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Light / Darkness > Starwars #2

star wars 06


In the Starwars analogy certain individuals are born with a higher percentage of (? I forget what it was called), but it made these individuals able to be aware of the Force around them. Not just anybody could hear the Force and become a Jedi Knight. The higher the level of this stuff, the greater was their ability to be aware of and use the Force around them. Anakin Skywalker, who is eventually seduced into the Dark side, had one of the highest counts anyone had ever seen! Of course this made him either a very powerful ally, or foe, depending on whose side you were on.

One of the things so lacking in the Church today is a loss of the awareness of the Presence of God around us. The saints of old, the great men a women of the past, the spiritual yodas of the past always spoke of “Maintaining the Presence”. In the Kingdom of God the awareness of his Presence depends a lot on the level of the Anointing, or Holy Spirit working in your life. We have lost this vision, and we need to get it back!

In Starwars you are either born with this or you are not. In God’s Kingdom you are “born-again” into this, but it is available to WHOSOEVER WILL! We have been born again into the Priesthood of Christ to fight against the darkness of this world, but are we MAINTAINING THE PRESENCE? Do we even have any great teachers who understand this anymore? Where are the spiritual masters proclaiming this word? Instead we dabble in lukewarm waters, and weak coffee. For people who really love coffee, and for people who really love God, they don’t want it weak! No more Christian psycho-babble, give me a fresh word of God, send me some fire, hit me with the Anointing!

The great spiritual masters of our past constantly emphasized the importance of living a Priesthood life before our Lord so that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit and able to be used of God for services of honor. What is this awareness, this sensitivity? Is there anyone who has sat through a Starwars movie and not wished they could enter this Force and work it in their own life? Have you not wished such a life could be real? Well it can be, friend, but it’s not called being a Jedi Knight, it’s called the Priesthood of Christ and it is a powerful and fulfilling way to live!

“Use the Force, Luke!”

“Hhmm, the Force is strong with this one.”

Wake up Christians. We are called to be more than just a good person. We are the people of his Presence, able to hear his voice and move in his Being, unless you are not able to for some reason?

Dare you to ask God what it would take for you to live in a constant awareness of his Presence? Dare we listen to the great spiritual masters of the past and learn to walk in the power of God again? Could the Church become a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle as scripture prophesies?

In the last days a voice is heard, a call goes forth, the Bridegroom is coming! Ten virgins wake up, but only five of them are anointed, and only five of them go with God. We need to find that same inspiration the spiritual masters of old had. Maybe all this new fangled stuff is not where the answer is? Maybe we need to look to the “old ways”, and relearn what our forefathers knew, when this country was blessed of God, not headed for judgment.


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“More than a Christian” #4

What is this Spiritual House the Lord has built?

Abraham > Heb.11:10 > “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.”

Jesus > Heb. 8:2 > “A minister of the sanctuary, and the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and not man.”

Us > Eph. 2: 21-22 > “In whom all the building fitly framed together growth unto a holy temple in the Lord; in whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.”

Over 4,000 years just to lay the foundation of the Prophets and the Apostles, with Christ as the corner stone! God sowed a seed into the “natural” first, that would eventually produce a “Spiritual” house! The Old Covenant natural, and the New Covenant spiritual!

I Cor. 15:46 > “Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.”

I have gone to a lot of trouble trying to lay a foundation of scripture to help us see the importance of what we are called to be, more than a good person! There is much that can be taught at this point, such as the starting point in Genesis 3:15, when God planted the seed while Adam and Eve was still just barely in the Garden of Eden. He spoke this seed into existence while still in the Garden! (I think that is so cool. God is so smooth.)

As the seed began growing in a physical manner, we see the nation Israel, and God takes the tribe of Levi and ordains them to be the priesthood of Israel. One tribe out of the twelve was called to be a tribe of priest unto the Most High God. But not so in the House that Christ has built!





You see, these spiritual sacrifices are powerful, and open portals that will open in no other way. In our Priesthood is a life we will never know if all we want to be is a good person. God spent over 4,000 years laying just the foundation for this. He spoke it in the Garden of Eden. The Son laid down his life for this, shed his blood, and took on death itself! And now the Holy Spirit is looking for all those who desire his Anointing, his training, his empowering, to be what God has called us to be, his Priesthood in the earth, more than just a good person, a spiritual house, a holy Priesthood, able to offer up spiritual sacrifices unto him.


