The Maze Runner

Yesterday I saw a movie called, “The Maze Runner”. So, taking a little break from our short story, “The Encounter”, I have a thought or two to share.

I suppose I was affected by a dream a lady at Church had. She shared the details just this week, and then I saw this movie. In her dream she saw a pool of water that was boxed in by four cement walls. Her and a friend were inside the four walls and could see the pool was full of snakes! However, in the dream, the lady warned her friend that it was not the snakes they could see that was the danger, it was the snakes they could not see. And then she said they needed to call for the men, the snake killers. I might add that eagles are known for being snake killers. Very fitting for this site.

So yesterday I’m setting there enjoying this movie of a bunch of youth trapped inside four,  very tall cement walls, and to escape the cement walls they had to run a maze while surviving monsters. Not only that, but these youth are being used and deceived on a grand scale. A perfect picture of today!

There has been a lot of talk about how the Church is completely losing the younger generation. Statistics show that more and more “youth” are walking away from a Bible faith in Christ. And is it any wonder? Look at the cookie-cutter, brain-washing, sin-flooding culture we now live in, in America! Talk about being trapped and overwhelmed! Our school systems, Universities, media, Hollywood, role models, and the list goes on and on.

It’s like our youth are trapped within huge cement walls of deception, and in order to escape, not only do they have to figure out how to beat the maze, but they get attacked by monsters while attempting to do so! Only a few chosen ones even try, most are too busy just trying to abide by the rules in the box! One day they will learn it has all been manipulation and lies, but will they discover this soon enough?

Eagles are snake killers, and they live in the high places. I have made important changes to this site in order to be one of those high places. If you know any youth willing to read something of a religious nature, you might hook them up to this site. *Note the new blog address.*

“The Maze Runner” was interesting and exciting, and who knows where the story will go from here, but we have a generation of youth getting more lost in a devilish maze every day. We need some Maze Runners who can light the way! And we need some eagles who soar and don’t flap! Sparrows are not snake killers; Eagles are. We have an addicted society. Addicted to sins of every nature. Our youth can’t get free unless some snakes die in the process. A lukewarm and limp-wristed Church simply won’t get the job done. If you’re going to reach young people, you better be real.

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2 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

  1. You are right about being real. Teens want to see what “works,” and they are used to slick marketing. It seems to me that the faith/science questions cause problems. They think the church is outdated and can’t deal with science, so it must not be true. Also, they crave real relationships. It takes work to reach them.

    • This maze is not defeated easily, brother. You are so right. It takes a lot of work, and a people being led by God’s anointing. Amen.

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