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“Why a Samurai Vision” > Page Two.

I know I have written plenty of articles that could label me as “crazy”. If you do not believe me, then just spend some time checking older articles and see for yourself. So there is the possibility that I have already been classified as “crazy”, but if not, then surely the articles I am currently writing should finish the job.

I began to see this as I was reading a synopsis of the Prophet Isaiah. He had a ministry that lasted almost 60 years! He lived during the time when Israel divided into two, a Northern Israel consisting of ten tribes, and the southern kingdom known as Judah. He was eye-witness to a civil war that broke out within the family of God! Why did this happen? And if the Israel of old is a picture of the Church today, might we see this again? And how might the “Joseph Time” I spoke of in the last article fit into this?

Isaiah also witnessed the fall of the Northern Kingdom to the nation of Assyria. When the tribes divided into two, Judah maintained true worship to God, while Israel did not! Because of this they fell to Assyria and were lost forever! They became the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel! In the first article I spoke of the prophesy in II Thessalonians 2:3, where it speaks of a great falling away in the Church before the revealing of the Antichrist. Also II Timothy 3:3-4 which speaks of Churches heaping to themselves teachers that itch people’s ears, only telling them things they want to hear. If this fits the Northern Kingdom falling to Assyria, then they will be lost forever!

Judah eventually falls to Babylon, but not in the same way as Israel. Jeremiah was given a vision by God revealing that those carried away captive into Babylon were the blessed of the Lord, and they would prosper in Babylon, while those left in Judah were cursed and would die horrible deaths. Now Revelation speaks of a Harlot Babylon that rides the back of the Beast, and it sounds as if this Harlot Babylon prospers mightily until the Beast, symbolic of a Roman Empire, turns on her and devours her. In ancient history, Babylon was eventually replaced by the Roman Empire, and as we know, Rome crucified Christ, and put the early Church through great tribulation before Christianity finally began to overcome. So there may be a time of living in this harlot Babylon, and raising our families, and prospering, before the great Tribulation begins! Are we doing that even now? This will be part of the “Joseph Time” I spoke of.

Now I have said a lot here just to put out sort of an overview of where I am going. I intend to make sense of this. The challenge still remains that we be Winter Soldiers, and we prepare for doing this during the 7 years of plenty, the Joseph Time I see coming. The Joseph time will be while Babylon is still riding the Beast, but when the Beast turns on the Harlot, that is when the Church will need to become Winter Soldiers, because depending on when the Rapture actually hits, it could get very ugly, very quickly, for God’s Church.

Revelation tells us the Antichrist will actually have great power for a time, even so much power as to beat down the Church for a time. Now, for the sake of not going over a thousand words, lets go back to the beginning, when Israel, symbolic of the Church, was still one nation, in unity. Lets see if we can begin to lay a reasonable argument for the possibilities I have thrown out here. This cannot be done all at once, so we start when they are still united, and we see what happens. If I am correct, the Church that falls away before Antichrist is revealed, is a Church growing right now, and they have a different understanding of what Church should be. In other words, this is a division, and a sort of civil war taking place within God’s Church! But this Northern Ten Tribe Church will fall away to Assyria, be taken captive, and never seen again!

STARTING POINT: > Israel’s greatest King was David. Everyone knows this, thus an easy place to start. The Kingdom comes into great unity and prosperity under King David. However, when David dies the throne goes to David’s son, Solomon, who was born through the woman David should never have had. And though King Solomon was supposed to be the wisest man to ever live, his Kingdom was falling apart! Nearing the end of his reign, Israel was in real trouble!

King Solomon gave a glorious appearance, but it was a lie! The nation was full of idol worship, strange women, and heavy taxation putting an extreme burden on the poor! When Solomon dies, his son was given one chance, which he failed miserably! The country revolted and the Northern Ten Tribes separated and there began a civil war between Israel and Judah, a great divide!

This is the only point we will get to in this article. What can we see in the two Kings leading up to the split? David had one major downfall, LUST! Solomon had a lust for women and also great wealth, love of MONEY! Solomon was supposed to be the wisest man! Does any of this fit today’s Church leadership? How many pastors have we seen falling to lust? How many have traded a love for money over keeping a good name for Christ? And do we not have the most educated clergy of any time in Church history? I’m only pointing out the facts here folks. If the facts seem to fit with past history, then we may be perfectly poised for a civil war and split within the Church of God.

Those having itching ears will war against, and compete against, those still preaching a true word of God! Ten Tribes compared to two? Not good numbers. So where are we today? This split is already happening and the divide is growing even as we are nearing the time for Antichrist to appear, but not yet! Oh my, I’m at 1040 words right now. Look, we even have Churches accepting homosexuality, and I don’t know how God’s Word could be any more plain on that subject, so you can imagine the other areas we are loosening our standards on. Two Churches are forming with a great divide between.

