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“Do you have your Gotham?” > Chapter Seventeen

The Encounter III > How big is your Gotham? Your personal assignment from God. Is it just your family? I have seen cases where that in itself might be all a person could do, but for most of us, God expects something more. And how do we go about answering that call? Do we give our all, or… something much less…something less sacrificial… something much more “man-made than God-made”. What is the secret side of our Priesthood? What is God’s Covering, his Cloaking, his Anointing? What does it mean to be a “caped crusader” for God? Batman had his secret side, and if I’m a proper Priest of God, so do I.


But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Give your gifts in secret… And when you pray…go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in secret… And when you fast… don’t make it obvious… then no one will notice you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in secret…and your Father who sees everything, will reward you. (Excerpts of Matthew 6: 1-18)

Don had a smile on his face as he cruised around the parking lot in his 97 Honda Civic. What a story this car could tell. Everything from the white rear bumper on a silver-gray car, to the rumpled hood, the soldered gas tank, the repaired brake lines, the fact the car sat for three years and the alternator was locked up when he started it. Soaking it with WD40 and forcing it to turn actually worked, and somehow he now had this great job as a “Watchman”, a guard, cruising around a parking lot in a bad area of town, keeping order, protecting, while a small yellow bubble light flashed repeatedly on the roof of his silver-gray car. In some respects it was ridiculous, but in others it was awesome.

His prayers were being answered. So much was happening! When he hired on as part-time, working the evening shift, who could have known the day shift guy would suddenly, without warning, quit! And he was offered the full-time, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday position. God knew. And now his work schedule was as perfect as it could get. Not only that, but he could pray while in that car, and listen to things on radio, preaching, books on tape, etc. etc. The physical need was met and a strategic position acquired, all in one moment, after that very bad day when he chickened out on the Starbucks job and came home depressed. Then he looked out the window and saw this little car waiting to be fixed. Reluctantly he obeyed God’s lead, and now he sat in the car smiling, for God is good and always has a plan.

When the door opened for day-shift, Don was once again able to reconnect with “Oasis of Hope Church” and help with the ministry birthing at that government housing apartment complex. The need was great, and when he reconnected he discovered there was talk of expansion! The Southern Baptist liked what Chris was doing, they had plans to send teams and help him expand to three new complexes! Soon he would have a ministry outreach every week! But this was only one opportunity whose door was opening, and these other two really had his attention.

Pastor Kerry and his wife Twyla. Their Church on Mass. Ave. and the special assignment from God on Pastor Kerry’s heart, that of reaching the “creative people” of the city. You see, the purpose of this ministry was not geographical as much as it was “gifting oriented”.  Pastor Kerry, as an artist, had a heart to reach out to other creative type people, which just happened to include “writers”. Don pondered what this special door could lead to? He had always felt a bit of a loner, misunderstood by others who did not have his pondering ways, because he thought deep about things, sought out solitude, as in his little car cruising around, so he could ponder things and create stories revealing the treasures he uncovered in God. What might this new connection lead to? Only God knew. Pastor Kerry wanted to read his newest story as soon as it was ready.

He thought about the unexpected call from a past disciple. How did God resurrect this old connection? Years had passed and this brother was in sore straights. They met after work and spent three hours together. This meeting had started at a Burger King and ended up in prayer in a secluded cemetery. God’s ways are unique, and His Presence had been strong while they prayed, but what could he leave this brother with? A story he had written, “Flapless”. That story had continued to minister, teach, and uplift, long after the two had parted, until they would meet again in one month, and Don was working on another story called, “Grasping the Wind”. God was still using his gift for writing, but how much more might God have planned?

However, the vision itself, that was the other unknown door. He had not been able to convince anyone at the Pentecostal Church to take up this vision. Perhaps because it was still untried. So the vision fell to him alone, to figure it out, to see what God would do, how do you reach your own neighborhood for Christ? The plan was slowly coming together and soon it would launch, but not without complete dedication to the “SECRET THINGS” of our Priesthood in Christ.

