“Loving God’s Laws”

It is seven a.m. as the snow is just beginning to dump on Indianapolis, where I live. The rumor going around is that it intends to bury us alive, of which we will have to dig out of. Just last night I watched our Indianapolis Colts execute one of the greatest “come-backs” I’ve ever seen. I was bored with the game, as we were losing badly, and I was doing other things as my wife continued watching. I could hear her shouting at the flat screen, telling them what to do, and I’m thinking…don’t you know they can’t hear you, Dear? Nevertheless, she kept shouting.

I happen to pass through her area just as 4th quarter was starting, and I was captivated! Things had gotten exciting and I could not leave! It was an unbelievable comeback, of which I greatly enjoyed watching and was on the edge of my seat shouting with her.

I enjoy a good football game, but football is not my thing, God’s Kingdom, his Word, and his Church in the earth is my thing.

As I look around in this new year, I see a country that once was the champions of good in the earth, but now is drowning in 17 trillion dollars of debt. No big thing? Are you crazy! (It is true that most people practice living in denial of truth and reality, but not this cowboy.)

NEXT REALITY: The true cost of Obamacare is going to be off the charts! We are not even going to be told what the tax payers are actually paying in order to support this goose that is laying rotten eggs. When people think something is free, or at least free for “them”, they will use and use and abuse until we all are bankrupt! Any student of human nature knows the reality of this truth! Where are we finding these so-called leaders?

ON THAT NOTE — NEXT REALITY: The Republican Party is becoming the Democrat wannabees, and they offer us leaders that are no better than the Democrats. So we seem to have no where to turn. Voting Tea Party splits the Republicans and we lose anyway. Again, no where to turn. Our country is earning a new title of “America the bankrupt”, and what can we do about it? If all we have is “professional politicians”, the scum of the earth, to vote for, then how will a true and wise leader ever gain the office?

ONE MORE REALITY: The Church wants to be “USER FRIENDLY”, and I’m afraid the Colts did not win that game last night, by being friendly, what I saw was very AGGRESIVE, on the ATTACK, OFFENSIVE, a lot of PAIN, SWEAT, WORK, AND SKILL! (Maybe even a little LUCK added in there, too. LOL.)

I got to ask this question! IS THE CHURCH AFRAID TO BE A REDNECK?

Phil Robertson is known as a Christian Leader, and he has taken a step in the direction of offense, but will the Church follow his lead? Some football teams have a great defensive team, but their offense stinks! And they do not win Super Bowl games. The Church has fallen into such a condition, and this must change!

The Democrat and Republican Parties, and most all Liberal types, believe that a Bible believing Christian, who believes in a literal interpretation of scripture and of the Constitution, are nothing but a bunch of stupid rednecks. Has God’s people become ashamed of the true and bold Gospel of Jesus Christ?

When a homosexual stands up and says, “I was born this way,” do we wilt and not know what to say? Let God’s word be true and every man a liar! As a man, I was born with a weakness to pornography! I was born that way! I got addicted to it! Guess what? God’s word still told me if I did not beat that thing, hell was my eventual eternity! If we practice a deadly sin, it does not matter “why” we have such and such weakness, it only matters what the JUDGE says about that weakness! There are a lot of people suffering in jail today who had all kinds of rationalizations for what they did, but they broke man’s laws and are now paying for their sin in spades! If man’s laws can know such enforcement, how much more God’s Laws!

Am I saying these things because I hate homosexuals, or a woman who aborted her baby, or a Union worker who votes whatever their Union tells them, rather than what God’s word tells them, because they love money more than God?

NO.  I’m writing these things because SOME will hear the TRUTH and realize they need to go on the OFFENSE against the devil and become a great comeback story in the eyes of God. Those SOME, are worth whatever persecution I may endure while fighting the good fight of faith. I am a warrior born. It is in my blood. I am the hunter, not the prey. Duck Dynasty are hunters, and it shows! Thank God it shows!

I hope to end this article with a couple pictures, if I can get them to come up okay. I had an encounter with a wall. A spiritual encounter. It was one of those times you cannot explain. You just know it is God. God has me on the offense. I preached in my first ever revival service, recently. That was a first for me. A door that never opened before, but yet did recently. God has given me a message about loving his laws. Grace has set us free to love his laws, not ignore them!

In 2014 I am back to write more. Hope nobody minds. I’m exploring a possible big change of employment for myself at this time. It may happen, or it may not. Too soon to tell, but it will require a miracle to happen.

In “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”, he is setting on his porch, peacefully rocking in his wooden rocker, and sipping on hot green tea as he ponders the condition of America in the year 2025. He wonders how things have ever gotten this way, and he realizes the Church is the ONLY force that can challenge it.

The devil only respects one thing, and that is force greater than his own. Jesus asked the question, how can you spoil a strong man’s house, except you FIRST arrest the strong man? Have we answered that question? Are we ignoring our Lord’s question because we would rather live in denial?

I made a shift to OFFENSE several months ago in my own life, and in this blog site. If this site was not OFFENSIVE enough before, then count on it to be from here on out! We have much to teach and preach about God’s Laws, in the time of the rising of the “lawless one”. I hope you see the logic of this strategic move.

The wall I encountered was simply a heart with a cross coming out of it, footsteps with hearts leading away from that cross, and ending with the words “Follow Me”.IMG_3406


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