To be continued…

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“More than a Christian” #3

I Peter 2:5a > “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a SPIRITUAL HOUSE…”

God never called Israel a ‘spiritual house’. What does this mean? Is it possible God endured 4,000 years of humanity while steadily working his way towards a house he could call SPIRITUAL?

All those slaughtered cows, goats, and sheep were not spiritual? Can a cow’s blood pay the price for your sin? Can the blood of a sheep or goat? Are these not purely natural creations, not spiritual? Did not God have to give Israel every detail of a program for them to serve, and there was no free spiritual moving of the Holy Spirit? They did not have one original spiritual thought? Was not Jesus more than natural, but born of a virgin, lived above sin, and then shed his supernatural blood to save our souls? Do we see there was no spiritual house in Israel until the day God poured forth his Spirit and man began to be born again! A new creation never before existing upon the face of this earth!

God worked a plan for 4,000 years to achieve something he calls a spiritual house? Do we understand the magnitude of this achievement? Do you understand all the Prophets of old and the Priesthood of Levi was looking forward to this big event, even though they did not understand it? Looking forward to the day they would actually be a spiritual house? And actually offer up a true spiritual sacrifice? Every time another cow was slaughtered it was a picture of that which was to come, but had not yet!




The House of Jacob sprang from the loins of Abraham, but Hebrews 11:10 tells us Abraham was looking for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God! Is this city only found in heaven? No, it is not, for there is a house growing, a spiritual house whose builder is Christ himself, and we are it!


It is more than being a “good person”.  We are a spiritual house, able to offer up SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES. Not the blood of cows, goats, sheep, doves! After 4,000 years, was God on the edge of his throne, anxious for a people who could send up something other than a dead cow or goat? YOU BET HE WAS! AND STILL IS!


To be continued…

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“The Encounter II”

Due to so many things God is giving me right now, I decided to go ahead and put “The Encounter II” in its entirety on a page of its own. Hopefully it will be easy to print out if you would like to read it as a book in your recliner, for those of us not having the latest technology, or we simply still like holding pages in our hands. 🙂

I have two series going at this time I want to devote space to, “Playing Your Cards Right”, and “More than a Christian”. I’m also very excited about what “The Encounter III” shall be and can hardly wait to begin writing it, but I will be living it as I do, so expect something unusual, folks.

I’m feeling an urgency in the Spirit right now. Star Wars says there is an awakening happening, and so there is, but what kind of awakening shall it be? Do we want Hillary Clinton as our next President? I believe that is destined to be if we don’t have the right key to upset that applecart. I see Sarah Palin as just the right MockingJay to upset that cart. The sleeping giant, the Church, must wake up, or continue to be the frog in the boiling pot.

You can expect this blog site to challenge your thinking and push an edge. There is a spiritual civil war happening and there are watchmen blowing the Ram’s Horn if you have an ear to hear. This site is not for those who want to keep on sleeping. David and his mighty men were on the move even while King Saul was still reigning. Both the story of Encounter I & II, are meat for preparing in these last days, but only for those intentional enough to read, learn, and be inspired.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Seventeen 10/23/14

Dan’s three-day weekend was rapidly passing. He had spent all Friday afternoon, evening, and most of that night locked away in his den with his Bible, and the book: “Flap Less / Soar More”. He slept a good part of Saturday, but took Cathy out that night for a steak meal and shared with her all he had learned, so she would be caught up on where they were going spiritually.

Now it was Sunday morning already, and he wondered what the Pastor’s message would be? If God was speaking through him, then surely his message would relate in some way to everything he was going through. But what if it did not? Now that he had a new perspective on everything, how would his Pastor’s messages sound to him?

It was a large Church that could seat a couple thousand people in the morning service. It had always met his needs before, but he had to admit his spiritual appetite had been pretty weak, and part of his motivation for going there was to make “contacts” for business. The more the people, the more the possible contacts. It was also a successful Church. Most of these people had money. But still, just because these things were true, did not mean the messages were weak and shallow. He needed to listen with new ears today, and see what might happen?

As they entered the Church they were properly greeted as usual, and proceeded from there to the snack bar where a lot of socializing occurred. Dan usually got a coffee, and he did the same today. He spoke to the usual people, the subjects mostly ranged from how was your week, how’s business, what about the game today, and do you plan to watch it? He started to talk to one friend about this new book he was reading.

“What did you say the name of the book is?” the brother asked.

“Flap less / Soar More”, he answered.

“Is that a book on leadership?”