Yes, Don knew full well that was how he had gotten this far, and if it were to continue, then so must his Priesthood habits. After his year sabbatical, he fully understood that being a Christian was more than just being a “good person”, but there was a Priesthood. A Priesthood that God spent 4,000 years paying the price for, and when he ripped that veil in two, in the temple, when Christ gave his life on that cross, God the Father said, “Finally! IT is done!” Finally a supernatural life unlike any other was available for God’s people. Now we could be Caped Crusaders, if we are faithful to the secret things.

God is disgusted with his “SPOTLIIGHT seeking people”, who caught up in pride and desire for admiration, hide in their Church Boxes, proclaiming great things in the safety of their own, while neglecting the lost multitudes all around them, even in their very own neighborhood. We live in a day when some Christians make great and expensive journeys to minister one week in a land whose language they do not even speak, and yet they fail to try and reach their own neighborhood or city where they live all year long. What logical sense does this make? These people speak from pulpits as if they are examples?

We need to wake up. We are losing our own country while we hide in our church boxes listening to speakers who hide in the box too. Is it so brave to go to other church boxes in other countries where the people greet you with open arms, and need your money? Perhaps I should not speak such things? I who would compare Christianity to being a Caped Crusader? A Batman? How ridiculous. But if only Christians would be as faithful to the secret things of God, as Batman was to his secret things.

Is our Gotham lost? We are losing it more every day if we do not wake up to this vision. One year alone with God did this to me. I have more to say about this secret life. And there is a book growing, “Grasping the Wind”, written by a Christian Batman, with a neighborhood to reach and a city to save, one secret thing at a time, as it is revealed.

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Lord help me know the value of a soul…even my own.

These things we take for granted.

The sun rises. / Just another day?

Is there really any such thing?

A stone drops in water. Is that all I am?

Just the plunk of a stone?

Is that all I am?


But no…there are ripples.

About those ripples. Do I care?

We all cause them.

Every action…every deed….every word.

Even if I don’t care, I still cause ripples…

bad ones.

I am a stone dropped in water.


But I’m not “just” a stone. I am ripples,

and the ripples are very important.


Ripples speak louder than words.

God will judge.

How to fix so many little waves?

Only God.

Do not take for granted.

Jesus said, “I am the way.”

The only way.

This day is important…

I am important…


by: D.A.

wilderness tabernacle 01

I believe in the Ripple Effect. The ripple effect of discipleship. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”. The personal story of “Gotham” will continue soon. I am more than a month behind on it now. Much is happening. This poem was written as I worked my new job. (I do not end up at STARBUCKS. Details will come in the story.)

The fact that so much is happening is part of the reason my story is farther behind. If you go to the first chapter of “Gotham” and read of its humble beginnings, one might surmise there was little hope for one such as I. But now I find myself in a new job, going to a new church, and having made many new contacts outside that church. God is doing a thing and it is blooming and blossoming one day at a time. Not on my timetable, for surely I would have rushed into things more quickly if I could have.

The first “House of H.O.P.E.” is about to launch! More can be learned about that by going to

Since I’m so far behind, I will try to squeeze a little more into the next chapter of “Gotham”. But may the reader understand that those things happening now, would not have happened without being faithful to God’s leading in chapters 1,2,3,4, and so on. Every chapter has been important, even when it may have felt like I was getting nowhere and did not understand what was going on. Should you decide to become a Caped Crusader for God, you can find inspiration and understanding in every chapter. It’s hard to get people to actually read and study, these days. But for those who do, God has his rewards. Let it be a Holy Spirit Ripple Effect.

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star wars 01


I’ve been praying about this for a while, the need to add something to the word “Christian” in order to differentiate between a real “Follower of Christ”, and someone who simply wants to be a “good person”. Jesus’s call to be a good person was the words, “Follow me.”

