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“Living with Fire / Feeding the Flame” #1



“And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush.” (Excerpts from Ex. 3:1-2)

A flame of fire? The mountain of God? Am I a flame of fire? How do I feed the sacred fire bringing meaning to each life? How can I live without fire? How can I live without passion, purpose, love, meaning, joy, and flame? God’s Word reveals it to be a life not worth living. Man’s own experiences eventually proves God’s Word absolutely correct. We must have fire! Or we become robots going through endless motions, repeated circles until we die, the point of Ecclesiastes.

For the follower of Christ it is essential, we cannot live without it, we are drawn to His flame. This thing was birthed in fire on the day of Pentecost, and the old testament Priesthood were commanded to never let the fire on the altar go out! (There will be more on that in coming articles.)

Whatever the passion may be in your life, that flame is sacred to you, but is it sacred to God? Whatever the love is in your life, is holy to you, but is it holy to God? We worship our passions. We sacrifice to them. We do not truly live without them. However, do you see the difference between the sacrifices a man will make in a strip club, as women stoke his flame of lust and he gladly tucks his hard earned money into forbidden places, compared to the sacrifices of a righteous man unto the cross of Christ? Two flames. Both sacred to the one who loves it, but only one is holy in the eyes of God, the other is stoked by the flames of hell!

We will talk of flames of heaven too. We cannot truly live without fire. God invites us to a heroes journey, a life of fire, love, and passion!  Consider these words from a poem by T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”.

The dove descending breaks the air / With flame of incandescent terror / Of which the tongues declare /

The one discharge from sin and error / The only hope, or else despair /

Lies in the choice of pyre or pyre…

To be redeemed from fire by fire.

Dictionary definition of “Pyre” is: A combustible heap for burning a dead body as a funeral rite. (You might want to read the above verse again.) To be redeemed from fire by fire? What is being said here?

Who then devised the torment? Love. / Love is the unfamiliar Name /

Behind the hands that wove / The intolerable shirt of flame / Which human power cannot remove. /

We only live, only suspire / Consumed by either fire or fire.

The more I have read the above poem, the more meaning that has spoken to me. We are called to a FIRE! Consumed by sin or grace! Two flames burn in this earth! Of which are you? Love is the unfamiliar “Name”. Notice the “N” is capitalized. Meaning God.

And then there are those most wretched of souls who have no fire burning. They live flameless lives of depression and defeat. They are most miserable of all. Just going through the motions of life. No energy or drive because there is no fire! And their lives give no light!

I have much more to say on this subject. I want to feed the flame! Broken wings that soar! Let us mount up with the wings of the eagle!

The love of anything worthy will take us into the fire and must be pursued with fire!

(The quotes in this article, other than scripture, are from a book entitled: “Teaching with Fire”. My Bible, and this book has been useful to me in preparing for this series of articles.) Hope you enjoy. I will write what feeds my flame and I hope it will feed yours too. We need more of God’s fire in this earth today. This is one little way I have to help stoke His holy fire. More to come.

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ripples 02

Is this not a beautiful thought? Our ripples of love and life going forth? I hope you enjoy the article below. Taking it with you.

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ripples 06

Ever feel like you’re just a stone dropped in water?

Ever feel like all you are is a Ker-plunk?


Hope you enjoy the following article.

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“The MOCKINGJAY” / Movie


The MOCKINGJAY movie may come a little too close to reality for some people’s taste. In our day of “self-serving leadership”, instead of “self-sacrificing”, we want our heroes to end up rich, fat, sassy, and happy. However, Christ showed us true leadership involves paying a high price of dedication, love, and many sacrifices.

I had already read the book and was hoping the movie would stay true to the author. I think for the most part it did. The movie fails to show how much Katnis was struggling with mental, physical, and emotional scars. They give you a glimpse of it at the very start of the show, but then she seems to pull herself together much quicker than in the book. Part I has set the stage for what is an extremely high action and intense Part II. I think Part II will deliver everything it promises.

