year famine? My master says this is what this blog site will be devoted to

from now on. I hope we all learn to be Winter Soldiers. Please read Parts 1 & 2 of “Why a Samurai Vision”.


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“Why a Samurai Vision?” > Page One

For me it is this simple: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”  (II Thess. 2:3)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”  (II Tim. 3:3-4)

This article probably will not be done in one writing. In pondering how to approach this, I am surprised to see the path I’m about to take. No matter what we believe about the “Rapture”, we know for sure there is a seven-year tribulation period coming “someday”. I have had a few thoughts about this.

I believe we are about to see a tremendous move of God. I also believe we may be entering what I would call a “Joseph Time”. Could it be possible that God would give us seven years of plenty, before the seven years of famine? And if he is about to do this, can we be faithful and wise in the years of plenty, as Joseph was?

I know the Tribulation period is made up of two, three and a half-year periods, for a total of seven years. I also know that the first three and a half years are supposed to be prosperous, but prosperous in what way? My concern is the Church. My concern is God’s people. Those years may be prosperous in a materialistic kind of way, but what about the true Word of God? Might there be a famine in the land for that whole seven-year period? Not a famine of prosperity, but a famine of the true Word of God!

Now here is my point, if God is about to send seven years of spiritual abundance, an abundance of every kind of spiritual blessings, will we use this time to prepare for the seven years of famine, or will we squander it believing we are the King’s kids and we will always live this way no matter what? Do we even know how to prepare ourselves to be Winter Soldiers?

I steal this term from an upcoming Captain America movie, but Jesus cursed the fig tree because it did not have figs even when it was not the season for them! God expects us to bear fruit even in times of winter! We must learn to be Winter Soldiers, but in a time of abundance, will we do so, or simply grow fat and lazy? Unless we have a Joseph mindset, and unless we are Samurai in vision, I suspect there will be a lot of fat and lazy Christians, who heap to themselves teacher to itch their ears, and in the end, they fall away when the winter of Antichrist sets in.

Now perhaps you see a little bit of where I am going. I do not want to give it all at once, for you will weary in reading. I hope to keep you hungry for more.

Let me say this, Isaiah had a ministry that spanned sixty years, and he was eye-witness to a civil war that took place among his own people! A great division developed between Judah and the Northern kingdom. Now it is very interesting how it all played out, and I see things very comparable to what I read in II Timothy 4, II Thessalonians 2, and the book of Revelation.

These next articles are going to be about training ourselves, preparing ourselves in the time of abundance, for the spiritual famine to come. I want to be Samurai for Christ. I want to be a Winter Soldier. Judah did not fall away to Assyria the way the Northern kingdom did. How might this relate to Revelation? I think you’ll enjoy finding out.

I plan to keep these articles shorter, but also bring them quicker. So in just a few days, expect Part II.

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I think sometimes we need a reminder of what is REALLY going on in planet earth. It is so true that we are the frog relaxed into a comfort zone while the pot of water around us is slowly rising to a boil. How is it that what was so shameful yesterday, has become the “accepted” norm of today? What was shameful yesterday, hardly raises an eyebrow today. And what is shameful today? What is shameful today is almost immoral beyond description.

WE EVEN HAVE A GREAT PHRASE FOR IT: > “THE NEW NORM!” Yes, the new norm, sounds so pleasant and acceptable, as the temperature slowly rises on the pot.

YES, THIS COWBOY IS LOOKING FOR A FIGHT! When you come to this site expect to hear a spade called a spade. We are going the way of Rome, and the way of the days of Noah, and the days of Lot. The souls of the righteous are in torment as they try to raise their children in a society that is committing slow spiritual suicide. We are dying from within, it is a cancer eating at our soul. Lord help us if we reach the point where every imagination of our mind is nothing but evil, as in the days of Noah.

We are in REAL DANGER, folks. The Apostle Paul put it this way:>>>>

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” (II Tim. 3:1)

Now consider who is saying this. This is the man who was stoned and left for dead, shipwrecked, bit by a snake, thrown in prison, beaten, whipped, spent a night in the deep, and who knows how many other things, and now he turns to Timothy, and says,>>>

Timothy, in the “last days”,  perilous times shall come! (????)

I think Paul understood the peril of a slow rising boil. I think he was talking about spiritual peril to the soul! A falling asleep like a smoke-filled room. The house is on fire, and you need to get out! But the smoke is already so strong, and you feel yourself just drifting off, never to wake up again!

We have not moved to “Step Two” of fighting our demons, yet. “Step One” is to wake up! See the REAL DANGER, and run to God!

Jesus turned to his disciples once, and asked, “Will you leave me, too?”

The disciples answered, “Where else is there for us to go? You have the words of life, Lord.” (My paraphrase.)

God is our only hope, and his word plainly declares a very real danger.

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:7-8)

“Let me tell you AGAIN, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” (What kind of life?) “”When you follow the desire of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outburst of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these.” (Galatians 5: 19-21)

There is a VERY REAL DANGER, people. Things are getting pretty muddy around here now. We must defeat our demons. I’m calling a spade a spade! No more ignoring the elephant in the room. We’ve been growing up outside the gates of Sodom, and we have demons to fight! It is a very real danger to our soul, the temptation to believe God’s grace will just cover everything, and I don’t need to bother myself with such an effort to live holy.

One aspect of this danger is that someone has been slowly moving the line! That which is accepted today, is the shameful of yesterday! Do we have a sin that so easily besets us! Is there a demon riding us that we have been unable to defeat? Its time we get honest with ourself, and make a committed decision, no more new norm for me, satan! BRICK BY BRICK YOUR STRONGHOLD IS COMING DOWN!