Several weeks ago I was in a Half Price bookstore looking for a book by Leonard Sweet, but in the process of this I stumbled upon a book by Dick Staub. I was unfamiliar with him, but his last name was so close to Sweet that his book was right there too, and it caught my eye. The title caught my eye. “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters”. Right away I thought, “Oh no, something trying to mix New Age with Christianity, but because I do like the Star Wars analogy, I just had to take a peek. Much to my surprise I was impressed with what I thought I saw and just had to bring it home and give close inspection. Since beginning to read it, I can hardly put it down!

Here is a key to the heart of this book and an example of what I’m talking about: > “This book was born during a conversation with a young man named Ed, who described to me his desire to go deeper in his spiritual life as well as his uncertainty about how to make that happen. We had just seen the latest installment of the Star Wars prequels, so I restated his issue in that context: “It’s like you want to be a ‘Jedi Christian’ and my generation didn’t produce a Yoda.” (Looking For A Yoda – Page xix) Part of the Introduction.

Boy do I feel like I can identify with that statement, and maybe you do too. Most of what I have learned I feel like I was forced to learn on my own while fighting every step of the way until I finally got there. Because of that, it took a whole lot longer than it should have. The book had my attention already.

Now realize when I stumbled on this book, I had already been writing my “More than a Christian” articles. I was looking for a word to attach to Christian, but did not know what? Holiness Christian? We all know the downfalls of that reference, I hope. Remnant Christians? Now that’s a worn out term lacking any newness. But here was this guy, Dick Staub, writing incredible stuff and calling it Jedi Christian. (Hhmmm. I don’t know. Maybe?)

For me, there was something else needed. That word, Jedi, needed to mean something besides Star Wars in my mind, so I started playing with acronyms, or a mantra of sorts. Here is what I am currently settled on:

Jesus Every Day Intense!

Judge Every Day Inspired!

Now there is much I can say about these two acronyms, but for now lets leave it at this> If you make it a goal to have Jesus intense every day, then in the end of that day you will be able to > Judge every day inspired! Now that is what J.E.D.I. Christianity has become to me. It has challenged  and inspired me! The more I have said it, the more it is what my mind sees when I say Jedi!

So…here’s the deal. My series of “More than a Christian” now evolves into “J.E.D.I. CHRISTIANITY”. This series will fit very well with my Real Life story of “Do You Have Your Gotham?” I will be quoting many things from Mr. Staub’s book, and I highly recommend his book. I will also be mixing it with whatever God gives me, such as the : Judge Every Day Inspired and Jesus Every Day Intense.

Bottom line is…I want to hear God. I want to be inspired. I want to grow in Christ. I want to have a fresh fire. And I hope you want all these things too. I do not find today’s Christian inspiring. So I’m looking for a different picture and I think Mr. Staub has something here. So I am going to recommend it, share it, add my own mix to it and offer it to whosoeverwill. I hope you enjoy and grow thereby. I hope these words meet a spiritual hunger in you too. No longer inspired by the typical Christian and hungry for something more. “May the Lord of the Force be with us all.”

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PLaying Your Cards Right” #5


In “Playing Your Cards Right” #3, we talked about, as Christians, we should believe we have supernatural cards in our hand, but how do you play them? Where has the power gone? Has it leaked away? You might want to read series #3 again, along with this one, to refresh your memory, however, let me give you a quote from Star Wars, as an aid in teaching todays lesson:

“The Jedi seeks to master the use of the Force, to be suffused with and fueled by this potent energy that surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.” (Quote may not be exact or complete.) I believe it was Obi-Wan Kenobi who was teaching Skywalker at this time.

I see Hollywood movies all the time that are so close to the truth and yet the true path is perverted just enough to destroy your hand! “The Matrix” was another movie, so closely paralleling the truth, but still on a wrong track. Many times our eyes are actually opened to something because of shows such as these, and if we are a seeker, we just might end up finding the truth, and if you want to be the Christian who plays a better and more powerful hand, here is what you need to know to fix Obi-Wan’s teaching.