But the point is we see so many of our leaders today that bare no resemblance to the leaders we had of the past when our country was truly great. Their eyes are more on money than what is true and right. Their eyes are more on what will make them fat, sassy, and happy, rather than your best interest. How did we get here? We can see it in every walk of life, entertainment, politicians, big business, but worst of all… our pulpits across the face of this nation.

The pulpits have always been a “rudder” to steer a great ship, and our Pastor’s are the ones who have their hand upon that rudder. So I ask, where is America going today? A post-Christian nation? Why? Jesus was the ultimate example of self-sacrificial love. If we should see an example of that anywhere, it should be from the pulpits of our Churches. From our Pastor’s who claim to be examples of Christ. Then perhaps there would be more people wanting to follow such an example of true leadership.

I think when the entire MOCKINGJAY package, (all 4 movies), have been delivered, we will look back on the entire package and see that this is a very powerful story with a very powerful message for our time. I expect Part II to be “heavy” also, but you will be so on the edge of your seat from the intense action that you will know it was worth it, and a good taste of reality is what we need. That’s my humble opinion anyway. 🙂

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“Playing Your Cards Right” #1

I love a good metaphor, and this is a good one. I think a lot could be taught and understood from this one metaphor alone. This is going to become a “Series” on this site. We’re going to start out slow with it, and get stronger as we go.

Every day God deals us a hand, but it is such a shame most of us are so old by the time we learn to play those cards right. I think about how many things I understand about the universe now, and how things work. I look back on how little I understood for such a long time, and yet, even today, it is hard to find an old person who has the ability to speak to a younger generation… and they listen! What a gift that is. Is it even possible?

In our society today, you might be greatly listened to if you are highly educated in this world’s wisdom, or you have this world’s wealth and fame. Right there the typical young person is playing his cards wrong already, and how can they possibly see, unless they are willing to listen to a man of God. Ha! So few willing to do that these days. And who can blame them? Even the Church can’t seem to make up its mind who is right? Are we supposed to be wealthy in this world’s goods? Or has God offered us a CROSS?

Look… here is the simplest way I know to make this point. Is it wrong for Christians to be wealthy? I guess that depends on your definition of wealth. The CROSS is a call to LOVE. I don’t care how much money you give away, how can a true Christian live in a ten-million dollar home while people are sick and starving all around them? This is not love, this is not wisdom, this is not the CROSS, and yet these are the ones our youth are likely to listen to, ANYONE who seems to be wealthy in this world’s goods, never mind if this world is temporary, and eternity never ends.

I can still remember the day I started playing my cards right! And here is why: I remember how much of a mess I had on my hands then, and I look at the peace and joy I live in now. I can see exactly where the sun started rising and my mess, my night, began to faintly glow more and more, until the sun fully rose and my night became day.

The cards we play are meant to produce light. We are not creatures of the night and if you are living in darkness, you are playing your cards terribly wrong. Life is better in the light. Life is better in the sunshine where we see clearly. In the darkness we trip over many many things, consequently causing much stress, turmoil, cravings, addictions, slavery of every kind, and eventually we fold, all our chips have been cashed in, wasted, and gone.

I start everyday in prayer with God. That is one thing I have learned in my old age to play my cards right. Supernatural wisdom helps a lot when deciding what card in my hand to play. So if you’re a young person out there, or even not so young, and you like the idea of listening to someone who starts everyday in prayer, then this is a good place for you. I can tell you right now that the pursuit of this world’s goods is a false path. There is a Civil War taking place in God’s Church, and it ought not be, because Jesus made it so plain that he has invited us to his CROSS, not a mansion, and he has invited us to spiritual warfare, not a “feel good” social club.

At this site we learn it is the broken wings that soar. We can fill our life with soaring, or flapping. If we learn from the eagle we will build a secure nest in the high places, not a mansion on the dirt. But what do I know? I’m just one old man nobody is listening to. I would LOL if it were not so tragic.

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“The Encounter II”

“The Little Bird that Couldn’t”

Chapter One

 He couldn’t remember why or how.

All he knew was that he couldn’t… he could not flap his wings.


