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Ever feel like you’re just a stone dropped in water?

Ever feel like all you are is a Ker-plunk?


Hope you enjoy the following article.

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“The Encounter II” > FLAPLESS


That night Flapless snuggled up in a pile of leaves that were trapped against a fallen tree. As he stared up into the starry sky he began to question the events of his day. “Did I really hear the wind talking to me? I passed several trees today and never heard the voice even once, not even a peep! What if I’m wrong? Will I find food up in the mountains? Do worms live there? Is the ground too hard and cold?” his thoughts continued in endless chaotic circles of fear and doubt.

“I never knew the wind could speak, even though, like the wind had said, have their not been Prophets who have said it is so? And have we not ignored them because we thought they were imagining things? Have we not laughed at them, just like some have laughed at me?”

“What is a Prophet, anyway?” he considered. “The Book of the Ancient Ways says they are a person who hears the voice of God, and speaks of invisible things of another kingdom. Sometimes they even tell us the future! Wait a minute, if I’m hearing such a voice, does that make me a Prophet? Or possibly a Prophet in training? Could the mountain be my great test?” Flapless was very lost in his thoughts when a voice from above suddenly interrupted!

“Hey, bro! What are you doing down there? You want to get eaten?”

“A voice!” Flapless shouted to himself, but then he thought, “Hey, bro? What kind of voice is that?” So as he looked in the direction of the voice, he spotted a small bird, a very small bird, much smaller than he, for it was a wren, and the little bird was perched on a limb above him.

“Oh! Hi, up there! I did not know you was there.”

“Yeah, I get missed a lot, but are you planning on sleeping down there?” the little wren asked.

“Yes. I have no choice. You see, it’s kind of a long story, but my wings do not work and I cannot fly. My name says it all, they call me, Flapless.”

“Flapless,” the wren repeated, “OH, I get it! So sorry for your condition, but since I am perching here tonight, I will try to keep an eye open for danger, and I can give you warning.”

“That is very kind of you, little wren. And what is your name?”

“My name is, Goliath, because I don’t like thinking small. I drove my parents so crazy with my wild ideas that they just started calling me, Goliath, you know, the giant?”

“Yes, I know of whom you speak. It is one of the stories in the Book of Ancient Ways. The same book that speaks of Prophets and hearing voices in the wind.”

“Yes, the same book,” the wren agreed.

Flapless noticed that Goliath seemed to be studying him closely, before finally asking, “Are you a starling, or a raven?”

“I’m a raven,” he answered.

“Hmmm,” the little wren sounded.

“I’ve heard that before,” Flapless thought.

“You know, I’m a bit of a student of the Ancient Book, and it is unfortunate that your kind has gotten such a bad rap in our times.”

“What do you mean?” Flapless asked.

“You know. All that stuff about witches and sorcery.”

“Oh, yeah, all that. I’ve never even seen a witch. I probably wouldn’t know one if I saw one.”

“If people studied the Ancient Book more, they would know how silly it all is. Just because ravens are listed as one of the unclean birds, I mean, aren’t we all? That is what salvation is about, right? And people seem to forget that our mighty eagle brother is listed as an unclean bird, too.”

“Actually, you ravens have a pretty good record in the Good Book of Ancient Ways. Noah sent one of your forefathers out of the ark first, because you are a stronger bird. The dove couldn’t handle the hardship. But your forefather bravely went forth, and stayed out much sooner than the dove.”

“Also, God chose another one of your forefathers to feed a very special man named, Elijah. And they faithfully took care of Elijah for as long as possible. And Jesus even used the raven when he spoke of taking no thought for your life, and what you will eat or wear, but seek first the kingdom of God.”

“Wow, you really do know the Ancient Book of God’s Word! Can I share with you the details of my journey? Perhaps you can help me have a better understanding, because earlier today I heard a voice in the wind, and that is how I ended up on the road to the mountains, for I was going to take the other path.”

“A voice in the Wind? Oh my. Yes, this will be very interesting. Please tell me all!”

“Well, starting from the beginning, I left home because I did not fit in, and I decided to go on a great quest in search of answers.” And so Flapless began to share every detail of his story with his new friend, Goliath.

The crickets chirped in the background as he described his great torment of having wings that do not work, and all his fellow birds who had hurt him with insulting names. He told of the owl who who who could not help him, and his many weeks of walking, walking, and walking. Until he finally had his encounter with “the Voice”, which he thought was the tree talking and he had gone crazy. But thank goodness it had turned out to be the wind speaking to him as it blew through the leaves of the tree. Then there was the turtle and his advice to listen to the wind and take the road to the mountains. Now here he was.

“I think I saw your turtle friend on the way here,” the wren said. “He was camped at a rock by a big tree.”

“Yes, that would be the one, but surely he was not right by the tree?”

“Well, it was a few feet away,” Goliath confirmed.

“Yes, that would be him. He is old and only has three legs.”

“Three legs?” Goliath repeated. “You know, I have seen something called a wheel. Some one should attach a wheel where his missing leg is, and it would probably help him a lot.”

“A wheel?” Flapless thought. “You really do think outside the box, don’t you.”

“Oh, yes, I guess I just did it again, didn’t I. Birds are not supposed to think of things like that.”

Goliath’s last statement was followed by a few minutes of silence, as both were lost in their own thoughts. The crickets never stopped chirping, and the stars never stopped shining as the two kept each other company. But finally, Goliath began to talk again.

“So the Wind spoke to you, huh. That is not a small thing, Flapless. And he said your condition is a great blessing?”

