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“Living with Fire / Feeding the Flame”


How do we feed the flame to live a life of inspiration? This begins a new series.

Hope you enjoy, and burn brighter every day.

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“Wind Vessel”

His Wind in my sails, that is my goal.

…..The oceans before me, God’s breath in my soul.

Filled with His Spirit, He leads me on.

…..My life is a journey, His Wind is my song.

New worlds a’seeking, new places explore!

…..As God leads me onward, upward I soar.

A Wind vessel am I, with places to go.

…..Destiny awaits…as in Him I flow.

Drawing me upward with delight and dismay.

…..To always discover…His love each day.

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“Are You a Glimpse of the Future NOW?”


“By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise:” (Heb 11:9)

“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.” (Heb 11:8)

Just the other day I was surprised by a comment relating to an article I wrote many moons ago called. “What Kind of Warrior?” I’m always excited when I get any kind of comments because my site has never been strong in that area. I go to people’s sites who seem to attract comments like bees to honey and I stare in amazement. But I must write what God gives me and so I press on like a good soldier and take what I get. (And I thank the Lord for each one.

Anyway, someone commented out of the blue on an old article that I had to reread to even remember what it said. His comment did not seem to be about the actual article as much as a certain “point” he wanted to make. If I understood him right, he was upset that because I believe faith in Christ to be the only way to God, then I was arrogant because I was telling half the world they are wrong and I am right.

I had been very careful to answer his comment in a way that only said this is what “I” am convinced of for myself, but every person must be very careful to search their own heart for that answer. I do not claim to be God and be all-knowing, but after many years of testing the Bible, there is no doubt in “my own mind”. Let each person determine for themselves, but be very diligent in your quest! But all this person could say was, You are arrogant, you are arrogant, you are arrogant. (Sheesh.)

I stopped commenting after the third comment because I have been in these circular conversations before, and this is what I have learned:


If I have presented the Gospel of Christ and someone is “OFFENDED”, rather than “EXCITED”, then I know they are not ready yet, and possibly may never be. Scripture says that Jesus came to his own, and his own received him not. Jesus is light, but not everyone desires his light. There is something very different between those of us who are “attracted”, and those who are “offended”.


HERE’S A REALLY NEAT THING MAYBE YOU HAVE NOT THOUGHT ABOUT. > God sent Abraham to his “FUTURE” possession before it was his possession. So in essence, he was living in his FUTURE in his PRESENT! Now what does that mean?


HERE’S THE THING: > Among other lessons that could be taught from this truth, every time a Canaanite saw Abraham and his family, God was showing that Canaanite the FUTURE! Abraham could walk up to that Canaanite and say, “You should join me, not fight me, because God is giving me your land, and I am the future of this territory. You are seeing a glimpse of the future in me.


I’m keeping this message short, but I hope you see the possibilities of invading your present with God’s future NOW! Our father Abraham did it, and set the example for us. Jesus did it constantly!

The person who accused me of being someone judging the world, that is not my job to do. That has already been done. But if you’re smart, you will realize God is giving you a glimpse of the future. I am a testimony of the goodness of God. How God loves us so much that he sent a perfect Savior to redeem us from a very real spiritual cancer called SIN! Jesus is God’s cure, and without Christ, the cancer is always terminal. If you are not attracted to a book, “the Bible”, that reveals such a God to us, then I can only hope that you are some day.





THIS IS WHY THE APOSTLES STUCK TO THE GOSPEL SO MUCH. BECAUSE IT REVEALS SO QUICK. PEOPLE EITHER RECEIVE OR DENY. SHAKE THE DUST FROM YOUR FEET AND MOVE ON. (If they did not kill you. I love blogging. It is so much safer witnessing from a safe distance. LOL!)


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“His name is Bill.”

Sometimes God gives us something no one else sees. What do you do with your vision if there are no others? It is a strange thing running a blogsite without comments. As far as I can tell, I have one person who likes the Samurai analogy enough to leave a comment, and his name is Bill. Thank you, Bill.