“No, not really,” Dan answered. “It’s more about drawing closer to God and walking more in His Spirit.”

“Oh, sounds very interesting, Dan. Say, I got a good book on spiritual leadership I should pass off to you.”

And so the conversation went. Dan got to say a couple of things about his book, but felt like the brother was not really listening. He moved on. He glanced around at everyone smiling, talking about the goodness of God, the vacation they were planning, the latest terrorist report and how bad it was, and he knew he already had his answer. He knew what he would hear from the pulpit. He had known for a long time. He also knew he could come to this big Church and never really have much required of him. Only a few even noticed when they skipped for a week or two. Probably just on vacation, people assumed. These people seemed to love Church, but did they love Jesus, or just the things he could give them? Then he thought about the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. There was a message for you. How did that message fit these people?

Everyone said they loved the Beatitudes, but how many really read them? How many wanted to practice them? Blessed are the poor in spirit? Blessed are the meek? Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness? Blessed are those who are persecuted for my name’s sake?

The Pastor’s message was about God being so rich that in His city you walk on gold! And you did not want to miss it! That was his way of preaching about hell. The word hell was rarely mentioned. There was no fear of God, but he was all love, ready to constantly forgive your sins and make you your best person. Dan realized all this was true, but this Pastor did not preach the “whole Word of God”. The Church he had been satisfied to go to, did not preach the whole Word of God. There was little preaching on holiness, or naming sin as sin. There was a huge spiritual gray area, and very little black and white. Dan did not know where they would go, but as they walked out of the service, he knew he would not be back. Hopefully, Cathy would be willing to follow his lead.

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“Samurai Vision” > Page 3


“Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another; and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of host, in that day when I make up my jewels; AND I WILL SPARE THEM, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” (Malachi 3:16-17)

There is a great divide growing between the Churches of our day, and that divide revolves around the proper fear of the Lord. The ten tribes that have lost it will fall and be no more, having itching ears, when the fires come they will fall away! Please read parts 1 & 2 for more details of which I speak.

Malachi was the last of the O.T. prophets before Christ came the first time. I suspect his prophecies have a great deal of bearing before Christ comes the second time, as well. We have spoken about our highly educated, money loving, lustful clergy of our day, and pointed out how perfectly poised we are for this civil war within God’s Church, and the parallels between how it played out for the nation Israel, and our possible course today.

After the Northern 10 tribes of Israel divided from southern Judah, Israel fell into a pattern of many bad kings, leading them further and further down a wicked path to their total destruction and assimilation into worldliness. They are now the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. However, Judah had a series of good kings that pulled them out of destruction for a long time. As a result, they continued to be the place of “true worship”, and when their judgment finally came, God was actually with those carried off into Babylon, and they prospered there. They also remained faithful to God.

Now I have put forth the possibility of 7 years of spiritual outpouring from God, prior to a 7 year spiritual famine, known as the 7 Year Tribulation Period. I have called this a “Joseph Time”. Now if this be so, then we need to have the wisdom of Joseph and prepare in the years of plenty for the years of famine. The question now becomes, “How do you prepare for such a thing as a spiritual famine? Can we store up God’s anointing?”

As Malachi preached before, many of our people have lost a respect for God’s “Laws”, and no longer fear God. We constantly preach love and grace and ignore all God’s boundary lines. God said that even in the last days he would spare those who fear him. But what does it mean to fear him? Does he want us dreading him? Shaking in our boots? Hiding from him? Of course not! But we should fall in love with his laws, and we should fall in love with PRAYER. Prayer is the key to the Holy Spirit, and every good work God desires to do in us.

I have learned so much of late about the true nature of the Holy Spirit, who is the head of God’s Prayer Ministry. The Holy Spirit is the greatest of Prayer Warriors, and he lives in the prayers of his people. The Father seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. When those last 7 years begin and things start getting ugly, like the Ten Virgins waking up, those without oil will come running to the “Joseph People” asking for oil!

If their oil lines have not already been established, it is unlikely there will be time to do so then. It will be the “Time of Winter Soldiers”, those people of God able to bear fruit in cold and hard seasons of life! The cedar trees stay green because they are a tree full of sap! Enjoy these next 7 years of plenty! Work hard to develop your oil lines with God! It is not a time to be lazy, but a time to fortify yourself in Christ, to withstand the strongest of storms! Dig deeper! Pray harder! Love God more!

