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“Ripple Theology #2”


About those ripples.

Do I care?

We all cause them.

Every action…every word…every deed.

Even if I don’t care,

I still cause ripples…bad ones.

I am a stone dropped in water.


But I’m not “just” a stone.

I am ripples, and the ripples are important.

Jesus taught us to Live for the Ripples.

Ripples speak louder than words.

No life is silent. Every heartbeat is a ripple. Every breath. Even when our heart takes its last beat…our heart stopping will send out ripples. What have we chosen the Ripple Effect of our life to be? Self-gratification? Or a seeking of God and his will. Do our ripples only affect this world, or do they reach to heaven?

Jesus said that no man lights a candle and puts it under a bushel basket. How is it that so many Christians seem to be stuck under a basket? Their light only lights their little world? I also considered, what fool would use a basket to cover a flame? It seems apparent to me that God is telling us, Satan is so weak that all we have to do is begin to flame up in Christ and we can burn that basket away!

So why you still under that basket? I’m only asking what God will ask you one day.

This may be my last blog for a few days. God has been showing me how to do more, with less. After the back surgery, my income is roughly one-third what it use to be. Consequently, this may be the last day of Internet in my home. I will be going to our downtown Library to work my site. I will be rubbing elbows with many other people God has called me to reach out to, as I do. I am actually looking forward to this.

But I just want you to know if I’m slow in answering any comments, I probably just have not made it to the Library yet. 1000 Houses of H.O.P.E. is in process of being birthed. Those details will continue to come out in the story of “Gotham”. I hope I will make a connection downtown for a House of H.O.P.E.. Currently, my own neighborhood is priority one, but as I spend more time downtown, I am a light, a flame, just waiting to catch fire. Pray for supernaturally empowered godly ripples.

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“Playing Your Cards Right”

star wars 06



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“More than a Christian” #1

The American Christian seems to be a breed all its own, and I’m not saying that’s a good thing.

I hear other countries see miracles on a regular basis, and we do not. Why is that?

Other countries experiencing great revivals, and we do not. Why is that?

Statistics show our Church to be little different from the world. Why is that?

Perhaps the time has come to be more than a Christian, but to be an actual follower of Jesus Christ.

Will we love sacrificially?

“Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” I Peter 2:5

To be continued…

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“The MOCKINGJAY” / Movie


The MOCKINGJAY movie may come a little too close to reality for some people’s taste. In our day of “self-serving leadership”, instead of “self-sacrificing”, we want our heroes to end up rich, fat, sassy, and happy. However, Christ showed us true leadership involves paying a high price of dedication, love, and many sacrifices.

I had already read the book and was hoping the movie would stay true to the author. I think for the most part it did. The movie fails to show how much Katnis was struggling with mental, physical, and emotional scars. They give you a glimpse of it at the very start of the show, but then she seems to pull herself together much quicker than in the book. Part I has set the stage for what is an extremely high action and intense Part II. I think Part II will deliver everything it promises.

But the point is we see so many of our leaders today that bare no resemblance to the leaders we had of the past when our country was truly great. Their eyes are more on money than what is true and right. Their eyes are more on what will make them fat, sassy, and happy, rather than your best interest. How did we get here? We can see it in every walk of life, entertainment, politicians, big business, but worst of all… our pulpits across the face of this nation.

The pulpits have always been a “rudder” to steer a great ship, and our Pastor’s are the ones who have their hand upon that rudder. So I ask, where is America going today? A post-Christian nation? Why? Jesus was the ultimate example of self-sacrificial love. If we should see an example of that anywhere, it should be from the pulpits of our Churches. From our Pastor’s who claim to be examples of Christ. Then perhaps there would be more people wanting to follow such an example of true leadership.

I think when the entire MOCKINGJAY package, (all 4 movies), have been delivered, we will look back on the entire package and see that this is a very powerful story with a very powerful message for our time. I expect Part II to be “heavy” also, but you will be so on the edge of your seat from the intense action that you will know it was worth it, and a good taste of reality is what we need. That’s my humble opinion anyway. 🙂

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“The Encounter” Chapter Fifteen 10/16/14

Returning to our story, “The Encounter”…

Dan was anxious to share with Cathy what he had learned from “the book”. Her favorite food was steak, so as they pulled into the parking lot of her favorite steakhouse, Cathy’s mind was on food, but Dan’s mind was on food Cathy knew not of, much like when the disciples came to Christ and he told them he had meat to eat they knew not of. (John 4:32) Dan was going to order light, so he could talk while Cathy ate. He was looking more forward to this than a steak meal!

