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“Do You have Your Gotham?” > Chapter Eighteen

The Encounter III > What is God’s covering? What does it mean to be anointed and become a caped crusader, standing against the evil of our day? What is the calling of a Priest, and to be more than just a good person? Perhaps you say, “But I’m not a Priest, I’m just saved.” Just saved? Oh but you are, my friend. You are a Priest. If you are saved, then you have been elevated into a supernatural royal Priesthood. The question is, when will you realize the value of what you have received in Christ?


Don pondered the events of the past few days, his city, his Gotham, under spiritual attack on a magnitude beyond all expectations. It literally seemed that all hell was breaking loose on an unsuspecting people, and not a thing could be done about it, or so it seemed. Nothing our current leaders have any knowledge of doing, at any rate.

It had begun in the dark corridors of politics. Indianapolis saw a need to pass the RFRA (Religious Freedom Reformation Act), like several other states had already done. No big deal, right? WRONG! The whole thing blew up nation wide, and his city was now daily national news! But why? What was special about Indianapolis? Why Indianapolis and not the others?

It was a fire storm to the nth degree. As he worked his daily job, slowly driving through the parking lot in his silver Honda Civic, he called the “Silver Bullet”, not as in a beer, but going back to the Lone Ranger, a man who had to put on a mask and cover his face, live like an outlaw in order to fight the evil of his day, as he slowly cruised through, keeping an eye on the safety of those vehicles, he listened to every word, every lie, and every defeat coming over the airwaves.

More than one Christian had already been driven out of business by the homosexual agenda, simply because it was a violation of their faith to be involved in such a wedding. “Is there not a cause?” David had declared to his brothers and Israel’s army. So Christians are undeserving of any kind of legal protection as their faith comes under attack? Can the average person afford to fight a legal battle in our expensive courts? Do I have freedom of religion in America, as long as it harms no one else? Can a Christian speak of what that Book says, in America, without being financially ruined? Is that freedom? The free exchange of beliefs and ideas? Are not Pastors paid to speak every word of the Bible? Is that not their expertise? Has their very job become a fast ticket to jail, in America, land of the free? How far we have slid! And the pace is quickening!

Why Indianapolis? Could it be they see us as vulnerable? The next target on their list? As the idol god of MONEY began to threaten our city, I watched our governor fold like a house of cards, and a city go into panic. It was shameful, completely embarrassing, a black mark on this city. Yes, I do believe we are vulnerable, and the evidence is plain to see. RFRA had to be fixed, even though there was nothing wrong with it, fixed so we do not lose MONEY, who cares about the Christians, our MONEY is at stake here.

Don tried to find any source of logic in what he was watching unfold. Mass delusion was upon the people, logic and reason meant nothing. It did not matter what was true, only the perception, only the smoke and mirrors, only the lies, only the MONEY! And what does this reveal about the hearts of those promoting the lies? It must be a very dark place in which they live, but God’s anointed ones live in light, and we are a threat to their darkness, so we must be silenced in any way they can. You are a threat, Priest of God. You are covered and caped in something they don’t understand, but they are the haters, for they hate the light.

I do not believe in stealing. Do you? I do not believe in lying. Do you? So, if because of my faith, I do not believe in what a thief will do, does that mean I “hate” thieves? Or that I “hate” those who lie? I may not like what they do, and I may be against what they do, but that does not mean I don’t care about them personally! And it certainly does not mean I hate them! Is this something “unbelievers” are incapable of? Certainly not, for how many rehabilitation systems do we have? We prove our capability of this every day! And yet, they say you can’t be against homosexuality without being a hater? Oh how darkness loves to make the street only run their way, but it does mean that I do not want to take part in what they do! Nor do I want to promote it! Do I, as a Christian, a follower of Christ, still have that right in America? Do you, as an unbeliever, have the right to hate stealing, without hating the thief? There is no difference here, but as it has been said, logic and reason cannot stand against mass delusion, and they are perfecting it. How close are they to perfecting psychological warfare?

I watched my Gotham grovel before the feet of the idol of MONEY. The darkness was so thick I could cut it with a knife. They say 50% of hate crimes are committed by people 25 years of age or younger, as in the recent killing of nine African American Christians in a Church in South Carolina. Do you know what that means? The hand writing is on the wall but the professionals of our time fail to see, the blind leading the blind. This shows our future harvest! We have sowed these seeds and a very dark harvest is coming! Is homosexuality only 2% of our society? Check your schools and see what is coming! Yes, there is a great need for God’s caped crusaders.

