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I’ve been praying about this for a while, the need to add something to the word “Christian” in order to differentiate between a real “Follower of Christ”, and someone who simply wants to be a “good person”. Jesus’s call to be a good person was the words, “Follow me.”

Several weeks ago I was in a Half Price bookstore looking for a book by Leonard Sweet, but in the process of this I stumbled upon a book by Dick Staub. I was unfamiliar with him, but his last name was so close to Sweet that his book was right there too, and it caught my eye. The title caught my eye. “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters”. Right away I thought, “Oh no, something trying to mix New Age with Christianity, but because I do like the Star Wars analogy, I just had to take a peek. Much to my surprise I was impressed with what I thought I saw and just had to bring it home and give close inspection. Since beginning to read it, I can hardly put it down!

Here is a key to the heart of this book and an example of what I’m talking about: > “This book was born during a conversation with a young man named Ed, who described to me his desire to go deeper in his spiritual life as well as his uncertainty about how to make that happen. We had just seen the latest installment of the Star Wars prequels, so I restated his issue in that context: “It’s like you want to be a ‘Jedi Christian’ and my generation didn’t produce a Yoda.” (Looking For A Yoda – Page xix) Part of the Introduction.

Boy do I feel like I can identify with that statement, and maybe you do too. Most of what I have learned I feel like I was forced to learn on my own while fighting every step of the way until I finally got there. Because of that, it took a whole lot longer than it should have. The book had my attention already.

Now realize when I stumbled on this book, I had already been writing my “More than a Christian” articles. I was looking for a word to attach to Christian, but did not know what? Holiness Christian? We all know the downfalls of that reference, I hope. Remnant Christians? Now that’s a worn out term lacking any newness. But here was this guy, Dick Staub, writing incredible stuff and calling it Jedi Christian. (Hhmmm. I don’t know. Maybe?)

For me, there was something else needed. That word, Jedi, needed to mean something besides Star Wars in my mind, so I started playing with acronyms, or a mantra of sorts. Here is what I am currently settled on:

Jesus Every Day Intense!

Judge Every Day Inspired!

Now there is much I can say about these two acronyms, but for now lets leave it at this> If you make it a goal to have Jesus intense every day, then in the end of that day you will be able to > Judge every day inspired! Now that is what J.E.D.I. Christianity has become to me. It has challenged  and inspired me! The more I have said it, the more it is what my mind sees when I say Jedi!

So…here’s the deal. My series of “More than a Christian” now evolves into “J.E.D.I. CHRISTIANITY”. This series will fit very well with my Real Life story of “Do You Have Your Gotham?” I will be quoting many things from Mr. Staub’s book, and I highly recommend his book. I will also be mixing it with whatever God gives me, such as the : Judge Every Day Inspired and Jesus Every Day Intense.

Bottom line is…I want to hear God. I want to be inspired. I want to grow in Christ. I want to have a fresh fire. And I hope you want all these things too. I do not find today’s Christian inspiring. So I’m looking for a different picture and I think Mr. Staub has something here. So I am going to recommend it, share it, add my own mix to it and offer it to whosoeverwill. I hope you enjoy and grow thereby. I hope these words meet a spiritual hunger in you too. No longer inspired by the typical Christian and hungry for something more. “May the Lord of the Force be with us all.”

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12 thoughts on “J.E.D.I. CHRISTIANITY #1

  1. Jamie Carter

    I have more respect for egalitarian Jedi than complementarian Christians.

  2. Jamie Carter

    When you look at the Jedi, they allow women to hold the rank of Grand Master, even among the council women are permitted to hold the same rank and status as men as their equals. Complementarianism says that men and women have roles. The man’s role is to lead, not the woman’s.In which case, no matter how talented, how gifted, how skilled a woman is at being a Christian, she will in complementarian circles only be allowed to follow the lead of another.

    • Ahhh, now I see your point. Yes, it was quite a curse for woman on that day in the garden, and quite a responsibility for man, which we fail often. As a man, God is going to hold me accountable, but as I hope you know, it is not a requirement to be in the lead to exert great power in God’s Kingdom. He who would be great, let him serve. I have served under several Pastors and have never been the head yet, but I have found if you’re anointed…back-seat driving does happen. A true J.E.D.I. Christian is not limited by position. But God was handing out curses that day, earning a living by the sweat of the brow, and so forth. I agree in your frustration, but great things for you are still possible. Each day God deals us a hand and we must play those cards. Let us play our hand powerfully. Amen. You do certainly get the award for most interesting comment of the day. But I’m afraid there are no easy answers. Adam should have put a halt to things on that day. We men failed then, and we still struggle greatly when it comes to leading properly. I’m sure women think every day they could do a better job, and maybe sometimes they could, but leading is not the curse they were given.

