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“Sarah Palin, a type of MockingJay?”


I’ve never done this before, to put out multiple notices for a message, but I feel so strongly moved of God to do so! The larger question is, is God calling each of us to dare to be a MockingJay, and pay that price to save a people? Politics is not something I touch on often. It is not my subject, but here I find myself today. When I started writing the below article, I did not know Sarah Palin was going to enter it. Whatever you may think of her, she certainly fits a MockingJay type.

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“The MOCKINGJAY” / Movie


The MOCKINGJAY movie may come a little too close to reality for some people’s taste. In our day of “self-serving leadership”, instead of “self-sacrificing”, we want our heroes to end up rich, fat, sassy, and happy. However, Christ showed us true leadership involves paying a high price of dedication, love, and many sacrifices.

I had already read the book and was hoping the movie would stay true to the author. I think for the most part it did. The movie fails to show how much Katnis was struggling with mental, physical, and emotional scars. They give you a glimpse of it at the very start of the show, but then she seems to pull herself together much quicker than in the book. Part I has set the stage for what is an extremely high action and intense Part II. I think Part II will deliver everything it promises.

But the point is we see so many of our leaders today that bare no resemblance to the leaders we had of the past when our country was truly great. Their eyes are more on money than what is true and right. Their eyes are more on what will make them fat, sassy, and happy, rather than your best interest. How did we get here? We can see it in every walk of life, entertainment, politicians, big business, but worst of all… our pulpits across the face of this nation.

The pulpits have always been a “rudder” to steer a great ship, and our Pastor’s are the ones who have their hand upon that rudder. So I ask, where is America going today? A post-Christian nation? Why? Jesus was the ultimate example of self-sacrificial love. If we should see an example of that anywhere, it should be from the pulpits of our Churches. From our Pastor’s who claim to be examples of Christ. Then perhaps there would be more people wanting to follow such an example of true leadership.

I think when the entire MOCKINGJAY package, (all 4 movies), have been delivered, we will look back on the entire package and see that this is a very powerful story with a very powerful message for our time. I expect Part II to be “heavy” also, but you will be so on the edge of your seat from the intense action that you will know it was worth it, and a good taste of reality is what we need. That’s my humble opinion anyway. ūüôā

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Here is the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about when it comes to America’s SPENDING PROBLEM.

Yes, we have a spending problem, BUT IT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE¬† A “SIN” PROBLEM!

As the “powers-that-be”¬†DISCARD concepts like God, sin, righteousness, hell, salvation, and so on, deciding they no longer apply to us, but should be relegated to an older unenlightened generation, then the standard for right and wrong becomes very blurred, and every man¬†begins to do¬†what is right in their own sight, which leads to what the Bible calls an abundance of “SIN”. Now I intend to illustrate¬†why this is so DEADLY for us, but first, let’s make sure we know what the word “SIN” means,¬†for I fear¬†that many people¬†do not even understand the word anymore.

Dictionary definition > “The act of breaking a religious or moral law, especially when done deliberately.”¬† (American Heritage Student’s Dictionary)

For Christians it is basically anything that “falls short of the glory of God”. It is us missing the mark of God’s perfection, which we all do. This is why someone who “did not miss God’s mark of perfection”, (Jesus),¬†had to pay the price for all of us who do. That was the mission Jesus came to the earth with, and that is what he succeeded in doing. Let us now get back to the point of our SPENDING PROBLEM, with this one added very important understanding: SIN IS VERY EXPENSIVE! $$$$$$$$$

Everyone is debating if we have a spending problem, or not? Should we raise taxes even more? Why is our government so big? Should it be smaller? On and on the questions go as our leaders seem to be locked in total confusion, and self-absorption.¬†It is very difficult to solve what is a “spiritual” problem with man-made rules, regulations, and bandaids! As a mater-of-fact, it is impossible!