Write the vision down and make it plain so others may run with it. This I intend to do even if only for Bill and I. If it is not a vision from God, then there is no loss if no one reads it, but if it is, then I must write it or be held accountable. And others must read it or be held accountable. The writing is in my hands to do, the reading is not. Sure would be nice if people left a short comment though. Sure is strange so many people like something, but remain silent.

Let me say this, if you are a Christian ministry and you go around pushing the “like button” in hopes of gaining readers, but you do not actually read the articles you say you like, then you are without honor. Now “honor” is also one of those Samurai things, so don’t tell me you don’t need this message. Of course you will probably like this message, and never even realize what you liked. LOL.

If you happen to like this site and you simply have not said so other than pushing the button, please drop me a short comment and let me know. It’s hard writing for just Bill and I, but if that’s it, I will still do so, but at least I’ll know.

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“The Way of the Samurai Sheep” > Page One.


I have been anxious to start this series of articles. One reason I have been so anxious is because I do not know where this is going to take me? The thought of a samurai sheep totally intrigues me, but when I picture it I almost laugh! I definitely feel God leading me down this path and yet I don’t know where it actually goes, and where it actually ends up? I might be as surprised as anyone who reads this! I love it when God does this to me! I hope that you will find the vision of a samurai sheep as intriguing as I do, and be interested in where that vision takes us.

What makes me think there even is such a thing as samurai sheep? Why do I feel so strongly drawn this direction? Lets start with a short list:

1.) This path of embracing our “sheephood” has disciplines just like any path has. Every chosen path has its’ own disciplines, and if we desire to walk that path we must be willing to embrace those disciplines. I have a long history of equating the word “samurai” with the learning and practice of disciplines. A disciplined lifestyle. A focused lifestyle. Even as the Disciples were called “disciples” as they embraced the teachings and lifestyle of Christ. I even use the terminology in my book, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”. I refer to Joe as being samurai for Christ! Therefore, if I am looking at the disciplines involved in belonging to Christ’s flock, and I desire to know what it means to have a flock, sheep, and Shepherd mentality, then I relate this to a sheep with a samurai attitude, the desire to be focused and dedicated to this vision.

2.) It is a path of “humility”, and if you do not think humility is a discipline, then I beg to differ. As Christians, humility should be high on our list of virtues, but as long as we see “ourselves” as Superman, or trying to be Superman, then how humble can we be? Believe me, embracing your sheepness will humiliate you. Is that the same thing? Well, it is something most of us don’t go around talking about, because? Yes, you get the picture. However, our Christ put it this way :

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  (Matt. 5:3)

This was one of Christ greatest teachings, and I do not believe this is referring to financial poverty as much as it is embracing and recognizing how spiritually impoverished we all are. Everything we have actually belongs to our husband, the Christ! Without our Shepherd we are nothing but spiritual wrecks and dead sheep! (Which is what happens to sheep without a Shepherd.)

3.) In the chapter of Matthew 10, I find two interesting statements that are rather close together. Jesus calls his “Disciples” together and imparts to them authority to cast out evil spirits and heal diseases. Then in verse 16 he says:

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

Then he goes on to tell them how many things they will suffer while performing their ministry, for they truly are sent out like lambs of sacrifice, and yet they somehow accomplish great things before they die! They turn the known world upside down! But take note of vrs 34, same chapter, same teaching!

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace; but a sword.”

Do you see it? I send you out like “SHEEP”. I have not come to send peace, but a SWORD!

So we are sheep with a sword, but what does that mean?

The Samurai lived and died by his sword. It was his life, and his soul! We have a sword, too, but how does a sheep use a sword?

It is my goal to keep each of these articles at close to 1,000 words each. I might call them, “The Thousand Word Articles”. So lets see how much farther we can get?

Ephesians 6:17 tells us that our sword is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. So do we pull out our leather Bible and hit the devil up aside the head with it? Do we try to run a heathen through with those golden edges? No, but just like Christ is pictured in Revelation coming back with a sword proceeding out of his mouth!

