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“Do you have your Gotham?” > Chapter Seventeen

The Encounter III > How big is your Gotham? Your personal assignment from God. Is it just your family? I have seen cases where that in itself might be all a person could do, but for most of us, God expects something more. And how do we go about answering that call? Do we give our all, or… something much less…something less sacrificial… something much more “man-made than God-made”. What is the secret side of our Priesthood? What is God’s Covering, his Cloaking, his Anointing? What does it mean to be a “caped crusader” for God? Batman had his secret side, and if I’m a proper Priest of God, so do I.


But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Give your gifts in secret… And when you pray…go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in secret… And when you fast… don’t make it obvious… then no one will notice you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in secret…and your Father who sees everything, will reward you. (Excerpts of Matthew 6: 1-18)

Don had a smile on his face as he cruised around the parking lot in his 97 Honda Civic. What a story this car could tell. Everything from the white rear bumper on a silver-gray car, to the rumpled hood, the soldered gas tank, the repaired brake lines, the fact the car sat for three years and the alternator was locked up when he started it. Soaking it with WD40 and forcing it to turn actually worked, and somehow he now had this great job as a “Watchman”, a guard, cruising around a parking lot in a bad area of town, keeping order, protecting, while a small yellow bubble light flashed repeatedly on the roof of his silver-gray car. In some respects it was ridiculous, but in others it was awesome.

His prayers were being answered. So much was happening! When he hired on as part-time, working the evening shift, who could have known the day shift guy would suddenly, without warning, quit! And he was offered the full-time, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday position. God knew. And now his work schedule was as perfect as it could get. Not only that, but he could pray while in that car, and listen to things on radio, preaching, books on tape, etc. etc. The physical need was met and a strategic position acquired, all in one moment, after that very bad day when he chickened out on the Starbucks job and came home depressed. Then he looked out the window and saw this little car waiting to be fixed. Reluctantly he obeyed God’s lead, and now he sat in the car smiling, for God is good and always has a plan.

When the door opened for day-shift, Don was once again able to reconnect with “Oasis of Hope Church” and help with the ministry birthing at that government housing apartment complex. The need was great, and when he reconnected he discovered there was talk of expansion! The Southern Baptist liked what Chris was doing, they had plans to send teams and help him expand to three new complexes! Soon he would have a ministry outreach every week! But this was only one opportunity whose door was opening, and these other two really had his attention.

Pastor Kerry and his wife Twyla. Their Church on Mass. Ave. and the special assignment from God on Pastor Kerry’s heart, that of reaching the “creative people” of the city. You see, the purpose of this ministry was not geographical as much as it was “gifting oriented”.  Pastor Kerry, as an artist, had a heart to reach out to other creative type people, which just happened to include “writers”. Don pondered what this special door could lead to? He had always felt a bit of a loner, misunderstood by others who did not have his pondering ways, because he thought deep about things, sought out solitude, as in his little car cruising around, so he could ponder things and create stories revealing the treasures he uncovered in God. What might this new connection lead to? Only God knew. Pastor Kerry wanted to read his newest story as soon as it was ready.

He thought about the unexpected call from a past disciple. How did God resurrect this old connection? Years had passed and this brother was in sore straights. They met after work and spent three hours together. This meeting had started at a Burger King and ended up in prayer in a secluded cemetery. God’s ways are unique, and His Presence had been strong while they prayed, but what could he leave this brother with? A story he had written, “Flapless”. That story had continued to minister, teach, and uplift, long after the two had parted, until they would meet again in one month, and Don was working on another story called, “Grasping the Wind”. God was still using his gift for writing, but how much more might God have planned?

However, the vision itself, that was the other unknown door. He had not been able to convince anyone at the Pentecostal Church to take up this vision. Perhaps because it was still untried. So the vision fell to him alone, to figure it out, to see what God would do, how do you reach your own neighborhood for Christ? The plan was slowly coming together and soon it would launch, but not without complete dedication to the “SECRET THINGS” of our Priesthood in Christ.

Yes, Don knew full well that was how he had gotten this far, and if it were to continue, then so must his Priesthood habits. After his year sabbatical, he fully understood that being a Christian was more than just being a “good person”, but there was a Priesthood. A Priesthood that God spent 4,000 years paying the price for, and when he ripped that veil in two, in the temple, when Christ gave his life on that cross, God the Father said, “Finally! IT is done!” Finally a supernatural life unlike any other was available for God’s people. Now we could be Caped Crusaders, if we are faithful to the secret things.

God is disgusted with his “SPOTLIIGHT seeking people”, who caught up in pride and desire for admiration, hide in their Church Boxes, proclaiming great things in the safety of their own, while neglecting the lost multitudes all around them, even in their very own neighborhood. We live in a day when some Christians make great and expensive journeys to minister one week in a land whose language they do not even speak, and yet they fail to try and reach their own neighborhood or city where they live all year long. What logical sense does this make? These people speak from pulpits as if they are examples?

