DIVERGENT > “A Sense of Mission”



Our quote for today from the book “Divergent” comes from chapter 37 and page 469 and 470. Trise surprises herself as she lays her life on the line to save others and defeat Erudite. She realizes she has taken on what is probably a suicide mission and did not even realize she was doing it, until she was already committed, and that is the way it can be with a real mission that grips your heart.

Today I am combining this article on Divergent along with the mission I have undertaken to develop a “Prayer School” in Indianapolis. This room used to be our living room and it was in bad shape from too much abuse. Now it is becoming “Prayer School”, and I have not even gone back to work yet, as I am trying my best to get this up and running before I do.


But here is our two quotes from DIVERGENT: > “If I go up into the building, I probably won’t come back down. The best I can hope for is to destroy the simulation before someone kills me. When did I decide on this suicide mission? Why wasn’t it more difficult?”


I love that question because it reveals how a vision, mission, or need can so grip you that your heart leaps in without even asking permission.  All I have been able to think about since getting this vision for a Prayer School is the mission. I am consumed by it. New drywall has been hung where needed. All walls have new paint, including the ceiling. I now have the hardwood floor laid but not yet fastened down. Soon I will be starting on trim work. It has been a big job and it’s still not done. The entry way needs new flooring also, and the fire pit area needs a privacy fence put up. I can’t afford to hire any of this done, so if this is to be, then I got to do it. We are in Faith Forward Motion and steadily progressing.

ON PAGE 470 TRISE ADDS THESE DETAILS: > “My head pounds. I haven’t eaten; I haven’t slept; I haven’t sobbed or screamed or even paused for a moment.”

EVER BEEN THERE? Usually a mission is also a “burden”. In the movie “Freedom Writers”, the dad tells his school teacher daughter that she has been “blessed with a burden”, and he said he envied her for that.

Yes, a burden that burns in your belly like a mission can be a blessing. Passion, vision, purpose, a sense of something greater than yourself; I consider all these things to be a blessing. A life that has never known such things, and never paid a personal price for such things, is a life greatly lacking.

I thank God for this “Prayer School” burden and vision. On page 476 Trise remembers that her dad used to say: There is power in self-sacrifice. Jesus showed us that power and set our example. His love and power still lives today.


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One thought on “DIVERGENT > “A Sense of Mission”

  1. Like a “fire in the bones,” eh? I urge you on, even as you inspire and encourage others like me.

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