      • Jamie Carter

        That’s why I take Jesus’ words about the first being last, the greatest being least, and the masters being servants very seriously – we are called to recognize that the world has a power system where men are by and large in charge, and Christianity is not supposed to be just like the world – but rather it’s reverse. Therefore, I believe that wherever women have the gift, have the talent, have the skill, and have God’s Holy Spirit, they are equally qualified, allowed, and tasked to lead – it is one of many traits built into all human nature regardless of one’s gender as it is common to both genders. As an egalitarian, it is a woman’s role to lead just as much as a man’s role to clean the house and care for the children, it is the individuals choice to do that which best suits them. We are, after all, not bound to the first Adam, but freed by the second, that is, Christ.

  3. Great post Don! Yes, there are a lack of “Yoda’s” in the Christian Faith, and it is sad that in the movie, we see Yoda all by himself, until Luke crash lands on his planet. Wouldn’t it have been better for Yoda to have figured out where the young Jedi were hanging out and then gone to rub shoulders with them where they were, instead of living in the wilderness, alone? Christ gives us the picture of a shepherd as to how we should lead. We should be right in the mix with the sheep, not in the wilderness alone.

    • I really like your point Chris. That is one of the differences between the fictional New Age Jedi and the Jesus Every Day Intense (J.E.D.I.) that I’m talking about, and even Mr. Staub in his excellent book. Thanks for reading Chris.

  4. Jamie, What is the vision for leadership that God has given you? What is your calling?

  5. Jamie Carter

    I have a heart for the spiritually abused, those wounded by their churches and on the verge of leaving Christianity. Leadership should be a picture of harmony and difference, all should be represented, men, women, lgbtq believers, all cultures – no one should be excluded. It would be a system of checks and balances.

    • Hey Jamie, I see I missed some stuff while I was away. I think I hear your heart here and I want to thank you so much for sharing. I would like to recommend a book that I really like by Leonard Sweet. He does a very good job of making the point that ONLY Jesus is the head and all the rest of us are really just called to follow. He calls it Followship and Fellowship. His take on this just might be something you like. He is really down on all this leadership stuff and he does an excellent job of making his point. We need to get back to true discipleship where people really spend time with each other and know each others pain. When Jesus said, “Follow me”, it was a request to walk with me. Spend time with me. We will know each other and I will “custom fit” the training to you. That can’t be done in the way so many Churches are operating today. That is why I started writing the “More than a Christian” articles. Somethings not right in the Church and we’ve got to get back to the way Jesus did it. One on one personal discipleship. As you have said, there are a lot of wounded people out there. Some of them are wounded just because they do not like what the Word of God says, but many others are wounded because the Church did their “saying” in the wrong way. I hope you check on that book. Google it or something. It just might bring some peace and harmony to your perspective. If you do read it, I would love to hear back from you on what you thought. “I Am A Follower” by Leonard Sweet.

      • Jamie Carter

        I have added it to my list of books to acquire, but it might be some time before I can find it. I’d also suggest two books for you – When Bad Christians Happen to Good People: Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage and Bring ‘Em Back Alive: A Healing Plan for those Wounded by the Church both by Dave Burchett as a great place to start if your church doesn’t already have a ministry for the spiritually abused. For some of these people, we’re the last chance they are going to give Christians and Christianity, so you have to choose good people who are willing to listen first and speak with compassion.

      • Sounds like good material to check out. I’m currently in a venture to explore discipleship the way Christ did it. Certain unexpected circumstances put me in a “life reset” moment, and I found myself challenged of God to do it. I am slowly writing the story of this in “Do You have your Gotham” Starting with chapter one is recommended, but I am intentionally keeping the story a month behind current events so as not to reveal too much to soon. But God is doing something and it has been VERY rewarding so far. I’m hoping that by really getting to know people in a relational way will prevent some of the problems of damaged people. Of course, I can’t rewrite the Bible, and we all buck at certain things we don’t like, so all I know to do is keep praying ALOT, and really care. Thanks Jamie. I got the books written down. I suspect your ministry flows out of personal experiences and wounds of your own. I hope you succeed in letting God use those hurts to help others.

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