Don found himself praying as he cruised in the Silver Bullet, and a scripture filled his thoughts:

“For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.” (Isa. 60:2)

(Dear Lord, as I have taken it upon myself to share these dangerous thoughts in a world rapidly changing, I pray for common sense once again to be alive and well in America. As the homosexual is free to believe what they choose, in the free exchange of ideas, I pray that so am I. Continued soon, I hope.)

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“The Horrendous Thing that Shaped Your Life”


Nobody has a perfect life. We live on planet earth where there is no such thing as perfection. When I look back on my own life I see 2 things that affected me in a major way, things that had to be overcome in my pursuit of God, and it was God that enabled me to overcome, so that I could pursue him more. I will share those 2 things shortly, but first I want to talk more about “GOTHAM”. Because some of you still don’t get it, and if you read this article, maybe you will “get it”.

If we take the fictional story of Gotham and make a life metaphor of it, certain things immediately rise to the top. Of course, the horrendous thing a boy experienced as his two parents were shot dead right in front of his eyes. This was a young Bruce Wayne, and it shaped the course of his life. This was a defining moment for him. For many people in our day and age, this might not be fictional. Their parent, or parents, died in a violent way when they were young, maybe even right in front of their eyes.

Bruce’s parents were not themselves violent, but violence came upon them. Some of you may have had parents involved in bad things and violence came upon them as a result of that, but still…which fork of the road will you choose? To become one who fights against evil for the sake of the weak and innocent, or one who decides to turn to evil, because of the violence that invaded your young life?

I want to stay in this time period of the young Bruce Wayne, because Hollywood has allowed us to do so, and given us another hero in Detective Gordon. It has been interesting watching very imaginative writers create this world of a young Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Ivy, and others, including Detective Gordon. Of course I am talking about the T.V. series “Gotham”, and if you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out.

Gotham was such a “Snake Pit”! And into this world comes a young, brave, heroic, and honest Detective. Can he be corrupted? Can he be broken? Can he be bribed? Can we entice him from his high-ideas to join us in our bed of snakes? Oh what a world of evil and corruption Detective Gordon takes on, before there is any Batman to help him.

Detective Jim Gordon. Talk about peer pressure! The police department is so corrupted that he is practically taking on the whole mafia alone! And the Penguin comes to him saying: “There’s a war coming, Jim. There will be so much blood in the streets!” In our day today, there is a war already raging between God and evil.

Yes I said God and evil, not good and evil. There are plenty of good people fighting evil in the way good people do, BUT… God’s people are called to fight evil in a different way, in a Priestly way, and if you claim to be a God people, have you obeyed that way? Or will there be so much blood in the streets, AND ON YOUR HANDS.

There is so much more I could say about this, but I believe I will let the Holy Spirit finish that conversation. As for the 2 horrendous things in my life? I am fortunate, raised in a Christian family my “horrendous events” would not be considered “horrendous” by most people, but they did have a major affect on me and the course of my life. So I will quickly share these 2 things in very “short form”, so as not to bore you.

ONE: I was popular in school until the fifth grade, when my parents moved to an isolated farm in the country. I was so isolated that I became extremely introverted. I didn’t know how to talk to people. Bad part was, I was comfortable that way and didn’t want to change. I didn’t realize how much this was affecting me in a bad way. I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of people. So…when it was time to graduate I should have went to college and probably become a teacher, or journalist. Something to that affect, but I was so afraid of standing in front of people, how could I be a teacher? So I eventually wound up a truck driver. Go figure. The point is, when God started moving on me to teach his word? Wow…I’m telling you, you don’t know how real the power of God became to me when I finally broke free of my introversion. People today are amazed I was ever an introvert to the extreme, but I was, and God delivered me as I obeyed him. There were some good points to my seclusion. I probably would not be the “spiritual” teacher I am today, had it not been for my isolation in nature with God. But had I not fought the battle to overcome my greatest fear, I would have missed so much God was offering me.

TWO: As a young man riding my bicycle down a two-lane blacktop, which I did a lot of bike riding to escape the farm, but one day, I just happened upon a very colorful magazine lying in the middle of the road, pages flapping in the breeze, and as I rolled by, I looked down, and saw it was a “PLAYBOY Magazine”. I know I should have kept on rolling, but I didn’t, and thus began a porno addiction which led to stealing, because I was too young to buy. They say Prono is an addiction as strong as cocaine. I’ve never had the drug, but I know it was only the power of God, seeking more of God, that finally delivered me from the Porno. It was not an easy battle, but I chose to, with the help of God, fight evil, rather than join it.

In conclusion: The personal story I am currently writing called: “Gotham”, should be a must read for every Christian who considers themselves “average”, but wonders what might be possible if they truly surrendered their will completely to God. For one thing, God will COVER you with his anointing, and the average Christian can be a Caped Crusader for God, fighting evil not in the way good people do, but in “the way” that ONLY God’s people can do.

