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Fire and Flame



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Living with Fire / Feeding the Flame #2

“And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.” (Ex. 19:18)


“The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.” (Lev. 6:13)

Redeemed from fire by fire! Yes, T.S. Eliot said it well. Consumed by either fire or fire. Consumed by grace or sin. Am I on fire for God? I have been charged by God to never let the fire go out! Guardians of the Flame!

How do I live with fire? How do I feed the flame so it never goes out? What is this heroes journey? To slay a dragon, to save a city, to live in such a flame.!To light yourself on fire and live there. Where does such a life come from? It is not five of the six archetypes inside each of us. It is not the Orphan, the Innocent, the Wanderer, the Altruist, or the Warrior, but it is the Magician, the Mystic, the Priest.

You must step across the line of mere mortal and flesh, and into Spirit and Priesthood. Blessed art thou Simon, for flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you! Only God can create a bush that is on fire but not consumed. Try to do this in your own power and you will fail. It will be a strange fire, not of God, and you will be consumed, not eternally sustained. “Priesthood is a supernatural lifestyle of surrender”. (Try to explain that one.) It is mystic. It is the highest level of existence in unity with God. And every one of us is called to it. Being a Christian is more than just being a good person, it is a Priesthood.

Priesthood is a supernatural lifestyle of surrender.

If you’ve never truly been on fire, and if you’ve never truly surrendered, then you know not of what I speak. Neither do you likely believe it, and certainly not crazy enough to try it, after all, look at all the things you might have to lay down, and then what? What if you could not get them back? What if it really did cost you something, like it cost our Lord? Even that fear of not getting it back betrays you. You are not Mystic, not Priesthood, but you are still in a fearful, selfish, carnal state, and you have not tasted of God’s ultimate peace, or joy.

I find myself writing words stronger than I expected. Can I explain any of this? Hhmm, Jesus walked on water. I think water offers us a lesson. I use to be a terrible swimmer, and because of that I had a fear of drowning. My wife, who is an excellent swimmer, tried teaching me how to float, so if I ever got in such a situation, I could simply lie on my back and float. It sounded good. It made perfect sense, but there was one problem. The more you “relax”, the more you “let go”, the better you float. If you tighten up like a rock, you tend to sink like a rock, and sense I had a fear of drowning, guess what? I found it extremely difficult to float. It was very hard to relax and let go when fear was gripping me. Try it some time. You’re scared to death but you’re going to begin mentally relaxing each muscle, slow your breathing, and command your heart to slow as well. Mentally, it is a very hard thing to do, to slow the racing heart gripped in fear.

Nevertheless, floating was there for me. It was there all the time, I simply did not have the faith to tap into it. I was resisting the water, instead of surrendering to it, like a mighty eagle surrenders to a current of wind. Most of us live as little flapping sparrows, not soaring eagles. But don’t we all long to be the soaring eagle? God longs for that for us, and he offers it.

So what does this have to do with feeding the flame in us? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

If we will not surrender to the supernatural habits of a priest in Christ, i.e. a quality prayer life, faith, fasting, obedience, God’s Word, and God’s holiness, then the fire will never be sustained. This supernatural flame that fills the universe with passion will be lost to us.

Do we not believe God’s word? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will…?

Yes, this is too much for five of the archetypes in us. But not too much for the Mystic, it is where he lives! It is where he burns with passion and thrives! Because he has learned the surrender that feeds the fire! He has gone to the cave and received a God-given vision! Now he is on fire with it, like Merlin who got the vision for Camelot! And then he raised up a King Arthur, who drew the sword from the stone!

No, you would not want to live such an authentic life. That life burns too hot for most of us. We would not dare to be so alive.

A book I once was impressed with, I have puled from the shelf to remind myself of. No, not everything I read is scriptural, but I must admit this book impressed me, about these six archetypes in all of us, and a heroes journey. The book is: “The Hero Within”, by C.S. Pearson. Of course the teaching has passed through my own filters, but I’m mixing some of that into this series. There will likely be more.

Fire purifies. There is a supernatural path bordered with flames, and so alive, not many dare to walk it. Just the Mystics, the Priesthood. The Spirit of God can take us there, if were willing to enter into that supernatural surrender, get a vision from God and burn with it! It’s hard to think about yourself when you’re filled with such passion. As a matter-of-fact, you won’t even miss yourself. Good riddance to the one that was slowing you down. The true Mystic and Priest understands. Just as I eventually learned to float, so can anyone seek God and learn of this way we speak of. The Bible is the authority on this powerful life, and Jesus is its author. (“For we walk by faith, not by sight:”) II Cor. 5:7 Faith…a powerful supernatural force practiced by God’s Priesthood.


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“Ripple Theology #2”


About those ripples.

Do I care?

We all cause them.

Every action…every word…every deed.

