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According to the Word of God there is a struggle going on between light and darkness, truth and lies, knowledge and ignorance.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against…the rulers of the darkness of this world,…” (Eph. 6:12)

God is not about bringing “balance” to the light and darkness. Darkness has a ruler and he has already been judged, and his days numbered, so why is there a battle still going on between the Light and the Dark Side?

That battle is in US! It is in YOU and in I. The Bible still says: > “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

We are called to be servants who are promised either great reward, or great destruction, depending on whom we serve. Are you drawn to the light or to the darkness? You have the choice. It is up to you. God came to us first and has made a way, but now will you come to him?

Are you drawn to the Light or the Darkness?

You either serve God in your spirit, or Satan in your flesh. Only the choice of which, is up to you.

Light verses Darkness. The struggle within us is very present, but God will save us from the destruction of the flesh if we yield our members unto him. Will the battle go away? No. Star Wars will continue on this earth and within us until the Lord himself returns. But God has promised to complete the good work he begins in us, and we can wield a Light Saber, not a Saber of Darkness.

I like this Star Wars Analogy. It starts in the article “Playing Your Cards Right #5” (just below), and there will be more to come. Thanks for reading. ūüôā

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“His name is Bill.”

Sometimes God gives us something no one else sees. What do you do with your vision if there are no others? It is a strange thing running a blogsite without comments. As far as I can tell, I have one person who likes the Samurai analogy enough to leave a comment, and his name is Bill. Thank you, Bill.

Write the vision down and make it plain so others may run with it. This I intend to do even if only for Bill and I. If it is not a vision from God, then there is no loss if no one reads it, but if it is, then I must write it or be held accountable. And others must read it or be held accountable. The writing is in my hands to do, the reading is not. Sure would be nice if people left a short comment though. Sure is strange so many people like something, but remain silent.

Let me say this, if you are a Christian ministry and you go around pushing the “like button” in hopes of gaining readers, but you do not actually read the articles you say you like, then you are without honor. Now “honor” is also one of those Samurai things, so don’t tell me you don’t need this message. Of course you will probably like this message, and never even realize what you liked. LOL.

If you happen to like this site and you simply have not said so other than pushing the button, please drop me a short comment and let me know. It’s hard writing for just Bill and I, but if that’s it, I will still do so, but at least I’ll know.

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ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a man who wanted to build a house, but he had no tools. So he decided he would invent, and create a tool to build his house, and he would call it a hammer, and so he did. However, when he started to build his house the hammer said it did not want to be a hammer, and simply refused! So the man explained, “I have no use for you if you do not want to be a hammer, so I will give you some time to figure out what you’re meant to be, but if you run out of time, then I will cast you away.” So the man managed to salvage enough material from the original hammer to make another hammer, and they went on to build their house.


Hope you enjoyed the parable and understand what it means. The recommended reading for this month is “LOVE’S WARRIOR”, which follows this short writing. It is a copy of something I wrote many moons ago, and I have picked it out to be my featured article this month. I am currently working on writing another book, and also reading many books as I am in deep study for this one. So I’m not writing as much on the blogsite, but I have many already¬†written articles that I think deserve to have the chance for a second look.

As far as our “Help Bill Fight Cancer Yard Sale”, it has brought in $240.00 to date, and all of it has gone to help Bill. Praise the Lord! It feels good to be in the action!


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“Lining Up with God’s Word”

I asked our congregation one Sunday morning, that If they had just made a grand entrance onto a scene and a multitude of people were waiting to hear what would be the first words you said, words of importance, words revealing your nature, first impression words that people would be sure to judge you by, would you be very deliberate in what those first words were?

Of course the answer is, YES.

So what did God choose as his first words?

The Bible being His grand book to mankind. God is writing the first five books through Moses and we are just getting started at Genesis 1:1-2. Those first two verses are a description of the condition creation has fallen into, and what is currently going on, but God has not yet spoken.

All the universe is waiting, and even the chaos before Him is waiting to hear what those first words will be. Even as Moses¬†finishes the first two verses and begins penning¬†the third…”And God said…”

Did Moses pause there? Did God leave him hanging for a minute, wondering what God was about to say? And¬†did he pause afterwards¬†to consider what God chose for his very first words in His book to man? Did “we” pause the first time we read them, and consider what these words reveal about God besides the fact¬†He is all-powerful?¬†And what were those words?