I personally believe, the Word has to be in our belly first, the deep parts of us, and it proceeds up out of our belly and out of our mouth. What proceeds out of our mouth?

Breath! Spirit! Words of God spoken by the force of breath, life, and Spirit! It is a living thing! And it comes out of our mouth, but whose is it? It is the sword of the Spirit! It belongs to Christ just like everything else and we are receiving it through marriage, but it is not us! We are the vessel the Word rides in on! As the sheep of his flock, when we get in trouble we speak his word and the Shepherd shows up to take care of his sheep! We caused the Shepherd to show up! We caused a move of God! But it is God who moved, not I! I simply declared to God, the angels, the devil, all the demons, and the circumstances what the Word of God says, and if I am indeed a sheep in his flock, and not someone trying to be Superman, but all the glory goes to God where it should be, then God’s will (and not mine) is going to be done!

SHEEP FOLLOW! Where God leads me I will follow and embrace his will for me. That is what a samurai sheep does. Job said, though he slay me, yet will I trust in him. (Job 13:15a)

We have started this subject with a slight overview of where we are going, but my 1,000 words are up, so until the next time!


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“I’m not Superman” – Part II

It wasn’t all that long ago when I decided I could be more successful at being a sheep, rather than being Superman. As hard a pill as that was to swallow, I must say that I am learning new ways to do things, and I am enjoying it. Some might say they would rather fail at being Superman, rather than succeed at being a sheep. I understand where you’re coming from, but believe me, you will fail. Sheep simply are not designed to be “super”. I have learned that they need the most care of all livestock, and they can be easily “flipped” onto their backs, from which point they cannot upright themself, and will literally starve to death in that position if no help arrives. I just love thinking of myself in these terms. Truth hurts sometimes. However, just because we are not “super”, does not mean we cannot tap into the “supernatural”, and the question becomes, just how do we do that? Let me see if I can approach this question by way of sheepology? If this is my new paradigm, then these are the glasses I look through.

First of all, sheep are not very bright, as a matter of fact, most resources called them down right stupid. I’m trying to be nice. (Since I am one.) The main duty of sheep is to eat, drink, and multiply. Spiritually speaking, I translate that as eat God’s word, drink of his Spirit, and be a witness. These are the main duties of a sheep. No where do you find sheep being called upon to fight a wolf, lion, bear, and etc. Sheep are not called upon to exert power. If a sheep fights, it dies. Plain and simple.

It is the Shepherd who does the fighting. We take too much on ourselves! It is the Shepherd who is the provider and protector of the flock. He exerts force and power. Therefore, the sheep taps into the supernatural by way of the Shepherd, and must stay close to Him if he expects to succeed. We need a Shepherd mentality! Let me put it this way, sheep are stupid but the Holy Spirit is not! Therefore, by way of the Holy Spirit in us, we have access to the Shepherd’s leading, by which we should by-pass our own intelligence if it disagrees with His, and trust Him completely. By this, there is no glory for us, because it is not our intelligence, but all glory be to the Shepherd, to whom it rightfully belongs, and not us stealing some of the glory because we now think we have become supersheep. We live on a “fault line”! (And I will explain that soon. Very important!)

Now if we could measure how full of the Holy Spirit we are, then we could develop a method of reference as to how close, or how far we are from the Shepherd. For example, if we could measure the Holy Spirit in me, and I measured as being half full, then I am half way too far from the Shepherd than I should be, and walking closer to danger. We should all want to be full of the Holy Spirit, and thereby as close to the Shepherd as we can get! Sheep love the Shepherd, if he is a Good Shepherd. This is what I call developing a “Shepherd mentality”.