Even if I don’t care,

I still cause ripples…bad ones.

I am a stone dropped in water.


But I’m not “just” a stone.

I am ripples, and the ripples are important.

Jesus taught us to Live for the Ripples.

Ripples speak louder than words.

No life is silent. Every heartbeat is a ripple. Every breath. Even when our heart takes its last beat…our heart stopping will send out ripples. What have we chosen the Ripple Effect of our life to be? Self-gratification? Or a seeking of God and his will. Do our ripples only affect this world, or do they reach to heaven?

Jesus said that no man lights a candle and puts it under a bushel basket. How is it that so many Christians seem to be stuck under a basket? Their light only lights their little world? I also considered, what fool would use a basket to cover a flame? It seems apparent to me that God is telling us, Satan is so weak that all we have to do is begin to flame up in Christ and we can burn that basket away!

So why you still under that basket? I’m only asking what God will ask you one day.

This may be my last blog for a few days. God has been showing me how to do more, with less. After the back surgery, my income is roughly one-third what it use to be. Consequently, this may be the last day of Internet in my home. I will be going to our downtown Library to work my site. I will be rubbing elbows with many other people God has called me to reach out to, as I do. I am actually looking forward to this.

But I just want you to know if I’m slow in answering any comments, I probably just have not made it to the Library yet. 1000 Houses of H.O.P.E. is in process of being birthed. Those details will continue to come out in the story of “Gotham”. I hope I will make a connection downtown for a House of H.O.P.E.. Currently, my own neighborhood is priority one, but as I spend more time downtown, I am a light, a flame, just waiting to catch fire. Pray for supernaturally empowered godly ripples.

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“Ripple Theology” #1

Theology = “The study of religious faith, practice, and experience, especially: the study of God and God’s relation to the world.” (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

WARNING: I woke up this morning and felt God moving on me so strong to write, write, write, write, write. I can’t explain this, but I want to warn everyone that I will be popping up a lot in your email, if you are a follower. Some of you may decide to delete me, and I understand if you do, but I hope you will simply ignore me when needed, and take advantage of those things that will INSPIRE.

I love metaphors that INSPIRE. As a teacher/writer, I love to paint a picture in our mind that we can strap a saddle to and ride that horse right through heaven’s gate. I awoke today flooded with ideas I simply must pursue with words on cyberspace.

Here is what you can expect coming.

More of the real life story of “Gotham”.

“Ripple Theology” > This was sparked by a poem I wrote recently and there is much more to be said about that poem, of which I will begin in this article.

“Batman Theology” > David understood what it meant to be a Caped Crusader for God, Caped in God’s “Covering”. There is much we need to learn about this. This teaching closely relates to the “Gotham” story I’ve been sharing. Also, since Batman dealt with some really nasty characters, I will be delving into the Book of Revelation and the Antichrist to some degree. These times are coming!

“J.E.D.I.” Theology >  Like the movie coming, there is an “Awakening” going on! God is on the move! Many times Hollywood, or the world, love to copy the things of God in a perverted form. Satan has a habit of this, as in his “unholy” trinity of the Antichrist, False Prophet, and the Beast.  J.E.D.I. Theology will focus a lot on “Holy Spirit, master me!” It will also speak of great Christian forefathers of the past who showed a great deal of spiritual mastery. “Mastery” is spoken of in scripture and encouraged. I will be using a book by Dick Staub, called: “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters” as an aid in these articles.

So, with these things in mind, let us begin our first teaching on “Ripple Theology”.


Here is how this poem came to be.  It was very early as I lay in bed and I knew I had a thirteen hour day of work ahead of me. I looked at the glow of the red numbers on the clock and saw there was ten minutes before the alarm would sound, and nothing in me wanted to get out of bed. WHY GET UP? IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? > Have you ever been there? Spiritual as we may be, sometimes the tedious day in and day out activities of this life just don’t seem worth it. Especially when you think about how great heaven is going to be. Why put so much effort into the here and now?

I work for a Security Company in a bad part of town. I knew I was going to spend eight hours strapped to a desk while watching cameras and checking people, and then another five hours patrolling a parking lot. My whole day was going to be nothing but work, and how was I to reach my own neighborhood, or any neighborhood like this? My passion, my heart is in discipleship, reaching and teaching a neighborhood, and 13 hours of security work sounded miserable as I lay in the warm bed of a cold house. Time to get up.

That was my mood, and I did not want to lose it, because I knew I could write something from it, something that would help me in the future, and perhaps help others. The desk work is actually pretty easy because the North desk is a low traffic area, I mostly watch cameras. I had learned to survive this boredom by doodling on poems. A small scrap of paper, a thought to ponder, you write a line or two and then watch the cameras as you ponder the thought for another line. It causes the time to fly and helps you stay alert for the cameras.