 Yes, he had wings, but they would not flap! Yes, he could stretch them out, but they would not flap. This is the story of the little bird that couldn’t. Such a sad story in the beginning, but what a happy ending!

“What good are wings that will not flap?” asked the wise old owl seeking to help him.

“I do not know, sir,” he answered in despair. “I was hoping you could tell me.”

“Hmmm,” the owl considered, trying to find an answer full of wisdom, because that was the job of owls in the bird kingdom, to have wise answers. But alas, he could think of nothing.

So the little bird continued on, walking wherever he went. It was not the way of birds to walk, but it had been his way for as long as he could remember, and not even the wise owl could give him any hope, as he continued walking.

He did not know this land, for he had walked many weeks now. He missed home, even though it had been a cruel place where the other birds laughed at him. But he just wanted to fit in, have friends, and a place to belong.

They called him, Flapless. “Here comes ‘Flapless’!” they would yell.

“Hey Flapless! We’ve decided to hunt for worms in the far meadow over there! See ya when you get there, if we’re not too old! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” they laughed while flying away. Finally, he just kept on walking one day, and thus his quest began. Surely someone could help him find an answer, or at least a place he would be accepted and make his home, but for weeks now it had been one dreary mile after another, and nothing but disappointments, like the not-so-wise owl.

As darkness settled in for another night, he found a spot at the base of a large tree and snuggled up. Sometimes, as he slept, he actually dreamed about flying! It was a wondrous thing! Every night as he closed his eyes he said a little prayer that he might fly. But it was only a dream; and even those were far and few between.         He was a sad little bird. His heart broke more every day while he longed for something that should rightly be his, but for some unknown reason, was not.

When morning came he ruffled his feathers, shook himself, and came out. Then he stretched his wings a far as he could and tried to flap! Still nothing. “Oh well, at least my legs work, I guess.” Then he pecked the ground and swallowed a large worm before pressing on with the quest.

It had been three days since his encounter with the owl, three long and silent days. He was tired of only hearing his own voice, and thinking his own thoughts. “I wish I had someone traveling with me,” he said out loud, but again, no one was there to answer back.

Now the land before him was changing and he had a choice to make. Ahead was a fork in the road with a big tree standing tall. He stopped at the tree and looked to his right. To the right he saw nothing but very tall mountains, and who knew what dangers might lurk there, because he had never been in mountains before, and so they were strange to him.

Now to the left the road continued with lovely rolling hills, green grass, butterflies, and pleasant travel, but to the right it looked rocky, dangerous, lonely, and perhaps even cold. The answer seemed obvious as he started veering down the left path.

“Are you sure you want to go that way?” a voice asked.

“What? Who said that?” the little bird asked while looking every way about, but seeing no one!

“I did,” the voice said again, and it came from the tree!

“Trees don’t talk,” he reminded himself. “Am I going crazy?” But he could not help but have a closer look. So he cautiously walked over to the big tree, stared up into its leaves, and feeling rather silly asked, “Pardon me, Mr. Tree, but did you say something?”

“No,” came the reply.

Now the little bird was very confused and startled! For obviously the tree had spoken to him, but said, No! So if the tree did not speak to him then he was not going crazy, because trees do not speak and “no” was the right answer, but how could the tree not be speaking if he heard it say, No? So he was crazy either way!

“What am I going to do, what am I going to do?” the little bird fretted. “My journey has driven me crazy!” Then he hyperventilated and passed out.

The next morning, as the little bird regained his senses, he was surprised to find he had lay there all night! And now the sun was rising for the new day! Was he still hearing voices? If he spoke to the tree would it answer him again? Was he still crazy?

Picking himself up from the ground he shook the lingering dew from his feathers. “Guess no harm done,” he said, I’m just a little damp around the edges.”

“So you are, my fine feathered friend,” the voice came again.

Immediately, the little bird’s heart started racing again, and his feet wanted to run away! But he did not look up into the big tree as he focused on calming his heart, for there must be a great mystery here, and the answer he wanted to know.