I gotta tell ya, folks, I do not want to write this article. What you are about to read, if you can gut-it-out, will be the most negative thing I have ever had to write. There is no “Happy” in this! Personally, my walk with Jesus is a very peaceful, contented, and happy world. I take no pleasure in writing such a SAD commentary, because it is simply not my nature. This is my 2nd time trying to write this. The 1st one got blanked out. But God has brought me back to it.


We are a Dr, Jeckal and Mr. Hyde, tearing ourself apart as we delight in sinning, and then feel convicted to try to save those affected by our sin! Not only is SIN expensive in and of itself, but it is even more expensive to try to fix! $$$$$$$$$$$

The issue becomes even more complicated by the fact that we MUST attempt to help those most affected! We have no choice! If society does not make an effort to stop the bleeding, we will die even sooner! If we allow children to be abused, go hungry, lack education, give them no hope, offer no protection, then that generation will grow up angry at the world, seeing no other way, and they will MULTIPLY as SIN runs rampant, and our CANCER will consume us so quickly, IT WILL BE ROME FALLING FROM WITHIN ALL OVER AGAIN! (And that, indeed, is what is happening. Make no mistake about it.) $$$$$$$$$$

Is our President going to come out and begin to preach the Word of God to one and all, explaining that we can no longer afford the PRICE TAG connected to our SINNING? (Do elephants fly? Neither do donkeys, by the way.) SIN has its’ own judgement built within it, and Rome will fall from within again. As a matter of fact, our great leaders are doing everything they can to get God out of our government and schools! That is like¬†going deep-sea diving and throwing away your oxygen tank! What spiritual idiots!¬†(Why did we choose these guys? Because we have a SIN problem!)¬†Lets look at some “nuts and bolts” of this dilemma. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lets start with the children, because that illustrates the problem better than any other. SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE IS A VIOLATION OF GOD’S LAWS! PERVERTED SEX, HOMOSEXUALITY,¬†SEX WITH CHILDREN,¬†FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, PORNOGRAPHY, AFFAIRS, UNFAITHFULNESS, DIVORCE, the list goes on and on! Just what is the PRICE TAG connected to these favorite SINS? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

As many men and women find themself in the position of a single parent, trying to work a job, go to school, pay for daycare, provide, protect, love, and train-up a child, it becomes almost an impossible job without government financial help. Are we to simply let these children and families suffer? As explained before, that is not an option, so we must pay, pay, pay, as lots of government PROGRAMS are required to mount this awesome task! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lets get an itemized bill of the cost of SEXUAL SIN >¬†Child protection, welfare, food stamps, government supported daycares, health care,¬†government aided ABORTION CLINICS, sexual diseases, doctors, doctors, doctors, hospitals, AIDS (at a cost of $100,000/ person), Lawyers, Judges, Courts, Police, (he said, she said, she said he said), DNA testing (who’s your daddy?), insurance rates, more PRISONS ( at a cost of aprox. $50,000/year/person), more police, more courts, more lawyers, more DISEASE, more MENTAL & EMOTIONAL disorders, Psychiatric care, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, unemployment, tax exemptions,$$$$$$$$$$$$, YOU GET THE PICTURE? $$$$$$$$$$$$ Not yet? More disease, disease, disease! Complications from the abortions, both physical, emotional, and legal! Doctors, doctors, doctors! Also, the slow death of Aids victims, resulting in huge hospital bills! Do we let these people suffer? Of course not, we are compassionate! Is there a way out of this? Only a true spiritual revival! Otherwise, just keep pulling out your wallet! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And people complain about preachers taking up offerings? I guess they don’t understand the value of preventative measures, and I’m not talking free condoms!!!! (Our stupidity has gone to seed. This article makes me sick!)