It didn’t take long to be seated, order drinks, salad, and meal. Some pleasant conversation about family and the things on Cathy’s mind preceded the arrival of her steaming hot juicy steak. She had had a chance to clear her mind in general conversation, but now Dan was ready to share his.

Cathy knew what this meal was actually about, and when her steak arrived, she said, “So, you were up most the whole night with ‘dad’s book’. What did you think of it, and, did it give you any ideas?”

“Honey, you have no idea. I feel like a new man.”

“Really?” she responded in interest.

“Yes,” he began. “We do not realize the power of actually putting God first. I never realized the ‘supernatural’ side of things. I’m a practical guy and supernatural always just sounded weird, to me. I don’t do ‘weird’ very well, but I’m telling you Cathy, we don’t know what we’ve been missing. I failed to understand the power of my priesthood in Christ.”

Cathy was quiet for a moment as she finished swallowing a delicious bite of the steak, but then asked, “What do you mean by that? I mean, we’re not actually pastors, or anything.”

“No, but every child of God has entered into a priesthood and it is powerful! ‘If’… ‘if’, they practice what God has provided. These spiritual sacrifices, as scripture calls them, actually open portals, dimensional portals, allowing God to move in your behalf. In other words, he goes before you and creates your way.”

“Hhmm, that sounds interesting, but what’s the catch?”

“Well, that is the big question, isn’t it. Here it is. You got to live with him. I mean, really live with him.”

Now Cathy was confused and Dan could see it in her eyes. “Alright, help me out here,” she began, “I know we will live with him after we die, but I don’t see how committing suicide would help our cause down here,” she ended with a chuckle, and a remark about how good her steak was.

Not deterred in the least, Dan responded, “Not suicide, but selficide.”

Cathy almost choked on her steak as she hurried to say, “What?”

“Yes, we’re like people looking for love in all the wrong places. We don’t understand how ‘surrender’ is not a breaking of our strength, but it is a ‘unity’ of purpose, like more strands of a rope being wound together, we actually become stronger, more powerful. And as our will unites with His, we begin to actually practice our priesthood, which opens powerful doors for God to flow. But there is a sacrifice to be made in order to live in the high places with God. These sacrifices will pay-off in the long run, but may be hard to see in the present, which requires a lot of faith. However, once you develop your eagle wings, you soon realize there is no greater way to live than in your priesthood with him. It is the difference between a life of a bunch of flapping… and soaring!”

Dan paused to read Cathy’s eyes again, he could see her curiosity and desire to understand, so he continued, “Take your dad, for instance. We were both confused by the direction he took with his life, and yet we had to admit he was happy and affecting people in a powerful way, even though we did not understand. I actually understand him now. I know what he means when he talks about being the hunter, and not the prey. I know what he means when he says he is on a mission for God, and downtown is his target. I understand where the joy is coming from in his life. Material things no longer mean much to him, he is having too much fun on his adventure with God, and the power of living in the high places. His spirit man has grown so strong that he is no longer dependent upon external things for happiness, his strength comes from within. The Kingdom of God is within him, and he is already living there, and then it flows out, affecting the physical world around him.”

Now it was time to let Cathy respond. He had already given her a lot to think about in a very short time. Cathy’s eating slowed, and she had questions. He explained to her what it meant to “wait upon the Lord”, and how the 3 P’s of Praise, Prayer, and Promises were powerful priesthood tools that can actually shape the fabric of their personal creation. In many ways they had “tied the hands of God”, and because of free-will, man was the only creation God allowed to do that, even as Christ allowed Roman soldiers to bind his hands on the day he was betrayed.