As I got to work, “Hey Don, You’re training John on the North desk today.” Hhmm, this was a first, because I am actually the parking lot guy and only fill in on the desk. Unexpectedly, a partner today. A chance to witness! But how? Well, no working on poems. Drat.

Turns out John was a young black man who already had a day on the desk, pretty much knew what to do, and did not like to talk. He wanted to play on his phone. I warned him about that and later he got in trouble for it, but in the meantime I couldn’t seem to spark any conversation, so I turned to my poem after all. Well, believe it or not, the poem is how I got to witness to John that day, and he loved it so much that he insisted I put it on facebook. He said my poem could change some lives. I believe this poem can too, if only people will take the time to look at the big picture, because that’s what this poem is, and that is what “RIPPLE THEOLOGY” is. Looking at the Big Picture.

You just don’t know what is in a day. I could have said to hell with everything else,(even though I don’t speak that way, but that is what my “actions” would have said), I could have just felt sorry for myself, called in sick and had a pity party all day, but I am more than just me, I am also responsible for the ripples I create, and Jesus said to live for the ripples, not yourself! Now read those first few lines while knowing my frame of mind.


Lord help me know the value of a soul…even my own.

These things we take for granted.

Another day?

The sun rises. / Just another day?

Is there really any such thing?

A stone drops in water.

Is that all I am?

Just the plunk of a stone?

Is that all I am?


But no…

there are ripples.

Had I not gotten out of bed, this poem would not have been written, John would not have been witnessed to, a lost day’s income, and even this article would not have happened. The RIPPLE EFFECT goes on and on.

God’s word says we “REAP what we SOW.” We are a stone dropped in water, and sometimes we feel  like that is all we are, but no…WE ARE THE RIPPLES. There is much more to be said about “RIPPLE THEOLOGY”. Hope you enjoy.

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“Batman Theology”

Where do you go after preaching the message for every good Christian to lay down those sins that so easily beset us?

Why would I ask that? Because I have seen this happen so many times. People get convicted under the powerful anointing of God, they go to the altar and they repent. They leave the altar full of the junk they know God has been convicting them of, and now they have “empty places” in them. Empty places that act as voids. Mother Nature resists a vacuum and something will be sucked into those empty places.

But brother Don, won’t those places be filled with more of God? Not if that person does not make the effort, and many times they lack a certain vision mojo to make that effort, sad to say. Consequently, the void will keep seeking to refill the empty places, and many times things will be sucked in that are even worse than before, because now the person is disillusioned and sees no hope.

So what is this “training” that Paul speaks of? (II Timothy 2:21)

“If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

“And every man that striveth for the mastery…”  (I Cor. 9:25)

What’s supposed to fill those empty places? Could it be a vision of the fight? Did not David ask, “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?” The GOOD FIGHT? Do we have a vision for it? Do we see the millions dying and going to hell, and the thousands in our own city? Is Gotham crying out to your deaf ears?

I know this is fictional but just humor me for a minute. Would Batman buffet his body and train himself to warrior elite if there were no fight? If there were no ultimate bad guys, no city to save, no tragedy of seeing his parents shot down in cold blood before his very eyes? Without those just causes would he ever have become the Batman? Why would he? Why work so hard and suffer such pain if their is no worthy fight to fight?

Have we lost the vision of the fight? In the realms of the spirit, only a Priest has power.

We are called to be more than just a good person, we have entered a Priesthood. The day the average Christian catches the vision of Priesthood Evangelism, we will turn this world upside down again! I have written more about this at if you like to know more. Look in the footer for “Priesthood Evangelism”. Are you enough of a spiritual Bounty Hunter to seek such things?

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“A Game for Adults”


Just so you don’t think I’m a complete Ba-Humbug. My wife and I raised five children in a Christian home and when it comes to certain holidays we had to make some decisions. For example, Halloween. We taught our children it is a holiday dedicated to death, horror, fear, and a whole line of “curses” no one in their right mind would really want to have happen. We hold the same message on movies. Horror films are sick! A mind that wants to be “healthy” will avoid such horrible fantasy. We should pray every day that such horrible things never happen to people, so how can we justify it as entertainment?

A few times we helped out in Church parties offering a completely different message on Halloween. So our children had activity that night, and learned the truth. Now I had no plans of talking about Halloween at Christmas, but somehow the Holy Spirit wanted it said. Now as to Christmas. 🙂

Truth is the most important element. My wife and I enjoy a lot of the Santa Clause movies and Christmas music of the season, so how do we share these things with our young children and not cause confusion, a mixed message? I believe we found a way to tell them the truth and still not ruin the fun.

We told them that Santa Clause was a “GAME” that us “ADULTS” like to “PLAY” at Christmas. It is just a fun game, BUT JESUS IS THE REALITY! THE TRUTH AND NOT A GAME! And of course we celebrated Jesus as we opened presents and had family devotions with the real Christmas message.

