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CALL OF DUTY > “Prayer School for Men”


On January 3rd when I was struck by back pain so severe that my left leg was almost useless, I could not sleep at night, and no way I could do my job, I knew something major was about to change. The time had come and God was ready to collect on what he has been putting in me my whole life. Now it was time, A CALL OF DUTY!

Satan has been working hard to feminize God’s Church for many many years. The body of Christ is male! If the dark kingdom could do a sexual perversion and make the body of Christ transsexual, or gay, it would certainly do so, and has tried hard to do so. Remember, Christ is the head of the Church, and the Church as a whole is his body! So if Satan can feminize the Church, then we have a spiritual perversion of what the Church is meant to be!

I’m going to have a lot more to say on this, but Satan is very worried right now, because Christian men are beginning to hear a SPIRITUAL CALL OF DUTY! It seems God has apprehended me to play a part in that, in my small part of the world. I’m still not working, but I do now have a plan! (To be revealed in near future.) But currently I am still working hard to turn my home and property into “Prayer School”, a Holy Spirit Dojo for Men!

PRAYER SCHOOL,  a Holy Spirit Dojo for Men!

We had a really rough winter here in Indiana, and then my back went out on me, then surgery eventually came, followed by weeks of recovery, and I got to say this property got in pretty bad shape. It was hard to stand by and watch it happening, especially after God revealed to me what we were about to do!

I wish I took pictures of just how bad it really was, because a lot of cleanup and progress has already been made. But I have not been up on my roof yet, and we are working very hard on the Prayer School room itself. The room has a cement floor, but we are about to lay hardwood that we have had stored away for years. (Someone just happened to give it to us.)

So the purpose of shooting this out today is to just give you a taste of what God is doing to turn what the devil intended for evil, and turn it to my good! And God will also use it to the good of many others! Prayer School is starting out for men only. Maybe it will always be that way, I do not know, but as always it is my #1 plan to always make the devil wish he never touched me! And he is going to pay big time on this one! I would appreciate any prayers you would like to send my way as we endeavor to launch this effort on the west side of Indianapolis. Pray for an open heaven over this city, and a move of God to come like little David facing Goliath! We hope to surprise some people.




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“His name is Bill.”

Sometimes God gives us something no one else sees. What do you do with your vision if there are no others? It is a strange thing running a blogsite without comments. As far as I can tell, I have one person who likes the Samurai analogy enough to leave a comment, and his name is Bill. Thank you, Bill.

Write the vision down and make it plain so others may run with it. This I intend to do even if only for Bill and I. If it is not a vision from God, then there is no loss if no one reads it, but if it is, then I must write it or be held accountable. And others must read it or be held accountable. The writing is in my hands to do, the reading is not. Sure would be nice if people left a short comment though. Sure is strange so many people like something, but remain silent.

Let me say this, if you are a Christian ministry and you go around pushing the “like button” in hopes of gaining readers, but you do not actually read the articles you say you like, then you are without honor. Now “honor” is also one of those Samurai things, so don’t tell me you don’t need this message. Of course you will probably like this message, and never even realize what you liked. LOL.

If you happen to like this site and you simply have not said so other than pushing the button, please drop me a short comment and let me know. It’s hard writing for just Bill and I, but if that’s it, I will still do so, but at least I’ll know.

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I have always found a good metaphor to be a powerful force in my life, and so, I have one to share with others who feel the same.

This is an invitation to enjoy what it means to be Samurai for Christ! If you love your Bible, and stories of heroes, lessons of virtue and honor, if you love Samurai Swords, and the idealistic idea of what the Samurai stood for, then please visit my site and enjoy the many parallels and symbolisms I hope to share!

Presently we have been looking at what it means to be “Ronin”, and what it means to seek mastery. There are many inspiring spiritual lessons to be had. Yes, this is a commercial, of sorts, just putting the word out there, in the blogosphere, there is a place you can go and enjoy the world of a good Samurai metaphor! I call it “The Living Sword”!

Hope we see you soon!

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“Loyalty”- Born out of Love.


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“Love’s Warrior”

Love has an enemy.

Why would “love” need defending? Why would love need a warrior?

Because love has an enemy!

It is a spiritual enemy, and it is a spiritual battle as much as it is a physical one. Love has an enemy and his name is Satan. Therefore, love needs its warriors who are willing to take up the Cross and follow after Love.

In I Corinthians chapter 13 you find a description of the attributes of love, and Satan is the exact opposite of all those things. Satan is love’s enemy. Satan would replace love with lust, humility with pride, charity with selfishness, and on and on the list would go. Satan is all about “I”, and the pride of “I”. “I” will exalt my throne above…”I” will…”I” will…and it is all about his desire for power and greed. Love is a path of power through sacrifice, whereas Satan only knows the power of taking by force! (And there are many who follow his path.

If you understand love, then you can understand the cross.

If you understand the cross, then you can understand love.

If you don’t understand the one, then you don’t understand the other, either.

“Hereby perceive we the love of God, ‘BECAUSE HE’ laid down his life for us: ‘WE OUGHT’ to lay down our lives for the brethren.” (I John 3:16)


Yes, we ought. But do we?

Love has an enemy and that enemy loves to put people in “bondage”. Therefore, love’s warriors go into the unpleasant places to seek and to save that which is lost. BECAUSE HE…WE OUGHT!

