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“Do You have your Gotham?” > Chapter Thirteen

THE ENCOUNTER III > The real life saga of one man leaving the safe confines of his Church building to make a difference in the streets. Like Batman saying, “Gotham needs me.”. In this day we live, there will be many hearing this call of the spiritual Caped Crusader, to leave the safety of the four walls of our building and venture out into exploits, but do not go without an understanding of what it means to be “Caped”, God’s COVERING. Only God knows what your experience will be like, but this is an account of mine. Hope you enjoy.


The back injury which had pulled Don out of truck driving, leading to surgery and many months of healing, had also led to unexpected things. He did not know that on January 1st, 2014, he was beginning a one year spiritual journey, a one year sabbatical with God. And now that one year was nearing and end, it was time to find a job. But once again, there were unexpected things coming. Events that would seem to have no logical explanation, and yet leading somewhere.

The night of ministry with Chris, “Oasis of Hope” Southern Baptist Church, was behind him. He now understood what was meant by a “Point of Pain”. Not that he did not mentally understand before, but now he had lived it. It had affected him. A part of him needed to be involved in the pain of this city. The big production of what went on in the safety of a Church building now left a bad taste in his mouth. He knew he would likely not preach another message from a pulpit until he was also successful in the streets. He felt he had no right to teach others when he himself had such a great lacking.

It was ironic that the last message his Pastor had let him preach had not gone over well. It was a message about true Priesthood and sacrifice. In this message he had stepped on a sacred cow. He did it respectfully, pulled his punches, dared not attack God’s anointed, but he had dared to say it. He had pointed out the unbiblical message of a Joel Osteen concerning money and having your best life now. As Priest we were called to sacrifice, not live like kings. Jesus laid that aside for later, and we are not at that “later” yet. The Jews also wanted “King” Jesus, but rejected the Priestly servant Jesus. Don had dared to say it, and he felt the ruffled feathers. He knew it was his last message, and it was time to go seeking. God was calling him to something different, but where would he find it?

The Southern Baptist were reaching out to him with a different way of doing things. A very basic and simple way with an emphasis on the streets, reach and teach, go to them, and disciple. But Don had been praying with some men in a large Pentecostal Church, and he loved their fellowship too. He would try there first.

However, a storm was about to hit again, one that would seem very confusing, one that would challenge the Prosperity teaching again, evidently there was more he needed to see. It was time to find a job. The right job. So he sent out four applications to some downtown Starbucks! This was just before Christmas. It seemed logical. If God was calling him to downtown inner city, then why not work there, and find a job in which to make “contacts”. So he took the first step that direction and then got sick!

Yup, that is what happened. With everything just ready to come rushing in, a new Church, a ministry calling, time to get a job, money beginning to run out, hospital bills beginning to mount, after almost 12 months of God providing in a miraculous way, Don began to job hunt, but was suddenly hit with a virus that would not go away! His lungs were so full of congestion and coughing, that he certainly could not do a descent interview! Christmas of 2014 came and went. Then his wife got it too! Now she was missing work and only half performing when she did go! All emergency money quickly dried up and the bank account dropped into the red! 2015 came and they were both still sick! What’s going on Lord? Do we not have a work to do? I don’t know Lord.

In desperation, Don started dropping strong hints to his Church friends who were well-off financially. For the first time in his life he was in real need, confused as to the reason why, and feeling led of God to “test” the Prosperity teaching that some are gifted in making money so they can help those in need. He didn’t doubt that some were called and gifted of God to make money, but it’s the giving part of which there seemed to be a real problem. A blindness…a deafness…a preoccupation with doing their own thing…and they do not see all the needs right under their own nose. This story will continue.

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“More than a Christian” #5


It’s a sad day that Christians no longer want Jesus simply as Jesus. They want him as a latte, a cappuccino, but don’t give him to me straight, I can’t handle that. I need lots of milk, cream, fluff and froth, syrup, and just a little bit of coffee mixed in there somewhere. Sadly, the real Jesus is lost in all the syrup!

The Jews made the mistake of wanting Jesus in the form of a King, not a LOSER. They missed him completely, and even crucified him. Today I see the same thing in the average Christian, just help me be a good person, Jesus, and bless me rich, but don’t talk to me about being a real servant or priest. Jesus laid aside his crown for a time, in order to serve, sacrifice, and wash feet. Now that’s straight black coffee. You gotta really love coffee, or Jesus, to drink it like that.