ALCOHOL? More police, police cars wrecked from chasing drunks, people killed by drunks hitting them, LAW SUITS, more jails, people on disability because they are hopelessly addicted, $$$$$$$$$$$, people on disability because they were hit by a drunk and not killed, $$$$$$$, programs to educate, programs to detox and break addictions, programs for abused wives and children, government housing, $$$$$$$, robberies, more insurance, fix the building the drunk ran into, $$$$$$$, etc, and etc.

DRUGS? Same as above but increase murder, theft, unemployment, GANGS, disease, courts, death, PROGRAMS, counseling, and etc. $$$$$$$$$.

MATERIALISM? The self-absorbed “ME GENERATION” who want to be rich and famous more than anything else in the world! They never have enough money, or debt, or credit! They could have thousands socked away, or millions even, and still not notice the critical needs of their fellow-man! Or they¬†max out credit cards trying to live a high life they cannot afford, then fault on all their loans! $$$$$$$$$$$$ They work themself into a stress-center, and insurance rates go up again! Each SIN has far-reaching consequences that we do not even connect the dots to! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

Look, you can do the math. I have only listed a very few of the major pet SINS of our current society, and we are getting worse.




AMERICA HAS MADE A CHOICE. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Money has become her god!

In the midst of what is to come, God’s people will¬†continue to prosper spiritually, and focus more on the Kingdom they belong to. There is no lack in that Kingdom. The president of heaven cannot be bribed! Is not self-centered! He is fully capable of righteous leadership resulting in a powerful and healthy Kingdom! Pertaining to that, let me list one more item.

POLITICS? Is there any doubt that BIG MONEY, BRIBERY, and LOVE OF MONEY, POWER, and FAME, has ruined our government system? How do you put a PRICE TAG on that one? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! Washington D.C. has become a snake pit of loop-holes, spin, lies, pay-offs, lust, greed, and every evil thing you can imagine! There is a PRICE TAG that goes with SIN! Our politicians do not even understand this very basic principle!

REALITY CHECK! If you are part of the MIDDLE CLASS, or hope to some day be? You are the TARGET for all these programs. The Middle Class combined, is the only group with that kind of wealth to be “legally stolen”. In another ten years you will be amazed how much the Wealthy class, and the Poor class have increased! The Middle Class is the lamb of sacrifice they are putting on the altar of their GREED, to pay for their NEEDS. It is your wallet in the cross-hairs of their sites, make no mistake about it! Every time another “FEE” or “REQUIREMENT” has been added to something, just know, you have been hit again! Even the cost of gas at the pumps brings increase to Washington every time it goes UP! You pay more tax on $60.00, than you do $40.00, even though it is the same amount of gas!¬†(It’s that simple.)

I look forward to getting back into the messages of the Samurai Sheep. If ever there was such a time for God’s people to look to their Shepherd, and be faithful to His flock, it is now. Todays message depresses me greatly! I consider it a stain upon the normal optimistic outlook of this blog site. I know God’s people will rise above all these things and that is what I love to teach! However, sometimes we have to take a good look at what we are called to rise above. For me, and this blogsite, this is one of those times.


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“Christian Trail of Tears” / Conclusion


“We as Choctaws rather choose to suffer and be free, than live under the DEGRADING influence of laws, which our voice could not be heard in their formation.”¬†¬†¬† George W. Harkins

We cannot say our voice has not been heard, but what good does it do? No matter how many times we vote it down, they, (whoever “they” is), just keep bringing it back up, eroding away at the Judaic Christian values until they manage to stuff it down our throats!

So where are we going?

If I am right and history is repeating itself in a multitude of ways, it is going to get ugly, folks. I see a convergence of several past history biblical events repeating within my lifetime. (Of which I will only mention a few.)¬†As far as this coming election? I do not see a win for “Christians” whoever ends up voted in. First of all, both of these men are what I call “globalist”. They all have been globalist for some time now.