Christians were originally called people of “The Way”.  Do you get it now?

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“The Encounter III” > GOTHAM 12/8/14

“THE ENCOUNTER III” > The story is written in fictional form, but it is not fiction, I am living this every day. Signed: Don.


Don was anxious to get a feel for downtown, but it was Wednesday and there was Church tonight. Nevertheless, he still felt led to do it, and if he was going to, then he had to do it right. “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by thy Spirit, Lord.” Have we forgotten what that means? I think we have.”

His coffee was half gone as he pondered, still setting in the dark and journal by his side. “I had forgotten, Lord. I know you have your remnant. You always have your remnant, but I don’t think they are around me. Who’s preaching it? I don’t hear them anywhere. You had to almost break my back to slow me down enough to hear. I hear ya, Lord. Push the plate back. Fast. I’m going out tonight on a spiritual walk-about. I will fast this whole day until sometime tonight…downtown…I’ll know when it is right. By thy Spirit, Lord. Have we forgotten what that means? If anything supernatural is going to come of this, I’m a Priest. I’m gonna do it right this time, Lord. I’m bringing back the ‘old ways’. The devil is going to know a ‘caped’, a ‘covered’, an ‘anointed’ crusader has come to town.”

“This is war, Satan. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you. It’s no secret. You’ve heard my prayers. No sense being bashful about this. God is sending me into the streets of downtown and you already know it, already planning your devices and setting your traps. We might as well be honest about this, I see your face on a ‘wanted poster’ on every wall, and I’m God’s Bounty Hunter. I come in the name of the Lord, in his priesthood, and there will be sacrifice. I’m not the fool I used to be, Satan, when I used to fight you on your terms. I’m coming in the name of Jesus, and I’m coming for you. There will be sacrifices, and I will remember who the real enemy is. It is not my fellow-man, but it is you Satan. It is you. The evil running rampant in the streets is you. My fights not with them, my fight is with you. I fight ‘for’ them, to see you defeated in their life, and so I pray, and I fast, and I come to you in the power of a Priest, for what is a Priest of Christ about if it is not sacrifice? And what is love if it is not sacrificial? Have we forgotten, Lord? I think we have. Thank you for reminding me, Holy Spirit.”

Church service ran later than normal that night, and as Don climbed into his black 1990 Dodge Ram pick-up, it was already dark. He slammed the door, and then slammed it again because it did not always catch the first time. He sat there for a minute listening within, to his soul. He had not expected Church to run this late, did he still feel led to catch a bus downtown? He had studied it out on the Internet. He needed exact change, $1.75. The 10th street bus stop was closest to his home and it ran straight downtown. He would be walking the streets after dark, but there would still be plenty of lights and activity. He could pray at Monument Circle, get a feel for things, set on a bench in the Garden Center and watch people below, assuming he survived the bus trip.

“Yes, I still feel to go. Grab the lion by the throat and don’t look back.” He turned the key in the ignition switch and duel pipes rumbled to life. He liked the sound of that thunder, because that is the way he felt.

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“Why Prayer School?”


The answer to this question is so important. The Lord pointed out to me that in the average Church a new convert is offered New Convert Classes. In these classes a teacher has several lessons designed to help the new convert understand his new life in Christ. These lessons probably explain Water Baptism, The Gospel Message, how to read your Bible, be sure to pray, details about Church Membership, and Church Doctrine, but when they walk out of that New Converts Class… “Can they pray the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man?” How much hands-on experience in prayer have they had? Do they really know how to pray?

The one thing we should be sure to not leave undone, is being left undone!

If you led someone to Christ and only had time to teach them one thing, what would you choose? Teach them to pray!

It is the difference between giving them a fish and feeding them for a day, or teaching them how to fish and feeding them for a life time. The Church has got to get back to raising up real prayer warriors. Consider this scripture from James 5:16b in the Amplified Version: >

“The earnest (heart-felt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available -> dynamic in its working.”


Do you see that? You ask where is the power? It’s in a Church who has people able to pray that kind of prayer, and it is not just about getting all excited when you pray! BUT IT SAYS A RIGHTEOUS MAN!

Some would say we are all righteous in Christ, and that is the only kind of righteousness we can have because we are so weak in our flesh, but if that were so, then who are the people James is talking about earlier in the book? When he says that, “We have not because we ask not, and when we ask we do not receive because we ask to consume upon our LUST!” (My paraphrase.) (James chapt 4)

These people are Christians, and yet they fail to pray the kind of prayer spoke of in James 5:16. There is the righteousness we have in Christ, but there is also the righteousness of the actual lifestyle we are living. The Prophet Samuel grew up out of a Church that God labeled “Ichobod”! The glory of the Lord has departed!