More next time! Thanks for reading! Please comment!


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“Why a Samurai Vision?” > Page One

For me it is this simple: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”  (II Thess. 2:3)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”  (II Tim. 3:3-4)

This article probably will not be done in one writing. In pondering how to approach this, I am surprised to see the path I’m about to take. No matter what we believe about the “Rapture”, we know for sure there is a seven-year tribulation period coming “someday”. I have had a few thoughts about this.

I believe we are about to see a tremendous move of God. I also believe we may be entering what I would call a “Joseph Time”. Could it be possible that God would give us seven years of plenty, before the seven years of famine? And if he is about to do this, can we be faithful and wise in the years of plenty, as Joseph was?

I know the Tribulation period is made up of two, three and a half-year periods, for a total of seven years. I also know that the first three and a half years are supposed to be prosperous, but prosperous in what way? My concern is the Church. My concern is God’s people. Those years may be prosperous in a materialistic kind of way, but what about the true Word of God? Might there be a famine in the land for that whole seven-year period? Not a famine of prosperity, but a famine of the true Word of God!

Now here is my point, if God is about to send seven years of spiritual abundance, an abundance of every kind of spiritual blessings, will we use this time to prepare for the seven years of famine, or will we squander it believing we are the King’s kids and we will always live this way no matter what? Do we even know how to prepare ourselves to be Winter Soldiers?

I steal this term from an upcoming Captain America movie, but Jesus cursed the fig tree because it did not have figs even when it was not the season for them! God expects us to bear fruit even in times of winter! We must learn to be Winter Soldiers, but in a time of abundance, will we do so, or simply grow fat and lazy? Unless we have a Joseph mindset, and unless we are Samurai in vision, I suspect there will be a lot of fat and lazy Christians, who heap to themselves teacher to itch their ears, and in the end, they fall away when the winter of Antichrist sets in.

Now perhaps you see a little bit of where I am going. I do not want to give it all at once, for you will weary in reading. I hope to keep you hungry for more.

Let me say this, Isaiah had a ministry that spanned sixty years, and he was eye-witness to a civil war that took place among his own people! A great division developed between Judah and the Northern kingdom. Now it is very interesting how it all played out, and I see things very comparable to what I read in II Timothy 4, II Thessalonians 2, and the book of Revelation.

These next articles are going to be about training ourselves, preparing ourselves in the time of abundance, for the spiritual famine to come. I want to be Samurai for Christ. I want to be a Winter Soldier. Judah did not fall away to Assyria the way the Northern kingdom did. How might this relate to Revelation? I think you’ll enjoy finding out.

I plan to keep these articles shorter, but also bring them quicker. So in just a few days, expect Part II.

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1 World Trade Center

0330131551aI heard on the radio today, that they were ready to start putting the top spire on the 1 World Trade Center. I believe it was delayed by the weather, but I assume we must be getting very close to its completion. (If you’re looking at my dog, Shadow, you’re looking at the wrong thing.)

I have a picture of the Twin Towers, Freedom Tower, on the front bumper of my Ram. The flag is flying at half-mast.

As you can imagine, I specifically picked this out. I had the place of business add the word > “Why?”, to the plate.

I do not ask “Why?” as to why the Islamic terrorist did what they did. They are very bold as to proclaiming their reasons.

But I have some other “Whys” running around in my head.

Like, “WHY” is the name Freedom Tower being replaced by “1 World Trade Center”?

“WHY” is the building exactly 1,776 feet tall? The year we declared our independence? The year we signed the Declaration of Independence? And now we symbolically build a “One World” tower in direct opposition of independence? No more called Freedom Tower?

“WHY” did we allow the Islamic Mosque to be built so close to this sacred ground, in direct opposition to the majority of Americans?

I watch this building closely. I watch this complex of which 7 buildings once stood. 7 hills?

I watch all these things, the words people say, the things that have been declared, I read my Bible, and I am amazed.

Could NYC be the harlot sitting upon 7 hills? I only pose the question, because I am still watching, but it is good to have others watching, too. Is that an insane thought? Is everyone convinced it must be the Roman Catholic Church? Maybe. Maybe not.

There are a lot of “WHYS” that should be being asked, but our liberal media is strangely quiet on these matters. Cat got their tongue? “Something” has their tongue. There is an obvious agenda having its way in the earth today, and the Church is the only force that could do something, if she will? If she still can? If she even knows how?

I will be back to writing on, “Fighting your Demons”, very soon, but I heard this on the news today, and could not help but send out a blog and see what comments may come?

We live in such a time that “fighting your demons” should be a very important topic of personal Christian knowledge. Don’t expect your pastor, or priest, or Church to be able to fight your fights anymore than the police can be at your home to save you from an intruder!

We live in incredible times, watching history in the making. Paul said, in the last days would come perilous times. Are we taking his words of warning seriously? If not, “WHY?”

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