If we are to succeed, our minds must be trained to see things as it is. This can be a hard thing to do! Because to our way of thinking, in the Kingdom of God, the way up is down and the way down is up! And we want to see up as up, but it is really down. And we want to see down as down, but it is really up. God says he will resist the proud, and give grace to the humble. He will put down whom he will put down, and raise up whom he will raise up. The path of humility is hard for us, and it requires a trained brain, and you might say a “Samurai Sheep”! (More on that another time.) Sound confusing? Not when you embrace your sheephood and realize that as part of God’s flock, if someone attacks you, the Super Shepherd comes to your defense, and you have just caused God to move in the earth, because you no longer claim to be Superman, but you agree with God and say, “Okay, Lord, I’m just a sheep, now be my Shepherd.” (And believe me, He will!)

Please allow me to illustrate this one more way that might clear any confusion you may still be having. If you don’t like thinking of yourself as a sheep, then perhaps this will be better? According to scripture, our Lord is the bridegroom, (male figure), and we are the bride! Okay, men, here we go again, if you want to really realize how this works you have to line up with scripture and stop taking so much on yourself! We have a big strong husband! Check this out!

My wife was shot in the eye with a B. B. gun when she was little. (She is mostly blind in that eye.) To this day she is afraid of guns! I keep a loaded gun in the house, but I seriously doubt she could use the thing if she had to! (Even though I have tried to show her.) However, if someone is breaking into our house to do harm, and I happen to be home? I grew up in the country shooting guns, and both my mom and dad were excellent shots. My dad was a Marine, and I did four years in the Army with the M-16. Then I did two years as a Correctional Officer in a men’s prison, and had to qualify on M-16 and pump shotgun both years. If someone is threatening my family and I am home? You better believe they are going to hear the thunder! And as the Bride of the Lamb? You better believe that if you embrace that, your Groom is gonna bring down some thunder no man can deliver! And here is where the Churches of Sardis, Laodicea, and Philadelphia come into play! (Also, the point about living on a fault line.)

The report card Jesus delivers on the seven Churches in Asia, at the beginning of the book of Revelation, is nothing short of amazing, and a little frightening, to consider that God knows our works and will not be shy about grading us! I’m going to make this short as possible, give you the bare facts, and let your mind fill in the gaps. Two of the Churches receiving the worst reports were Sardis, and Laodicea, and yet a close examination of what is said, would seem to indicate that neither of these two Churches had any external enemies attacking, or internal controversies perplexing, like the other Churches did.

It would seem that these two Churches should have been in the best shape of all! However, just the opposite! Jesus said to Sardis: “I know all the things you do, and that you have a reputation for being alive – but you are dead.” (NLT Version)

To the Church of Laodicea, he called them lukewarm, and that he would spue them out of his mouth! He said they were wretched, miserable, poor, and blind! But their own report of themselves was: “I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!” (NLT) (They seemed to have it great!) Why must we be “afraid”, in order to have a proper fear of the Lord?

Now learn a lesson from the Church of Philadelphia, who got one of the best reports from our Lord. There is a reference to them having struggles with those who belong to Satan’s synagogue, those liars who say they are Jews but are not. However, I want to add some special information I stumbled on that really help me see this whole Superman Syndrome thing! The city of Philadelphia lived on a major earthquake fault line! The Anatolian fault line! In 17 a.d. they had an earthquake so bad that Roman Emperor Tiberius relieved them of paying taxes so they could rebuild! Earthquakes and after shocks were a continual thing in this area! As a matter of fact, many of the people moved out of the town, afraid to live in the city anymore! I believe these people had a constant reminder of how small they really were, and therefore, had a better picture of how big God is, and now take note of what Jesus says here:

“I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no man can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me.” (Rev. 3:8 NLT)

Jesus said they had “little” strength, not that they had “a” little strength, but they had “little” strength, like a man opening a door for a woman! If the lady wants to open her own door, (Superwoman), most men will let them, but if she stands there all beautiful and batting those luscious eyes, what man will refuse to open the door for her? We take too much on ourselves and fail to realize how good we could have it, if we just understood what David understood, when he said, the Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want!