This is a major principal in Christianity, and one you can expect Hollywood will never get right. It is also the reason this blog site carries the title and theme of “It is the Broken Wings that Soar”. For the Christian, the Force has a Master, and we do not “master” it, but we seek for the Lord of the Force, Jesus, to master “US”. BIG WHOPPING DIFFERENCE!!! We seek to yield, surrender, like the sail of a boat catching the Wind and empowering us by the Holy Spirit to move, breathe, and have our being in Him. We are disciples of the Wind, and the Wind carries us, we do not command or master the Wind. He is PILOT, I am CO-PILOT. If you master being mastered, you can play a very powerful hand.

“That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” (Acts 17:27-28)

Do not seek to master or be the boss of the Holy Spirit, God’s Force in our life. Our prayer should be every day > “HOLY SPIRIT, MASTER ME.”

I have considered starting a Star Wars Series based on a book written by Dick Staub: “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters” So far, this has been a very interesting book. If anyone would like to read such a series, please leave a comment.

So…with a sincere heart full of love for God, pray this prayer every day and play a powerful hand: HOLY SPIRIT, MASTER ME.”

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“More than a Christian” #2



A preacher opened my eyes one day to the fact that God never referred to the nation of Israel as > “a spiritual house”.

The sons, who would become the twelve tribes of Israel were born from the seed of a man called Jacob (one who undermines), whose name was changed to Israel (A prince of God). After that time we see the nation Israel referred to as the House of Jacob, or the House of Israel, or possibly the House of Judah, or House of David, but never as a spiritual house.


It saddens me what passes for Christianity these days. A friend of mine pointed out that in Antioc, followers of Jesus were first called Christians, and they did not call themselves that, but those who watched them and knew them began calling them Christians. There are a lot of “good” people in the world who do “good” things, but what is a Christian?

If a stranger could watch your every move for 24 hours, at the end of that day would he call you a good person, or a Christian?

How many days would it take? Would it take 7 days, when he might see you go to Church, and might speculate you could be a Christian? And would he have to weigh his speculation against the day you flipped the finger at the man who cut you off in traffic, the dirty joke you told at work, a few curse words that slipped, the secret porno at night, the people you never said one word to about Christ, the wife you slapped around, the people you stepped on at work to get that fat bonus, the fact you have no prayer life, your Bible sets untouched all week, you worship only in a Church building, and there are parts of the Bible you don’t even believe, let alone practice. You know, he might decide you’re not even a good person, let alone a Christian.



What then? What do we need to be? What is more than a Christian? Give me a vision!

To be continued…

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“A Thanksgiving Hand?”

“Playing Your Cards Right” #4.

Which is it at your house, a Thanksgiving turkey… a Thanksgiving ham… or both?

I dare say for most of us, it is both. We have so much to be thankful for in this country. This is Thanksgiving day and everyone will be very busy with family and friends, just as it should be, but let us be careful that list reads: family, friends, and God. Let us be intentional about it.

In Series #2 we talked about the power of the attitude of gratitude. The Pilgrims knew what it meant to go hungry, I mean really hungry! Most of us do not. For all Priest of God, every day should be a day to play our Thanksgiving hand.

When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, only one came back to him and said: THANK YOU. Jesus asked, where are the other nine? That one ex-leper played his hand better than all the rest that day. He played his cards much more powerfully because he was truly grateful. The others may have thought they were grateful, but they were mostly just excited about how lucky they had just gotten. Too busy enjoying their new health to take the time to thank the One who had just given it to them. Nine out of ten failed the test that day. How do you like those odds? And I see that so often. God forgotten, or last of the list of everything else. Nine out of ten failing, but we are here to learn to play a better hand! Right? Praise God!

So today, lets play a better hand. Today, lets be truly grateful to our God. Lets love God, and love people, and love ourself like we are supposed to.

