A different kind of Lone Ranger and Tonto

0329131311mms_pictureYes, it is hard to believe she was ever that small, but now she is seventy-five pounds of dedicated dog. She hangs with me everywhere I go. She shadows me. We are bonded. She would protect me with her life. We go swimming together in the creek. We are buddies, partners, and pals. We are a different sort of Lone Ranger and Tonto.

This is a strange way to introduce what will be the new theme of this blogsite, that of a Lawman, a spiritual Bounty Hunter. Donald Miller wrote a story. It spoke to me and I have not been able to get away from it. As a child I remember a Baptist preacher preaching against sin, and he was not afraid to call black, black, and white, white. He was not afraid to speak of Hell and consequences, but as I grew older the Church slowly evolved into the subject of grace, grace, grace, and very little about God’s laws. Now I see myself living in a day when morality is caving and the devil runs rampant. We have lost the vision of what it means to “ARREST” the devil.

Jesus asked how can a man spoil a strong man’s house, unless he first bind (arrest) the strong man?

I’m not going to get into this deep at this time. I’m only going to put it out little by little. I will go days without even checking this. You all can debate what I write between yourselves if you like. It don’t matter to me who agrees and who does not because the ones who “see it”, they will be the ones who “grow” by it, and find power to “arrest” the devil. I intend to write for the ones who “see it”, become convinced of it, and continue reading because they know it is a needed word to balance out all the “GRACE” preaching going on in this day of loose morality.

I will end this first article with two simple statements:

1.) The land of WISDOM has boundary lines. If we choose to live in wisdom, anointing, power, love, and freedom, we learn where the lines are drawn and live within them, as much as possible. And where we fail? That is where grace comes in. Grace is not a license for us to ignore boundary lines that God has set. Do we even know them any more?

2.) God’s love, without God’s laws, is not God’s love.  If we know how to be good parents, how much more does God? If you live on a busy road, and you love your children, you put up a strong fence! Since there are so many experts on grace these days, I’ve decided, at least for a while, my subject shall be “Lawman Theology”.

We have been redeemed from the CURSE of the law, but the BLESSINGS are all still there! Living within the lines of your authority and jurisdiction, is the greatest freedom of all. All the Bible greats loved and embraced God’s laws. Psalms 19:7-11 is a great example of this. David was a man after God’s own heart!

Maybe that was three statements, but know this, the Bible speaks of the “Lawless one”, and the “mystery of lawlessness”. These things are developing right before our very eyes. The devil needs to be arrested. In our own life first, and also in the life of others, if we are EVER to know true freedom.

GRACE WILL NOT ARREST THE DEVIL, BUT ONLY THE LAW, SPOKEN IN THE NAME OF THE ONE WHO FULFILLED ALL THE LAW. I believe little by little, I can make an excellent case for this. The law has not passed away, but by grace we have been made fit to arrest the devil, if only we know how. Much more to come!


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3 thoughts on “A different kind of Lone Ranger and Tonto

  1. Sic ’em, Sheriff!

  2. William Warner

    Hungry for more! I need to know more about arresting the devil. I want to put on the armor of God and fight in the war against the devil! I need to know more! Bill

  3. That puppy is huge!
    Hey, I have not heard from you for awhile. I signed up again as a follower.

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