“What Kind of Warrior?”


Why is that such an important question? It is important, it is so very important, because if we all do have a soul, then we actually are “eternal beings” whose existence does not end when the body dies.

And why is that so important? Because if we are “eternal”, then there really is a lot at stake! I mean, think about it. We are so conditioned to think of our lives as mortal, and temporary, but what if it is not? And what if there really are things worth fighting for in the next life? What kind of warrior do you want to be?

It is true that the Theory of Evolution and the Word of God are diametrically opposed. Almost the whole point of the Bible is a message from God saying, “You are not an animal. You are made in my image. Do not live like an animal, but imitate God, your Creator.”

Let me present this as evidence. Animals are purely instinctive. Genesis chapter one says over and over again, that he created everything “after their kind”, until it gets to man, and then it says something very different. So what does that mean?

Well, it means that a dog has always been a dog, and will always be a dog, and will always do dog things. It means a beaver will always build beaver dams, and elephants will always spray water with their trunk. Tigers will always hunt. Lions will always roar. Contrary to evolution, they do not change, but they perform as they were created to perform. Animals that have been trained to do certain things, always had the ability to be trained that way. Ten Thousand years ago, a dog was still a dog. It may not have been tamed yet, but it was still a dog, capable of being trained.

But what of man? As evidence I present that scripture says we were created in God’s image, and God is a Creator. Ever wonder why man creates, and animals do not? Man will always invent, create, design, imagine, dream, build, and progress, because he has his original Father’s image in him. It has been distorted by the fall into sin, and that is why not everything we create is good. We also create evil, but we cannot help ourselves from creating. You could say, it’s in our DNA. Obviously, it is not in the DNA of animals. I have not seen a beaver yet, that invented and installed a solar panel for his home of sticks and mud.

Dogs never ask, “Why am I here?” They are just here to be a dog. That fulfills their purpose, but man continually asks that question. Animals do not have a conscience. Oh, they may be afraid if they know they have done something that you punished them for before. They can be “trained”, but they do not have a conscience.

Man has a sense of right and wrong. We have a conscience that we can violate. We ask the question, “Why?” And, “How did I get here?” And, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” We search for MEANING! We hunger for PURPOSE! We are no more related to animals than a rock is related to a leaf on a tree. However, we do show many traits of God, even as blurred as that image may be.

So now we are back to our original question, “Do I have a soul? Am I eternal? What is at stake? Eternity? What kind of warrior do I want to be? Is there such a thing as a spiritual warrior?” Of course there is, and we would do well to decide what kind of warrior we want to be.

This is just a quick article to get some mental digestive juices flowing. Expect more to come, when the mood hits me. In the meantime, if you want more just drop down a little ways to “Love’s Warrior”. It’s some good stuff to chew on, but only a good starting place for where I am going.

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17 thoughts on ““What Kind of Warrior?”

  1. Welcome back to the ether – another invention of humans. We are studying the doctrine of humanity in our small group Bible study, so this is very timely. Human creativity, as opposed to animals, is one great evidence for the Bible’s claim that we are made in His image.

    From one image bearer to another – glad to “see” you again!

    • Thanks for the welcome. I don’t plan to comment much. I hope to let others talk. I don’t spend a lot of time here now, but I do intend to shoot something out every so often. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on the “bad rap” God’s laws have gotten. This is the first step in that direction.

  2. I can always depend on you to come out with issues that stir the soul 🙂 Hope you are well my friend !

  3. Allen, I am delighted to read your posts and see that you are still inspiring people, I have been absent from blogging for some time. And I am starting to be back. I hope to read more soon. I liked your take on soul in this post very much even though I find evolution as a mechanism from God. 🙂

    hope you and yours are doing good and see you around more.

    • David, thanks for your very kind words, and thank you for the reblog. I don’t spend much time responding anymore, but when someone rises to such kindness, I sometimes still respond. I use to spend so much time working the blogsite, but felt like I did not get that much return on time invested. As a result, I took my time back to more hands on action in the field, but I do still like to write. So I am preaching more now, and also developing street ministry.
      However, I am about to take this blogsite a certain direction. I still don’t plan to do that much responding, because after I write something, I usually go many days, even weeks, without checking the site. Thanks for still being a reader, and God bless you.

  4. Reblogged this on The Critical Eye and commented:
    I found something really cool at my friends blog and I want to share it with you. Those of you who may see why an evolutionist is posting an article which disowns evolution, they don’t worry. Allen’s point is far more than just rejecting evolution for the sake of it. I liked his viewpoint and wanted to share it because it was very thought provoking spiritually.

  5. Why is life full of ups and downs?

    What about half the world’s population that doesn’t believe in the bible and instead follows other gods? Are they all wrong?

    • Somebody has to be wrong. When I examine all the evidence before me, and I ask my heart what is true, the Bible convinces me in many different ways, multiple levels of evidence. You can believe everyone is right if you want to, but some questions only have one right answer. We all need to take the question you have asked very seriously. I have, and I’m willing to stake my life and future on what I have believed. That is all any of us can do.

      • Why is life full of ups and downs?

        Wow, what arrogance that half the world’s population is wrong!

      • Wow, what arrogance that you judge me to be arrogant. I just said somebody is wrong and I have made my own decision for myself based on my own conscience, and recommend everyone to do the same, but you better do your homework, ye who are so quick to judge.

      • Why is life full of ups and downs?

        I am only judging a person who has judged half the world’s population.

      • I recommend reading my answer more carefully. Anyway, I’ve been in too many conversations with people who just want to run in circles. So I’m done with this, but I do thank you for commenting, because it seems that so few people do.

      • Why is life full of ups and downs?

        Yes, keep living in your well.

  6. Wait a minute. If Cowboy is arrogant for saying that half the world’s population is wrong, wouldn’t you be just as arrogant for saying that the half who believe in the Scriptures are wrong?

    Do you really want to argue that there are no absolutes and everyone can believe whatever they choose without consequences? The Muslims are convinced that Christians are wrong about Jesus. Jews are, too, though for different reasons, and they don’t agree with Muslims. Do we just buy every one a Coke and sing in perfect harmony?

    • Why is life full of ups and downs?

      Yes I am arguing that there are no absolutes. If Jews have a theory, Muslims do and Christians as well then somebody has to be wrong because all these theories are different. And probably the only reason why you are supporting your religion is because you were born into it.

      • Are you saying that we cannot know who is wrong (and therefore should let everyone choose as they wish) or that you know who is wrong? Are the few and far between atheists right (defying thousands of years of human experience and traditions)? That would make the atheists the supreme arrogant ones since they would be declaring the vast majority of humans throughout history as wrong.

        Of course, atheists have to believe in at least one absolute, because God absolutely cannot exist in their worldview.

        What position do you want to defend? I am glad to defend Jesus as the divine Savior, the only Way to eternal life, Creator of the universe, the absolute Truth, and the very image of God.

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