Here is the true Gospel > God loved us enough to Live…Suffer…Die… and “Live Again” for us.

Now the question becomes > “Do I love God enough to Live…Suffer…Die…and “Live Again” for him?

You see, that “Live-Again” part is what were missing in the Christian today. That is why we are now looking for something “more than a Christian”. God’s people are living in life and enjoying it, but they are not living RESURRECTION life, because they have not been willing to be a living sacrifice, die, become a servant, lose your life, lay it down, be a LOSER, so that God can raise us up in that RESURRECTION life his Priesthood is meant to be a living example of.


I’m going to use a worldly example to make my point. We can’t just say Christian anymore. There needs to be something attached to it. The terminology I am about to use is not new with me. I know that a man named Dick Staub wrote a whole book on this, but maybe we need some “Jedi” Christians today. Why do I say this? Because the Jedi sacrificed all in order to constantly flow in the Force around them.

Christian Masters of old used to talk about “Maintaining His Presence”, not losing Jesus, and the Anointing, in a bunch of worldly froth and milk. There seems to be a need for a word attached to Christian, to specify what kind we are. Yes, I’m a LOSER for Christ. Now days a message like that would have the same effect as when Jesus asked people to drink his blood and eat his flesh! Only true disciples hung around after that message. Yes, who is the Pastor today that has the nerve to put a big “L” on his forehead and preach about being a LOSER for Christ? Oh, this does make our flesh squirm doesn’t it.

Where is the dedication and sacrifice of true love these days? We love the love message, don’t we? Evidently we love ourselves more than God or others. That is a good picture of worldly love, but not the love of God. Christianity is not about going to some big Church somewhere and having your ears itched. That is a mirage, an illusion, a looking for King Jesus and missing him completely. We need to get back to Maintaining His Presence.

If you study those scriptures more closely, you will find it is about being a “Royal Priesthood”, not about being a King. There will be plenty of time for that in the eternity to come, not the earthly time of today.

I know this message is like drinking straight black coffee. Without a good portion of the Holy Spirit it will be impossible to bear. To be a Loser for Christ.


“For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matt. 16:25)

Signed, Jesus.

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“Playing Your Cards Right” #2

How can I get the most out of the hand I have been dealt? How can I win more hands, and what does winning actually look like?

First you have to make a choice. What do you think a real win is? What is a real ‘W’ as they say? For myself, it was critical I answer a couple of questions. Whether we believe in faith or not, most of us make our decisions based on what we do believe. I could not define a ‘win’ without first deciding what I believed about a couple of things.

Question #1> “Do I have an eternal soul, or is everything simply over when I die?”

Question #2> “Based on my answer to #1, then what path leads to winning the war, not just a few battles?”

In order to avoid writing a book here, Question #1, in a nutshell, boiled down to their simply being too much design to everything around me. You can’t get something from total nothing. It’s impossible. Therefore there is something supernatural involved in my existence. As I continued down this path I simply could not deny an inner knowing, a conscience, a 6th sense, confirming to me that I was more than flesh and blood, I was also spirit. I think people underestimate the power of this “knowing”, because God says he has put eternity in the heart of every man. We do have an inner knowing, if we will be honest with ourself.

After that, the second question was easy because I already knew I wanted to win the war, not simply a few battles. I wanted long-term success, and long-term was now defined as eternity.

Each of us must answer these questions for ourself before we can effectively play our hand, and there are many clues, facts, evidences, teachers, archeological findings, logic, as well as gut-feelings to lead us to our answers. The theory of evolution seems to be a big factor for many, even though there are so many big holes in that theory. Such as, how does total nothing evolve? How can it even ‘bang’? This is all I’m going to say on this, because the evidence is really all around us, and within us to make a wise decision if we really want to.

So how do I get the most out of each hand I’m dealt every day?

First, make sure of what is a true WIN. God has defined this in his Word, but you may choose differently if you so desire.

Secondly, after you have a good vision of what is your WIN, have the RIGHT ATTITUDE!

God’s Word defines the right attitude this way> “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matt. 6:33)

Jesus replied, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:37-39)

Phil. 4:8-9> “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me— everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

With these things in mind, you can play a better hand.

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