“Lives that make no sense”

Lately I have been doing a lot more writing again. For a season my life took a major change and I dove into many ministry opportunities like a diver off a high cliff! (The fields truly are white unto harvest. There are a lot of hurting people in need of God’s answers.) I was quickly over-my-head in opportunities and in need of bringing some focus and order to the chaos. Out of the chaos is beginning to come some wonderful things, but I must apologize that I do not get to visit all the people who visit this site. For a time I was someone writing about such things based on past experiences and knowledge, but today I am back to being someone not only writing about it, but very much involved in “doing” it. The stories are coming quicker again, there is a quickening in my soul. I hope everyone reads the last article about the two dreams, but I am already writing another article based on “today”. As I am back seeking to help very poverty-stricken lives, which are poverty-stricken for many reasons, most of which the devil has his signature on, I find myself very reminded that many of these people are lives that make no logical sense. God and his Word bring a certain “logic”, “purpose”, and “order” to our living. In most cases, I would have to say, not so the very poverty-stricken.

Lives that make no sense. Sad, but true.

Here is an example for you that just happened today. I climb into my Dodge truck and head to this very familiar area stricken by poverty, drugs, violence, and alcohol. It is an area that my truck and I are beginning to know well. It has a large park in the middle of it, and quite a nice park, if it were not for all the poverty that surrounds it. Best not go in there at night.

A group and myself were in there two weeks ago feeding people in the park and giving out clothes for winter. We had hamburgers cooking on a grill and the smell was being carried in the wind. Quite a few homeless were gathered at the outdoor open shelter house, when I happen to see a tall, slim, black man coming across the open grass with four small black girls in tow with him. I connected with him immediately. He said the girls had smelled the food. He said he was trying to straighten his life out for the sake of the girls. We prayed together, and I asked him if he would be willing to allow me to visit his apartment, which was very close by, and perhaps disciple him in things of Christ? He said he would.

So two weeks later, today, I show up in the area and give him a call at 11:00 am. He answered the phone. I think he was surprised I was keeping my word. I asked if his kids and wife were home, and if they were hungry? I offered to bring in  hot pizza. He said yes to all of that and told me the girls liked pepperoni and cheese. It only took me about 15 minutes to be back in his area with two large hot pizzas and a 2-liter. I call again to find his exact location. “NO ANSWER.”

I wait a few minutes. Their vehicle is parked in the lot just in front of me. I call again.


A young man walking through the parking lot narrows my search down to one of two doors. I knock on both. There is no sound of children. No light. No light or sound coming from any of the apartments. No answer at either door.

I wait longer. I call again. I leave messages on recorder. I have 2 pizzas getting cold. He is supposed to have 4 hungry little girls that are as cute as can be. This goes on for 45 minutes when I finally give up and move on.

I come home with the pizza and I tell my daughter-in-law what happened.

She says, “That makes no sense.”


Why would a man with hungry children and free hot pizza on a Saturday being delivered to his door, suddenly go silent. Stealth mode. Nobody home? I know your there somewhere. 15 minutes ago you wanted to do it. I go buy the pizza and now you shut me out, not even a word of explanation?
Darkness has its own logic.

I guarantee you, that if I were to get an explanation from him at this time, my mind filled with the light of God’s Word would identify the dark logic as ridiculous and sad. Also, more than likely, the man is tormented in his dilemma, and the little girls are being robbed of blessings that could come their way. They will grow up to think God never cared about them, but there he was knocking at their door the whole time.

So, obviously, there was something in that apartment they did not want seen, or the dad was “on something”, which he fell back into, and no one was conscious enough to answer the phone.

I still can’t get over all that silence.

Four little girls, and there is also a baby (boy), but no sound. No sound or “light” coming from the dark windows of all those apartments. Creepy, but that is the world I sometimes invade. These are a few of the things I do, leaving me little time to cruise blog sites, even though that is something I would enjoy doing.

Lives that make no sense to the normal mind. Severe poverty and addictions will certainly create such families. I’m sure he had his reasons. Reasons that probably made sense to him. In the meantime, some one with real answers, and a desire to help was turned away from their door so they could continue in the darkness they now know. To a healthy mind, that makes no sense.

Jesus said, “The poor have the Gospel preached to them.”

Why give them money, or invest too much effort, until the mind begins to see light? At the park I had told the tall slim man covered with tattoos, that it is a real good feeling when the “light comes on inside”. I was there offering light, but the doors remained dark and closed. I will call again, and I will knock again. Maybe next time…there will be light?

The first words in God’s holy book the he actually speaks, in Genesis 1:2, the first “spoken” words God chose to open his supernatural book of love to man with are…

“Let there be Light!”

If you were choosing what your first spoken words were going to be for millions of people to read, wouldn’t you be very specific in what you chose? Very important words, full of light and great revelation. God is light, and there is no darkness in Him. Amen!


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9 thoughts on ““Lives that make no sense”

  1. Lives that make no sense…I’ve been running into a lot of those lately. Sometimes the only way I can help is to pray. To pray light into all the dark places I see in their souls.

    Wonderful, thought provoking post. Keep reaching out; you never know when God will use you to reap His harvest.

    • You are so right. We must not weary in well-doing. Just like this situation, there are 4 little girls and a baby boy affected by his decisions. Every soul is precious! Even the dad’s. There is too much at stake to ever quit, but as they say, in the end it’s their decision. Right on, Veronicah Rose. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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  3. This one is going straight to my blog. Very good post. I am engaged in something similar, here in pakistan. I can connect with the experience you shared. How close is it? at times God is so close and people just turn their backs. how sad indeed.

  4. I am so thankful that God never gives up on us!
    As an aside when you wrote about the “ministry Chaos” the first thing that popped into my mind is the chaos from your dream…

    • Interesting. However, the ministry chaos was easy enough to fix, not so the chaos in the dream. I find dreams fascinating. Are they just an extension of what we are feeling, or showing us deeper visions, and things to come? The real challenge is telling the one from the other, but over time, I think we begin to recognize certain clues as to which is which. I have never found Christianity boring, not when there are so many facets to this life we live. God just loves to give us a good mystery for us to seek out the answer to. (Proverbs 25:2)

      • Amen Brother, I think the spiritual Journey is the most interesting and exciting thing there is!

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