“Do you have your Gotham?” > Chapter Nine.

THE ENCOUNTER III > This story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day. Have you heard a call in your heart saying, “Gotham needs me?” This is one man’s attempt to take up the mantle of being a caped crusader, caped in God’s Covering, for his city. Indianapolis is my Gotham.


“The downtown Central Library? Well, no, I have not been there since they remodeled. Isn’t that a ways for you to drive? Okay. Works for me. 10:00 a.m. on Thursday. Got it. See you then.” Don clicked off the cell phone and sat back in his chair rather amazed. Facebook had been successful. It took a couple weeks to get back into it, and then send a “friend request” to the young man named Chris. It had only taken a few days and a meeting was now set, but Don had to wonder what God was doing?

In his younger days Don had been heavily involved with youth ministry. During those many years Chris had been one of the young guys he had worked with, but he was thirty years old and had a family of his own now. Over the years their paths had crossed from time to time, but the last crossing had been at least two years ago, and why had God brought him back to mind? How many other people he could have thought of, but no, it had been Chris, and now it was set.

Even more puzzling was the meeting place. Since Don was not working he had offered to meet any time and any place, and Chris lived north east of downtown by quite a ways. Why not meet at Castleton? Or Pendleton? “Hhmm, this is very curious, Lord. I haven’t said anything to Chris about my interest in downtown, and yet he wants to meet at the Central Library? Says he wants to show me what is available there. Okay, Lord. I know you’re doing something and I shouldn’t be surprised, right? After all, we have a lot of prayers going, and you are ordering my steps. I can hardly wait till Thursday!”

“Speaking of prayers, Lord. You know this Prayer Life Group that no one has been coming to? The one that has been at my house for months now. The one I remodeled the room for. What am I supposed to do with this? I’ve invited and invited. Everyone is too busy to pray! Well…okay, not everyone. I have enjoyed those early morning prayer meetings at Charity Church. Don, Rick, Pastor Paul, and a few others. It has been so precious. I’m not sure what I would have done without their prayer support on this downtown mission. It’s just not happening at the other Church, Lord. I’ve been there over three years and it’s just not happening for me at least. Maybe there is a change in the wind? I need to talk to Pastor. A lot of things are changing right now, as I am searching this new mission. Maybe that is going to change too? Guess I need to set another meeting.”

Flipping his phone open and searching the number, the call quickly goes forth. “Hey Pastor, how you doing today? Good. Hey, when can we get together and talk?”

Another meeting was set. So many pieces on the chessboard of life. This move, that move; this knight, and that castle. Strongholds over a city. Evil in the streets. A Dark Knight is invading in the cover of the unknown. This move, that move. This prayer, that prayer. Words spoken, prophetic visions, obedience and faith. What shall be the shape of this thing when all is said and done? It takes a seeker to find out. It takes a person willing to lay it all on the line and follow that voice no matter where it leads. But first it takes a person who can HEAR. Let him who hath ears, HEAR.

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2 thoughts on ““Do you have your Gotham?” > Chapter Nine.

  1. This is great stuff Don! I didn’t know that you had a monthly prayer meeting going on at your house??

    • Yes, actually it was every first and third Sunday after church, just for men. But no one seemed to catch the vision, and now I think God has shown that what the builders rejected, he is going to multiply and bless! 🙂

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