“Vengeance Trail” / A dark horse.

 “For these are the ‘days of vengeance’, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.”

Luke 21:22

The Apostle Paul was a man who should have had a lot of regrets. Perhaps his salvation in Christ so utterly cleansed him that he was able to completely forget his past deeds, but I doubt it. I don’t think his deeds haunted him in the way they do an unrepented person, but I do think he wanted to make amends as best he could. Something “drove” Paul like no other man. Was it the memory of holding people’s jackets as they stoned Stephen to death? Was it his own zealous hunting of Christians, rounding them up to be slain? Hunter of the Christ followers, zealous for his own Jewish faith? Only to discover he had been lied to, and now owed the very one he had been persecuting his very life? Was this the fire burning in his belly that drove him to take such vengeance on the devil? No wonder it is Paul who teaches us the most about what I call “spiritual vengeance”. This article is not for Christian wimps, so if you have no backbone or stomach for this, stop reading now.

If you catch the vision of the Vengeance Trail, your life could be in great danger. Do not take up this path without making sure your gun is loaded with real bullets, because the devil has no mercy on the foolish. This is not a path for the novice, but it is a path for those who are so sick of the devastation they see Satan inflicting upon this earth, that they become willing to ride a dark horse and live a “focused” life. It is a path of devotion and dedication, like a Texas Ranger hunting the outlaw. In other words, it is a about a Christian being everything they are “supposed” to be. True spiritual grit!

As I write this tonight, I have taken a night off from work because I felt something in my spirit. It is ten after midnight as I type these words. It is now the day that a movie which has been teasing us for years finally comes out…”The Avengers”. How apropos that I write this today. It is a dark horse because it is a “war-horse”. Black represents declaring war on the devil. You see, most Christians have a peace treaty with him, as long as he leaves them alone they would just as soon not stir anything up. Let the devil stay in his territory and I’ll stay in mine, but not so the vengeance trail!

Many people believe vengeance only belongs to God. “for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Rom. 12:19b) However, the spiritual vengeance trail is not about seeking vengeance on your fellow-man, oh no, it goes much deeper than that, for it strikes at the very root of the problem, not the person being used of the devil, but it strikes at the very devil himself. I seek no vengeance on any man, for vengeance “is” his saith the Lord, but I seek vengeance on Satan! That I am permitted, as the Apostle Paul will teach us.

Are you willing to undergo training? Paul lays it out like a staircase leading to a higher place, the place of spiritual vengeance.

Are you ready to ride a dark horse and live a dedicated life? Are you ready for fire to burn in your eyes when you look upon the devil?

“For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you,

yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge!”

II Cor. 7:11a)

Usually people ready for the vengeance trail have been through a thing or two, and have finally reached a point where they are ready to lay it all down, for they see how great the need is. They have experienced the godly sorrow, been on their face before God until a fire began to burn in their belly, and they rise up in that fire a spiritual Lawman, ready to arrest the devil at every turn. These are people who make the devil wish he had never touched them, because now they are out to make up for every bad thing they ever did. Every act of disobedience they ever performed against the one they now love, burns in them, driving them to ride hard after Satan and his band of thieves and thwart him at every turn! To turn what the devil meant for bad in them, into something good! The drug addict is set free and begins a ministry of helping other drug addicts! The spiritual vengeance trail!

I read the words I have thus far written and the fire in me is not satisfied! My words still fall short! You still do not understand Paul, nor the fire burning in me! The fire says write more, write harder, this truth must be known! How will they understand II Corinthians 7:11 if they do not see the fire? Look at those words! The words…what carefulness…what fear…what vehement desire…what zeal…what revenge! Do you see the fire building with each word? Do you see the godly sorrow building, climbing a spiritual staircase to the most intense place of all, a fire of vengeance against Satan himself! This is the place Paul is inviting us… but it’s not for everyone…this I know. It only takes a few people alive with this fire to accomplish great things. After all, look what the Apostle Paul, one man, was able to accomplish, and their light inspire a multitude of others! But what is this “Lawman” that rides the dark horse?

Now comes the warning. Paul is not done teaching, for this is not a vengeance against anyone else, as I said before, this is vengeance only against the devil and your own past disobedience. The dark horse, the war-horse demands a dedicated rider, or you will regret ever putting your feet to this path. The devil can only be arrested by “the Law”.

“For though we walk in the flesh…we do not war after the flesh…

bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

and having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience…

when your obedience is fulfilled.”

II Cor. 10:3 & 5b & 6

To revenge all “disobedience” when your “obedience” is fulfilled. Whose disobedience are we revenging? Your own! Some of us have a lot we want to pay the devil back for! The Apostle Paul knew all about that and he burned a trail like no other man. The devil regretted the day he ever tried to use a man called, Saul, whose name God changed to, Paul.

Satan came at Jesus three times, and all three times Jesus shut him down cold with…”It is written…” Is the Law in you? Are you an authorized Law man? Do you love God’s Laws like David wrote about? David the giant killer? “I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. (Psalms 40:8) “The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.” (Psalms 37: 31)

This path is not for everyone, but if you’re at such a point in your life that you’re willing to submit yourself to training like a Navy Seal going after Ben Laden, then perhaps…just perhaps…this article has been written for you. If you are such a one, you must daily drink his juice, for this is a supernatural path of which God works from the inside out…to empower…to enable…to inspire. God has set us free from the curse of the Law, but we can become Lawmen, experts in how God designed everything to work, and the devil can be arrested. It is a life dedicated to the Word, prayer, and action! When you can call a sword out of your mouth at your command, now you’re ready to hunt devils. As I said, this article is not for everyone. I have taken a risk at writing something so deep on my Cowboy site, but it is a risk this cowboy just had to take. There is a dark horse waiting for anyone willing to ride the spiritual vengeance trail. I never said it would be easy, but I can promise you fire and passion! Make the devil wish he never touched you! Study those two verses of Paul closely, and I think you will see there is a Vengeance Trail. Your War-Horse awaits. It’s time to cowboy up!

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4 thoughts on ““Vengeance Trail” / A dark horse.

  1. Now, that is strong medicine – powerfully communicated. Love it!

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