The James 5:16 prayer speaks of “making tremendous power available > dynamic in its working.”

The “WHY” of Prayer School > is to pursue the ability to pray that kind of prayer, myself included. Together, we can get there.

Now back to the analogy of feeding someone for a lifetime. IF YOU DID HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE THING TO TEACH YOUR STUDENT, TEACH THEM TO PRAY!

BECAUSE: I John 2:27 tells us that we really need no other teacher than the Holy Spirit in us. Prayer connects us to a constant flow of the Holy Spirit, and He will make sure we somehow learn all the things we need to know.

If the person has already gotten saved, then they understand faith. In my opinion the next most important thing that is as critical as having air to breath, is the ability to touch God when you pray, and not be ashamed of doing so.

This is just the beginning of articles on this subject of Prayer and the Holy Spirit. This will now be the predominate message of this site. This is the sense of mission I spoke of in the previous article. This is the direction my whole life is going. I did not know God was apprehending me for a “mission” when a disk ruptured in my back at the beginning of this year, but now that I know, I’M ON IT!



When we get enough people doing that on a regular basis, THE IMPOSSIBLE WILL BE POSSIBLE ON A REGULAR BASIS!


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DIVERGENT > “A Sense of Mission”



Our quote for today from the book “Divergent” comes from chapter 37 and page 469 and 470. Trise surprises herself as she lays her life on the line to save others and defeat Erudite. She realizes she has taken on what is probably a suicide mission and did not even realize she was doing it, until she was already committed, and that is the way it can be with a real mission that grips your heart.

Today I am combining this article on Divergent along with the mission I have undertaken to develop a “Prayer School” in Indianapolis. This room used to be our living room and it was in bad shape from too much abuse. Now it is becoming “Prayer School”, and I have not even gone back to work yet, as I am trying my best to get this up and running before I do.


But here is our two quotes from DIVERGENT: > “If I go up into the building, I probably won’t come back down. The best I can hope for is to destroy the simulation before someone kills me. When did I decide on this suicide mission? Why wasn’t it more difficult?”


I love that question because it reveals how a vision, mission, or need can so grip you that your heart leaps in without even asking permission.  All I have been able to think about since getting this vision for a Prayer School is the mission. I am consumed by it. New drywall has been hung where needed. All walls have new paint, including the ceiling. I now have the hardwood floor laid but not yet fastened down. Soon I will be starting on trim work. It has been a big job and it’s still not done. The entry way needs new flooring also, and the fire pit area needs a privacy fence put up. I can’t afford to hire any of this done, so if this is to be, then I got to do it. We are in Faith Forward Motion and steadily progressing.

ON PAGE 470 TRISE ADDS THESE DETAILS: > “My head pounds. I haven’t eaten; I haven’t slept; I haven’t sobbed or screamed or even paused for a moment.”

EVER BEEN THERE? Usually a mission is also a “burden”. In the movie “Freedom Writers”, the dad tells his school teacher daughter that she has been “blessed with a burden”, and he said he envied her for that.

Yes, a burden that burns in your belly like a mission can be a blessing. Passion, vision, purpose, a sense of something greater than yourself; I consider all these things to be a blessing. A life that has never known such things, and never paid a personal price for such things, is a life greatly lacking.

I thank God for this “Prayer School” burden and vision. On page 476 Trise remembers that her dad used to say: There is power in self-sacrifice. Jesus showed us that power and set our example. His love and power still lives today.


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“My New Life”

The time has come for a little update! If you go to the header bar and press on “My New Life”, you will read of the incredible change that occurred for me a few months ago, and how I entered a Church ministry and took up the challenge of starting a “Life Group Ministry”.

To make a long story short, my first attempt was an utter failure! We opened our home and no one came! We were successful in starting two other groups that are more centrally located, but my personal group did nothing! I finally had to go back to the drawing board with God and ask, “What now?” (And He answered!)

I now have a different type of “Life Group” that is doing well! I have a blog site dedicated to it, but I did not want to hook my Cowboy site up until I had something worth going to, if you know what I mean?

So if you would like to know more about how my new life has been progressing, I have put this ministry outreach in my blog roll. It is the one entitled: “RMR > Real Men Read”. You can either click on it there, or at the end of this article.

This is an “Outreach” to men of the Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you like Christian Literature there is reading that will be of interest to you even if you cannot attend a local group. So I now invite one and all who visit this cowboy site, to hop on over to my other site and check out what God hath done! I am greatly enjoying it, and I hope that perhaps someone in the Indianapolis area, who might visit this site, will end up also connecting with “Real Men Read”, and perhaps we will meet in person! Wouldn’t that be great?

So without further ado…here is the link to my other site:

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