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“What Kind of Warrior?”


Why is that such an important question? It is important, it is so very important, because if we all do have a soul, then we actually are “eternal beings” whose existence does not end when the body dies.

And why is that so important? Because if we are “eternal”, then there really is a lot at stake! I mean, think about it. We are so conditioned to think of our lives as mortal, and temporary, but what if it is not? And what if there really are things worth fighting for in the next life? What kind of warrior do you want to be?

It is true that the Theory of Evolution and the Word of God are diametrically opposed. Almost the whole point of the Bible is a message from God saying, “You are not an animal. You are made in my image. Do not live like an animal, but imitate God, your Creator.”

Let me present this as evidence. Animals are purely instinctive. Genesis chapter one says over and over again, that he created everything “after their kind”, until it gets to man, and then it says something very different. So what does that mean?

Well, it means that a dog has always been a dog, and will always be a dog, and will always do dog things. It means a beaver will always build beaver dams, and elephants will always spray water with their trunk. Tigers will always hunt. Lions will always roar. Contrary to evolution, they do not change, but they perform as they were created to perform. Animals that have been trained to do certain things, always had the ability to be trained that way. Ten Thousand years ago, a dog was still a dog. It may not have been tamed yet, but it was still a dog, capable of being trained.

But what of man? As evidence I present that scripture says we were created in God’s image, and God is a Creator. Ever wonder why man creates, and animals do not? Man will always invent, create, design, imagine, dream, build, and progress, because he has his original Father’s image in him. It has been distorted by the fall into sin, and that is why not everything we create is good. We also create evil, but we cannot help ourselves from creating. You could say, it’s in our DNA. Obviously, it is not in the DNA of animals. I have not seen a beaver yet, that invented and installed a solar panel for his home of sticks and mud.

Dogs never ask, “Why am I here?” They are just here to be a dog. That fulfills their purpose, but man continually asks that question. Animals do not have a conscience. Oh, they may be afraid if they know they have done something that you punished them for before. They can be “trained”, but they do not have a conscience.

Man has a sense of right and wrong. We have a conscience that we can violate. We ask the question, “Why?” And, “How did I get here?” And, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” We search for MEANING! We hunger for PURPOSE! We are no more related to animals than a rock is related to a leaf on a tree. However, we do show many traits of God, even as blurred as that image may be.

So now we are back to our original question, “Do I have a soul? Am I eternal? What is at stake? Eternity? What kind of warrior do I want to be? Is there such a thing as a spiritual warrior?” Of course there is, and we would do well to decide what kind of warrior we want to be.

This is just a quick article to get some mental digestive juices flowing. Expect more to come, when the mood hits me. In the meantime, if you want more just drop down a little ways to “Love’s Warrior”. It’s some good stuff to chew on, but only a good starting place for where I am going.

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“The Dream”

Three articles back, in the article entitled “Freedom Tower?”, I mentioned that my son had a strange dream as we were driving out to NYC to visit Ground Zero, pray, and hear God. We were in the midst of a 3-day, water only fast, of which was one of the few times my son has done such a thing. In the earlier article I said I would share his dream if there was enough interest. So I will and I will let you decide if there is any meaning to it. I will point out some things that seem very “obvious” to me, but as far as any deeper meanings, I will let you be the judge.

To add to this, I just had a dream last night! (Weird!) I think I should also share it. Now I have not done this sort of thing in all my previous articles, so if you are new to this site, do not think I run around telling dreams all the time. Please check for yourself. I do not recall doing any of that before in this site. Please let me know if you find something.

So here is the dream my son had the night we slept in our cargo minivan on the way out to NYC:

In the dream, my son wakes up and needs to use the restroom. In the dream we are asleep in the cargo van, just like we actually are, but he wakes up and decides to go into the Meijers store, of which we are parked in. He goes inside and there is a bar type set-up to his left as he enters the store area. At the bar he sees a young lady he grew up with, a friend of our family, and there is another young lady with her that he does not know. He walks over to join them and they give him 2 bottles of water. He opens the one and it turns out to be the best water he has ever tasted! It is so good! He loves this water! And the girls seem to love their water, too, even though they all seem to have different brands.

So he drinks one of the bottles but decides not to drink the other one until he has found more bottles of this great water. He goes off into the huge store looking for more of the water. He wants exactly the same thing. The girls also go off looking for more of  the water they have been drinking.

He looks and looks but cannot seem to find any bottles of the same brand.  At this point I have evidently been waiting outside the store. I am wondering what is taking him so long? I appear to not want to go in, but I finally decide to find out what is going on? I find my son and he tells me about the water. I tell him that I do not think we should be staying in here so long. I seem to be worried about something. I am worried about being in the store, like it is unsafe, but my son is determined to find the water, so I go back outside to wait on him.