Slowly, very slowly, he raised his head and dared to look up. He still had questions. “Okay, Mr. Tree, if you are not the one speaking to me, then who is?”

“It is I, the Wind,” came the answer. “You hear my words as I move through the leaves of this tree, but I assure you, as everyone knows, trees do not talk. How silly that would be, right?”

The little bird took a big swallow as he gulped and said, “Ha! Yes! Of course! How silly that would be! Everyone knows that trees do not talk! But the wind does?” came his nervous half frightened question.

“Of course, silly, but only to those who hear me.”

“Of course,” the little bird weakly agreed. “And I am one of those, I guess, right?”

“You are now,” the Wind replied. “But it has taken several weeks for you to be so. Most people are too busy ‘inside’ to hear my voice. Your many weeks of walking has quieted your soul, opened your ears, and now you hear.”

“I see,” he answered. “Of course, it all makes sense now. I should have known. Right?”

“Exactly!” the Wind answered. “For has it not been foretold by all the great prophets?”

“Yes, I think I remember reading that somewhere? I’m sure I did.” The little bird paused for a moment, before asking, “So if I move from this tree, will I still be able to hear you?”             “No. You’re not that good yet. Don’t flatter yourself. You really have a lot to learn.”

“I do?”

“Yes, you do,” the Wind confirmed. “Tell me, what is your name? For I have been watching you for weeks, but have not heard your name.”

The little bird hesitated. Whatever his real name had been, it had gotten lost in all the name-calling. Even his own brothers and sisters had called him various names once it was discovered he could not flap, but eventually one name stuck, and everyone began saying it, “My name is, Flapless,” he said, with his head turned down.

“Flapless?” the Wind repeated, as if pondering. “Ahh, you have been given a great gift. That explains a lot.”

“It does?” Flapless questioned.

“It does,” the Wind confirmed. “It explains why you hear my voice, and why you have been walking alone for so long that your soul became very quiet, so that you could hear me. Most people are so busy ‘flapping’ that they never really hear. Sometimes they pause for a moment thinking they heard something, but then they rush back to their flapping and never give it a further thought. But you, my little bird, cannot flap! And now you are beginning to hear.”

“Wow,” Flapless thought, “a great gift. But what does it mean? What can I do with this gift? I still wish I could fly. But he was afraid to speak any of these thoughts out loud.

“So, do you trust me, Flapless?” the Wind asked.

“Trust you? I hardly know you,” he answered.

“That is right, you hardly do, but you need to.”

“Why do I need to?” Flapless asked.

“Because I am ‘All-Knowing’,” the Wind answered.

Silence followed that final statement. Everything the Wind had asked, it asked for the benefit of the bird, for it knew all things, and had no need to hear any answers, only Flapless did.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Thirteen 10/12/14

“Take up your cross and follow me.”

“Remember Lot’s wife.”

“He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”

“For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”

Dan was beginning to understand his father-in-law. Both Cathy and Dan had talked between themselves of the odd change that came over her dad after he spent time in this book, and yet he was happier than they could ever remember him being, so no one challenged him on his new outlook. Cathy’s mom was not complaining, and everyone had to admit he was affecting people in a good way, a way that was leading them to God. So who was going to argue with that? But no one understood.

It was now two a.m. when Dan rose from his desk to stretch his legs. It looked very peaceful outside. Cathy and the children should be sound asleep. Deciding he needed some fresh air, he threw on a light jacket and cap, and quietly slipped out of the house and into the streets. He used to take long walks to clear his head. He enjoyed walking, and tonight was a perfect fall night. He needed this walk to give things a chance to settle. It was all starting to make sense, now his mind would fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Yes, like the remark Cathy’s dad had made about being a hunter for God.

He understood now. For Cathy’s dad, Don, it was no longer about where he could make the most money, or have the best benefits, or what others thought about his choice of employment. It was about where God was sending him. It was about a mission for God. You did not need to leave America to be a missionary. God might send you to a mall, or a prison, or even a big corporation. It was about God’s leading and catching that perfect will of God in your life, like an eagle riding the wind.