Now children understand what it means to play a GAME. They also understand IMAGINATION, and to imagine is not the real thing. We feel this practice helped them to understand the difference between “fiction”, which can be fun, and “reality”, which is true. Our children grew up knowing we would always tell them the truth, they could trust us completely. Because we did not fool them into thinking Santa was real for the first several years of their life, we did not promote a lie but were HONEST with them, our children always knew Santa was just a fun game that we enjoyed every year, and JESUS was the reason our family was the way it was, not just on Christmas, but all year round.


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Merry Christmas everybody! Is there really any such thing as “Just Jesus”?

As we enter this Christmas week I just want Jesus straight. In saying that, I realize that takes in a huge panorama of possibilities, but I want my foam, fluff, and syrup in my cappuccino, not Jesus. Give me Jesus straight. Not watered down and sugar coated. A world wrestling with pain and sin, even wanting to take Jesus out of Christmas, which is like trying to take cold out of snow, how can a world be so upside down to even think you can take the reason out of a holiday and still have reason for the holiday? Sheesh! Too much cappuccino has gone to our heads! My point exactly! If the pagans want a Christmas without Jesus, let them come up with their own holiday.

If you want to understand this better, I hope you will read the below article, if you have not already. I love a good latte or cappuccino too, but when it comes to Jesus we need him straight. I felt this important enough to hit it twice.

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star wars 03


According to the Word of God there is a struggle going on between light and darkness, truth and lies, knowledge and ignorance.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against…the rulers of the darkness of this world,…” (Eph. 6:12)

God is not about bringing “balance” to the light and darkness. Darkness has a ruler and he has already been judged, and his days numbered, so why is there a battle still going on between the Light and the Dark Side?

That battle is in US! It is in YOU and in I. The Bible still says: > “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

We are called to be servants who are promised either great reward, or great destruction, depending on whom we serve. Are you drawn to the light or to the darkness? You have the choice. It is up to you. God came to us first and has made a way, but now will you come to him?

Are you drawn to the Light or the Darkness?

You either serve God in your spirit, or Satan in your flesh. Only the choice of which, is up to you.

Light verses Darkness. The struggle within us is very present, but God will save us from the destruction of the flesh if we yield our members unto him. Will the battle go away? No. Star Wars will continue on this earth and within us until the Lord himself returns. But God has promised to complete the good work he begins in us, and we can wield a Light Saber, not a Saber of Darkness.

I like this Star Wars Analogy. It starts in the article “Playing Your Cards Right #5” (just below), and there will be more to come. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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“More than a Christian” #4

What is this Spiritual House the Lord has built?

Abraham > Heb.11:10 > “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.”

Jesus > Heb. 8:2 > “A minister of the sanctuary, and the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and not man.”

Us > Eph. 2: 21-22 > “In whom all the building fitly framed together growth unto a holy temple in the Lord; in whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.”

Over 4,000 years just to lay the foundation of the Prophets and the Apostles, with Christ as the corner stone! God sowed a seed into the “natural” first, that would eventually produce a “Spiritual” house! The Old Covenant natural, and the New Covenant spiritual!

I Cor. 15:46 > “Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.”

I have gone to a lot of trouble trying to lay a foundation of scripture to help us see the importance of what we are called to be, more than a good person! There is much that can be taught at this point, such as the starting point in Genesis 3:15, when God planted the seed while Adam and Eve was still just barely in the Garden of Eden. He spoke this seed into existence while still in the Garden! (I think that is so cool. God is so smooth.)

As the seed began growing in a physical manner, we see the nation Israel, and God takes the tribe of Levi and ordains them to be the priesthood of Israel. One tribe out of the twelve was called to be a tribe of priest unto the Most High God. But not so in the House that Christ has built!





You see, these spiritual sacrifices are powerful, and open portals that will open in no other way. In our Priesthood is a life we will never know if all we want to be is a good person. God spent over 4,000 years laying just the foundation for this. He spoke it in the Garden of Eden. The Son laid down his life for this, shed his blood, and took on death itself! And now the Holy Spirit is looking for all those who desire his Anointing, his training, his empowering, to be what God has called us to be, his Priesthood in the earth, more than just a good person, a spiritual house, a holy Priesthood, able to offer up spiritual sacrifices unto him.


To be continued…

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“More than a Christian” #1

The American Christian seems to be a breed all its own, and I’m not saying that’s a good thing.

I hear other countries see miracles on a regular basis, and we do not. Why is that?

Other countries experiencing great revivals, and we do not. Why is that?

Statistics show our Church to be little different from the world. Why is that?

Perhaps the time has come to be more than a Christian, but to be an actual follower of Jesus Christ.

Will we love sacrificially?

“Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” I Peter 2:5

To be continued…

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