“Our sins, our lack of faith, our lack of discipline ties God’s hands and we begin to reap what we have sown, which is when we usually begin to look for God again. That is what has been happening to me, honey. And when I hit that black bird and saw him flapping in the road, dazed and unable to fly away? That is why I saw ‘me’, and I did not even realize it.”

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“The Encounter” Chapter Eleven 10/10/14

“Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place. From thence she seeketh the prey, and her eyes behold afar off. Her young ones also suck up blood: and where the slain are, there is she.”  Job 39: 27-30

“This has not been my life,” Dan sadly concluded. “What is this? This is so powerful.” He kept reading the words over and over. He could not get away from the powerful lifestyle being described. These verses were describing someone who was so established in purpose and vision that nothing else distracted them. They lived in high places because of the truth and wisdom they knew. They lived in high places because they were the hunter and not the prey. They lived in high places because they ruled over the low places, and were not part of it, but lived above, in the place of wisdom and strength, because of what life was really about. They lived as a warrior, and not simply a citizen of heaven.

The book was really pressing hard now. These sacred scriptures spoke of dwelling and abiding on the rock, the strong place. In John chapter fifteen, Jesus spoke of abiding in him, and without him we could do nothing. There was Dan’s answer. What was his flat-screen tv worth at a pawn shop in heaven? Nothing. By not abiding in Christ, with all his living like a sparrow and flapping, flapping, flapping, he had accomplished a bunch of nothing. The big house was worth nothing. The four-wheel drive truck would set here and rust, long after he was gone. A bunch of nothing.

But not the eagle. He that abideth… He that abideth in the secret place of the most High. All the scriptures were building one upon another, revealing a sacred lifestyle, so powerful in the supernatural, that like the eagle, this person could dwell on high, and with powerful vision, seek out the prey in the low-lands. He could choose and target. He lived as the hunter, and wouldn’t you know it, eagles hate snakes! They are one of natures greatest snake killers! What a picture God was painting with the eagle, and yet we ignore his wisdom, and rush into our days flapping, flapping, flapping; creating a bunch of man-made stuff having no eternal value. How have we ignored so vivid a picture?

“Doth the eagle mount up at thy command?” No. Scripture plainly says that it is God who chooses who to “lift-up”, and who to “put-down”. Those who dwell in the secret place. The great mystery that was hidden through all the ages, until Christ, the Rock, would be revealed. They that wait upon the Lord…they that abide, live, dwell, habitate, in Christ. They do not rise from bed and rush into their day, but they offer up spiritual sacrifices, they live as a royal priesthood, they soar and do not flap, as they walk in the Spirit, led of God and not their flesh, or man-made wisdom.

The preacher wanted to make a point about flapping, because even the eagle does some, but what is the difference between the flapping of an eagle in God, and that of a carnal Christian? “Where does the eagle get its vision?” the author asked. “From the high places.” he answered. And then he started talking about “The 3 P’s”. That is what he called them. “The 3 P’s” stood for Praise (Worship), Prayer, and Promises (the Word). This must be the daily habits of the eagle Christian, he explained. Then he showed a diagram in the book.”This is the flapping of an eagle,” he said. There were pictures of him standing on a church platform with his hands together in front of him, like when someone prays. This picture was followed with pictures showing his arms and hands raising to an overhead worship position. Then he brought them down again into prayer, and then up again into praise! And then prayer, and then worship! And then prayer, and then praise! It could plainly be seen the flapping motion of a great bird mounting up! “Oh my God!” Dan almost shouted, he was so impacted by the lessons God had painted in the eagle!

But there were two final pictures to go.

Once the eagle Christian had praised and prayed himself into the Spirit, then the soaring began. Having sought God’s Presence for his day, God now ordering his steps, as he would stay in faith in the Promises of God, sighting his targets, his mission from on high, the eagle was now soaring, not flapping! The Pastor stood there with his arms outstretched as if soaring, and what a picture it was! Dan imagined how it would be to soar and not flap! The beauty, peace, and power of such a lifestyle! He wanted to stay right there! This is what his soul had been longing for!

But there was one picture left.

With his arms still outstretched in the soaring position, he made one small move that changed everything. Dan’s heart melted again, although he thought it could not melt any more, and yet it did, as the Pastor turned his hands, and it looked as if he were nailed to a cross. Under this picture it simply said…

“Take up your cross, and follow me.” Signed, Jesus.