And this is key! Scripture speaks of the sin that so easily besets us! We all have our weaknesses! We all live on a fault line! Except for a constant flow of the Holy Ghost, none of us would stand! The next time you are trying to be Superman, remind yourself of the fault line you live on. Neglect your prayer life? Fail to drink of our Lord? Stray from his strong presence? The earth could open up and swallow you at any time! Pride goes before a fall! You’re not Superman! Stop getting so busy that you are too tired to spend the time in the presence of your Shepherd, and get back to the Anointing that will tap into God’s supernatural power and grace! (Oh. I would like to say so much more, but we are too long already.) The Good Shepherd “anoints” His sheep! Philadelphia had a constant reminder of how small they were, they had plenty of hardship against them, they knew how the earth could shake them, open and swallow them, and they had the best report from God! They understood weakness, their own weakness, and God’s great power, and they kept his word and did not deny him! In the midst of their weakness, God opened a door for them!

Okay, I hope I have given you enough to get the big picture here. Believe me, I’m trying to cut this short. In Part III I want to talk more about the negative effects of the Superman Syndrome, and offer some balance to this equation. I have a friend who has inspired Part III, but I will not use his name, other than it starts with the letter “T”, and Part III will have the subtitle of “Mr. T”!

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“Dress for Success” – Part 1

Who told you that you were naked?

That was the question God asked Adam in Genesis 3:11. Remember the old fable about the king who thought he was wearing a very impressive garment? Remember how he had been sold a lie, and he was actually parading around in his underwear, but because he was the king, and the garment was supposed to have been made by a great tailor, nobody had the nerve to speak up and point out the fact that the king was walking around half-naked! Some were even convinced that he was wearing an extremely fine garment!

Are we selling ourself the same lie?

What does it mean to put on Christ? If our idea of putting on Christ is what we do when we go to Church on Sunday, and the other six days of the week are spent too busy for God, then we are certainly walking around “naked”, and God is telling us so!

Who told you that you are naked? Has anybody had the nerve? How can we if we are naked ourself?

I find it very interesting how a God who is invisible is so very “into” clothing! God is very “into” clothing! Of course, Jesus was not invisible and he dressed in a way to please our heavenly Father. We are not invisible either. Have you taken notice of God’s involvement in the “progression” of clothing mankind, for it is very revealing. Very revealing indeed! There is much to be learned by a study of what the word of God reveals about clothing, and God’s involvement in it.

What was the very first example of this “after” man’s fall into sin? Genesis 3:21.

“Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”

This is very significant information, for not only does it initiate the first shedding of blood for man’s sin, revealing the curse of death now entering into our environment, but it is also symbolic of a certain “covering” of our sin, just like the Old Covenant was supposed to do in all the sacrifices of the animals, shedding the blood and “covering” our sins until the perfect lamb of God could actually “take away” our sins completely! Providing a scape goat! Not just a covering with animal skins, but a taking away completely! Gone! Forgiven! Price finally paid! Praise God!

But I see something else here, too. I think God is very disappointed in his man, and when he gives them the clothing made of “animal skins”, it is as if he is saying… Here! You want to live like animals? Then you might as well wear their skins!

Woe and wow! I’m not trying to put words in God’s mouth, but…I think I have a point here. As evidence of this I point out how much the Bible constantly reminds us that we are not as the animals. That we are made in the image of God. That we have an eternal soul. If we choose to live like animals we live in sin, but God’s word constantly reminds us that we are not to be reduced to animal behavior! Did God know that a theory called Evolution would be a major lie of the devil, and would constantly need to be counteracted? Do you see how Evolution tries to convince us we might as well wear animal skins? Evolution says we descend from animals, and it worships the creation, rather than the Creator! (Romans 1) But God says our origin is with him and has nothing to do with evolving from animals! Still…man can choose to live like animals…if they disregard God’s laws.

So the picture we should see in our mind is Adam and Eve being cast out of the beautiful utopia of the Garden of Eden wearing animal skins. What a sad picture indeed. One that has led to so much animal behavior by those who choose such a path. On any given night, there are places one can go and find animal behavior running rampant. It is interesting to note that the wilderness temple used by God’s people while they made their desert journey was covered by animal skins! (Exodus 36:19) To be precise, it was a layer of Ram’s skin dyed red with a layer of badger skins over them.