A spiritual Bounty Hunter? The seeking of God’s treasures. There is great bounty in seeking to save that which is lost. The eagle is a bird of prey, he is a warrior bird, he is not afraid to face a foe and do warfare. When Jesus spoke of the eagles being gathered to the slain? The Preacher had gone into all the details of what people have said. Eagles are not drawn to carrion as a vulture is, but Job 39 had spoken of where the slain are, there is the eagle. And the pastor brought out a little known reference from a commentary that seemed to make a lot of sense: “As birds of prey scent out the carrion, so wherever is found a mass of incurable moral and spiritual corruption, there will be seen alighting the ministers of divine judgement.” (Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown).

“What is coming, Lord?” he asked out loud. “I know things are getting worse all the time. You spoke of Sodom and Gomorah, and as in the days of Noah, but are we at such an ‘incurable’ point?” He could not help but wonder about the moral and spiritual corruption. He spent some time brooding over that very thing, realizing he had done very little to push back that dark tide, and then another thought came.

“But also, what does it mean to present your body as a living sacrifice?” Dan couldn’t believe he was thinking such deep thoughts as he walked down the street, hands in his pockets, head low, lost in his thoughts and the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other over and over again. It felt good. Those who become a living sacrifice, one with their Lord, those who take up their cross, lay down this world’s glamour and delight in pursuing God, they are the eagles. The dead body of Christ paid the price for our salvation and the eagles gather to him. And they are a living carcass themselves, more alive than they ever thought possible! These eagles gather to such things! But these are not things able to be spoken of.

Dan was not saying he knew his thoughts were correct. He simply saw a lot of possibilities here, and something was correct, and the eagle is a warrior, a snake killer, and there will be bodies, those of the demons fallen in battle, because a child of God caught a glimpse of what Paul meant when he spoke of spiritual revenge!

Dan knew he could not explain this to anyone else. He couldn’t even explain it to himself, he just knew that in these pieces was a powerful answer that was true, and somehow his spirit man was grasping it! Somehow he could live this, and be inspired by it, a bush on fire but not consumed! Where did that come from?

Yes. Moses had spent forty years in a wilderness tending sheep, and during that time he had fallen from being a great spokesman in Egypt, to being an introverted stutterer in the wilderness. But then he had an experience with God. It came in the form of a burning bush that was not being consumed by the flames! The time Moses spent at that bush set him on a course to fulfilling his destiny in Egypt. God restored him at that bush. Now the question God was asking him, could he be a burning bush, not consumed by the fire, but a bush in which others could come and be set free from their stutter, empowered, and on course for God? The eagle was such a bird.

Yes. Cathy’s dad was a spiritual hunter, living like an eagle in the high places, and it just happened God sent him to a downtown area on a mission to seek prey! Bind the devil, root him out, and set people free. Be my Bounty Hunter. And Don loved it. He was thriving in it, and God was meeting their needs. Dan finally understood Cathy’s dad, even though his own daughter did not. Dan couldn’t help but chuckle as he walked down the sidewalk lit by city lamps. Tomorrow they would be getting a babysitter. He just had to take Cathy out and try to explain to her the incredible things he now saw, and hopefully even help her understand her own dad.

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“What does my Soul need?”

Dedicated to all those who don’t believe they have a soul.

I’ve had this poem tucked away for a while now, hesitant to make it public, but something someone said recently prompted me to put it out there, so here it is.

My greatest treasure, my soul.

          What powers this body?

My soul.

          What enters heaven?

My soul.

Because of my soul,

          I choose to live in Spirit.

What would anything profit me if I

          were to lose my soul?

My greatest treasure, my soul.

          My greatest priority, my soul.

God’s Word is food to my soul.

God’s Spirit is water to my soul.

God’s Presence is air my soul breathes.

Jesus completes my soul,

          I am Bride of the Lamb.

          I am a Samurai Bride.

Every day I should ask myself,

          “What does my soul need?”

To eat, to drink, to breathe?

          Yes, all of these and more.

To love in God’s love. Amen.

