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“Favorite Bible Chapter”


This is like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, but I had to try. There is so much more I could say on this chapter, but in an effort to be brief, I pray the Holy Spirit help you read between the lines. Take your time, and enjoy. Let the Holy Spirit reveal so much more than I have written. (And feel free to share your own if you have one.)

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ripples 02

Is this not a beautiful thought? Our ripples of love and life going forth? I hope you enjoy the article below. Taking it with you.

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“J.E.D.I. Theology” #4

ripples 08


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“Ripple Theology #2”

ripples 02


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“A Game for Adults”


Just so you don’t think I’m a complete Ba-Humbug. My wife and I raised five children in a Christian home and when it comes to certain holidays we had to make some decisions. For example, Halloween. We taught our children it is a holiday dedicated to death, horror, fear, and a whole line of “curses” no one in their right mind would really want to have happen. We hold the same message on movies. Horror films are sick! A mind that wants to be “healthy” will avoid such horrible fantasy. We should pray every day that such horrible things never happen to people, so how can we justify it as entertainment?

A few times we helped out in Church parties offering a completely different message on Halloween. So our children had activity that night, and learned the truth. Now I had no plans of talking about Halloween at Christmas, but somehow the Holy Spirit wanted it said. Now as to Christmas. 🙂

Truth is the most important element. My wife and I enjoy a lot of the Santa Clause movies and Christmas music of the season, so how do we share these things with our young children and not cause confusion, a mixed message? I believe we found a way to tell them the truth and still not ruin the fun.

We told them that Santa Clause was a “GAME” that us “ADULTS” like to “PLAY” at Christmas. It is just a fun game, BUT JESUS IS THE REALITY! THE TRUTH AND NOT A GAME! And of course we celebrated Jesus as we opened presents and had family devotions with the real Christmas message.

Now children understand what it means to play a GAME. They also understand IMAGINATION, and to imagine is not the real thing. We feel this practice helped them to understand the difference between “fiction”, which can be fun, and “reality”, which is true. Our children grew up knowing we would always tell them the truth, they could trust us completely. Because we did not fool them into thinking Santa was real for the first several years of their life, we did not promote a lie but were HONEST with them, our children always knew Santa was just a fun game that we enjoyed every year, and JESUS was the reason our family was the way it was, not just on Christmas, but all year round.


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Light / Darkness > Starwars #2

star wars 06


In the Starwars analogy certain individuals are born with a higher percentage of (? I forget what it was called), but it made these individuals able to be aware of the Force around them. Not just anybody could hear the Force and become a Jedi Knight. The higher the level of this stuff, the greater was their ability to be aware of and use the Force around them. Anakin Skywalker, who is eventually seduced into the Dark side, had one of the highest counts anyone had ever seen! Of course this made him either a very powerful ally, or foe, depending on whose side you were on.

One of the things so lacking in the Church today is a loss of the awareness of the Presence of God around us. The saints of old, the great men a women of the past, the spiritual yodas of the past always spoke of “Maintaining the Presence”. In the Kingdom of God the awareness of his Presence depends a lot on the level of the Anointing, or Holy Spirit working in your life. We have lost this vision, and we need to get it back!

In Starwars you are either born with this or you are not. In God’s Kingdom you are “born-again” into this, but it is available to WHOSOEVER WILL! We have been born again into the Priesthood of Christ to fight against the darkness of this world, but are we MAINTAINING THE PRESENCE? Do we even have any great teachers who understand this anymore? Where are the spiritual masters proclaiming this word? Instead we dabble in lukewarm waters, and weak coffee. For people who really love coffee, and for people who really love God, they don’t want it weak! No more Christian psycho-babble, give me a fresh word of God, send me some fire, hit me with the Anointing!

The great spiritual masters of our past constantly emphasized the importance of living a Priesthood life before our Lord so that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit and able to be used of God for services of honor. What is this awareness, this sensitivity? Is there anyone who has sat through a Starwars movie and not wished they could enter this Force and work it in their own life? Have you not wished such a life could be real? Well it can be, friend, but it’s not called being a Jedi Knight, it’s called the Priesthood of Christ and it is a powerful and fulfilling way to live!

“Use the Force, Luke!”

“Hhmm, the Force is strong with this one.”

