“The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”- Update.

1208121235aIn spite of a few challenges, we just had a major breakthrough for my first book, “The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”. The book is now proudly displayed in the window of a very fine bookstore in Nashville Indiana, an area known as Brown County. The name of the bookstore is, “The Book Loft”, and I will be doing a book signing there this coming Sunday, December 16! This also is a first for me.

1208121234aI’m sorry we have been unable to resolve our problem of having no way to order the book by Internet. I now realize I should have  asked for an Amazon.com spot, but not realizing there was going to be a problem with the other site, it just did not seem necessary. We are currently facing a problem of getting more books in quickly enough. So, perhaps, we would not have been ready for Amazon.com anyway? I tend to learn everything the hard way, it seems, and learning the world of being a published author is no exception.

However, I have made two decisions. One is that I will have till next Christmas to be fully prepared, and I plan to hunt bear! A lot of things happened very quickly this year, and frankly, I’ve just had a lot to learn in a very short time. Had everything proceeded perfectly everything would have been fine, but that is not planet earth.

The second decision surprised me. I had not thought about a sequel to Jonah Joe, but due to very positive feedback we have received thus far, I began to ponder where the story would go if I took on that challenge?

Now let me say, if you love to write and you dream of being a writer someday, then you probably know that challenging your imagination to take a story farther, is simply a writer’s delight! I have had such a good time peering into my writer’s crystal ball, looking into the foggy globe of imagination and beginning to pick up a trail of where the story literally leaps to next, for there is a leap! Just getting to see where the story goes next has been a great reward for me.

You must understand that it must make sense. The story can’t just leap anywhere it wants to go, or do anything it wants to do. A certain trajectory has been set. A future book would have to make logical sense with that trajectory. Some writers do enjoy creating totally illogical stories, but I am not one of them. When it comes to fiction, you can literally decide anything you want! Even Mr. Spock can be brought back to life because he somehow got recreated as a planet was birthing! What are the real odds of that?

Don’t get me wrong. I am a Spock fan and was willing to accept the idea just so we could get him back, but really. I mean really!  How illogical, Mr. Spock! My story does not have such an impossible development. Actually, the leap it makes is so that it does make sense. The sequel is not actually about Jonah Joe who would be too old, nor even any of his sons who would also be too old, but we leap to a grandson, and there is a great story to be told. A story of the “last days”.

Okay, I’ve said enough. Just wanted to let people know what was going on, and if you happen to be local to Nashville Indiana, it would be great to meet you at the book signing, or if you are local to Indianapolis, please check out our “Real Men Read” ministry! We have a meeting coming up next week, and the book we are discussing is, “The Harbinger”! An excellent book that will give you the creeps!!!1208121235

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9 thoughts on ““The Last Christmas of Jonah Joe”- Update.

  1. is there no way you can self publish? like smashwords.com is a great way too. I published one short story there.

  2. By the way congratulations on the success, I hope I get to read your book.

    • Thanks, John. I will be looking into other possibilities for this next year, but first I want to give every opportunity I can to the publisher who made this possible for me. They have had some family tragedy and seem to be in a struggle right now. Can’t really talk about it, but I may just have to be happy with the progress that was made this year, and work hard for next year. It was planned to do it in e-book also. I appreciate your prayers. We will continue to press forward.

  3. Count me in to purchase, if there is a way…

    • Thanks, Sean, but at this point it may be next Christmas. I’ll be sure to post it if anything changes. The plot of the story may be set at Christmas, but it is really about America at a crossroads. So the story is more than just a Christmas story, even though the title may not sound like it.

  4. That is great that a local book store is carrying it. Congrats! My husband self-published. I see other’s have posted about that. I think you can even print on demand nowadays. I have some info if you’d like it. Blessings!!

  5. And I will purchase also. I always like your blog.

    • Thank you so much, godschick! That is such an encouragment to me, and believe me, I will be looking into all those things for this next Christmas. I will probably need the whole year to do it, as I am not real quick on all this computer stuff. I’m still hoping my publisher will find his way soon, and all things will come together as it should, but if it does not, I will definately be ready for next year. Thanks again for the encouraging words.

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