Now go, and play your best, most powerful hand. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

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“The Encounter” Chapter Eighteen 10/25/14

It was now Sunday afternoon and Dan was locked away in his den again. The family meal after church had been good, but his weekend was almost over and he still had some things to organize in his mind. He wanted to make some kind of a list. What did this thing look like on paper, to him, in his own words? If it could be put in a priority list, what would it look like?

The blank sheet of paper on the computer screen stared him in the face. He wanted to get this right, but he wasn’t sure how to start? Finally, he decided to take a step of faith and follow his heart. He was surprised at the first words coming to his mind.

“This is not my Home”

1.) Why do I live like this is my home?

2.) I am called to high places with God, to a priesthood, to be an eagle and not a sparrow.

3.) No more will I major on the minors, “a flapper”, but I will recognize what is truly important to my home with God.

4.) My priority list is: “Seek ye “FIRST” the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness…” My priesthood is Priority One!

5.) How will I do this?

6.) A tender heart. My tender heart will keep me in His path. The first step is LOVE. A heart broken for Him.

7.) His presence will be my guiding light. I will love His presence in my life, this is His priesthood.

8.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to diminish, is my enemy.

9.) Anything that causes my awareness of Him to increase, will be my delight.

10.) In this way will my tender heart draw me to the high places, closer to Him, and we will soar.

11.) In this way will the lives of others be touched by God, through me.

12.) In this way will I live in the supernatural, even now. No more “ordinary” living.

Dan looked at his list and was very surprised. A tender heart towards God was the key to it all. Jesus told one church that they had left their first love. He thought about all the blessings God had blessed him with, and how he let those blessings become the very thing causing him to be too busy for God. “Now that is cold,” Dan thought. “Cold hearted.”

Yes, his list surprised him, but he liked it. His tender heart had led him to a list of greater wisdom than he had known. With this list his eagle wings would grow, and he would never be the same. He was an eagle looking down from the high places. Everything looked so different from here. Already, he could see how much his perspective of truly living had changed, and he felt excitement in his soul. He felt a fire. A warm fire glowing, and a hot fire growing, to change the world. That was what his soul had missed, a holy fire within. Now he had it, and he smiled.

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“Prayer Habit”


Most Christians today are living in the modern materialistic world of instant mash potatoes. They pray quick little prayers like rubbing a lucky rabbits foot and they hope that is good enough, because they tell themselves, and they tell God that they don’t have time for anything more. This is a serious error, and I hope to help Christians understand why this is such a dangerous lie to live.

Perhaps you think you pray all day because you “talk to God” all day. So do I, but it is not the same thing. The flesh is always trying to pull us back into the flesh.


When we wake from sleeping all night, we have drifted in a fleshly direction. We need a spiritual tuning in. When we have worn ourself out working hard all day in this world’s rat race, we have drifted in a fleshly direction. The carnal world has a force of gravity of its own, and it wants to pull us back into its own orbit.

However, if we have a healthy “pull of the Spirit” in us, then we defy the pull of this world and God is the center of our orbit. Our life revolves around the Spirit and not the flesh. But how does this happen?

It happens when we drink of God’s deep presence on a regular basis. This is the true prayer habit, and habits can be hard to get established at first, but if we make the effort, a good habit will greatly reward us the rest of our life.


You cannot live this life on your own. You will fail. The devil walks about seeking whom he may devour. We all need to establish an “Hour of Power” in our life, and that is when we go into the “Holy of Holies” with God.


Do not fool yourself into thinking that when you suddenly say, “Hey Jesus!”, that you are automatically ushered into the deep presence of God, especially if you rarely go there!

My plan is to write shorter articles, but write more often, so to make my point more quickly here, the Wilderness Tabernacle had three sections, or chambers, you might say. Before Christ paid our price on the cross, it was very difficult to go into the third chamber where the strong presence of God dwelt upon the Ark of the Covenant. As a matter of fact, only the high priest went in one time a year, and he did so at risk to his own life!