“Yes, but I’m afraid I don’t agree with that part. It has brought me a lot of pain and sadness. I have left my home. I have no friends. No place to lay my head. And I weary of all this walking. Now it is about to get even harder as I begin hiking up the side of this great mountain. I am afraid I might give out. What if I do not have the heart to make this great journey?”

“Hmmm, but you are a raven,” the little wren pointed out, and then added, “A bird for hard times. A bird that was first to leave the ark into the new world, and the bird that fed a Prophet during a time of famine and drought. Perhaps the Wind knows that you do have the heart?”

“He said he was All-Knowing,” Flapless added as he considered the little wrens words.

“Yes. That would seem to agree with the Book of Ancient Ways, but I never thought about it before. If this is true, then why do I fight the Wind?” Goliath asked out loud.

“What do you mean?” Flapless asked.

“Well, my wings work, and I use them for a few things. One, to get off the ground. Two, if I am flying with the Wind, I use them to go faster. Three, I use them if I decide to go ‘against’ the Wind, or in any way ‘counter’ to it. But I am beginning to ask myself, if the Wind is All-Knowing, why would I want to go faster than the Wind carries me, or counter to it in any way?”

“Hmmm,” Flapless found himself saying. “I think I see what you mean.” Then he considered that he could not believe he had just said, “Hmmm.”

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“Playing Your Cards Right” #2

How can I get the most out of the hand I have been dealt? How can I win more hands, and what does winning actually look like?

First you have to make a choice. What do you think a real win is? What is a real ‘W’ as they say? For myself, it was critical I answer a couple of questions. Whether we believe in faith or not, most of us make our decisions based on what we do believe. I could not define a ‘win’ without first deciding what I believed about a couple of things.

Question #1> “Do I have an eternal soul, or is everything simply over when I die?”

Question #2> “Based on my answer to #1, then what path leads to winning the war, not just a few battles?”

In order to avoid writing a book here, Question #1, in a nutshell, boiled down to their simply being too much design to everything around me. You can’t get something from total nothing. It’s impossible. Therefore there is something supernatural involved in my existence. As I continued down this path I simply could not deny an inner knowing, a conscience, a 6th sense, confirming to me that I was more than flesh and blood, I was also spirit. I think people underestimate the power of this “knowing”, because God says he has put eternity in the heart of every man. We do have an inner knowing, if we will be honest with ourself.

After that, the second question was easy because I already knew I wanted to win the war, not simply a few battles. I wanted long-term success, and long-term was now defined as eternity.

Each of us must answer these questions for ourself before we can effectively play our hand, and there are many clues, facts, evidences, teachers, archeological findings, logic, as well as gut-feelings to lead us to our answers. The theory of evolution seems to be a big factor for many, even though there are so many big holes in that theory. Such as, how does total nothing evolve? How can it even ‘bang’? This is all I’m going to say on this, because the evidence is really all around us, and within us to make a wise decision if we really want to.

So how do I get the most out of each hand I’m dealt every day?

First, make sure of what is a true WIN. God has defined this in his Word, but you may choose differently if you so desire.

Secondly, after you have a good vision of what is your WIN, have the RIGHT ATTITUDE!

God’s Word defines the right attitude this way> “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matt. 6:33)

Jesus replied, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:37-39)

Phil. 4:8-9> “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me— everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

With these things in mind, you can play a better hand.

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“The Encounter” Chapter Eighteen 10/25/14

It was now Sunday afternoon and Dan was locked away in his den again. The family meal after church had been good, but his weekend was almost over and he still had some things to organize in his mind. He wanted to make some kind of a list. What did this thing look like on paper, to him, in his own words? If it could be put in a priority list, what would it look like?

The blank sheet of paper on the computer screen stared him in the face. He wanted to get this right, but he wasn’t sure how to start? Finally, he decided to take a step of faith and follow his heart. He was surprised at the first words coming to his mind.

“This is not my Home”

1.) Why do I live like this is my home?

2.) I am called to high places with God, to a priesthood, to be an eagle and not a sparrow.

3.) No more will I major on the minors, “a flapper”, but I will recognize what is truly important to my home with God.

4.) My priority list is: “Seek ye “FIRST” the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness…” My priesthood is Priority One!

5.) How will I do this?

6.) A tender heart. My tender heart will keep me in His path. The first step is LOVE. A heart broken for Him.

7.) His presence will be my guiding light. I will love His presence in my life, this is His priesthood.

8.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to diminish, is my enemy.

9.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to increase, will be my delight.

10.) In this way will my tender heart draw me to the high places, closer to Him, and we will soar.

11.) In this way will the lives of others be touched by God, through me.

12.) In this way will I live in the supernatural, even now. No more “ordinary” living.

Dan looked at his list and was very surprised. A tender heart towards God was the key to it all. Jesus told one church that they had left their first love. He thought about all the blessings God had blessed him with, and how he let those blessings become the very thing causing him to be too busy for God. “Now that is cold,” Dan thought. “Cold hearted.”

Yes, his list surprised him, but he liked it. His tender heart had led him to a list of greater wisdom than he had known. With this list his eagle wings would grow, and he would never be the same. He was an eagle looking down from the high places. Everything looked so different from here. Already, he could see how much his perspective of truly living had changed, and he felt excitement in his soul. He felt a fire. A warm fire glowing, and a hot fire growing, to change the world. That was what his soul had missed, a holy fire within. Now he had it, and he smiled.

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