Wake up Christians. We are called to be more than just a good person. We are the people of his Presence, able to hear his voice and move in his Being, unless you are not able to for some reason?

Dare you to ask God what it would take for you to live in a constant awareness of his Presence? Dare we listen to the great spiritual masters of the past and learn to walk in the power of God again? Could the Church become a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle as scripture prophesies?

In the last days a voice is heard, a call goes forth, the Bridegroom is coming! Ten virgins wake up, but only five of them are anointed, and only five of them go with God. We need to find that same inspiration the spiritual masters of old had. Maybe all this new fangled stuff is not where the answer is? Maybe we need to look to the “old ways”, and relearn what our forefathers knew, when this country was blessed of God, not headed for judgment.


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“Playing Your Cards Right” #3

Our series continues. If in #2 we decided we are eternal beings and a true WIN is not winning a few battles, but the war, then we are ready to proceed further.



I hope we can all agree that if you have some supernatural cards in your hand then you have a powerhouse, like a trump card. Does it make sense to ignore such cards, or to waste them and play them wrong?

If you knew the other people at your table have supernatural cards, but you had none, would you feel you are being cheated, set at a major disadvantage? I would. And I would be extremely grateful if I requested three cards and they turned out to be trump cards!

As Christians, if we know we have such cards in our hand, why are we not grateful? Why do we abuse them, ignore them, and use them wrong? Why do we weaken them and cast them before swine as if they are nothing? And then we blame God that we have been dealt such a bad hand? Do you see how foolish your way of living has been? We need to learn how to play our cards!

We have been called to a supernatural priesthood in Christ, and yet we do not practice the functions of our calling. We do not pray, we do not study, we do not obey sacrificially, we do not love sacrificially, we do not worship, we do not give God first place in our life, we have idols we bow down to, and those idols are so weakening our hand that we have no anointing to empower our supernatural cards. Your cards have been watered-down, compromised, weakened, demasculated, without Christ they can do nothing! Your hand is weak because like the five foolish virgins you’re asleep and have no oil!


With the anointing some of your cards will begin to glow, and when your enemy sees how many cards are glowing, he will know he better back off and make room!


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“The Encounter II”

“The Little Bird that Couldn’t”

Chapter One

 He couldn’t remember why or how.

All he knew was that he couldn’t… he could not flap his wings.


 Yes, he had wings, but they would not flap! Yes, he could stretch them out, but they would not flap. This is the story of the little bird that couldn’t. Such a sad story in the beginning, but what a happy ending!

“What good are wings that will not flap?” asked the wise old owl seeking to help him.

“I do not know, sir,” he answered in despair. “I was hoping you could tell me.”

“Hmmm,” the owl considered, trying to find an answer full of wisdom, because that was the job of owls in the bird kingdom, to have wise answers. But alas, he could think of nothing.

So the little bird continued on, walking wherever he went. It was not the way of birds to walk, but it had been his way for as long as he could remember, and not even the wise owl could give him any hope, as he continued walking.

He did not know this land, for he had walked many weeks now. He missed home, even though it had been a cruel place where the other birds laughed at him. But he just wanted to fit in, have friends, and a place to belong.

They called him, Flapless. “Here comes ‘Flapless’!” they would yell.

“Hey Flapless! We’ve decided to hunt for worms in the far meadow over there! See ya when you get there, if we’re not too old! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” they laughed while flying away. Finally, he just kept on walking one day, and thus his quest began. Surely someone could help him find an answer, or at least a place he would be accepted and make his home, but for weeks now it had been one dreary mile after another, and nothing but disappointments, like the not-so-wise owl.

As darkness settled in for another night, he found a spot at the base of a large tree and snuggled up. Sometimes, as he slept, he actually dreamed about flying! It was a wondrous thing! Every night as he closed his eyes he said a little prayer that he might fly. But it was only a dream; and even those were far and few between.         He was a sad little bird. His heart broke more every day while he longed for something that should rightly be his, but for some unknown reason, was not.

When morning came he ruffled his feathers, shook himself, and came out. Then he stretched his wings a far as he could and tried to flap! Still nothing. “Oh well, at least my legs work, I guess.” Then he pecked the ground and swallowed a large worm before pressing on with the quest.

It had been three days since his encounter with the owl, three long and silent days. He was tired of only hearing his own voice, and thinking his own thoughts. “I wish I had someone traveling with me,” he said out loud, but again, no one was there to answer back.