“Let there be light:”

I spoke with¬†a homeless person not long ago and I was trying to explain to¬†him how God can help them climb out of any spiritual or physical hole, as long as you are willing to apply God’s principles to your situation. In other words, I was talking about lining up with God’s word and I used a pocket flashlight to illustrate the point.

There are several parts to a flashlight. When you consider the bulb, springs, switch, casing, batteries, lens, and etc. All these parts if they are lined up properly and in good condition, when you say “let there be light” and hit the switch, light is produced! I demonstrated the point. I hit the switch and light emanated from the instrument in my hand. I did this three or four times, just to make sure he got the picture.

However, then I opened the end of the flashlight and slowly slid out one battery. Turning it backwards I then deliberately slid it back in and closed the end. Then I said, let there be light, hit the switch and nothing happened. One very important part of that flashlight was out of alignment! All it takes is for one very important part to be out of proper alignment. Our lives are no different!

Here is the principal: The more we line up with God’s word, not only does our life begin to radiate light, but the more we line up the brighter and more powerful the light becomes!

If we rebel against God, if we choose to be out of alignment, having an important part of our life backwards, then God of course will allow us to do that, but when we say, let there be light, all we produce is darkness!

I told the man it is a real good feeling when the “light” is on “inside”.

May I encourage every person to experience the power of God, and the presence of God that comes when we “line up” with His word. He is a “light producing” God! His word produces light! He revealed Himself that day when he said, Let there be light! He is the light that lightens every man that comes into the world! In Him¬†was life, and the life was the light of men!

As we study His word and drink of the Spirit of Christ we become more like Him. We become the Kingdom of God in the earth. We like to think about Heaven some day, and when we are in Heaven we will be living the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of God! That is Heaven, but right now we are still the Kingdom of God IN THE EARTH, and as such there will be battles, and it will be force against force!

What I am saying is, don’t look for an easy path, we are not in Heaven yet.

This country was founded upon Christian principles, there is no denying it. Historical records prove it beyond any doubt for anyone who is truly willing to check it out. This country was established in a certain “alignment” with God’s word! And as a result, this country has been a light to other nations.¬†However, even as it is plain we started in a proper alignment many years ago, it is also plain that we can no longer make that claim, and our light is fast becoming black light!

As someone who lives in america, I continue to deplore the direction of our country, and it is very sad that we are still choosing darkness rather than light. Within this country there is still a Church that is true and walking with Christ, but there is also the carnal worldly Church, which is lacking in power and misleading a lot of people. Of course things have been going in this direction for quite some time, the part that saddens me so is that there is no turning this ship around at this point.

You can talk revival all you want, but I believe it will not come without great judgement from God, and no one should be looking forward to that. I’m not saying that with enough pain people won’t finally wake up and turn around, but why has it had to come to that? Wasn’t 9/11 enough? Churches overflowed for two weeks! Congressmen sang hymns together on courthouse steps!

So what is it going to take for it to last more than two weeks?

The ship is not turning around because america has made her choice. The choice is “very” obvious! She has made it plain and she is no longer shy about it. She has become emboldened in her sin, and there is no turning back until something should so rock her senses as to send her reeling in travail!

Will she repent and change course, even then? Time will tell.

We are not in Heaven yet, Church. Do not look for the easy path. Line up with God’s love, purpose, and power. Produce Light! Let there be Light! It won’t be easy because everything around us is choosing darkness, and our light is an imposition to their dark agenda!¬†As america¬†continues to reap what she has sown, there will be enough grief and sadness to go around for one and all, but do not be discouraged. We are still on planet earth and this planet is going to rock and reel, but the Kingdom of God is rock solid!

Remember the flashlight! Study God’s word and hold it close to your heart. Know what it means to be in the Position of Power and Peace because you are in proper alignment with¬†His revealed word. As we watch our country tempt God more and more, study Psalms 91. Line up with those powerful scriptures so that you will be surrounded in light no matter what may come. Praise God!

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” (Psalms 127:1)

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