Animal skins can be seen in more places than just the lustful attractions of night life. They are also seen in the lust for power, dominance, and greed. If one has the attitude of who cares who you have to step on to get to the top of the ladder, then that expensive suit you’re wearing is nothing but animal skins. If you don’t care for your people, but suck every drop of blood from them before casting them away, then in the eyes of God, you have become like an animal.

You will find as we continue to study God’s involvement in clothing man, that what we are wearing “spiritually” is very significant! It will literally determine your eternity! I don’t care if you’re dressed in the finest garment by the greatest tailor as you go out on the town for the night. Animal skins!

God sees the condition of our spiritual attire! He gave man animal skins as they left Eden that day, but that is not where God left man, for the next step in our progression from God comes with that very wilderness temple, when he gave the directions for the “linen” clothing that the Priest were supposed to wear. No more animal skins, but linen clothing upon the priest of the Levitical priesthood! You can see that we are moving “up” in our spiritual attire, but not so fast, because God is setting us up for failure! This is just another step in our progression, but we are not yet where God is taking us. First we must learn that we can never be good enough in ourselves to be good enough to gain heaven. Therefore, we must first have a priesthood of the Law. The Covenant of Law! The Laws of Moses! And those Laws will crush us, proving us guilty, over and over again!

The Levitical priesthood of law was doomed from the beginning! The only success ever intended of the Covenant of Law is to lead us to the Covenant of Love and Grace in Christ!

God has not dressed us for success yet! We are now dressed for failure! There is a way that seemth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death! Man still wrestles with this! He is still trying to be “good enough” today! Many still have not learned that they will not get to heaven by trying to be good enough, and trying to live the Ten Commandments! This is a hard lesson to learn! Even with everything Jesus said, and the Jewish people as a living example, most religions still preach a message of “earning” your own way to heaven! The Gospel message of Christ is the only exception to that!

The Levitical Priesthood garment consisted of several very specific articles of clothing, but let me just point out a couple of things. The Priestly attire had a breastplate, but it was called the “Breastplate of Judgement”! (Exodus 28:15) Looking back on that, I can see where that did not bode well from the very beginning!

It also had a cap with some kind of a plate on it that said: “HOLINESS TO THE LORD.” That sounds all fine and well until you consider that you are expected to be that “Holiness” by your own will power! Bringing you right back to keeping all the laws of Moses!

One other thing I noticed was that there is no mention of any specific footwear. This only becomes significant when you consider that Satan is compared to a poisonous snake which usually can only strike so high. Another good reason cowboys wore boots! But I see no mention of any specific footwear having any symbolic meaning for these Levitical priest. Trying to earn your own way to heaven leaves you open for every attack of the enemy!

Let me wrap up Part 1 by saying this. God is not just interested in clothing us in white, but what we are talking about is a real POWER SUIT! The suit may be white, or it may be light, but it is also POWER! Power like you never imagined before!

In our “progression”, God has not gotten us to this “Power Suit” yet, but if you want to be “Dressed for Success”, then you greatly need to check out what you are wearing, and what condition it is in. This is a suit worth more than money could ever buy!

I’m going to leave you with the Levitical Priesthood wandering in the desert and dressed for failure. They are on their way to God’s Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey, but before any of this can be achieved spiritually, we still have a long ways to go! In the realm of the Spirit, how we are dressed is directly connected to power! Or lack there of! In the spirit we show our colors! (As an ex-homeless person explained to me.)

I’m not just teaching about garments of white, I’m showing you how the spirit realm works! And why it may not be working for us, because we fail to dress for success on a regular basis. We are dressing for failure, because we fail to dress! We are running around naked! We are sinning in the eyes of God! And we expect to walk in his ways and in his power? It shall not be so! And yet, there is a Power Suit that makes Iron Man look like Tiny Tim tip-toeing through the tulips!