As kings and priest in Christ that doorway to the Holy of Holies is wide open for all of us to come, but we still do not start there! There is a gate! And then the outer court, then the Holy Place, and finally the Holy of Holies! Many times we start in the flesh when we pray! We have to make ourself pray! We are not so spiritual that we just want to pray all the time! An hour of deep prayer is not something we tend to naturally do, even though it should be! But it is proof that our flesh pulls at us and we do not start in the Holy of Holies when we “talk to God”.

Today’s point is, we need to take the time to seek God in a deep way. Not just wham bam instant mash potatoes thank you mam! If we treat God like a harlot, we live a dangerous lie. There is nothing wrong with quick prayers and talking to God all day “IF” we have not left undone the other!

MOST CHRISTIANS ARE LIVING IN THE OUTER COURT! (The outer court is symbolic of our flesh! It is where the animal sacrifices were made on the Altar of Sacrifice.)



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Movie: DIVERGENT > “Choosing You.”

I must admit I am doing these articles on “DIVERGENT” because I enjoy the subject matter. I think one of the greatest journeys we make in life is the “inner journey” of discovering who we are, and that can also change at various points of our life. Sometimes we fail to realize when we need to leave one thing in order to branch out into something new that we have “grown” into.

When I suddenly got struck with serious back problems at the beginning of this year, I did not at first realize it was God taking my life a new direction, but it did not take long for me to begin to suspect it. And so, I am now looking for a job with no heavy lifting and allows me to be “available” for more ministry oriented goals. My wife and I have cleared everything out of our living room and I am turning it into something called “Prayer School”. I am also putting more effort into getting my other 5 books that I have written, into the market somehow. I have a plan for all this, but it will unfold slowly.

Now as to the book, DIVERGENT, Beatrice is trapped in a society that has been divided into 5 factions, of which you better fit into one of them, or you’re in trouble! She does not know this culture of hers is a cage, a trap, a cookie-cutter prison of sorts, but as she is becoming an adult she is discovering it more and more.

Here are the 5 factions you must fit into: “Abnigation, which is the one she was born into and grown up in. This faction is known for being “selfless”. It could even be compared to some “religions” I have known where it is more about “religion” and “rules”, than it is about having a true “relationship” with Christ.

However, Beatrice surprises everyone when at the “Choosing Ceremony”, which happens at age 16, she does not choose to stay in Abnigation, but chooses to transfer to “Dauntless”, which requires completely leaving her family! She does not seem to realize it , but this is probably the most difficult faction to join, as there are many physical and emotional test you must overcome, or you end up “factionless”, a life of poverty and destitution! A transfer to “Dauntless” means risking everything, because they are the warriors! Above all they value “courage and bravery! So you can just imagine how easy it could be to fail one to many test, and be dropped as a failure.

The other three groups are “Candor”, which means being very frank and truthful with one’s opinions and comments. Then there is the “Erudite”, the seekers of wisdom and knowledge. They love intelligence above all else. And last but not least, the “Amity”, those who value “peace” above all. They are the very friendly and sociable. And there you have it. You either fit one of these or you end up regretting it.

How about yourself? Are you letting society push you around, force you into a mold that is not really you? Of course, you cannot really know what you want your “Common Point”, (see previous article), to be unless you have made that inner journey, and we all should be free to make that journey on our own. That is why even God’s offer of salvation in Christ is left up to your free will. God will not violate your right to choose. Free will is one of the things we got when God made us in his image.

I believe these are really cool things to think about, and also the things that make life very interesting and meaningful. At the end of chapter 6, Beatrice gets the chance to choose her new name. That will be the subject of the next article, “What’s in a name?”

If anyone would like to comment on how the movie was, and how it is doing in the box office, I would love to hear. I have not tried to follow any of that, I’ve just been enjoying the book. If you leave comments, I give you my thanks in advance. It is always good to get comments.

Next article should come soon.