If you’re not willing to sacrifice, if you do not embrace the cross, then you are not one of love’s warriors, because the path of love is paved with sacrifice. The cross has become the greatest symbol for love. When a preacher preaches the message of the cross he is preaching about God’s love and Satan’s hate. As I told you, love has an enemy. The cross was used of the enemy to inflict much torment and pain, but now, because of Christ, the cross stands as a symbol of love! Christ, the ultimate warrior for love! We are called to follow in his steps and “champion” love!

I have seen some of whom this seems to come natural, for they are constantly putting others before themselves, and yet, if they do not have answers, if their life does not shine a light pointing people towards God’s love and God’s cross, then they still are not one of love’s warriors, for love demands real answers! It is not enough for love to “want” to help someone. Love is not satisfied unless it knows it has offered real solutions, real help, and real love. Love must have answers, and love is the answer in itself.

Of course we are talking God’s love. “Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” (Rom. 12:8) “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Rom.12:10)

What were all those commandments about? They were and are principles and precepts of love. So why is it so many people have a problem with the commandments? Evidently, love has enemies, therefore, love needs its defenders.

I was with a hand full of Christians today who feed the homeless in a local park. No, these Christians were not causing a war, or spreading hate, abusing children, or judging people, as Christians are so often accused of doing by the secular. There was seven of us. Probably thirty or so homeless and poor showed up to eat, and a few children were among them.

We served a pasta salad that was homemade and really good, along with grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. One Christian brother shared a short message as they ate, and then we all began to just mingle and talk to them. I connected with two different ones in a very strong way and I got to share with them God’s love and also his answers. Many of them will never make the effort to climb out of the situation they may live in, but that does not mean they don’t know God, and may talk to him more than we do. You know how it is when you have nothing, and do not even know where your next meal is coming from? But somehow they have lost the will to fight! And climb out of that hole. It could happen to any of us. Beware of judging, lest some worse fate befall on you.

This park ministry is one of the things I have been able to get involved with now that I am back to a normal schedule with everyone else. It felt so good to be back out there just sharing the love of Christ. One lady showed me the minivan she lives in. This was her home. She was fortunate to have it, although she missed the house she use to have. The house she had raised her children in. Now the minivan was her home. Doug, one of the others I spoke with, lives under a bridge or wherever he can find.

I spoke to Doug about “God’s ladder”, the Bible. I told him that this book was a spiritual ladder that could enable a person to climb out of any hole they may have fallen into. Doug and I talked a long time and I know God was reaching out to him. Doug was one of my assignments from God this day. A homeless guy living under bridges. God wanted me to talk with him and invite him to higher places. God said he would help him, but Doug is not yet ready to make that extra effort, join hands with God and “invest” his life.

I challenged Doug. I said, “Doug, don’t waste your life.” I know God was speaking to him, trying to make him realize that our life is too precious, and it should be INVESTED, but so many are wasting such a precious thing as life.

You do not have to be homeless or poor to WASTE your life. Many a rich and successful person is WASTING their life on riotous and selfish living.

Love’s warrior goes into the hurting places and gives God’s love. Love’s warriors also offer real answers. I once worked in a men’s prison. In a private conversation with the local psychiatrist, he told me the Church had a much higher success ratio of men with changed lives than he did. He said this with some frustration. I know this to be so. I have heard countless testimonies of such, and yet all the secular want to talk about is religion causing wars and hate. Well perhaps “religion” does, but the love of God is not religion. Religion is the enemy of love also. Jesus was very hard on the religious leaders of his day and yet treated the woman (Samaritan) at the well with kindness and respect, also the woman caught in the act of adultery he did not judge, but forgave.

I am totally indebted to love. I owe a love debt I can never repay. Today I shared the love of God and did my best to pass it forward. I was one of love’s warriors this day. Maybe Doug, while he drinks a little too much tonight will decide he should not waste this precious thing called life? Maybe he will hear God again, because God sent someone to him that did not judge him, but offered help and real answers. Maybe he will become inspired like Samson, and once again be willing to “fight” his situation, and break loose from the bondage “love’s enemy” has him in. I fought against that enemy today with light and love. God’s word will not return to me void!

Christine, the lady in the minivan, said she was ready if the Lord returned tonight. I believe her. Doug was silent. He knows. I did not need to judge him. I challenged him not to waste his life. I spoke to him about using God’s ladder to climb out of his hole. I offered him real help. I simply loved on these people today, and offered them God’s word for their problems. It was real, and it was good.

Tomorrow I will go to Church and celebrate God and his goodness along with my other brothers and sisters. We will drink of the Lord together, and feed on his pure word of truth. Some of them are starting Life Groups along with me. We are some of Love’s Warriors. There is no fat paycheck attached to what we do, but there is a cross. For most of us it will cost us money out of our own pocket, but God repays in so many wonderful ways.


This is not the person I would be if it were not for the love of God and his holy word. I am one of those testimonies. I never thought I could get such joy out of serving others, but God showed me different. Now, one of my favorite things to do is love on people, and destroy the works of the devil. God’s word says…

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  (Romans 12:21)

“Good”…is an attack on the devil. Attacking the devil is one of my favorite things to do, because I hate what he does to people.

Love has an enemy. It is a spiritual enemy and a spiritual battle. Love needs its warriors who delight in doing good. Those who are willing to take up their cross and follow after love. There is no greater life than one that is filled with love.

Love is its own reward. If we drink of Christ we are changed. I am not a normal person, but I am someone who has been changed by the Spirit of God, and don’t ask me to explain how this supernatural thing works. I just know that I drink of Christ and he changes me, empowers me, and love becomes its own reward.

Love is its own reward. Pass it forward.  Amen.

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