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Subtitle: “REAL MEN READ – RMR” Update!

I’m taking a break from the Samurai Sheep series in order to share what a marvelous thing God is doing with a ministry that was born out of failure. I say it was “born out of failure” because my original assignment was to start a “Life Group” out of my home. Our church wanted to develop a Life Group ministry, of which 3 groups started and mine immediately began failing!

Now there were various reasons for this, one of which was our geographical location, being the farthest away from the church. Another was that my wife and I were fairly new to the church, whereas others already had well established friendships which they all gravitated to. You would think these things could be overcome, but when you got a group of people who already said “no” to Life Groups once before, well, it was difficult and we were not overcoming. My first attempts failed miserably and I was forced to go back to prayer and find a different answer.

The different answer we came up with was “Real Men Read” – RMR! I felt led that it was to be a men’s group only. What? An Oprah’s book reading club for men? Of course we did not present it in such a way, but from the moment I began to reach out, God began opening doors! In no time at all we had a meeting place, a book to read, and four men ready to join me in this Life Group!

I started a blogsite for RMR at, intending for it to promote Life Group. Now that part has not really been all that successful. I just can’t seem to keep up with two blog sites along with everything else I am doing. Also, I have gotten no reaction from the city of Indianapolis, as far as any one coming to the group because of the blog site, not even any good comments! So…that site is good if you want to see how we started, but today I want to brag on God about where we are now! Because last night I challenged the men with something, and they said, “YES”!

I must say it all started with the book: “The Harbinger”. It did not take long before each of us in the group began to see the seriousness of our present earthly situation, which led to the next question of… “Is there anything we are supposed to do about it?” The subject of our “personal responsibility” kept arising more and more as we discussed the book in our group.

Eventually the question evolved from, “is there anything we are supposed to do”… to… “If we are supposed to do something, what would it be?” Now the book actually leads you to the first step of the main answer, which I will share as soon as I explain a little more about our group.

We started out by meeting once a month, on Wednesdays at 6:oo pm., at a little Greek restaurant called “The Four Seasons”. We gathered around a table with our coffee cups and maybe a desert. We had our book, The Harbinger, and a Bible. We opened in prayer and we focused on the book and “FELLOWSHIP”. We read the book at home, discussed it as we came together, and I was a teacher/facilitator for the group. We had a good time and everyone left each meeting feeling “charged” and looking forward to the next meeting! Each of us were drawing closer every time we met. Our group has now grown from five, to six, and someone said they thought we should be meeting more than once a month. I agreed, but I suggested it should be a different kind of meeting, something that would take us in the direction that Jonathan Cahn recommended in the book.

So last night I came to the group armed with a vision for the next step. In the book, Jonathan Cahn leads you to II Chronicles 7:14, a scripture we mostly already know is the main answer to our woes, but how many of us are doing it? Of course, it is the one about > If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.

So basically we are talking about a very serious prayer group. But exactly what shape should this take? Prayer groups can be done in many different ways. We expect our prayers to be a stepping stone to another assignment God will reveal to us as we do this, but what shape shall this next very next step take? To complete my answer, God took me to the book of Revelation.

Revelation is the “last” book written, by the “last” living Apostle. It comes at the “end” of our Bible, and it is the “last” book to be understood. (We are still working on it.) And the main subject of the book of Revelation is the “LAST” days. So it seemed to me that if this is “REVELATION” for the LAST DAYS, then I should pay attention!

The Holy Spirit pointed out to me that there is no reference to a sword coming out of the mouth of Christ in the whole entire Bible, until you get to Revelation, and it is mentioned “5” times! (Now I know I said I was taking a break on the Samurai Sheep thing, but here it is again! I did not plan! Honest!)

Also, it specifically says that they OVERCAME the devil by 1.) the blood of the Lamb, 2.) their word of testimony, 3.) and they loved not their lives unto the death.

So I took II Chronicles 7:14, and the points out of Revelation that seemed to stand out to me, and I rolled them around in my head for a while, as I continued praying. What I eventually envisioned is what I went to the meeting armed with last night, ready to challenge the men and see what they would say? It consist of 3 main steps.

First we divide into two groups, because we are 6, two groups of 3 is perfect. We still have the main group meeting once a month as we have been, but we add this 2nd meeting, two groups meeting in our homes. As these small groups grow to 4 or 5, they must divide and multiply into another 2 groups. The meetings can be anything from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on what the group wants to do. It is a PARTNERSHIP! We are ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS to each other, and we will do these 3 things when we come together >

1.) Memorize scripture! Our first assignment is Psalms 91 > the whole chapter. We will work on it till we can not only quote it, but we can literally “PRAY IT” from our belly unto God! A sword out of our mouth! We need to be able to pray scriptures! The goal is to help each other in this, not hurt each other. There is no pressure here, just each person doing what they can, as they can.

2.) After practicing the scripture memorization, from there we move into PRAYER. Each person prays and lifts up different things to God. Prayer for each other, the lost, the church, the country, our president and other political leaders, for Israel, and whatever the Holy Spirit inspires. Simple, honest, sincere, prayers.

3.) As the prayers end, we seal the deal, bring it all to an end, as we are reminded of the blood of Christ, and the price he paid. The juice and the cracker will already be sitting there ready. The meditation on scripture, and the prayers prayed have already set a proper atmosphere. No other words need to be said other than perhaps a “Thank you, Jesus”. As we each reverently take our cracker, and then swallow that juice representing his blood. They overcame satan by the blood of the Lamb. We need to be constantly reminded.

This is what I laid before the men last night. They each, very seriously, and overwhelmingly, said, YES.

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