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“Samurai Vision” > Page 3


“Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another; and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of host, in that day when I make up my jewels; AND I WILL SPARE THEM, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” (Malachi 3:16-17)

There is a great divide growing between the Churches of our day, and that divide revolves around the proper fear of the Lord. The ten tribes that have lost it will fall and be no more, having itching ears, when the fires come they will fall away! Please read parts 1 & 2 for more details of which I speak.

Malachi was the last of the O.T. prophets before Christ came the first time. I suspect his prophecies have a great deal of bearing before Christ comes the second time, as well. We have spoken about our highly educated, money loving, lustful clergy of our day, and pointed out how perfectly poised we are for this civil war within God’s Church, and the parallels between how it played out for the nation Israel, and our possible course today.

After the Northern 10 tribes of Israel divided from southern Judah, Israel fell into a pattern of many bad kings, leading them further and further down a wicked path to their total destruction and assimilation into worldliness. They are now the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. However, Judah had a series of good kings that pulled them out of destruction for a long time. As a result, they continued to be the place of “true worship”, and when their judgment finally came, God was actually with those carried off into Babylon, and they prospered there. They also remained faithful to God.

Now I have put forth the possibility of 7 years of spiritual outpouring from God, prior to a 7 year spiritual famine, known as the 7 Year Tribulation Period. I have called this a “Joseph Time”. Now if this be so, then we need to have the wisdom of Joseph and prepare in the years of plenty for the years of famine. The question now becomes, “How do you prepare for such a thing as a spiritual famine? Can we store up God’s anointing?”

As Malachi preached before, many of our people have lost a respect for God’s “Laws”, and no longer fear God. We constantly preach love and grace and ignore all God’s boundary lines. God said that even in the last days he would spare those who fear him. But what does it mean to fear him? Does he want us dreading him? Shaking in our boots? Hiding from him? Of course not! But we should fall in love with his laws, and we should fall in love with PRAYER. Prayer is the key to the Holy Spirit, and every good work God desires to do in us.

I have learned so much of late about the true nature of the Holy Spirit, who is the head of God’s Prayer Ministry. The Holy Spirit is the greatest of Prayer Warriors, and he lives in the prayers of his people. The Father seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. When those last 7 years begin and things start getting ugly, like the Ten Virgins waking up, those without oil will come running to the “Joseph People” asking for oil!

If their oil lines have not already been established, it is unlikely there will be time to do so then. It will be the “Time of Winter Soldiers”, those people of God able to bear fruit in cold and hard seasons of life! The cedar trees stay green because they are a tree full of sap! Enjoy these next 7 years of plenty! Work hard to develop your oil lines with God! It is not a time to be lazy, but a time to fortify yourself in Christ, to withstand the strongest of storms! Dig deeper! Pray harder! Love God more!

Eventually the Harlot riding the back of the New Roman Empire, the Beast, will fall in a day. It is a very sudden fall. When this Harlot is suddenly destroyed, then there will be such destruction that even the Judah Church will be beat down. But take heart brothers and sisters, because just like Judah eventually returned to her home land, and she was still the nation Israel, so will God’s Church come out of this victorious. Zion will be ours again! And we will have our King David on the throne forever!

So the message is: Do not be fooled by the 7 years of plenty. Dig your oil lines deep and strong! Draw nigh unto the Lover of your Soul! Enter into a proper honoring of His name, this name we marry into! He has trusted us with his name, and a proper fear of what we do to his name should be a part of our wisdom! Don’t find yourself one of the 5 Virgins waking with no oil, and no place to find it because a spiritual famine has set in! Now is the day to be wise! Now is the time to hear the words of Joseph, and prepare for the winter that is surely to come!

From here I intend to turn the topic to prayer and the Holy Spirit, because if you want strong pipelines, and you want to be the Winter Soldier we speak of, you are going to need to develop your prayer “skills” and “habits” like never been developed before. Now is the time to dig deep for the Winter Storm. So if anyone is listening out there to this one lone voice crying a spiritual samurai message, now you know the direction we are going, and why.

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