Scott Walker just defeated the Unions in Wisconsin this week. A major defeat!¬†Actually, the Unions were defeated the minute we decided on free trade and a global economy. (Welcome to the Trail of Tears.)¬†A man was heard saying that the Unions have had no real power ever since we entered a global economy. That is the plain logical fact, folks. How can they have any real leverage when all big business has to do is run somewhere else for cheap labor? Shoot, I cannot even make a Costumer Service call without ending up talking to someone in India! Why did our country take this fork in the road and head down the path of globalism? Greed, wealth, and love of money! (Not to mention “power”.)¬†There is the potential for wealth beyond your wildest dreams” for those who are in the right positions and businesses. However, if you’re not one of those? Well, just use your imagination. (Also, the Unions did ask for this, by getting too greedy themselves!)

The Unions were defeated the moment we decided on free trade and a global economy!

I’m going to jump right into this because I’m up to 382 words already, and I must conclude this. I am amazed at how closely a particular period of Jewish history compares to our present times.

My opinion of our two candidates? The one is for bigger government, more debt, and a form of socialism. The other, I believe, is all about discipline, money, and success. Ordinarily I would say that might be good, but not when it is attached to globalism! (Unless you are a globalist.)

Most people have heard of the biblical character, Jezebel. She is more well-known than her husband was! (And there is good reason for that.)¬† Ahab was the 7th King of the northern¬†kingdom of Israel, about 869-850 B.C. He ends up marrying a young woman by the name of Jezebel, who just happened to be the daughter of the king of Tyre! This, of course, made this Tyre woman “queen” of Israel!

Her daddy was “Priest”/King of Tyre and Sidon, and she was a devoted follower of the idol god Baal! Which means this devoted follower of Baal has now married into the royal courts of Israel. Why might they do this? Was it love? Love of money was more like it!

The marriage of Ahab and Jezebel set up an “alliance” with the Canaanites (Phoenicians). This led to a strong connection between the Israelite royal court and the Phoenician maritime centers along the Mediterranean coast line! Their marriage cemented “POLITICAL”, (i.e. Washington D.C.)¬†and “ECONOMIC”, (i.e. Wall Street, Trade Center, Big Business,¬†NYC),¬†ties! It was an unholy alliance that brought great wealth to the merchants and poverty to the peasants! (Not to mention a ton of idol worship to Israel!)

Yes, Politicians were in bed with Big Business at the expense of¬† the “little guy”. History repeats this same theme over and over again. Sin never changes and neither does the nature of man, therefore, the Bible is always very relevant, even ahead of our times.

This marriage allowed the Israelite “entrepreneurs” to profit greatly from what was “world trade” at that time, (Phoenician ships), and this economic activity led to the “polarization” of society, (Occupy Wall Street?), between merchants and farmers. Large numbers of people in the northern kingdom¬†had become alienated from the ruling dynasty of Ahab and Jezebel because of the royal house’s close identification with the MONEYED MERCHANTILE CLASS and their frequent EXPLOITATION¬† of the peasant farmers, and because of their close identification with the worship of the Canaanite deity Baal. (Do we see any similarities here?)

The idol god, Baal, in the Ugaritic tablets, also has the name Hadad, god of winter rains, and most prominent in the “fertility cults”. (Information from “The Dictionary of Bible and Religion” by Gentz.)¬† Winter rains and fertility cults? (My interpretation, i.e. “prosperity and sex”.) Sex in the Big City? Jezebel was actually a high priestess of Baal and did an incredible job of leading God’s nation into Baal worship. This sets up a pretty grim picture “at that time”.

Ahab (Washington D.C.) may have been king, but Jezebel (Big Business) was the one really calling the shots.

Here is an example scripture: “But there was none like unto Ahab, which did “sell himself” to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord, whom Jezebel his wife STIRRED UP. And he did very abominably in following idols…”¬† (I Kings 21:25-26a¬†Certain hi-lites added by me.)