Eventually the Harlot riding the back of the New Roman Empire, the Beast, will fall in a day. It is a very sudden fall. When this Harlot is suddenly destroyed, then there will be such destruction that even the Judah Church will be beat down. But take heart brothers and sisters, because just like Judah eventually returned to her home land, and she was still the nation Israel, so will God’s Church come out of this victorious. Zion will be ours again! And we will have our King David on the throne forever!

So the message is: Do not be fooled by the 7 years of plenty. Dig your oil lines deep and strong! Draw nigh unto the Lover of your Soul! Enter into a proper honoring of His name, this name we marry into! He has trusted us with his name, and a proper fear of what we do to his name should be a part of our wisdom! Don’t find yourself one of the 5 Virgins waking with no oil, and no place to find it because a spiritual famine has set in! Now is the day to be wise! Now is the time to hear the words of Joseph, and prepare for the winter that is surely to come!

From here I intend to turn the topic to prayer and the Holy Spirit, because if you want strong pipelines, and you want to be the Winter Soldier we speak of, you are going to need to develop your prayer “skills” and “habits” like never been developed before. Now is the time to dig deep for the Winter Storm. So if anyone is listening out there to this one lone voice crying a spiritual samurai message, now you know the direction we are going, and why.

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“Samurai Dog says:”


I am a Samurai dog because I am devoted and loyal to my master. Spell doG backwards and what do you get? God’s

people must also live lives of loyalty and devotion. The spiritual Samurai messages that follow are a very important

word for our day. Do not be left in the dark as to what God is doing. 7 years of plenty, and 7 years of famine. Do we have

the wisdom of Joseph to do in a spiritual way, what he did in a physical way? How do we make sure we store enough

oil for our lamps to make it through the 7 year famine? My master says this is what this blog site will be devoted to

from now on. I hope we all learn to be Winter Soldiers. Please read Parts 1 & 2 of “Why a Samurai Vision”.


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“Why a Samurai Vision” > Page Two.

I know I have written plenty of articles that could label me as “crazy”. If you do not believe me, then just spend some time checking older articles and see for yourself. So there is the possibility that I have already been classified as “crazy”, but if not, then surely the articles I am currently writing should finish the job.

I began to see this as I was reading a synopsis of the Prophet Isaiah. He had a ministry that lasted almost 60 years! He lived during the time when Israel divided into two, a Northern Israel consisting of ten tribes, and the southern kingdom known as Judah. He was eye-witness to a civil war that broke out within the family of God! Why did this happen? And if the Israel of old is a picture of the Church today, might we see this again? And how might the “Joseph Time” I spoke of in the last article fit into this?

Isaiah also witnessed the fall of the Northern Kingdom to the nation of Assyria. When the tribes divided into two, Judah maintained true worship to God, while Israel did not! Because of this they fell to Assyria and were lost forever! They became the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel! In the first article I spoke of the prophesy in II Thessalonians 2:3, where it speaks of a great falling away in the Church before the revealing of the Antichrist. Also II Timothy 3:3-4 which speaks of Churches heaping to themselves teachers that itch people’s ears, only telling them things they want to hear. If this fits the Northern Kingdom falling to Assyria, then they will be lost forever!

Judah eventually falls to Babylon, but not in the same way as Israel. Jeremiah was given a vision by God revealing that those carried away captive into Babylon were the blessed of the Lord, and they would prosper in Babylon, while those left in Judah were cursed and would die horrible deaths. Now Revelation speaks of a Harlot Babylon that rides the back of the Beast, and it sounds as if this Harlot Babylon prospers mightily until the Beast, symbolic of a Roman Empire, turns on her and devours her. In ancient history, Babylon was eventually replaced by the Roman Empire, and as we know, Rome crucified Christ, and put the early Church through great tribulation before Christianity finally began to overcome. So there may be a time of living in this harlot Babylon, and raising our families, and prospering, before the great Tribulation begins! Are we doing that even now? This will be part of the “Joseph Time” I spoke of.

Now I have said a lot here just to put out sort of an overview of where I am going. I intend to make sense of this. The challenge still remains that we be Winter Soldiers, and we prepare for doing this during the 7 years of plenty, the Joseph Time I see coming. The Joseph time will be while Babylon is still riding the Beast, but when the Beast turns on the Harlot, that is when the Church will need to become Winter Soldiers, because depending on when the Rapture actually hits, it could get very ugly, very quickly, for God’s Church.