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Too much flapping going on!

Too many Churches are becoming all flap and no Spirit.

A bold statement, I know. Who am I to say such a thing? For one, an inside observer for 58 years now. And two, statistics verify my observations.

1.) Why is America continuing in a more and more ungodly atheistic direction? (A weak and worldly Church.)

2.) Statistics show 80% of pastors pray 15 minutes or less per day.

3.) Divorce rate in Church just as high as in the world.

4.) Pornography rampant amongst Church members, including some pastors.

This list could go on and on, but you get the picture.


I think I’ll spend this next year just teaching from this one thought: What does it mean to be the eagle that scripture describes? What does it mean to live a “Flap less and Soar more” lifestyle? Why is everyone so busy flapping that they are too tired or too busy to SOAR? God invites us to the high places, shows us how to live like an eagle, and we’re too busy? Not interested? Got a better idea?

Let me show you how that better idea stacks up compared to God.

Many of you will know this story, but probably not a certain little detail that is very important. David was one of the most successful men of God to ever live, and he wanted to build a glorious temple for God, but he was told that he could not! Because he had blood on his hands. The blood God was referring to was most likely Uriah’s, the husband of Bathsheba. (But that is another story.)

Anyway, David was allowed to make all the preparations, but his son, Solomon, would be the one to actually bring it all into manifestation. Israel thrived under David’s reign, and also under Solomon, for a time, but it does not take long for man to grow careless about the things of God. By the time Solomon passed on the throne, the kingdom was already spiritually falling apart.

The throne passed to Rehoboam and the decline continued. The kingdom split in two, and Rehoboam ruled over the Southern kingdom of Judah. In this spiritual decline, Satan is not slow to steal, kill, and destroy. Egypt attacks and plunders the sacred temple of all of its golden articles. God was very specific that every article of furniture was to be overlaid with gold, or entirely pure gold. Gold is a symbol of divinity and glory. Gold is not man made. If man could make it, then it would not be worth much because he would soon over produce it.

Now Rehoboam had a serious problem, because the Priest could not perform their duties with a temple void of the necessary items! And to make matters worse, they were no longer the rich country that could easily replace it all with gold as the very specific instructions of God had detailed. So he decided to replace everything with brass. A man made alloy! If you shine it enough, if you polish it enough, if you decorate it enough and oooh and ahhh over it enough, it can almost pass for gold, but it’s not gold! And God is not there, because it is not according to God’s divine will. It has become something operating in the man-made ways of flesh! Flapping, flapping, flapping like a flock of sparrows and no eagles to be seen! This is 80% of our Churches, and by the same token, our Christians, too!

We don’t pray the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man that avails much, because were to busy! AND WE DON’T WAIT ON THE LORD!

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with the wings of eagles…” Isa. 40:31

God’s people are living like brass instead of gold. We are living like sparrows instead of eagles. We live a life of flapping in the low-lands because we refuse to live like an eagle. It’s not that the knowledge is not there. We choose to have a pathetic prayer life. We choose to not study or memorize God’s Word. We choose to break God’s laws as if they mean nothing. We choose to exploit God’s grace! We offer God our brass and insist he bless it!

I got news for you. Most of the blessings you think is coming from your brass, is not coming from God! That is another being who likes to replace God in our life. He is the one who blesses brass, and like everything else he does, it is a lie and illusion. Smoke and mirrors.

So…, until I decide otherwise, the topic of this site will be eagles and living in the high places, because that will also allow me to teach about prayer that is gold, and not brass. The spiritual metaphor of the eagle will allow me to teach everything God has laid on my heart to teach.

The eagle is also a warrior, a samurai bird, as all “birds of prey” would be considered, but the eagle is highest of all, king of all the birds. I often see myself not as an eagle, but as a raven who is learning to live as an eagle. That will take some explaining at another time.