Now the land before him was changing and he had a choice to make. Ahead was a fork in the road with a big tree standing tall. He stopped at the tree and looked to his right. To the right he saw nothing but very tall mountains, and who knew what dangers might lurk there, because he had never been in mountains before, and so they were strange to him.

Now to the left the road continued with lovely rolling hills, green grass, butterflies, and pleasant travel, but to the right it looked rocky, dangerous, lonely, and perhaps even cold. The answer seemed obvious as he started veering down the left path.

“Are you sure you want to go that way?” a voice asked.

“What? Who said that?” the little bird asked while looking every way about, but seeing no one!

“I did,” the voice said again, and it came from the tree!

“Trees don’t talk,” he reminded himself. “Am I going crazy?” But he could not help but have a closer look. So he cautiously walked over to the big tree, stared up into its leaves, and feeling rather silly asked, “Pardon me, Mr. Tree, but did you say something?”

“No,” came the reply.

Now the little bird was very confused and startled! For obviously the tree had spoken to him, but said, No! So if the tree did not speak to him then he was not going crazy, because trees do not speak and “no” was the right answer, but how could the tree not be speaking if he heard it say, No? So he was crazy either way!

“What am I going to do, what am I going to do?” the little bird fretted. “My journey has driven me crazy!” Then he hyperventilated and passed out.

The next morning, as the little bird regained his senses, he was surprised to find he had lay there all night! And now the sun was rising for the new day! Was he still hearing voices? If he spoke to the tree would it answer him again? Was he still crazy?

Picking himself up from the ground he shook the lingering dew from his feathers. “Guess no harm done,” he said, I’m just a little damp around the edges.”

“So you are, my fine feathered friend,” the voice came again.

Immediately, the little bird’s heart started racing again, and his feet wanted to run away! But he did not look up into the big tree as he focused on calming his heart, for there must be a great mystery here, and the answer he wanted to know.

Slowly, very slowly, he raised his head and dared to look up. He still had questions. “Okay, Mr. Tree, if you are not the one speaking to me, then who is?”

“It is I, the Wind,” came the answer. “You hear my words as I move through the leaves of this tree, but I assure you, as everyone knows, trees do not talk. How silly that would be, right?”

The little bird took a big swallow as he gulped and said, “Ha! Yes! Of course! How silly that would be! Everyone knows that trees do not talk! But the wind does?” came his nervous half frightened question.

“Of course, silly, but only to those who hear me.”

“Of course,” the little bird weakly agreed. “And I am one of those, I guess, right?”

“You are now,” the Wind replied. “But it has taken several weeks for you to be so. Most people are too busy ‘inside’ to hear my voice. Your many weeks of walking has quieted your soul, opened your ears, and now you hear.”

“I see,” he answered. “Of course, it all makes sense now. I should have known. Right?”

“Exactly!” the Wind answered. “For has it not been foretold by all the great prophets?”

“Yes, I think I remember reading that somewhere? I’m sure I did.” The little bird paused for a moment, before asking, “So if I move from this tree, will I still be able to hear you?”             “No. You’re not that good yet. Don’t flatter yourself. You really have a lot to learn.”

“I do?”

“Yes, you do,” the Wind confirmed. “Tell me, what is your name? For I have been watching you for weeks, but have not heard your name.”

The little bird hesitated. Whatever his real name had been, it had gotten lost in all the name-calling. Even his own brothers and sisters had called him various names once it was discovered he could not flap, but eventually one name stuck, and everyone began saying it, “My name is, Flapless,” he said, with his head turned down.

“Flapless?” the Wind repeated, as if pondering. “Ahh, you have been given a great gift. That explains a lot.”

“It does?” Flapless questioned.

“It does,” the Wind confirmed. “It explains why you hear my voice, and why you have been walking alone for so long that your soul became very quiet, so that you could hear me. Most people are so busy ‘flapping’ that they never really hear. Sometimes they pause for a moment thinking they heard something, but then they rush back to their flapping and never give it a further thought. But you, my little bird, cannot flap! And now you are beginning to hear.”

“Wow,” Flapless thought, “a great gift. But what does it mean? What can I do with this gift? I still wish I could fly. But he was afraid to speak any of these thoughts out loud.