Revelation tells us the Antichrist will actually have great power for a time, even so much power as to beat down the Church for a time. Now, for the sake of not going over a thousand words, lets go back to the beginning, when Israel, symbolic of the Church, was still one nation, in unity. Lets see if we can begin to lay a reasonable argument for the possibilities I have thrown out here. This cannot be done all at once, so we start when they are still united, and we see what happens. If I am correct, the Church that falls away before Antichrist is revealed, is a Church growing right now, and they have a different understanding of what Church should be. In other words, this is a division, and a sort of civil war taking place within God’s Church! But this Northern Ten Tribe Church will fall away to Assyria, be taken captive, and never seen again!

STARTING POINT: > Israel’s greatest King was David. Everyone knows this, thus an easy place to start. The Kingdom comes into great unity and prosperity under King David. However, when David dies the throne goes to David’s son, Solomon, who was born through the woman David should never have had. And though King Solomon was supposed to be the wisest man to ever live, his Kingdom was falling apart! Nearing the end of his reign, Israel was in real trouble!

King Solomon gave a glorious appearance, but it was a lie! The nation was full of idol worship, strange women, and heavy taxation putting an extreme burden on the poor! When Solomon dies, his son was given one chance, which he failed miserably! The country revolted and the Northern Ten Tribes separated and there began a civil war between Israel and Judah, a great divide!

This is the only point we will get to in this article. What can we see in the two Kings leading up to the split? David had one major downfall, LUST! Solomon had a lust for women and also great wealth, love of MONEY! Solomon was supposed to be the wisest man! Does any of this fit today’s Church leadership? How many pastors have we seen falling to lust? How many have traded a love for money over keeping a good name for Christ? And do we not have the most educated clergy of any time in Church history? I’m only pointing out the facts here folks. If the facts seem to fit with past history, then we may be perfectly poised for a civil war and split within the Church of God.

Those having itching ears will war against, and compete against, those still preaching a true word of God! Ten Tribes compared to two? Not good numbers. So where are we today? This split is already happening and the divide is growing even as we are nearing the time for Antichrist to appear, but not yet! Oh my, I’m at 1040 words right now. Look, we even have Churches accepting homosexuality, and I don’t know how God’s Word could be any more plain on that subject, so you can imagine the other areas we are loosening our standards on. Two Churches are forming with a great divide between.

More next time! Thanks for reading! Please comment!


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1 World Trade Center

0330131551aI heard on the radio today, that they were ready to start putting the top spire on the 1 World Trade Center. I believe it was delayed by the weather, but I assume we must be getting very close to its completion. (If you’re looking at my dog, Shadow, you’re looking at the wrong thing.)

I have a picture of the Twin Towers, Freedom Tower, on the front bumper of my Ram. The flag is flying at half-mast.

As you can imagine, I specifically picked this out. I had the place of business add the word > “Why?”, to the plate.

I do not ask “Why?” as to why the Islamic terrorist did what they did. They are very bold as to proclaiming their reasons.

But I have some other “Whys” running around in my head.

Like, “WHY” is the name Freedom Tower being replaced by “1 World Trade Center”?

“WHY” is the building exactly 1,776 feet tall? The year we declared our independence? The year we signed the Declaration of Independence? And now we symbolically build a “One World” tower in direct opposition of independence? No more called Freedom Tower?

“WHY” did we allow the Islamic Mosque to be built so close to this sacred ground, in direct opposition to the majority of Americans?

I watch this building closely. I watch this complex of which 7 buildings once stood. 7 hills?

I watch all these things, the words people say, the things that have been declared, I read my Bible, and I am amazed.

Could NYC be the harlot sitting upon 7 hills? I only pose the question, because I am still watching, but it is good to have others watching, too. Is that an insane thought? Is everyone convinced it must be the Roman Catholic Church? Maybe. Maybe not.

There are a lot of “WHYS” that should be being asked, but our liberal media is strangely quiet on these matters. Cat got their tongue? “Something” has their tongue. There is an obvious agenda having its way in the earth today, and the Church is the only force that could do something, if she will? If she still can? If she even knows how?

I will be back to writing on, “Fighting your Demons”, very soon, but I heard this on the news today, and could not help but send out a blog and see what comments may come?

We live in such a time that “fighting your demons” should be a very important topic of personal Christian knowledge. Don’t expect your pastor, or priest, or Church to be able to fight your fights anymore than the police can be at your home to save you from an intruder!

We live in incredible times, watching history in the making. Paul said, in the last days would come perilous times. Are we taking his words of warning seriously? If not, “WHY?”

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