We need to wake up. We are losing our own country while we hide in our church boxes listening to speakers who hide in the box too. Is it so brave to go to other church boxes in other countries where the people greet you with open arms, and need your money? Perhaps I should not speak such things? I who would compare Christianity to being a Caped Crusader? A Batman? How ridiculous. But if only Christians would be as faithful to the secret things of God, as Batman was to his secret things.

Is our Gotham lost? We are losing it more every day if we do not wake up to this vision. One year alone with God did this to me. I have more to say about this secret life. And there is a book growing, “Grasping the Wind”, written by a Christian Batman, with a neighborhood to reach and a city to save, one secret thing at a time, as it is revealed.

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Movie: “Winter Soldier” / S.H.I.E.L.D.


Since this is a Christian blogsite dealing in spiritual things, I would like to draw a certain analogy from the “Winter Soldier” movie that fits what I have been teaching in my last three messages. (Samurai Vision Parts I, II, III)

I taught in those messages how todays Church may be headed for a great division which eventually leads to a great falling away. We also compared it to the division and civil war that took place in Israel which led to Ten Tribes of Israel being lost forever!

Now in this movie we have an agency known as SHIELD. It is supposed to be the “good guys”, a force against evil, even our superheroes team up with them, almost like mighty prophets of God to do warfare against evil. So in my eyes SHIELD is in the position of the Church, symbolically speaking. (Please understand this is only an analogy that might help us see a spiritual condition already developing. I’m not trying to say this is scripture, it’s only an analogy. Sometimes it is easier to visualize things in this way.)

The point is that we all know the Church has a certain number of people in it who are not really Christians. Maybe they claim to be, or maybe they do not. However, we are talking about something greater than that. An evil greater than that. The Bible speaks of a great falling away! SHIELD is discovered to be so completely compromised by Hydra that it needs to be blown up! SHIELD, in its old form, is no more!

Not only that, but I have spoken of the attack of the enemy on the Church to “feminize” it, and that we need to get back our MANHOOD, like Duck Dynasty! (As weird as that may sound, it is true!) Those who have ears to hear, let him hear!

If my childhood knowledge of comics is correct, the old leader of Hydra, the Red Skull, is passed. (Although he is not really dead.) The current leader of Hydra is a woman whose name is VIPER, but she is also called Lady Hydra. So the group that so infiltrated SHIELD that it had to be blown up, is led by a powerful and evil woman.

There you go. File this away for whatever it is worth to you. Trash if it means nothing. Keep it if the analogy helps you. Thanks for stopping in. Comments welcomed.

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Movie – “Winter Soldier” / Captain America


My wife and I actually went to a Thursday night midnight showing to see it. We were surrounded by energized young people! (I was a youth minister for many years. It was like old times!)

But as to the movie, I like the Winter Soldier Character for many reasons. One, he is like a Captain America in very rough form. Why would I like that? Because C.A. is just too perfect. He is the guy that has everything. He’s got all the good looks, super powers, does everything right, and everybody loves him. But Winter Soldier is very rough around all the edges, and how did he get that way?

Steve Rogers was his friend who turned into the great C. A.. In the first movie Steve asks Bucky, “So, are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” His answer was, “No. But I’ll follow the little guy from Brooklyn that did not know when to run from a fight.” He was more impressed with the old Steve, than the new C.A. He wanted to make it clear that he was not overwhelmed with the C. A. persona.

Now I’m sorry, but this is just my perspective, possibly because I like this Winter Soldier character, but C.A. led Bucky into sliding down a cable and dropping onto a speeding train! A ten second window to make the drop! Only three of them even made it. C.A. and two guys with no super powers! C.A. led his best friend into a situation difficult for even him to survive with all his super powers, and here’s Bucky determined to hang with Cap. Sorry, but Cap is partly responsible for Bucky ending up in enemy hands, brain washed and believing he is a force for good, when actually, he is being used by Hydra.

Well, now Bucky appears to be Cap’s equal, even the famous shield is useless against him. He throws it back at Cap like it is his own. He used to be best friends with Cap, but now he is a very rough form of that, and I like it. Now that he is discovering he has been “used”, Hydra better look out, because once he gets his head together, I think they just made a very formidable enemy!

Now don’t get me wrong, as a Christian I’m all about living a clean life, but spiritual warfare involves a lot of hardship. Most warriors I have seen have a rough and serious look about them. Warfare beats you up and makes you tough the hard way. The warrior does not live a normal life, but is separated to his life of disciplines. C.A. is just a little too good looking for my taste. I like the potential I see in Winter Soldier to be a great warrior for good. Rough around the edges. Rough like a wolf. Rough like a spiritual Bounty Hunter. Rough like a cowboy, and I like it.

I do have a spiritual analogy to make about this. I hope to post it in next couple days.

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