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Samurai Dog Says:


I don’t get to have a “Choosing Ceremony”? My master says I was born a dog and that I do a good job of being a dog. I like to get in our trash, bark at the mailman, guard our property, chase and retrieve sticks, and I hate baths in a tub! (Give me a creek anytime!) Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the DIVERGENT articles. They really have a lot to say about life, or so I’m told, I wouldn’t know cause I’m just a dog. Have fun being human, I have a terrible craving to fetch a stick right now. Know what I mean?

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“Two Masters”

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.”             signed: Jesus, the Christ.


“They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.”                  signed: II Peter 2:19


God has given me very strong direction for where to go with this site, this year. If you are new to the site then you will not notice the changes, but this cowboy has taken up a sword and challenged himself to be Samurai, for Christ.


This is the first subject we are going to explore: Spiritually speaking, what does it mean to serve a master? God’s definition of a master is > whatever has overcome you, or controls you.

Here’s a dirty little secret: No one is a free spirit, because we have all been overcome by sin, therefore, unless we have been set free from the power of sin, by the power of Christ, then we are still under the power of sin and it is our master.

Now if we have been set free from sin, to serve righteousness, then Christ has become our Master, and the question becomes: “How well are we serving?”

Here is another way to look at it. We either serve good, or evil. Now a slave to sin might also have good works they can point to, but if they are still overcome by sin, then sin is still their master, and all their good works are defiled by the curse of sin, like a doctors surgery is defiled if they do not sterilize everything.


What I am saying is, according to scripture we all have a master, and we all choose which master we will serve, the only question is how well you serve that master? If you have not chosen Christ, then sin is still your master, which is the kingdom of darkness and curse. All your good works are defiled, and will not stand the fires of judgment in that day.


If my words are offensive, it is because they are a SWORD! And I invite others to join me in no longer being ashamed of the complete WORD OF GOD, and begin to declare war on the devil!


No we have not. The Church, Christians, the body of Christ has been so busy loving God that they have lost their hate for the devil!


No, not every single Christian, but the Church as a whole? Yes, we have not seen the true fires of revival in a long time, not here in America.


The cares of this world are choking us out.


In the days of slavery it meant, “Do as you’re told or else! And the “or else” was likely to be very bad. Whether the lost realize it or not, that is the kind of master they still serve. It is only the grace of God giving them a little more time to be saved, before allowing the curse of sin to destroy them. These are the ones we are fighting for! The will of our Master is for us to fight the good fight of faith for those who are lost! Satan is our enemy in this fight! Who are you fighting for today? What vision of God, or good deed, or salvation of a soul, are you fighting for?

The Christian serves a Master who says, “Do this and your life will be blessed, or if not, then understand you will suffer loss, but it is your choice.”

As a Samurai for Christ, I have a Master, and I have a Sword, a very special Sword. It is my heart’s desire to serve my Master with the Sword he has given me, and for that to happen, then I must seek mastery of the Sword. Will I ever be perfect? No. But can I improve? Can I live it better? Can I serve righteousness better? Yes, we can always seek to grow.


Then we need to understand this subject of having a master. Jesus plainly said that no man serve two masters, and went on in that same verse to mention MONEY as one of the masters that desires to overcome us. It is one of the evils, if it CONTROLS us, that will choke out our service to the Kingdom we claim.

I do not know how good of a job I have done in beginning to look at this subject of Master, and mastery, for they are related. The Samurai not only serves a master, but seeks “mastery” of being a faithful servant warrior.

I only recently found an animated show called; “Samurai Jack”. I was amazed that his battle is with a demon, and he has a special sword forged by three monks in the mountains, and he speaks of overcoming the demon with RIGHTEOUSNESS. What a symbolic picture! If only we as Christians, were as dedicated to our Sword, as Samurai Jack is to his. If only we were as dedicated to our assignments as he is to his.

Again, I do not know how well I have addressed this subject of choosing our master, and what does it mean to serve him well, because that is what it means to be Samurai, > One who Serves.

Please be sure to read previous article of > “I’m not Ronin”, for more teaching on this subject, and the current transitioning of this site. This subject is to be continued.


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