Now somehow my second born son shows up in the dream and in the store. He finds my first-born and asked what he was doing? He is told about the water and the search. This son offers to help find the water and they go looking. Sure enough he spots some bottles of it and pulls one down. “Here is your water, he says.” The first son looks at the water and it is labeled correctly. It appears to be the water. However, this water is blood-red in color!

The first son says, “No, this cannot be the water because it is red.” The second son says, “It is the same water, just look at yours.” He pulls his bottle water out of his back pocket and discovers it has turned blood-red like the rest! So now he starts heading towards the front of the store and he sees the two young ladies at the bar again, and they are playing games with the water! They have it in shot glasses sliding it towards the edge to see who can come the closest!

Now there is one more major detail to the dream. My son spots a lady at a register and she is writing out checks, but she cannot seem to get the numbers to add up right, so she keeps writing more checks in an effort to somehow make the numbers add up right, but, of course, they never do. (End of dream!)

I will give one more detail. A few years later, the second son joined the Army and is making a career of it. He is now a Sergent with men under him. He was not a military man at the time of the dream, but now he is, and perhaps represents the military in this dream.

This is the dream my son had on the way to Ground Zero, nine days after the attack. We would reach NYC on day ten. My son has never told me he actually heard anything from God on the day we prayed in the park. It may be that he simply spent time praying, but he did have this very interesting dream on the way there. So what do you think?

The things that stand out to me:   1.) The water he was first drinking of, that was so good, suddenly turns red and cannot be found again afterwards. (Does this represent something we had before the attacks, that we drank of deeply, but we will never have again?)   2.) He greatly desires more of the water and goes seeking it.   3.) I come in worried about some kind of feeling of danger. I advise him to hurry up and get out of here. I go back outside to anxiously wait. (What is this danger I sense?) (And remember, he dreamed me doing this, not I.)   4.) A military brother finds the water but now it has turned blood-red! (The water will never be the same because of blood that has been shed?)   5.) The young ladies carelessly playing games with the precious water.   6.) The woman writing more and more checks because she can’t get the numbers to come out right. (Is there a better picture of our current day dilemma? And would seem to tie in with what I wrote down that I heard from God as we prayed at Ground Zero!)

So now you have the details, and I will add the dream I just had last night. It is much shorter, and I definitely don’t have it figured out yet, if it means anything, but it has stuck in my head. In real life I drive a semi for a company delivering product to stores. The dream starts there.

For some reason everything is chaotic at the warehouse. All of us drivers are rushing around to get out and make the deliveries so we can get back and do another load. (This is not normal! We run a set route. We do one trailer per day. Things may get rushed at times, but in this dream it was like pure chaos!)

I finally get out with my first load and it is night time. We are doing night deliveries. I am also on a strange route, not my own! I’m in some big city trying to spot the store in the dark. When I suddenly see it to my right, it is too late for me to stop and I miss the store. So now I continue to hurry as I go down a block and turn right, intending to go around the block and circle back to the store.

For being in a big city I am building a lot of speed. I make the right turn, hit the fuel pedal, building speed when suddenly the road drops off right into a big ditch!!! Like the road had caved in, but it did not go on, on the other side of the ditch! It was like it dead-ended right into the ditch! And when the cab crashed, it was like an explosion! I was hurled out of the cab by the force of the sudden stop and the explosion.  Amazingly enough, I was not hurt!

I get up, it is still dark, the truck is nose down in the ditch and smoking, I walk to a house where I know my wife is, and it just happens to be close by. I go inside and I find her with a girl friend and I tell her what has happened. That I have just wrecked the truck and probably lost my job. Of course she and her friend are very concerned, but there is one other person, ( I suddenly notice), in the room, too. President Barak Obama! He seems to be lost in his own thoughts and could care less about what is happening at my job, or what just happened to me!

I tell my wife that I am going to go back to the truck and try to get my things. As I am getting up to leave I hear President Obama saying, “I still think I beat Romney in that first debate!” At that point I look at him confused, unable to believe what my ears are hearing and start to go on my way. (Dream Ends.)

So there you have it. This is not a joke! I really did dream that. Strange, I know. Feel free to offer opinions on either dream. I’m staying silent on the second one for now.

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“Better to have a Dream”

“Better to have a Dream”


 Better to have a dream and live it small,

than to have no dream at all.

Dare to be what your heart can see,

and watch it grow.

The dream is yours to hold and keep,

the dream is yours to grow or shrink,

it does not matter what others think,

it is good to have a dream.


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