“So, do you trust me, Flapless?” the Wind asked.

“Trust you? I hardly know you,” he answered.

“That is right, you hardly do, but you need to.”

“Why do I need to?” Flapless asked.

“Because I am ‘All-Knowing’,” the Wind answered.

Silence followed that final statement. Everything the Wind had asked, it asked for the benefit of the bird, for it knew all things, and had no need to hear any answers, only Flapless did.

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“The Encounter I”


The story of Dan and his spiritual evolution continues, however, Part Two of our story is now Dan writing his book: “The Little Bird that Couldn’t”. An Adult Story in Children Form. He hopes to capture this vision of living like an eagle soaring, rather than a sparrow flapping, in a metaphoric allegory that is a delight to read.

I highly recommend a person read “The Encounter I” before progressing to “The Encounter II” consisting of this story of a bird named “Flapless”. Nevertheless, “The Little Bird that Couldn’t” will stand on its’ own if a reader so desires.

I hope you enjoy this delightful story containing powerful spiritual truth. I do have plans for “The Encounter III” also, in which things will take another leap you won’t be expecting. CLUE > “Can we say holy cow, Batman?” ENJOY!!!

(P.S. Feel free to print and copy for ease of reading and sharing with others. All copyrights belonging to Don Allen.)

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“The Encounter” Chapter Nineteen 10/26/14

Dan had one last section in the book to read before his weekend ended, so after supper he locked himself away again. Tomorrow he would rise early to begin another workweek, and he wanted to be ready. Flipping open the book to where his marker was, he began reading the verse of scripture for the last teaching.

“He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!” (Psalms 103:5 NLT)

From here the teacher began to explain how this was a Psalms that David wrote, a man after God’s own heart. David is praising and expounding about all the goodness of God, and then in verse five he suddenly makes a comparison to the eagle, and he says: “My youth is renewed like the eagle!”

“What did David know that perhaps we do not?” the author asked. “What does it mean for our youth to be renewed like the eagle? How is the eagle’s youth renewed? What does it mean, and how does that compare to us?” Dan paused to ponder the power of one’s youth being renewed. Again, powerful and supernatural stuff.

The story went like this. There was a young man and a ship’s Captain standing at the rail of a ship, watching the land go by. The Captain spotted an eagle perched high on a sunbathed cliff and pointed it out to the young man. Taking the binoculars, the man studied the bird. He could see his feathers looked old and some were falling out. There were bloody spots where the eagle’s talons should be, and its beak was bloody and beaten. The young man concluded that the eagle was old and on his way to dying.  So he told the Captain of his conclusion, but the Captain said, “Not so,” and began to explain why.

“You see the eagle is a very different bird. When he begins to age, and his talons are growing dull, and his beak is no longer sharp, he has a choice. When his feathers have lost their youthfulness and no longer catch the wind as they did, he has a choice. He can choose to find a rock in the high places, one in which the sun will bathe down upon him, and he begins to molt. One by one all his feathers begin falling out. Then he takes his beak and pulls out those dull talons, leaving the bloody holes. Then he beats his old beak off on the rock, and there he is, helpless, defenseless, unable to eat, fasting, but his youth is being renewed. It has to be a very unpleasant experience, but the reward is amazing.”

The Captain continued, “If he makes the choice to go through this process, he can possibly gain another forty years of life. Brand new youthful feathers grow back. A strong razor sharp beak grows back, long sharp talons grow out again, and then one day the eagle’s youth has been renewed and he spreads those wings and launches out from the cliff ready to soar and hunt again. He is strong and vital, ready to live another forty years.”

The young man was amazed at this ability of the eagle. The author continued teaching, making comparisons as to what it means to be born-again in Christ. He also taught more about the first step of surrender, spending time with God, soaking in his Son, so our youth can be renewed in supernatural things. The taking up of our cross to follow Jesus, the denying of self, but Jesus said if we lay down our life for his sake, then we will find abundance of life. Those who seek to save their own life, will lose it. It’s a process, for those wise enough to chose it.

Dan closed the book and looked at his priority list he had written, the one entitled: “This is not my Home”. Then he bowed his head and thanked the Lord for this awesome life God had given. He had been living it all wrong, unaware of this other way of living. Starting tomorrow, things would be different.

The next day the alarm went off and Dan got up, but he did not rush off into his day…

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