Today’s point is, if we don’t desire to live an eagle lifestyle, then we’re in disobedience. If we’re not living in the spiritual high-places, we’re in disobedience. If our Christian walk shines like brass, we’re in danger of judgment. God’s word says to desire those things which are above, and seek first the kingdom of God, and we think we do, but our prayer life is brass? God gave a specific design for his temple, and he does not have a plan “B”. God will only bless what he has approved of. The metaphor of the eagle is a strong teaching in God’s Word. The treasures it has to offer are pure gold. I’m gonna camp here for a while.

Are we proud of our sparrow lifestyle? Are we proud that we allowed Satan to steal all the gold from our temple and now we offer God our man-made brass? I picture God shaking his head in wonder as he sees his people choosing to be little sparrows over the powerful life of an eagle. I picture him asking himself, who would choose to be a sparrow over the chance to live like an eagle?

I cannot help but think there are those who simply need the chance to learn more about this flap less and soar more lifestyle. God is calling us to the high places. Set your affections on things above. Now if you are too attached to the things of the world, this low-land living, then remember Lot’s wife. Do not trade God’s gold for man’s brass! Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife!” I’m going to end with an invitation for whoever likes to explain how that statement of our Lord’s relates to what I’ve just said. (Just in case there might be those who do not know. I’d like to hear from you. In relating to this message of the eagle, why should we remember Lot’s wife? Give me some comments, folks.) Thank you.

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“Prayer Habit?”


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“Why Prayer School?”


The answer to this question is so important. The Lord pointed out to me that in the average Church a new convert is offered New Convert Classes. In these classes a teacher has several lessons designed to help the new convert understand his new life in Christ. These lessons probably explain Water Baptism, The Gospel Message, how to read your Bible, be sure to pray, details about Church Membership, and Church Doctrine, but when they walk out of that New Converts Class… “Can they pray the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man?” How much hands-on experience in prayer have they had? Do they really know how to pray?

The one thing we should be sure to not leave undone, is being left undone!

If you led someone to Christ and only had time to teach them one thing, what would you choose? Teach them to pray!

It is the difference between giving them a fish and feeding them for a day, or teaching them how to fish and feeding them for a life time. The Church has got to get back to raising up real prayer warriors. Consider this scripture from James 5:16b in the Amplified Version: >

“The earnest (heart-felt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available -> dynamic in its working.”


Do you see that? You ask where is the power? It’s in a Church who has people able to pray that kind of prayer, and it is not just about getting all excited when you pray! BUT IT SAYS A RIGHTEOUS MAN!

Some would say we are all righteous in Christ, and that is the only kind of righteousness we can have because we are so weak in our flesh, but if that were so, then who are the people James is talking about earlier in the book? When he says that, “We have not because we ask not, and when we ask we do not receive because we ask to consume upon our LUST!” (My paraphrase.) (James chapt 4)

These people are Christians, and yet they fail to pray the kind of prayer spoke of in James 5:16. There is the righteousness we have in Christ, but there is also the righteousness of the actual lifestyle we are living. The Prophet Samuel grew up out of a Church that God labeled “Ichobod”! The glory of the Lord has departed!

The James 5:16 prayer speaks of “making tremendous power available > dynamic in its working.”

The “WHY” of Prayer School > is to pursue the ability to pray that kind of prayer, myself included. Together, we can get there.

Now back to the analogy of feeding someone for a lifetime. IF YOU DID HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE THING TO TEACH YOUR STUDENT, TEACH THEM TO PRAY!

BECAUSE: I John 2:27 tells us that we really need no other teacher than the Holy Spirit in us. Prayer connects us to a constant flow of the Holy Spirit, and He will make sure we somehow learn all the things we need to know.

If the person has already gotten saved, then they understand faith. In my opinion the next most important thing that is as critical as having air to breath, is the ability to touch God when you pray, and not be ashamed of doing so.

This is just the beginning of articles on this subject of Prayer and the Holy Spirit. This will now be the predominate message of this site. This is the sense of mission I spoke of in the previous article. This is the direction my whole life is going. I did not know God was apprehending me for a “mission” when a disk ruptured in my back at the beginning of this year, but now that I know, I’M ON IT!



When we get enough people doing that on a regular basis, THE IMPOSSIBLE WILL BE POSSIBLE ON A REGULAR BASIS!


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Working hard on Prayer School


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