I believe the growing gap between the wealthy and the average, the influence of big money in D.C., increase of false gods in America, the temptation of wealth beyond our wildest dreams in world trade, the infiltration of false gods into the Church, and the political alliances between politics and Big Business, are just a few of the clues as to the time we are in. Not to mention Freedom Tower, ooopps…I mean “ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER”! (I don’t have time to connect “all” the dots here, but I hope you get the picture.)

Now the question has been asked, Where is the hope in your message?

The hope, and possibly the only hope, is exactly what God did at that time. What did he do at that time? His answer was to raise up a man named Elijha, whom you might say is the prophet of fire! (I wish I had more time here.)

I see a grass-roots movement! It shall spread from tree to tree! It will be a return of not only the fire, but the Wind and Fire! And it shall be as a forest fire! Leaping from tree to tree!

Once again our hope is in the true Church, and at this time, more specifically, the “Remnant”! Time and time again, when God’s people appeared to be down and out, the Remnant rises again and sparks a new fire in God’s people! The Remnant is like the hot core of our earth! The more Satan wears away at the Church, the closer he comes to unleashing the hot Remnant who will never bow their knee to idolatry!

Elijha¬†faced 850 prophets of Baal that day, on Mount Carmel. (I Kings 18:19) This Prophet Elijha, who had called down fire from heaven a couple of times before, did it again, and then slew the prophets of Baal. Now let me be clear, the fire I’m talking about the Church calling down from heaven “today”, is a spiritual fire that lights the soul of man! But Elijha had said, If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven…! (And it did!) I have seen a grass fire starting! And we need to fan the flames!

Elijha¬†was also taken up into heaven by a “flaming chariot”. (A space ship? I think not, because flaming “horses” were also seen, and I think they knew a horse when they saw one.) Some also think Elijha¬†will be one of the two witnesses who come back in Revelation and prophecy for 1,260 days in sackcloth, before they are slain, and then rise again! If any man shall hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth! (Revelation 11:4-5) I believe the Church needs to look to the fire of Elijha again. We need the fire of true men of God to be able to “consume” us again!

After slaying the prophets of Baal, Elijha¬†ran for his life (from Jezebel)¬†and ended up in a cave. It is there that God revealed to him the Remnant he still had. Elijha thought he was the only one left, but God said:¬†“Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.” (I Kings 19:18)

Where is the hope? Many nations have faded into the past never to be the same again. But if you think the same is going to happen to the Christian nation? (and I don’t mean America per say.) The more you chip away at the Church, drawing closer and closer to that hot core, the more you chance waking the sleeping giant. The One we serve knows how to rise again, even from the dead, he has proven it time and time again. So you think God’s Church is down and out? If it were me, I wouldn’t bet on it!

One more thing, and then I simply must stop. The completion of the One World Trade Center is scheduled for some time in 2013. My eye has been on that modern-day tower of Babel ever since it began. (I could preach a whole message on the power of the tower.) But my eye has also been on something else for some time now. I never expected these two events to possibly converge, and if they do, I will be very very worried, for the time is upon us, even as I already expect that it is. The Bible speaks of “darkness”, but it also speaks of something it calls “gross darkness”, eat your face off kind of darkness. There is a certain person in this earth whom I thought would already be dead before now, but he is not.

This, “certain person”, when he dies, if it is very close to the time of the completion of the Tower? I am watching this extremely close. Who is that person? I will not state his name, but just so you have some kind of validation that I am not playing games here...his initials are B.G.

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“Both-Ways Obama-rumba”

Come on every one! Lets do the “Both-Ways Obama-rumba”! It’s a dance! We can squash oil drilling and still claim to be pro-oil! We can promote abortions and still claim to be pro-life! We can force contraceptives¬†on the Church, but claim it is a women’s issue! We can veto the Canadian Pipeline, but still claim we are fast tracking it! This guy is amazing! I may not like his politics, but I have to admire his ability to dance. To read more, click on “Politics” in the header bar. ūüôā

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