Be sure of this. God has involved himself in clothing man both physically and spiritually from the very beginning! Even before his fall! If God is so concerned about this, then it must be important, and perhaps there is more here than we have ever considered? What does it mean to wear God like a Power Suit? To make God our “habitation”? Oh my, we find ourselves at Psalms 91 again. Is there a Secret Place?

To be continued in Part 2!

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“Drenched in His Blood”

What is holiness? Ever thought about it? I mean have you ever “really” thought about it? For all those who still think they can be “good enough” to get to heaven, I can definitely conclude you have not thought about it.

We had a dog we thought was white, that is until we put it outside after a fresh snow one day! I couldn’t believe how brown our dog was! Maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but the point is, God is absolutely sinless, pure, and holy. White is the only color that even begins to describe it, and I’m sure white would turn brown in embarrassment if the two were put side by side.

How would one even begin to be “good enough” to have fellowship with the holy God? What does it mean to be without spot or blemish? Can any human ever achieve such a thing? There has only been one, and he was born without the help of man! As soon as man touches something, it is defiled! Holiness is absolute perfection! The moment I touch it, it is no longer perfect.

The other day I did a load of laundry and when I pulled my clothes out from the dryer I noticed a little rust had gotten on the very corner of my collar flap. It was a light-colored shirt and that one spot stood out like a sore thumb! The whole shirt was ruined because of that one small rust spot! We do not understand how “holy” God is! He hates sin! It is a stench in his nostrils! He loves his creation, but he hates the sin we have fallen into! Our flesh is a stench to him! We are defiled, corrupt, and decaying! God is life and we are houses of death! No matter how pure we may think we have become, we do not dare draw nigh to God! If we were to dare to do so, we would be exposed as the white dog that is really brown when dropped in a fresh snow!

Jesus himself asked the Father, Is there no other way?

“And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying,

O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

(Matthew 26:39)

I have to believe there was no other way. No other way than the holy blood that washes “whiter” than snow. If I am to come before God’s throne “boldly”, then I come to him drenched in the blood of Christ! For I am an unholy man, saved by the grace of God! Every time I think I’m doing pretty good, I find a rust spot on my white shirt. Every time I’m about to puff up in pride, God drops me in the snow and I see Jesus!

In Psalms 51, David’s plea for mercy went like this: “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be “whiter” than snow.” (vrs 7)

Even a freshly fallen snow would look brown compared to our holy God. For the person who plans to work his own way to heaven? He will run from God’s presence! For the closer he is to the holy God, the blacker his goodness will grow! Only the red blood of Christ turns the blackness of my soul whiter than snow. The cross has become my tree of life! I will come before my Creator drenched in his blood, or I will not come at all. Sin cannot stand the presence of pure holiness. There is no fellowship between light and darkness. The one destroys the other. I will have fellowship with God when I, too, am light! For that, I must be born-again. Jesus said, Marvel not that ye must be born-again. Do not be amazed. This is not hard to understand. It is as simple as dropping a white dog in fresh snow and discovering the dog is not so white after all.

Do not be puffed up in pride. You’re not as white as you think you are. Come to the tree where the blood flowed red, and you will find the grace to be born-again, you will find the path that leads to a throne, you will find the love that makes you whole. Then, and only then, may you come boldly, and be accepted in the Beloved. It is the perfection of Christ you will wear. It is “His” white that outshines the snow.

Only the red blood of Christ turns the blackness of my soul whiter than snow. The cross has become my tree of life, drenched in his blood.

Try as you might, don’t try to accomplish in the flesh what only the supernatural can achieve. It’s not our fault! We’re born into a pit of blackness no flesh can climb out of! It is a supernatural transformation God is offering. “There is no other way!” Jesus already asked for that possibility! Don’t let what looks white enough to you lead you astray! God’s Word says “There is none righteous, no not one!” Our version of white is a perversion that only looks good to us! Until we approach the one holy God…and then we run…but it will be too late.

There is a white that comes only when we have been drenched in his blood. He offers it freely, the tree of life.

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